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  1. FAQ 23: If an effect would allow a King’s Empire Fireteam to take a Action, can the Fireteam take the Action as a instead, using the Bayonets Ability? a. No.
  2. Now that the Rule of Intent is in the rulebook, just putting it on top and declaring "this model is exactly on top of the marker" is legal as long as it could get there
  3. retnab

    Coryphee duet

    Don't forget if they Assist near Carlos they're taking damage for it too.
  4. A countersuggestion to the Amina buff/nerf thing: I don't think making it 12 is going to significantly change how often it'll trigger, but if people prefer it not be global then that's an easy enough change. If we give her Obey Stat 6 then not only do Arcanists get access to a universal Obey but they get one of the most reliable ones in the game. We could make it Stat 5 so it just needs a 9, or alternatively we could make it a 6. That way, while yes she does still need to get or stone the for it to succeed, if she does succeed against an enemy then she's going to give them Adversary (M&SU), which currently she can only do through Mech Rider or stoning.
  5. For Mech Rider's Revelation trigger, can we add "If that model has not yet Activated this turn, it can still take its Activation later as normal" or something? I think as written currently if you choose a model that hasn't activated you don't get a second activation out of them.
  6. I super love this! Makes fast models jump further, slow models jump less, gives counterplay... yeah I'm all for that change.
  7. That sounds more like NB aren't balanced right than Butterfly Jump. If they need it to live, then maybe their defenses just aren't up to par? Butterfly Jump being a better-than-Squeal has been a consistent complaint with people, and unlike LLC's Armor +1 really doesn't have anything that counters it outside moving multiple models to block the Jump'er in.
  8. Yes. Remember this is a model with cost+1 health, and the same attack as the crew's melee beater henchman, on a supposed scheme runner.
  9. Just throwing out some more ideas, what if we changed Opportunist to put the enemy on a ? That'd be pretty worth removing Stunned for. Alternatively, we could make the 's last all activation, something like: Opportunist (X): During this model's activation, it may receive a to all opposed duels against any models with Stunned or X Condition. If it does so, at the end of this model's activation end those Conditions on models targeted during this activation.
  10. Agree with Blessed but not SA Swarm. Blessed's damage track and health feels like an 8 or 9ss model, I'd personally like to see it go down to a 2/4/5 track with no pushes and the normal cost-1 health (remembering that like Armor 2, HtW usually comes with -1 health). SA Swarm gets 4 attacks in, but they're only 2/3/5. I could see it going down to Stat 5 to compensate for Latch On, but compared to our other 8ss "attack 4 times" model Neil he doesn't compare too well outside not needing to take 1 damage and discard to get all the attacks in. 100% agree on your Sandeep thoughts in the other thread. For Kaeris, IMO the whole "suffers 0 damage from Burning" thing should just be part of Blaze of Glory to save space and not turn the Fire Golem into a weird team buff-bot. For the non-Flameborne/Blaze of Glory models (Firestarter and Iggy) we could give them Fireproof like Carlos.
  11. He's solid. I don't think he needs to be Versatile anymore, that happened for reasons that are no longer true anymore, but he's a good anti-range beater that fits in very nicely to his home crew. I agree it needs some sort of limiter, once per activation or discard to use, whatever works, but it goes off a bit too often currently IMO.
  12. Q1: I agree, the "remove destructible" is only on use. Q2: It does not unless it specifically says otherwise, since HtK isn't reducing the damage.
  13. Models that look very similar to the Court vs Guild box art were shown off at another convention a while ago (can't remember which), along with other models we don't know the home of yet
  14. Couple reasons, I wanted to see if Ironsides being the only source of IWA was fine (it was) and I wanted to see if Caught in the Ring was too much with a more aggressive list (it didn't seem to be here, at least). I didn't really miss her, she would have let me spread out a bit more in deploying and maybe benefit from that hill on the right, but the Shielded didn't end up being necessary. The Obeys and friendly pushes probably would have helped with scheming but so would taking real scheme runners so *shrug*
  15. It could probably do with a rename, Revitalize or something?
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