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  1. Out of curiosity, how many Power Tokens do you think someone will need in a game with Hoffman? I'm planning on putting through an order with Art of War and I don't want to accidentally not get enough.
  2. The Firebranded are okay, they tend to die fast in my games but a flip-less Heal 3 is good when you get it. Eli is 100% worth it, he's a really threatening beater and very valuable to the crew
  3. Basically the solo Coryphee are never taking their own actions other than Dance Together. It's just a funky way of having a model have 4 AP over 2 activations each turn.
  4. You'll need Kaeris' crew box (has Kaeris, her totem Eternal Flame, henchman Firestarter, and 3 minion Fire Gamin) and the Burning Bridges box (has 2 Enforcers Fire Golem and Elijah Borgmann and 3 minion Firebranded), some tokens to count who has Burning and Injured, and a bunch of spare 50mm bases for Pyre Markers. The only other model in her keyword is Carlos Vasquez who I think is still being sold individually like Iggy. Not super sure what she likes out-of-keyword, but Mech Rider's always good
  5. So the core of my lists is almost always something like: Mei Feng Forgeling Metal Golem 10 Survivor - Magical Training 5+2 Mobile Toolkit 3+1 And then I'll take some mix of Neil, Sparks, 1-2 Rail Workers, 1-2 Metal Gamin, Mech Rider, and a Soulstone Miner depending on what I think I need more of for the strat and schemes. If I'm taking a SS Miner I let myself take a low cache, otherwise I'll usually take 5-6 stones. The Survivor almost always gets my Magical Training because its a backline Minion so it gets me Arcane Reservoir without being too threatened, and it absolutely loves having the Shielded to soak up the damage from its otherwise excellent ranged triggers.
  6. @Mycellanious Freight Train 1) a: It's the opponent's choice since it's their effect. They can let you move through it if you want, but since Freight Train is a "may" even then you can declare you're going to move 0.00001" and since the move is now being interrupted you can still make them take the TN. b: Yes, as long as you declare you'd move even the tiniest sliver further than their base allows you to (most opponents will understand that moving into b2b is that, but if you want to be cautious that's what the Rule of Intent is for). 2) a: Yes. b: No, even a move of 0" counts as a move so if you start the move b2b they will still be affected by it. 3) Like in 2b, yes exactly Scrap Markers 1) a: Depends, if you still have LOS to it then yes but otherwise no. b: You can RtR from that Scrap since it doesn't require LOS, but not to it unless you can land b2b with it (if it's on the board it counts as in play, not sure where your opponent's getting the idea it wouldn't from) 2) If I'm reading this right, you're asking if after someone RtR's over b2b with a Scrap and then someone stands on the rest of it, does the Foundry model still have LOS to it? Then the answer is yes, because you could still draw the "line" of sight 0" from the Foundry model's base to the Scrap Marker without crossing over another model's base
  7. One thing I want to point out is Bill's Debt of Gratitude trigger is kind of ludicrious - as long as you have an enemy within 6" (and with this being THE Lure crew, no problem lol), stoning for a and hitting a 5 forces the enemy remove one of their Scheme Markers from anywhere on the board without them being able to do anything about it since it's a simple duel. On top of that, it's not once-per-activation so with Fast he can burn 3 Scheme Markers off the board and totally ruin the opponent's chances of scoring their 2nd Scheme or getting the End VP!
  8. That's one thing that really bothers me. If you're spending 24ss for the package, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to even use Blue's mantra. It really means hiring Blue outside a Sandeep-led crew is just not worth it
  9. Anyone who hires Colette can hire the Doves, they're on Ramos' list because he's unique in that he doesn't have to pay the OOK tax on them since they're Constructs
  10. Here's a handy dandy list of what's in what keyword/summoning pool to help you all get started on what to get for your favourite Masters in M3e (those of you from the various levels of testing may find this familiar ). I've colour coded all hireable models to be more clear on when they’re coming in from another Faction (Bayou Guild Neverborn 10T DMH; total outside hires: 3 7 2 2 4). I also included all Keyworded Versatile models in both the Versatile and their Keyword lists to be more clear on how many many models each Keyword/Versatile there actually are. Hope it helps! HIRES (Versatile) [10] Henchmen: The Captain, Envy Enforcers: Arcane Effigy, Arcane Emissary, Mechanical Rider Minions: Mecharachnid, Saboteur, Soulstone Miner, Steam Arachnid, Steam Arachnid Swarm Sandeep (Academic, Elemental) [14] Henchmen: Kandara, Kudra Acharya Enforcers: Banasuva, Essence of Power, Fire Golem, Ice Golem, Metal Golem Minions: Fire Gamin, Ice Gamin, Metal Gamin, Oxfordian Mage, Poison Gamin, Shastar Vidiya Guard, Wind Gamin Hoffman (Augmented) [14] Henchmen: Joss, Melissa K.O.R.E., Ryle Hoffman Enforcers: Howard Langston, Mechanical Attendant, Mobile Toolkit, Peacekeeper Minions: Guardian, Hunter, Medical Automaton, Riotbreaker, Union Steamfitter, Warden, Watcher Marcus (Chimera, In-Faction Beast) [11] Henchmen: Myranda Enforcers: Blessed of December, Cojo, Ferdinand Vogel & The Beast Within, Jackalope, Paul Crockett, The Scorpius Minions: Hoarcat, Moleman, Order Initiate, Razorspine Rattler, Sabertooth Cerberus, Slate Ridge Mauler Rasputina (December) [9] Henchmen: Snow Storm Enforcers: Blessed of December, Ice Golem, Wendigo Minions: December Acolyte, Hoarcat, Ice Dancer, Ice Gamin, Silent One Mei Feng (Foundry) [10] Henchmen: Kang Enforcers: Forgeling, Mechanized Porkchop, Metal Golem, Neil Henry, Sparks LeBlanc, Willie Minions: Metal Gamin, Rail Worker, Survivor Ramos (Machina, Arcanist Constructs) [26] Masters: Charles Hoffman, Mei Feng Henchmen: Envy, Joss Enforcers: Arcane Effigy, Arcane Emissary, Brass Arachnid, Coryphee Duet, Eternal Flame*, Forgeling*, Howard Langston, Mechanical Attendant*, Mechanical Rider, Metal Golem, Mobile Toolkit, The Scorpius Minions: Coryphee, Electrical Creation, Mannequin, Mechanical Dove*, Mecharachnid, Medical Automaton, Metal Gamin, Soulstone Miner, Steam Arachnid, Steam Arachnid Swarm [Everything with a * after it is a Totem that's also a Construct. Ramos can hire them without paying the tax, but does have to hire their Master still] Ironsides (M&SU) [8] Henchmen: Amina Naidu, The Captain, Joshua Fitzsimmons Enforcers: Howard Langston, Mouse Minions: Gunsmith, Union Miner, Union Steamfitter Colette (Performer) [9] Henchmen: Carlos Vasquez, Cassandra Felton Enforcers: Angelica Durand, Coryphee Duet Minions: Coryphee, Ice Dancer, Mannequin, Mechanical Dove, Showgirl Kaeris (Wildfire) [8] Henchmen: Carlos Vasquez, The Firestarter Enforcers: Elijah Borgmann, Eternal Flame, Fire Golem, Iggy Minions: Fire Gamin, Firebranded SUMMONS So for this section here, I'm listing out both what all of the Masters' hiring options are, as well as what new options are available to you with each better card. Anything that's within square brackets like [X+Y] means that you can summon everything included at the cost of that one card. Ramos (Machina Construct Minions), base requirements: 4 + each summon's cost and one Scrap Marker 3 cost: Steam Arachnid 4 cost: Electrical Creation 5 cost: 6 cost: Mecharachnid, Soulstone Miner 7 cost: 8 cost: Steam Arachnid Swarm 7: 3 8: 4 9: 10: 6 or [3+3] 11: [3+4] 12: 8 or [4+4] 13: [3+3+3] or [3+6] 14: [3+3+4] or [4+6] Sandeep (Elemental Minions), base requirements: 3 + each summon's cost 4 cost: Fire Gamin, Ice Gamin 5 cost: Metal Gamin, Poison Gamin 6 cost: Wind Gamin 7: 4 8: 5 9: 6 10: 11: [4+4] 12: [4+5] 13: [5+5] or [4+6] 14: [5+6]
  11. Kabuki are a critical part of the crew. Assuming they haven't changed from the beta, having both Lure and Greatsword means they're valuable at basically any stage of the game. Plus, their Distraction aura lets Youko herself destroy them with Blackmail and Backroom Dealings unless they want to burn Focused or soulstones just to get back to a straight against it - which is kind of a win on its own lol. The more things that let Youko use her We Own You trigger more often the better.
  12. Added Steam Arachnids and Silent Ones to the list of suggested hires (don't know how I forgot about them lol), removed some triggers that I don't think are crucial to know about, and cut down on the icons throughout so I'm not going over the cap and so there's not just random T's and R's in front of triggers lol.
  13. It's because of this bit in the Place section: Interaction with Squads: When a Fireteam from a Squad is affected by a place effect, every Fireteam in the Squad is placed unless the effect specifically states otherwise (such as by saying “one Fireteam” or “only the targeted Fireteam”). When multiple Fireteams are placed at once, as many Fireteams as possible must be placed in the indicated position. Any Fireteams that cannot fit are then placed in base contact with one of the Fireteams that was able to fit in the indicated position, in a position determined by the Fireteams’ controller. Placed Fireteams must end the place effect in Formation, as usual.
  14. You'll find this helpful as I go over everything. But to answer your question about having one model cover the whole Portal Marker, unless that's the only legal way to place it no you can't do that, as you must place them in such a way that as many Fireteams as possible in the unit are touching the Portal Marker.
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