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  1. retnab

    Black Friday 2018

    They usually start it early afternoon-ish wed, but there's no set time the shop opens
  2. retnab

    Unit, Squad, Fireteam, Model

    The Fireteam itself is what gets targeted most of the time, so that's mostly when that term matters. You've got the hierarchy right though! Also just to point out, a multi-Fireteam unit isn't inherently a Squad (though currently all of them are), just like how not all single Fireteam units are Titans or Champions. Combined Arms Fireteams are part of the unit, they just use a different Fireteam and unit card. So if the unit they're in is a Squad, then they must also follow the Cohesion rules. You're exactly right on Endless Numbers. If all but one Fireteam in a Squad is killed, the unit itself isn't killed so can't be summoned back yet, and a Devouring Eel can never be brought back that way.
  3. retnab

    Tide Caller Asset Questions

    1) You get to take one of them in addition to your normal action from your Order 2) You do the duel against every model in range, and resolve the duels in the order of your choosing
  4. retnab

    Sturdy Repairs typo

    Pretty sure it's supposed to be "on". I imagine you probably can flip the same asset twice, but then it's basically undoing the repair and you go back to having a damaged asset, not sure that that gets you anywhere.
  5. retnab

    Playing against absynnia

    Best thing you can do is get into their faces ASAP and mess with them that way. Remember that Tide Pools give you cover if any LOS lines cross them too. The Frenzy being able to use Nipping At Their Heels 4x in an activation means you should be able to shove a big chunk of your Company 12" forward, and taking Shark Tooth Necklaces means they can't punish them with Area attacks. You'll outnumber them easily, just throw your clumps of models into their gunlines and clog them up.
  6. retnab

    Survival of the Fittest: Cannibalism

    So this is a bit of a two-parter: Yes, a Fireteam may choose to "eat" itself for Survival of the Fittest No, if the last Fireteam in the unit "eats" itself, it does not flip to Glory since being killed happens first Also, just because I know this will come up for someone later, no it doesn't matter who kills your Commander, it's the fact that a Commander dies that scores the VP.
  7. retnab

    TOS - airbrush tabletop work

    Yet still nothing in Canada Dang postal strike.
  8. retnab

    Hazardous without a number

    I thought so too but just checked the rulebook and there's no baseline number mentioned in it.
  9. retnab

    Pitched Assault clarification

    Incorrect, each clause is counted separately. So in your example you'd score 1 VP when the Skulker Fireteam is killed, then later you'd score 1 VP for killing a Fireteam near an Objective Marker and 1 VP for killing the unit. Otherwise, since everything is made of Fireteams, it'd be almost impossible to score more than 1 VP from kills each turn.
  10. retnab


    So now that TOS is out and people are likely to talk about it more on here, could we get the Magic, Morale, and Flip icons turned into emotes? Also, should we get a batrep section added too?
  11. retnab

    Mech Lists - lets see them

    I would strongly recommend giving Kassa 2 assets (I suggest maxing out on all Commanders), since losing her is a BIG blow both for your synergies and giving your opponent VP. But yeah, it's a good idea behind the list in general!
  12. retnab

    Gibbering Spam

    Eel spam, while good, relies on synergy to get going. 2-3 Eels are, weirdly enough, going to be more survivable overall than 4-6. Remember they're relying on their good Df and expending RT's to negate damage, so someone like Maggie who can force a unit to dump all of their tokens (or really just the Empire in general for their PT output) can just mow them down. As was mentioned above, definitely put it on the board first. There's probably a sweet spot as far as the # of Eels you bring in, but I don't think "use ALL the Eels!" is going to be a winning strategy.
  13. retnab

    Mech Lists - lets see them

    Totally depends on how you're building. If you're taking a mix of Dreadnought/Mech Infantry/Steel Legion then Kassa's probably a better bet. But if you're bring Electrocutioners or want access to auto-Reinforcing, Prince U's your call. Or hey, bring both and let Kassa give the Cutter's extra actions while Prince U auto-Reinforces them when they get injured.
  14. retnab

    Gibbering Spam

    The thing about the cheap spammable models is that bringing a handful of them is strong, but as soon as you can no longer reliably keep them topped up with the resources they need (RT's for Eels, ST's for Rhinos, etc) then they fall apart. It's why the 16 Rhino list, while hilarious, is pretty bad even though their natural durability should make it strong because all it takes is one hit and it's gone.
  15. retnab

    Gibbering Spam

    Each player has to pass for the turn to end, either player can keep passing without it occurring if the other player doesn't do it.