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  1. MuManti's got pretty much it all right there, but just wanted to clarify some of them. 7) Yes, Stratagems are chosen before activating/passing, you can't do a Stratagem halfway through a Coordinated Strike because doing one skips step 1 entirely. 7.1) Yes, but don't forget that your opponent has a chance to do the same thing, as the order will go: Their last activation, your pass with Stratagem, their pass with Stratagem, new turn with your first Activation. 8 ) Penetration flips are always done by whoever doesn't own whatever's taking damage. So for Hazardous it's whoever its opponent is, regardless of who moved it.
  2. The Kickstarter only ever describes them as "limited" sculpts, probably because they didn't want to permanently lock them out of sales like Hannah. I would expect them to be eventually up for sale like any other limited sculpt.
  3. Woo, new stuff! Comparing it to last version, just wanted to point out that the Determine Operation step is now before Pick Allegiance & Commanders, which IMO is a nice change. The Strategic Alliance optional rule sounds like it could make for some really wild games, I'm curious to see if people end up using it or not. The new Operations seem interesting too, very curious to give them a go!
  4. 1) Yep, you can take as many triggers as you can afford. 2) Any flip you make that doesn't say it's uncheatable (like the Penetration Flip for a Fireteam that's missing any models) can be cheated. 3) Nooo, that would be bonkers good. It has to target a Cult unit that's already on the board, and it moves it over beside him, there's no summoning happening. 4) When you use them you discard them. You can use Inspired/Shaken Tokens to help out your own attack or to try and weaken an enemy attack, as long as it's part of an opposed duel (so going back an example, Adeodatos can't use an Inspired or can't have a Shaken used on him when using Twisting Paths).
  5. Yeah it was Mancha and the Wrastlers I meant with my Kaeris bit, my regular Bayou player dropped an out of keyword Mancha hire on my Kaeris list once and it hurt.
  6. 1) I can't find anything in the rules giving a solid answer one way or the other. However, since you only get a Margin Value based on "the amount by which its duel total exceeded its goal" (aka: how much it beat the enemy by), I think it has to be during the Declare Triggers step. 2) Tracer Rounds affects all projectile actions so projectile Prototype actions would also benefit from it.
  7. For me it's a mix of who do I feel in the mood to play, and from there who do I think would be best into the situation? For example, if I want to play Kaeris and Ironsides in a certain pool but I see my opponent is bringing Bayou I'd 100% pick Ironsides, since I know my opponent could easily hire things to remove any Pyre Markers. For individual hires there are a few models I take in certain situations. If there are 3 or more Scheme Marker related Schemes I 100% take someone with Arson (Iggy, Fitz, or a Saboteur), if the enemy's really projectile attack heavy I bring the Captain, if I'm playing Mei Feng and the enemy doesn't have a lot of ranged threat I bring Sparks, etc. Also as a fun little anecdote I recent went to a tournament where it was me and one other Arcanist player. In all 3 rounds we picked the exact same Masters without talking about it beforehand (Turf War: Mei Feng, Corrupted Idols: Colette, Reckoning: Ironsides), including an Ironsides mirror match between us xD As far as being homicidal in games, I think that depends on the crew. Some crews like Kaeris are kind of all about doing more damage to the enemy than they're taking in return, but others like Colette or I'd argue Raspy are more about delaying or harassing the enemy rather than outright killing them (as a recent example in one of my games, Colette Sword Trick'ing a Mature Nephilim to get it out of the way without actually having to deal with its huge health pool and regen).
  8. Whoops, you're totally right, reading is important haha, yeah if it's a summon then it's Dreadnought or nothing.
  9. Note that the stratagem doesn't say "friendly Titan unit", just "friendly Titan" so IMO it does work as long as there's at least one member of its Squad left and is close enough to its DZ to have it come back. Still wouldn't be able to attach Assets to it, but if you're just looking for a "free" reinforce to get that one Fireteam back I think it works.
  10. They're very good about fixing errors like that, I'd put in a Damaged/Mispacked request here https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact
  11. 1) Yes, but its only one Versatile action per Asset (Horo has one with two on it but you can only use one per activation) 2) Yeah, only Commanders get one for free, everyone else has to spend their one action per Fireteam using it
  12. Also, forgot about the Swarm. Personally I think the only thing it actually needs is to have his melee Stat go down to 5 (so 6 if b2b). Just making the 4 hits less likely to get off, and at least make the player put some more effort in to get that Stat 6 should help. Alternatively, could swap out Onslaught for a different "attack again" trigger that isn't on a Mask, so it still has its movement shenanigans built in but needs to again put more effort in for the 4 attacks. Or just make it a 9 cost and call it a day there. Also, I know this isn't Arcanist specific but eh, the Armor Piercing trigger and those other "Ignore Armor and nothing else" effects really ought to also ignore Shielded. Or, if my dreams come true, change it to ignore all damage reduction except by Soulstones (because things like Fitz's aura and many, many other better-than-Armor effects in the game being only ignored by Irreducible definitely still bugs me).
  13. RE: Firebranded, I feel like the most frustrating part of them is that the heal is only based off of Burning. IMO it'd be much more valuable if it was a normal 1/2/3 flip but you could spend Burning to give it a +, or something like on a trigger models near the target can spend 1 Burning to heal 1 as well. But needing to spend Burning to heal at all, when Burning is a precious resource for the crew kind of hurts. Also, I played in a tourney yesterday where my fellow Arcanist and I were stuck slogging it out in an Ironsides mirror match and we were both commenting all game on how brutal Fitz was for both of us to deal with. He's basically the best thing defensive in the faction and I definitely think he could handle being on the nerfing block. What do you all think of halving his aura, so a3 instead of a6? Compensation could be to make the aura affect anyone instead of M&SU but just the sheer # of models he gives the better-than-Armor to is pretty rough
  14. As someone who has played a lot of Foundry, I don't think they need card draw really. They're one of the most mobile crews in the game, with some tanking in there as well, resource control on top of that would probably be too much. If I did want them to get something it'd be assistance for their Living-only models, since they miss out a lot on the things in the crew that rely on targeting Constructs.
  15. 1) What are you trying to accomplish here? This doesn't change the fact that multiple LGS' have literally received zero stock for ANY M3e stuff since launch 2) It is Arcanists I'm looking for, which are what whenever I check Meeplemart it shows as out of stock 3) Never heard of that other company, but neat
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