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  1. I really, really love the idea of "on failure" effects like Covering Fire, it really expands the value of the unit. Hit with your gun? Cool, do some damage. Miss? Cool, do some scheming.
  2. I definitely agree that Binh and Thrace show up more often than I think they should, and with more of their Syndicates coming out soon that's only going to get harder to pass them up. It sort of puts a bottleneck on future Syndicates, because unless they also have Champions that give Tactics Tokens (or something else very valuable) people are just going to go "oh, well I'd like to take it but I need those Tactics Tokens." Plus for Cult and Hordes, since one of their Commanders is a Titan they each only have two in-faction models that can actually use the Champion-only assets which is a bit annoying.
  3. I'm excited to participate virtually, keen to see what all's shown off!
  4. So since the comparison is between Superheated Claws and Fast Healing, lets just get the wording here first: Superheated Claws: Strength 4, Piercing. Target discards any Assets that flip during this Action. When you would flip an Asset to reduce damage, you may first flip the top two cards of your Fate Deck (which may not be Cheated). If any of the flipped cards are a ram, the Asset is not flipped but the damage is still reduced by the Asset's Disable value. The Fast Healing FAQ is: 35. If a Goryshche would prevent an Asset from flipping using the Fast Healing Ability on its Fast Regeneration Asset, can it then Disable that same Asset to reduce the damage a second time? Yes. Now IMO the most important part of the rulebook here is the first sentence in Resolve Action's step Resolve Effects: Resolve the Action's effects as listed in its text. Based on that, Superheated Claws has two steps to it separated into the two sentences (resolve one sentence, then resolve the second sentence). So by that, option 2 is right.
  5. Yeah I was gunning for the Council back then, but that may have been because I wanted to see Ramos with a 120mm base mega-spider
  6. True, when I wrote my article comparing Malifaux and TOS (Chronicles 36) I made sure to point that out and they kept it in the article, so I'm assuming they meant at least then it was still true. Though that was about 3 years ago now though, and like you said things can change.
  7. The core of my Mei crew is always: Mei Feng Forgeling Metal Golem Survivor + Magical Training The rest is filled usually with some mix of Mech Rider, other Foundry Minions, and other OOK as needed for the schemes.
  8. I feel like the worst part about Acolytes is that they're ranged minions in a crew that's about throwing Blocking terrain all over the place. They really need to ignore terrain traits on markers or something. My money's on Rail Workers, a 2/4/5 track on a 5ss durable minion is really good, especially since they can also do positioning tricks as needed as well.
  9. Yeah in TOS the smallest base sized used for solo mini Fireteams is 40mm, 30mm is only used in Squads, I'm curious to see how they get around that here.
  10. If only she'd get a new model which is literally just a train in the future xD
  11. Don't forget we have Sonnia's card revealed now too, she looks like a heck of a board clearer!
  12. I've realized that I somehow haven't gotten in a single game during all of GG1 and I'm trying to get back into playing now that GG2 has dropped, but I'm feeling pretty rusty. Who does everyone feel does well for each strat? What schemes do our masters love/hate now?
  13. Yikes, seeing that Mei Feng track record breaks my heart
  14. Ahh yep didn't think of SS Miners but that'll do it lol. As for Sparks, he's always been stupid fragile with multiple short range effects that want you to put him in the enemy's face. That's better with him being a Henchman, but I'm not sure burning stones was the difference between him being worth or not. Plus what I was bringing him for before was 99% giving out Fast and making Mei and the Golem blast back onto enemies daring to attack them in melee, and with those options gone I'm not seeing it. At the moment the best value I can see with him is taking him with Mech Rider or Envy to make them do more dakka, I'll have to try it out and see.
  15. I'm curious about the Magical Training nerf to being living-only, does that significantly impact us? I feel like I was mostly taking it on living models already. What do we all think about our other unit that got nerfed, Sparks? Pack with Explosives being gutted 100% removes him from my Mei team, as giving out that upgrade was about the only thing he could reliably do well without getting nuked from orbit.
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