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  1. Right? Three single-model Fireteams is super fragile, but By The Authority of the Guild and Rule of Law look amazing if you can pull them off! The Guild's Allegiance Card does sound very Guild-y, especially those ability names, love it!
  2. Also important to note that while Kaeris and Carlos can't create Pyre Markers b2b with other models, Kaeris' Raging Inferno trigger, Eternal Flame's Control the Flame action, Fire Gamin and Golem's Dancing in the Flames ability and Demise all can put the Pyre Marker b2b with others.
  3. Also, semi related but important to remember, you're not able to go back and forth between Fireteams taking actions, so the Fireteam with the Adjunct has to take the two shots back to back, can't have the Fireteam shoot, someone else shoot, and then come back to the Adjunct
  4. Actions that come from an Adjunct or anything that says Versatile is in addition to the Fireteam's normal actions. So with your example imagine Fireteam #2 has an Adjunct in it, you could do this: Fireteam 1 shoots Fireteam 2 shoots Fireteam 2 shoots (Adjunct action) Fireteam 3 shoots
  5. Exactly yeah, for that I'd suggest getting a few more squads each and maybe a Titan too
  6. The faction boxes are enough for a 1 Commander game each (sort of the 35ss equivalent). The Cult technically will be playing 1ss short so you can either give them a Raving Madman Adjunct to fill the point or just call it close enough to not overcomplicate the demo. Since the Cult is a point short and you just want to add one thing in I'd say the Rail Gunner'd be good. If you're wanting another unit that plays well with Adeodatos then Doomseekers are good, but then the points are skewing even more in Abyssinia's favor. In that case I'd probably do something like a unit each of Doomseekers and Broken which makes the costs even if Abyssinia's getting a Rail Gunner
  7. They have an ability to remove a scheme marker and turn it into card draw with a chance of a free scheme of their own, so they're the Outcast version of our Saboteurs basically but with Mine Soulstone as well
  8. I'd say if that's a risk to have one of your Vent Steam users make sure it's put up for the mass Concealment (or have someone with Diesel Engine), but even that's not going to totally protect you. It's part of why I always deploy in two separate groups, so if one gets wrecked they can hop over to the other side out of harm's way.
  9. Never thought about that before, but yes it technically becomes a KE unit during the effect since False Flag Operation says: "The target counts as being a Squad in your Company for the duration of its Activation." However, it can't use literally anything on the KE Allegiance card since every effect on it states "King's Empire" units/Fireteams/Squads. So it loses access to its own Allegiance card but gets nothing from yours (unless you're taking control of an enemy KE unit).
  10. It could (and IMO should) take Uncanny Instincts to do just that, cheating second makes it super threatening in general
  11. Just to make it easier to find, the new FAQ's are below (they definitely help to answer some of the rules questions that have popped up lately!): Core Rules: 22. If an effect ignores Low Terrain, such as Yarazi's Glide or Titan LoS, does it ignore any terrain with a [Low] Terrain Trait or does it only ignore those traits are that [Low]? a. The effect would only ignore traits that are specified as [Low]. King's Empire: 27. When resolving the South Wales Borderers Remember Our Mates Ability, does the +2 to Acting Values also apply to passive Active Values (Sp, Df, Wp, Ar)? a. Yes. Though the + has no game effect in these instances. The Guild: 28. When resolving Samantha Thrace's "Fire at Will" Action, does each Fireteam in the targeted Squad take an Action or only a single Fireteam in the Squad? a. Only one of the Squad's Fireteams may take an action this way. Cult of the Burning Man: 38: When resolving The Burning Man Descends Stratagem, will multiple cards of the same suit each resolve an effect for the Stratagem? a. Yes, each card in the Conflict will result in a single effect for six effects total.
  12. Honestly I feel like that's the biggest issue with him, the rest of the crew is going to be flying up the board and having a melee range healer who is far slower than the rest of the crew means he's going to be struggling to get where the heals need to be when you need them
  13. More survivable, far slower and twice the cost
  14. She does really like having the Essence of Power around too for +1 to her shots
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