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  1. Welcome! Just to name a few: Speckled Crawlers are a really good support unit, The Frenzy and Horomatangi are top priority picks just to have more Commander variety, and Armored Whelks are good anti-Empire tech. But really basically everything has its own place, so there aren't really any "bad" picks
  2. retnab


  3. Nope, the cap of 3 stays, otherwise that'd be crazy good lol
  4. No, Area damage is only from actions with the Area keyword.
  5. Eh generally not, unless you see your self using a 3rd unit of Royals in larger games or a 2nd unit of Infiltrators (or unless it's a crazy good price) I'd expand into other Empire boxes personally
  6. Cover is still a thing it deals with unfortunately.
  7. If you tap the image it goes from filling the screen to going to the width of the screen, if zoomed out looks blurry on your phone zoomed in might help.
  8. Yes, they are terrain in every way and not markers.
  9. Yes, if they're b2b they can go through each other. This should clarify most Portal related things:
  10. Right? Three single-model Fireteams is super fragile, but By The Authority of the Guild and Rule of Law look amazing if you can pull them off! The Guild's Allegiance Card does sound very Guild-y, especially those ability names, love it!
  11. Also important to note that while Kaeris and Carlos can't create Pyre Markers b2b with other models, Kaeris' Raging Inferno trigger, Eternal Flame's Control the Flame action, Fire Gamin and Golem's Dancing in the Flames ability and Demise all can put the Pyre Marker b2b with others.
  12. Also, semi related but important to remember, you're not able to go back and forth between Fireteams taking actions, so the Fireteam with the Adjunct has to take the two shots back to back, can't have the Fireteam shoot, someone else shoot, and then come back to the Adjunct
  13. Actions that come from an Adjunct or anything that says Versatile is in addition to the Fireteam's normal actions. So with your example imagine Fireteam #2 has an Adjunct in it, you could do this: Fireteam 1 shoots Fireteam 2 shoots Fireteam 2 shoots (Adjunct action) Fireteam 3 shoots
  14. Exactly yeah, for that I'd suggest getting a few more squads each and maybe a Titan too
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