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  1. retnab

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    From my understanding of what they've said Wyrd is shipping the stuff out to the distributors, and the distributors are the ones that actually ship to us so we don't get blasted by customs (obviously this is only the internationals, Wyrd's probably shipping direct for the US folks). Us not getting shipping notifications yet most likely means that the distributors haven't forwarded them on yet.
  2. Backerkit closed to new orders a few months ago, but it's going to retail soon so you'll be able to pick stuff up then.
  3. retnab

    Wings of Fire order of events

    Yup, they arrived in my LGS a while ago. They're good too, very little mold lining and they look great!
  4. retnab

    Some question about triggers

    Pretty much, actions that come from triggers can't trigger more actions.
  5. retnab

    Need inspiration for 120mm terrain features

    No, but I'm planning on using the clear orange 50mm bases in some way for Cult Portals. Just not sure what I want on the base itself yet.
  6. retnab

    What is (⛹)

    The symbol denotes a Pulse. It's rules can be found at the end of the Additional Rules section (edit: bottom right on page 29). But yes, if it's 3 for example it means it affects things within 3" of whatever is pulsing.
  7. retnab


    It's a holiday weekend so probably more like Tuesday.
  8. retnab

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Even just up to Canada it's regularly about half the total price of the order again. Whoever they're using for this, I hope they make this a permanent shipping deal, it makes a huge difference.
  9. retnab

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I assume then you also saw the comment that the online store is selling at basically no profit just to get the sales. Parasitic online stores selling cheaper than MSRP to steal brick and mortar sales are nothing new, there's a reason GW went on their little crusade to stop Web sales years ago. Based on the rest of the posts from the others, it seems safe to say we don't agree with you. From your posts it sounds like you were expecting some CMON-style bonus that puts backers into a far better position than retail purchasers, and that is very toxic for a games future (I know several game stores who refuse to sell or host CMON products because of their practices). I bought in because I want a working army day 1, but it sounds to me like you were looking for some permanent advantage and frankly I'm glad that's not what we have.
  10. retnab

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Actually a few times in the updates they mentioned some of the sculpts not really being up to snuff and having to be sent back to be made better. IIRC the last month or two before they announced they were done was just them getting the last 4 models up to par. It seems like getting the factory to get it to the level of quality we expected from their HIPS models took more work than they expected, which is fair enough. When I first heard about TOS I wasn't super keen on another larger scale wargame since I came here after my group left in disgust over WM/H's slew of bad decisions around Mk3. I originally pledged low, but when I participated in the open Kickstarter beta and actually got some games in I ended up loving it, selling the idea to some of my locals, and pledging in deeper. On the one hand I see how you'd be concerned about there being a small window between the backers getting their models and them going to retail, but on the other hand if you get your models and you bring it to your LGS and people get excited and ask where they can buy it and you say "Oh sorry, backers get it 4/6/whatever months before it goes to store shelves, you have to wait" would kill the hype that's naturally going to come from a new game being played in a story. Not to mention that it going to retail sooner means more people playing sooner. We get our own special goodies like the special edition cards, I don't feel a need to get more than the 1-2 month early window we're probably looking at between me having models and the others at my LGS. I mean, YMMV, but them starting a new wargame at all is kind of a crazy gamble financially. If they only got that $75k and a few hundred backers, that might have been an indication to not push so hard into it. But ending at about $400k and a couple thousand backers should mean they're willing to push the resources into the game that it needs to really thrive.
  11. retnab

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I get what you're saying, but I'll take a temporary delay over a permanently crap model 10 times out of 10.
  12. retnab

    M2e Kaeris

    Some people make her work, but the general concensus is that she takes a lot of work. The Backdraft kit really helps that out, with Fitz giving AoE burning and a defensive aura, and the Fire Gamin being either a big damage spike or if you're taking Purifying Fire the best healer in faction
  13. retnab

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    He's one of my main hires for Ramos too, min 3 shooting and more card draw are both things he loves!
  14. retnab

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    It's still the best card to get in a duel or for damage, hardly the death of it. Plus, with damage tracks dropping who's to say that severe + 1 will end up being that different from severe + weak for a lot of models anyways? If min 3 is going to be more rare and most models are min 1 or 2, then realistically we're only looking at a drop of 1 damage if any.
  15. retnab

    Unofficial M3E FAQ

    On Facebook in A Wyrd Place, I quoted verbatim so you should be able to find the posts copy/pasting them.