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  1. @Viruk How did you do the spider webs? They look amazing.
  2. On a gaming miniature I'd use gloss varnish. If I'd try to paint something glossy I would paint small but strong highlights and reflectet light in the shadows. At least give it try.
  3. I so much want to paint this model - now! Awesome!
  4. I'm looking forward to the RN.
  5. I use acupunture needles to pin small parts of my models. At first I hated it but I got used to it and now do it nearly every time.
  6. Syringes of Necrotic Machine and the fingers of the Night Terrors were challenging.
  7. Looks like Jason Voorhees got melted with his mask, changed his life, made a diet and now loves reading poems. Awesome model!
  8. If you want to get a little more serious with painting the Vallejo Model Color range is a good starter. If you're not that much into painting I'd give GW Contrast Paints a try. I haven't tried them myself but they seem to get the job done real easy and good.
  9. Finally I found the link to the picture. Very nice. Can't wait to see more!
  10. I finished my Archie. First I had to wait until he was available again. And finally after I painted him he got nerved. Guess I have a special new-painted-model-curse. My newly painted models don't get killed in the first round I use them, but they get nerved after I put color on them. Same with my Rotten Belles in ME2.
  11. It depends. Normally some miniatures can take some time until they're availabe again. But with the release of ME3 and the distibuters not ordering enough stuff it's still difficult to get some things. And I guess it will take some time until it gets back to normal. Wyrd stuff normally is reliable. But when the distrubuters are not ordering enough one can't blame Wyrd. (I'm waiting since June). But I'd rather wait than play something else. There's no game like Malifaux.
  12. I have no experience with still water. But if the cloudyness is only on the surface you can probably fix it with a coat of varnish.
  13. Thanks to all of you! Happy holidays!
  14. This: A keyword that is good for the pools where Molly isn’t the first choice? But if you have a suggestion for the tougher Match-ups I'll be reading with interest too!
  15. Phoned my Shop. They now had everything available but the rulebook. So they'll send me my order (with ME2 Archie) and the rulebook later when they have it available.
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