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  1. Sorry, I wasn't precise: I ordered a ME2 Archie. So when will the ME2 Archie be available again? Or do we have to wait for the ME3 Archie? I just need the model.
  2. I ordered Archie at my usual shop (in germany). The time I placed the order it said he would be available in october. The october went by and when I checked yeseterday Archie wasn't listed anymore. So my question to Wyrd is what's the matter with the distribution of Archie. He seems unavailable since months. Any chance to have him back in the shops soon?
  3. Skulls on a model? Don't go GW on me!!!
  4. I read it that you don't deploy them during the deployment phase. So you have to decide during the deployment phase to not to deploy them normal.
  5. After a long break due to live stuff I'm painting again. I stopped paining after I reached what I call my good tabletop standard.
  6. As long as you're playing casual games I would use a proxy. That's what I'm doing. Until my Archie arrives I use the Dead Rider. No problem in my group.
  7. I love it. It's very simple but it looks awesome.
  8. Awesome colors! How much of the black and white do you paint? Or do you paint it at all and just give 'em a white zenithal over black undercoat?
  9. I'm a bit slow and I don't like deadlines in my hobby. Everytime when the new announcement comes I think about participating. But I know I will not have the stanima to make the long run. And most of the times a have a project I'm working on and don't want to set on pause. If (!) I would by chance be in between projects - maybe I would give it a chance.
  10. I've never participated (and most certainly will not) so my suggestion will not affect me or comes from a bad experience. But I would strongly recommend to change the public-vote-only at the begining of the contest. (Or maybe I have something missunderstood got in my translations). There were a definite share of miniatures that should've been in gold instead in silver and vice versa. And the 'gold worthy' in silver had no real chance to get up to gold where they should belong. The public votes are a big part of the contest, but at the beginning I think a 'judges only' would be much more fair.
  11. So what would a typical list look like?
  12. Might take a look at Tabletop World.
  13. I'd say all the sweets could be easy to make with Greenstuff. What I like to do to create a weird atmosphere is to use things offscale or upside down. Here you can spot arms and hair from GW Orks, tails, backs and pieces of the heads from GW wolves and pices from a clothes hanger for slips: https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/17293
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