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  1. It depends. Normally some miniatures can take some time until they're availabe again. But with the release of ME3 and the distibuters not ordering enough stuff it's still difficult to get some things. And I guess it will take some time until it gets back to normal. Wyrd stuff normally is reliable. But when the distrubuters are not ordering enough one can't blame Wyrd. (I'm waiting since June). But I'd rather wait than play something else. There's no game like Malifaux.
  2. I have no experience with still water. But if the cloudyness is only on the surface you can probably fix it with a coat of varnish.
  3. Thanks to all of you! Happy holidays!
  4. This: A keyword that is good for the pools where Molly isn’t the first choice? But if you have a suggestion for the tougher Match-ups I'll be reading with interest too!
  5. Phoned my Shop. They now had everything available but the rulebook. So they'll send me my order (with ME2 Archie) and the rulebook later when they have it available.
  6. @DeathinaboxI never thought of Yan lo, I'll give him a look. Don't know if I like his new art, so maybe I'll give his beard a shot. @Maniacal_cackle Mc Mourning is one of the masters I already thought of. I like his fluff and to go Zombie heavy. I don't have a playstile yet - atm it's n00b. @Fetid Strumpet Kira was on my list too. Thnaks. @newsun Sounds great. Thanks
  7. Now I have nearly painted all my models with the forgotten keyword. What would you recommend as a good master/keyword to complement Molly?
  8. @NikodemusThanks for the info about the pictures. The forum where I posted them got a new software and unfortunately all the pictures got lost... I'll look for a new place to safe them. The host I store pictures like those of my workspace makes them a bit smaller so I want a host where they stay in the bigger size.
  9. And now to something completely different.... I'm reworking my hobby space. Great options for storage are coming from hobbyzone. As I want my paints not too far away I put them in front of the drawers in a way that I always have an opening to one of the drawer segments. Look from the inside: How it works:
  10. I'm a beginner too. Two main things I always consider: malifaux to me is a resources managment system (= activations etc). And it's always (more than in other games) vital to play for the mission. Very often you can ignore the beaters and better stick to your schemes and score points. I still loose, and I still loose a lot of models, but nonetheless it always looks not too bad in VP.
  11. Milliput rules. Did you ever tried to mix it with alcohol? Marco Frisoni made a video about but I haven't yet had a chance to give it a try.
  12. Sounds great. Please keep us informed (with pictures).
  13. Sorry, I wasn't precise: I ordered a ME2 Archie. So when will the ME2 Archie be available again? Or do we have to wait for the ME3 Archie? I just need the model.
  14. I ordered Archie at my usual shop (in germany). The time I placed the order it said he would be available in october. The october went by and when I checked yeseterday Archie wasn't listed anymore. So my question to Wyrd is what's the matter with the distribution of Archie. He seems unavailable since months. Any chance to have him back in the shops soon?
  15. Skulls on a model? Don't go GW on me!!!
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