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  1. Thank's for the heads up! I missunderstood easy to play would be the same as easy to learn.
  2. That sounds great. I guess you just determined my next crew. I was thinking about McMourning (when finally his ME3-Box is available), but I always wanted to paint Reva. Now let's hope I'll finnish her before ME4.
  3. And I always thought that was Malifaux in particular. After a game I always feel like I have to change to Mantic's Deadzone.... 😄
  4. I went with the Dead Marshall. I thought mybe he can support a steady flow of Scheme runners during the game. I played against a Parker crew. We managed two rounds. After these rounds my experience is: Molly: still feels very defensive to me. Buffs the crew with premonition and critcism in the first round. In the second premonition again and filled up my hand with 6 cards eating markers. Necrotic Machine: healed Dead Rider and got shot (ignoring armor) Archie: I made a mistake and moved him far to the side. Let's pretend he was looking for some ice cream. But I guess
  5. @Maniacal_cackleWow! Thanks for taking the time. This helps a lot! I took the marshal in my last few games, but he didn' do much summoning. If the only reason he is in your list is because I could experience more of the keyword models I think I'd rather take another model. So If you had to play with this limited pool what model would you pick instead? Maybe two Crooligans to help with the sceaming? And in your list the Night Terror is the only minion Molly can target with constructive critisim? Should he just focus the first activation?
  6. After a long pause I'm finally getting a game of Malifaux again. I'm still learning the rules and my main goal is to get confident with a keyword Molly crew (my first master). So at the moment it's not interesting to me what faction or crew I'm facing. The setup of the game tonight is: Symbols of Authority / Flank Depolyment / Leave Your Mark, Breakthrough, Spread Them Out, Claim Jump, Research Mission My pool is: Molly, Necrotic Machine, Philipp and the Nanny, Archie, Forgotten Marshall, Rogue Necromancy, Dead Rider, Crooligan, Night Terror, Rabble Riser So my three qustions ar
  7. Das klingt richtig toll. Ich weiß jetzt nicht, ob ich viel dazu beitragen kann, da ich mehr male als spiele. Aber vielleicht ist ja gerade auch da was interessantes dabei. Ansonsten pinge ich mal @cktAvatarmit an, er hat deutlich mehr (und viel regelmäßgere) Spielerfahrung als ich.
  8. I have a tool with wax for picking up litte gems for finger nails. And there are tools like a paper wrapped pen only it's wax. These are amazing.
  9. Looks to me like the AK varnish was applied to thick and it stayed cohesive to itself because of the gloss surface. Damn! I would feel so frustrated too!
  10. My rule of thump about proxies/conversions is that I want it easy for the opposing player to know what's going on on the table.
  11. I may cannot post painted minis every month, but sure I can offer some inspirations outside our miniature painting bubble (as you all have already posted the usual suspects): Marco Bucci did some great videos on ambient light Zoe Hong has a lot tutoials on color theory Mural Joe has a very good video on how to use color theory And if you want to go a bit into serious display painting (or anything else) James Guerney's Color And Light should be on you book shelf (and he has some good and funny videos too).
  12. The nightmare edition Molly will normally available during some of the special offers from Wyrd. I'd say at the least it will be availabe at the black friday sales. So you definately should wait a bit. As you have two masters in ressers, I would choose Reva and wait for pirate Molly later this year.
  13. "victorian newspaper"
  14. And if you don't like to join the Monthly Painting Challenge feel absolutely free to open up your own thread to show your stuff (and get feedback if you're up to it).
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