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  1. Thanks for the reply. And yes: this is on purpose. I got this sugesstion a lot. But it would change the feeling and atmosphere I was aiming for.
  2. Awesome detail on the rat!
  3. I like how the tree bends over Reva.
  4. After 25 months, the time has come: my Diorama is finished. For a very long time I wanted to implement the DOOM cover (first game) as a diorama. And also something similar to Roman Lappat's great "Last Light" in a smaller version. When I started the diorama, I just wanted to use stuff I already had, so the Space Wolve got it against the demons. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with 40K at all. Likewise, I wanted to take it easy. That's why I only slightly modified the demons. But anyway, I have built about a dozen, and only two completely out of the sprue. Very helpful was that I was pretty much at the beginning of the diorama again on Roman's beginner's workshop. I used that to learn to paint white and black. He was able to give me valuable tips for the entire color scheme. My goal was to create a dark, bleak mood. Therefore, there is not so much variance in base and demons. Unfortunately, I can not find my inspirational pictures any more - so you just have to believe that I managed the mood I wanted pretty well. : Wink: From Roman came the idea with the nylon threads on the swords. I think that's really great, so it comes again extremely dynamic in the diorama. And I could visualize the movement as in a comic. The hobby butterfly in me was then responsible for a longer break. And the really good tip from the painting forum, that I should better fill the gap on the skulls of the demons, has brought the project to a standstill. But last year I decided to finish the project. There are supposed to be people who feel really comfortable surrounded by WIPs - I'm not one of them. : D Very, very important to me was the composition of the diorama. Since I have made in advance a lot of thoughts about it: where are priorities, how do I lead the view of the beholder, how do I bring in pure dynamics, etc. Even towards the end, I had for each demon approximately an hour thinking and trying until I was satisfied with its position. When I finished it, I was really happy with the result. You always have such an idea and then do not know how it actually gets. Here I had more of a feeling, or a mood that I wanted to implement. And I think I achieved it pretty well. So, now enough text, here comes what you are all keen on: the pictures! Finally, the question remains, if I want feedback. I'm not sure. I am always happy to receive helpful comments and tips. At the same time, I got a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do and what I did not want to do about the creative process. What does not help me is a comment that e.g. orange to the blue would look great: I know that, but makes a very different mood. :whistling: What I am looking forward to are your thoughts on mood, composition etc. especially with your thoughts on theory - I like to learn. And I also like to answer questions. : Up: And if you do not know what to write: Praise is always welcome. : Thumbsup:
  5. With Proken Promises there was a shift in the generaI design of the artwork IMO. And with the newer previews I there's a shift in the design too. I'm mostly a display painter and therefore very interested in all aspects of miniature art. And I'm a gamer too and love inside views of the company and its thoughts about the game. In addition to that I'm not sure how much I like the IMO new style, but maybe I can get easier used to it when I know the ideas behind the new design. I would soo much like to be taken on the journey. So my question is: are there interwies with the design team about Wyrds art or other sources? If not, why not let some of your artist give interviews to some of the podcasts out there? So what I'm intereseted in: was there a shift in miniature design if so, why? What is the goal? and even if not: what are thoughts behind all the design*? *) One thing I'm always wondering is why Wyrd's miniatures are so much fun to paint. I paint miniatures from different companies but Wyrds miniatures are especially much fun. And I'm always wondering but cannot put my finger on it why. So any insight would be very much appreciated.
  6. Why settle with 100 while you can go with 500? Think big! But TBH I can understand that you decide it will be enough. But I will miss you art anyway.
  7. V1 Molly looks some much better as a Asura proxie.
  8. I'd love to see a Mr. Gumby. Maybe do Ironsides. I imagine a bad tempered Mr. Gumby running around dealing headbutts!
  9. Thanks for the kind invitation. I'm not only a very slow painter (at least with my Malifaux miniatures), I drifted a lot more to display painting in the last years. So I would mostly never reach the smallest level to participate here. Just noticed I painted the last Malifaux miniature more than a year ago. The lack of fellow players doesn't help. But with ME3 I will definitely paint some models wether they see some action or not. You will see every Malifaux model I paint here, and some other big projects here. At the moment I'm working on a 40K diorama. If you're interested you can see the progress in the german Bemalforum, but I will post the finnished diorama in the thread mentionend above.
  10. @misterfinn Happy to hear I could help. He turned out awesome!
  11. I guess there will be more of a chance for new scupts for miniatures from "dead man's hand boxes". So models wich has been in the same sprue as the (now dead or missing) master can be sold seperatly. Like mortimer.
  12. Now I have some Monty Python grannies beating rockers with their bags in my mind... Seamus will never be the same for me again. And it doesn' help that it isn't too far away for him yelling 'my brain hurts!'
  13. Klick, kneel down and coo in awe.
  14. @misterfinn Considering your goal I wouldn't push the contrast. If you really want maybe a little bit on top of the shoulder. Without changing the contrast you could expand the darker side of the blendings (only a litte bit too). But this pushes the paintjob more in the cartoony direction, so be careful.
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