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  1. Klick, kneel down and coo in awe.
  2. @misterfinn Considering your goal I wouldn't push the contrast. If you really want maybe a little bit on top of the shoulder. Without changing the contrast you could expand the darker side of the blendings (only a litte bit too). But this pushes the paintjob more in the cartoony direction, so be careful.
  3. Yeah! I'm a fan of Army Painter too. As you said the goal is important. And I'd rather see dipped miniatures than a grey tide. Dipping is a tool. And it's always better to have the right tool for the right job in your toolbox. I know a lot of very skilled display painters (some of them pros) and none of them ever said anything negative about quickpaint techniques.
  4. I love the first Lord Of Change! And this minotaur thing.
  5. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Wyrd! Most games released are "closed betas": betas you have to pay for and a month later they will be made alpha with FAQ and errata. So to make it an open beta, fix some problems and smoth it so the official release can be as good as it can be is a great step. For me it underlines that Wyrd wants to deliver a product we all like and will have fun with. THANKS A LOT!
  6. Awesome! Love the visibility of your brushstrokes
  7. If you're starting, I would strongly suggest to take a look at magnetized transport systems. Maybe something like the Army Box. You can get your miniatures much quicker in and out of you transport system. And it is much more flexible to future purchases or different armies.
  8. That's so true. I can't explain why, but the models are soo much fun to paint.
  9. Working with preshading and glazes are a very, very fast shortcut in armypainting. I strongly suggest toturial from Vince Venturella about the subject. An other thing most beginners won't do but is incredible helpful is painting some miniatures to test different paintscemes.
  10. I like her a lot. One thing I would reconsider is the colorful base. With the blueish colors and the lamp casting OSL I'm thinking of a scene at night. So I would paint the base in more subtle colors.
  11. Butch

    Gremlins Blood

    Assuming they breathe air and need oxygen, I would paint red blood. And besides scientifc explanation I would paint it red either. Becaus this is what our eye expects. To paint something different from our viewing habits is possible but takes a lot of work to make it look "natural".
  12. Butch

    The Rotters

    I SO much love the drummer!
  13. Too bad. So I'm looking forward to the HvB and hope to catch you a little bit earlier than just before the awards are handed out.
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