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  1. Not much feedback but I wonder about the gap in Mdme Sybylles neck. You're such a good painter, did you just ignore the gap?
  2. Awesome! Thanks a lot. I guess I will read this many times now and in the future!
  3. Got some miniatures painted. Somewhere in 2020 I painted the Night Terrors. Forgot to post some pictures. And two weeks ago I painted Seamus and the Copycat Killer. Seamus was fun to paint. It took me 2 years to get him started because I really don't like these thingies on his knees. But as I nearly run out of models I gave him a shot. And he really was fun to paint - I'm really happy how he turned out. Very limited palette but still very vibrant colors. The green on his jacket and his trowsers is the same, but I added some yellowish green to highlight his jacket. And I mixed some of that
  4. Hand management is one thing I feel I don't get right. But everything will be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot for this guide!
  5. Funny. Personally I like to paint texture because you don't have to put a lot of work into smooth blends. Just some dashes or rough stippling. You can achieve great effecs with minimal work.
  6. As always superb paintjobs. These look like 54mm versions of the orignal models!
  7. Awesome model! Can't wait to get paint on it!
  8. Search Youtube for: Vince Venturealla purple, or pink He has a lot of tutorials, newer and older ones.
  9. A little late but maybe still helpful : for pinning small parts I use needles for acupuncture. The small drills I would by in dozens as they tend to break easily.
  10. I want to upgrade my set of tokens and markers. I have an ME2 set from Customeeple. And I want to expand it with tokens needed for ME3 and new Masters. At the moment I'm playing Molly. Next year I want to expand to Reva, Mc Mourning and Seamus. What tokens and markers would you recommend to have a very good selection for ME3, GG2 (?), and the new masters? I have: 5 Scheme markers 5 Corpse markers 5 Scrap markers 8 Activations markers (don't need more) 7 Soulstone markers 16 Wound markers (I don't need more, we count with dice) 5
  11. Sorry, but I don't know. I've only seen them in clubs or from friends. I didn't even knew there are two lines.
  12. What is your paintitng technique. Looks really good and I would've not guessed that this is some kind of quickpaint!
  13. I love the sets from 4ground. I have some from TT-Combat. These are good, but you have to paint them. The mdf sets from 4ground come painted and look quite good out of the box.
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