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  1. catbat07

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Also I love this but it would have been better as a bunch if undead ponies as Kentauri in a Reva crew, and we should've gotten rabbits here. Personally anyway.
  2. catbat07

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I get why people don't like the box, and hey, more power too you, but saying Malifaux has a definite theme is kind of hard to do when the game has so many conflicting elements. It's quirky, it's funny, it's creepy, it's horrific, it's awesomely western. The only unifying trait it has, is it's grimdark nature. Even the gremlins lighthearted tone is undercut by the sinister and disturbing reality of the pigapult or the little gassers. Well, maybe not Trixibelle. But still- most of Malifaux is inherently grimdark. and what isn't grimdark about these twisted and ****ed up character from children's television? Maybe these would have been better as Neverborn, because they are very similar to the Teddy and the Dreamer's friends. I can see why people dislike the disruption of the lore that this brings however, and completely agree that the last set of stories were very lackluster.
  3. catbat07

    Resurr Shadow Boxing

    50ss: Kirai with Unforgiven and Swirling Aether Datsue Ba with My Little Helper and Spirit Whispers Goryo Dead Doxy Crooligan 2 x Rotten Belles Flesh Construct You'll absolutely be doing public demo with this crew, but your second scheme can be any of them. Basically the whole game plan is to choke up the board with Seishin and get an insane amount of activations (this crew can be up to 13-14 activations end of turn one) so public demon becomes criminally easy. Then, because of weight of numbers, scoring the rest of your VP should be a cake-walk. There's a reason Hamelin's still in the top 5 most powerful masters.
  4. catbat07

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Simple, elegant and effective. It works perfectly.
  5. catbat07

    Getting started in Ressers

    It depends on what master you're starting with, but here's a brief run down on the ones you have: Seamus: Basically his box + maybe the graveyard spirit, Datsue Ba, a nurse and the shikome. I would look into getting Yin + Dead Doxies for him though. Jakuuna, the Flesh construct and the Dead Rider are also fine but share no immediate synergies. Kirai: All the spirits + the flesh construct. Jakuuna also isn't particularly good, but can be included and a nurse or two couldn't hurt. Look into picking up some Goryo as well. Nicodem: The Dead Rider, Nurses and Bete Noire work pretty well, also Punk Zombies, Mortimer and the Vulture. Sebastian's also good if you go the mindless zombie rout. You can also consider Kentauri as an amazing new summon and Asura Rotten. Be warned: Nicodem is one of the top two masters in the game right now with his insane card draw potential and hordes of summons - either him or the Kentauri are going to be nerfed soon. McMourning: Nurses, Flesh Constructs and the Chihuahua + Shikome and Sebastian. Bete Noire and the Dead Rider are both fine. I would look into some Canine Remains for the good doctor, and perhaps another flesh construct so he has enough summons. Also Rotten Belles. They are amazing with every master. You should look into getting some scheme runners, but for now if you really need one the carrion effigy does a perfectly good job. Hope this has helped, and welcome to Ressurs!
  6. catbat07

    Does anyone use these models?

    Because Molly needs a million cards and generates a million corpse markers, so you sit the digger near the centre and have it pick up all the corpses.
  7. catbat07

    Does anyone use these models?

    The Gravedigger's fantastic with Molly.
  8. catbat07

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    I don't find her to be a problem in my non-Nico games, and with Nico it'd probably be better to nerf the card draw engine (Sebestian, Philip and the Nanny).
  9. Hi Fauxers, I noticed a little bit of a phenomenon recently when reading trough AWP and the forums. Now, many of you have undoubtedly already noticed this, but I get the feeling that with all the talk of Nicodeep and the July errata, people continue to try to find conclusive evidence to win the power balance argument one way or another, when such evidence, in my opinion, simply does not exist. So, I'm here to ask a question: are the most talented players in Malifaux right? While Sandeep and Nico undoubtedly need nerfing, have we discovered all there is to know about GG18 + all the models in the game? I'm of the opinion that no, we have not. With the recent Seamus resurgence, the Somer/Warpig thing and the Neverborn Serena shenanigans, all of which have (as far as I know) not been conclusively tested, could the Brewmaster secretly be Mid/High tier? Could Jakob Lynch be a disaster waiting to happen? Could Parker Barrows be the next great Collodi? But alas, I, like you, am only mortal, and so I ask you: do we know everything there is to know? Either way, looking forward to 2.5.
  10. Lilith works well in GG18, so I would stick with her. As Lucky said, always run with beckon Malifaux. I haven't seen Adze in play, but I would think that a Willo-The-Wisp would help increase its effectiveness.
  11. catbat07

    Changelings as scheme runners

    Really? A spawn mother + wisp can be fitted into most crews.
  12. catbat07

    NB Lucius - Trying to figure him out

    Do people still take the trapper at all? At 8ss he seems much less appealing, but he's still pretty good.
  13. catbat07

    Pandora Tactica

    Another way to cycle cards, except you get more cards: With the Emissary and Widow weaver you can copy the weaver's whenever a model within 6" fails a horror duel. Then, you shoot Serena bowman to death with changelings and a widow weaver, cheating down the horror duels so she fails. Each time she does, you'll draw two cards. When she dies, Pandora wile get her Incite, and the rest of the cycle continues. Only downside is that you'll have to replace the insidious madness, doppleganger and bloodwretch with a widow weaver and two changelings, but the rest of the crew works just fine. Be aware that this has a fair amount of variability in it, black jokers, red jokers etc; but you should be able to smooth this over by having models nearby to kill Serena if she manages to survive.
  14. catbat07

    NB Lucius - Trying to figure him out

    Dogs and guard. Corrupted hounds can kill most things with a plus flip to attack and damage, guardsman are incredibly survivable and guild hounds can be useful for their one action charge. As for retinue slots, Neverborn have enough good 6ss+ minions that Austringers are fat from an auto-include. Also, take some more expensive models than Lucius. With all those cards in hand, even if he's not supporting them they can wreak havoc across the board. Barbaros is one of my favourites in interact heavy pools because of his ability to push enemy models around and his nimble walk, not to mention having his challenge at the ready to support your weaker minions.
  15. catbat07

    How does your group play?

    Our group is small but dedicated, trying to play at least twice a week. We focus on playing the game well, not caring much if we win or lose, and thus end up playing and experimenting with a lot of different masters and scheme pools. As a result we think a lot about our game play and play well when allowed to spend time thinking but have little experience with tournaments.