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UK Nationals - 7/8th November 2020


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The UK Nationals is confirmed as being on the weekend of 7/8th November at the same venue as previous years in Melton Mowbray. The evnt is still very much on, COVID-19 restrictions permitting. However, we have a fantastic, large, self contained venue, so things look very positive. However, buying your tickets early secures the event (costs are up this year) and helps me plan swag and discuss support from our previous supporters.

Tickets will cost £40 and are on sale here https://tabii.co.uk/UKNationals/

7 rounds over 2 days, with socialising on Friday & Saturday evenings in a spacious, comfortable environment.

International players are very welcome, and in fact took the top 3 places last year! Photos here.

Rulespack here


  1. Karl Barley
  2. Maria Weiland
  3. David Cameron
  4. Michael Hengl (USA)
  5. A J Barr
  6. Matt Lewin
  7. Frances Jones
  8. Ole Ingvar Stene (Norway)
  9. Paul Symes
  10. Richard Walters
  11. Matt Cole
  12. Grant Dickenson
  13. Dan Brown
  14. Lewis Phillips
  15. J Joynson
  16. Oliver Lonsdale
  17. Radek Bry
  18. Luke Athiko
  19. Rob Hallam
  20. Nino-Julian Beck (Germany)
  21. Andre Killing (Germany)
  22. Florian Feltrup (Germany)
  23. Philipp Schaper (Germany)
  24. Geir Haugen Vikan (Norway)
  25. Jean Baptiste Aymes (France)
  26. Lionel Masson (France)
  27. James Lee
  28. Tim Edwards
  29. Andy Bradshaw
  30. Chris Hill
  31. Jake Wells
  32. David Garrard
  33. Artem Demidenko (Russia)
  34. Lee Evans
  35. Jon Rouston
  36. Stef McGlen
  37. Bert Diamond
  38. Declan Larcombe
  39. Oz Goff
  40. Steve Johnston
  41. Richard Matthews
  42. Luke Whitrow
  43. David Dyson
  44. James Varney
  45. James Trevallion
  46. George Hollingdale
  47. James Brown
  48. Tom Benstead
  49. Damien Dutois (France)
  50. Florent Flecgeau (France)
  51. Anthony Dudden
  52. Craig Colley
  53. Luke Cocksedge
  54. Simon Giraud (France
  55. Allen Connell
  56. Andrew Humphrey
  57. Jon Curtis
  58. Joe Hawthorne
  59. Alasdair Cunniffe
  60. Andy Bushell
  61. Michael Arnott
  62. Gary McGuiness
  63. Anthony Harris
  64. Ilya Udovenko (Russia via Cyprus)
  65. Tom Jackson
  66. Dmitry Ershov (Russia)
  67. Joe Jackson
  68. Reice Chaudhry
  69. Dan Knight
  70. Ollie Hedges
  71. Dan Eatch
  72. Kyle Douglas

Let me know if I got your name wrong, is missing, or I need to add/correct country.

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12 hours ago, Kds54 said:

Hey guys. So as someone that’s not played since 1st ed is it a good idea to come along to this tournament or is it better to start with something smaller? 

As long as you know the rules and can play at a reasonable speed, then no problem, though I would recommend attending a smaller event beforehand if possible as it will certainly help you understand how they go, and also help your speed of play.

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Just a quick post to let you know that currently the event is still on. 🙂
Venue have confirmed that no costs are incurred unless the event runs so currently all entry fees are returnable. Obviously as we get closer to the event, and I need to spend money on things then this will change, but I'll keep everyone informed before that point.
One advantage of the venue is that we have lots of space so I'll be looking at how to increase spacing between players. Currently we have 4ft deep tables, but we could go to 5ft (though that does make moving models a stretch for most). Obviously this will increase table hire cost, but the impact will be just a little less swag!
So we have 43 players confirmed so far, and I'll start to promote it again around July as I'll need to confirm numbers in August.
Thoughts & comments welcome as always.
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