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  1. Hi All, A 3 round event again at Geek Retreat London Holloway. A short walk from Archway and Upper Holloway stations. If you want to drive, let me know and I'll try and find free parking areas on a Sunday. We have increased capacity but to secure the space, tickets this time will be £10 and still an ask to try to observe their fair usage policy on food and drinks as its their main source of revenue. If alt masters amd new enforcers are in the app by this point I will accept suitable proxies. If they're not in the app though I won't. Rounds will be 2h15 Doors open 10am for registration. Round 1 starts at 10.30am Lunch at 12.45 Round 2 at 13.30 Round 3 at 15.45 Close and prizes at 18-18.30. Probably a few beers in the pub afterwards too. Please PayPal £10 as friends and family to rwalters.85@gmail.com Attendees 1. Lee Walstow 2. Andy Bradshaw 3. Tom Skitt 4. Luke Athiko 5. Marcus Rose 6. Jade Baker 7. Andrew Fabian 8. Arran Jones 9. James Trevallion 10. Stef McGlen 11. Jonathan Pearmain 12. Rob Jones Round 1 Deployment - Corner Strat - Break The Line Schemes - Vendetta, Assassinate Breakthrough, Let them Bleed, Hidden Martyrs Round 2 Deployment - Wedge Strat - Turf War Schemes - Claim Jump, Research Mission, Spread them Out, Outflank, Bait and Switch Round 3 Deployment - Flank Strat - Symbols of Authority Schemes - Spread them Out Catch and Release, Research Mission, Outflank, Detonate Charges Thanks Rich
  2. It's really unlikely they will be out by then.
  3. Hey guys, They're opening earlier now for 10am so we will register register and start at 10.30am. Please let me know if it's an issue for you. Thanks
  4. Hi All, We have a 3 round, Single Master 8 person event at Geek Retreat Holloway Road. Doors open at 10am for registration. Round 1 kicks off at 10.30. Lunch -12.45 Round 2 - 1.15 Round 3 - 3.30 Close and results 5.45 I am looking at potentially an earlier start than that but these are the current times. Nearest tube is Holloway Road which is easy to access via King's Cross if you're travelling in. Its also near to Upper Holloway Overground. Tickets are a bargain at £5 but we must comply with their fair usage table policy so we need to purchase a reasonable amount of food, drink or products with them during the day as they're a cafe and game space (their milkshakes are amazing). Please can you PayPal me £5 as friends and family to rwalters.85@gmail.com Attendees 1. Luke Athiko 2. James Trevallion 3. Conor Mcnama 4. Ollie Hedges 5. Jade Baker 6. Marcus Rose 7. Tom Skitt 8. I'll run as Ringer if necessary.
  5. I actually think she's in a good place for the alt Viks. She can be thrown, gets access to fast with the free student and likely focus too. If they launch as the text we have seen I think she's actually fine
  6. Missing +1s for Rich Walters are Andy Bradshaw and Andy Humphries
  7. I like an Irom Skeeter for it. Get a late turn declare and then first activation next turn fly as far away as possible. Potentially drop some markers for Breakthrough too
  8. Zipp or Jack for me into that. Depending on the faction they declare. Both can deal with the river well and are strong into RE. Both have good catch and release options.
  9. Double desolation engines is a fairly viable list into PE as a strat. I would say one is pretty pointless though.
  10. Mancha probably brings enough marker removal. If not I would turn to Mad Dog potentially too. Wrastlers are pretty terrible 5ss models and I would argue even if they're removing markers. Gracie can do work, but is relatively slow for a Zipp crew. I do think she is a better version of an iron skeeter if you're expecting a fight. I will taxi Mad Dog or Alice around with her. It gives them a great body guard if you don't need the mobility of a scheme running skeeter. Burt just doesn't seem good enough in Infamous in general, but Outcasts definitely have better options. Piglets are fine. They do what you need them too. Merris is a better buy than 2 piglets. If you have any points left after that then 1 isn't a bad buy.
  11. I just don't think Parker is good enough in GG1. He's generally the 4th best pick in any given match up.
  12. A focussed stat 8 shot from Vanessa has won me games on multiple occasions. Not a lot people can do about it and it can be devastating if they don't see it coming.
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