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  1. It would be nice to have more models to summon but she really doesn't need them.
  2. Depends how they're bombing. It has way more range and flexibility than SoDP and only costs a bonus and either 1 ap or another bonus.
  3. Personally I would drop the child. Not sure what he brings in a Daw crew. You can afford to be lighter than other crews on soulstone cache so I would take another hanged.
  4. Sure, but not doing that is your choice. Other options are Prospectors to generate the stones to keep her going. This is the first I've heard of her dying easily so I'm not sure it's a tiresome topic. She's not a master that should run straight in swinging her sword. She's better off on the fringes, summoning and running schemes.
  5. I put the regen trinket on her turn 1 and play evasively. In nearly 20 games she has only died maybe 3 times. If she is going down I will bury her, heal her and pop her back out with Karina.
  6. S4lt

    Viks Tactics

    I think they became victims of their own success. Min 1 was the end of them.
  7. Were you not tempted to tech in Mad Dog for ice pillar removal?
  8. S4lt

    Viks Tactics

    Turf war is what I was thinking of running them in too. I also think there is a place for them in Idols where you ignore the idols for the first turns and just aim at tabling your opponent. Have you tried servant of dark power on them? 2ss feels like a lot for hard to kill.
  9. S4lt

    Viks Tactics

    So there is a lot of talk of Tara, Levi, Parker and Schill but almost no mention of the Viks here. This seems odd given they were probably one of the most popular crews in M2E. Is anyone running them, and if so, why are you taking them? What do you run with them?
  10. You probably want a master that can spread out as both of those are bubble crews. I'd say Tara or Zipp.
  11. It would unbury in the DZ as it cannot unbury.
  12. I agree on ours. I get the most use out of him turns 1-3 through trinkets, heals and pushes. A niche use could be sneaky claim jump run turns 4 and 5. Just sit him at the back of the board for the first 2 turns. Heal up turn 3 and then move up turn 4.
  13. We are way slower than the Guild one! Tell us what you're playing! 😀 A group of us are trying the Schemes and Stones key word experiment. I've committed to Bandit for a couple of games. We played the following.. Standard Deployment Reckoning Detonate the Charges Dig Their Graves Hold up their Forces Power Ritual Take Prisoner My opponent was playing ressers and declared Kirai. I skimmed the keyword and realised I was going to need spikey focus damage to get around vengeance and incorporeal. I selected the following.. Parker Doc Mad Dog - standard in any Parker crew 2 Convict Gunslingers - still think these are over costed but have decent spike damage Pride - can get around incorporeal Johan - never used him so wanted to try, plus min 3 against incorporeal Sue - min 3 against incorporeal. I thought he was ruthless too.. The essence of the game was both of us pushing forwards aggressively. I killed 2 models in turn 1 but he kept resummoning. Attrition eventually took its toll. The board had probably too much concealing for a shooting crew. What are people playing hedges as? I was surprised at how good by your side is. I hadn't seen it in game before and Lost Love bouncing all over and healing up models I had damaged really hindered me. I think my opponent was ready to call it a day on turn 2 but persevered until it swung in his favour. I clawed it back to a 4 - 4 draw which I was very happy with. Parker/Mad Dog/Pride/Doc Mitchell are all very solid. I realised how many versatile models I take with Parker, i do think most of the bandit models are sub par. I still think Convict Gunslingers are over rated. They die too easily for 8ss. I dont understand why people are putting 2ss upgrades on them. I missed my Prospectors. Johan was ok, probably did enough for a 7ss model. Sue is fine, however I'm starting to think our best choice of 8ss models is Wokou Raiders or invest another stone for Barbaros.
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