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  1. I like an Irom Skeeter for it. Get a late turn declare and then first activation next turn fly as far away as possible. Potentially drop some markers for Breakthrough too
  2. Zipp or Jack for me into that. Depending on the faction they declare. Both can deal with the river well and are strong into RE. Both have good catch and release options.
  3. Double desolation engines is a fairly viable list into PE as a strat. I would say one is pretty pointless though.
  4. Mancha probably brings enough marker removal. If not I would turn to Mad Dog potentially too. Wrastlers are pretty terrible 5ss models and I would argue even if they're removing markers. Gracie can do work, but is relatively slow for a Zipp crew. I do think she is a better version of an iron skeeter if you're expecting a fight. I will taxi Mad Dog or Alice around with her. It gives them a great body guard if you don't need the mobility of a scheme running skeeter. Burt just doesn't seem good enough in Infamous in general, but Outcasts definitely have better options. Pigl
  5. I just don't think Parker is good enough in GG1. He's generally the 4th best pick in any given match up.
  6. A focussed stat 8 shot from Vanessa has won me games on multiple occasions. Not a lot people can do about it and it can be devastating if they don't see it coming.
  7. Viks are super solid. They have a higher skill threshold in this edition. It takes a bit more practice and choosing the right targets but they can still absolutely clear house.
  8. I would like 6 strats in rotation for more variety and potentially a longer lasting GG
  9. The table was divided into quarters. If you had more models in a quarter you controlled it. If you controlled two quarters you scored a point. I think.. it has been a while but it was along those lines. It pushed you to hire a bigger crew of cheaper models and to really spread out.
  10. I'd like to see Ours return. It rewarded non summoned body numbers so could make low cost models more relevant.
  11. Outside of Mad Dog and Sue most of the Bandit Keyword is lacklustre.
  12. The models that need the most help and are pretty unplayable right now.. Desperate Mercs Wrastlers Winged Plague Talos Drachen Trooper Lazarus Malifaux Child Models that can work but need a little help. Taelor Bandidos Barbaros Hans
  13. Weary road on an engaged Alice or Mad Dog and a heal with the trigger for handing out the companion trinket from the Emissary is always nice.
  14. Correct, you can have a Void Hunter bury another model and then double walk to move the lodestone 18 inches in a single activation.
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