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  1. They're not free though. It's a master AP, at least an 11, a SS and a 10ss model's AP. All that for 1 more pass token than your opponent gets., you'll likely then need to cheat a high card for the initiative too.
  2. S4lt

    What Needs A FAQ?

    Can a leader or master still have the fast condition applied to it, even though they won't generate the additional AP? I'm thinking specifically about Obliteration models dishing it out. Masters/Leaders feel like safe targets for getting summons out.
  3. Probably worth noting that it's the annual Judgement Day Rugby event at the stadium so Cardiff will likely be busier than usual in the evening if there is a notion of going out as a group.
  4. I've also found buffering very useful for locking a model in place for a few activations. Sometimes i'll unbury the Scion just for the pass tokens and then make a big beater or master fast. It gives you and an activation or two to remove the beater, if you don't then Tara can remove the fast, generate another token and you go again or summon off of it. Other than Aionus being a bit pricey i think the Tara crew is in a very solid spot, it just takes a few more games to unlock the puzzle.
  5. The argument that they put pressure on your opponent's hand doesn't really work either when cover is around. In all my games with them my opponent has used cover so even if I do hit with stat 5 vs. 6 (usually at a minimum from cover), it's only 2 damage and they can normally soak it up. They do this knowing that if they avoid much damage in turn 1, Gunslingers are very easy kills turn 2.
  6. I think the main problem is cover just completely stops them. On average most models in the game are at a higher defence than the Gunslinger's attack. Add in an additional neg flip then at best you're doing 2 damage. They will likely catch people out the first time they play them but it's only taken 1 game for my regular opponents to absorb the minimal damage turn 1 and then kill them turn 2. I've gone from running 2 at 7ss to running none at 8ss.
  7. Totally agree on the stat. You either can't hit anything or at best you're on double negs and likely doing 2 damage. I was in the same place as you on them being 7ss models when they changed. I originally raised it and was shot down. I'm just trying to reflect the views of others. Hopefully more people have played them now and see that they clearly are not worth 8. Either way, they will be sitting out another edition in their current form. Unless you're playing on a board with virtually no cover. Id argue they are better off coming out at a slightly too good 7ss model than a sub par 8ss model.
  8. 7ss is too low for them but they're unlikely to ever really be played competitively at 8.
  9. S4lt


    You could maybe drop his cast to 5. He can still tie the majority of of models in the game vs WP. Especially with solo. Maybe balance that by dropping the TN of solo.
  10. S4lt


    I agree he looks amazing on paper. I've yet to see it translate on the table in 5 or 6 games with him. Youu can't compare his attack with Parker as Parker is drawing cards and also probably making something fast. Lynch was hardly a problem top table in M2E.
  11. Flight would help him in game a lot as it makes his trigger much more useful, although fluff wise I don't think his wings work anymore. Maybe the Friegkorps fixed him up?? 😁😁
  12. I ran him once with Zipp. He ended up in a situation where he couldn't push out due to terrain so he didn't contribute much but he did tank Shen Long for 3 turns. I want to try him with Parker. Bandit Raid can get him where he needs to be. Coupled with Parker and Pride it could add up to a lot of card discard for the opponent.
  13. Thanks for the in depth report, it mostly sums up my experiences. Aionus should be 9ss. Or maybe give him nimble so he can be where he needs to be to help support the rest if the crew. Too much of his AP is spent unburying other models and making other stuff fast. Buffering helps him a lot and the ability to generate pass tokens is good but it takes SS or cards from hand to guarantee. Karina is fairly useless. She now can't keep up with Tara to keep her alive. Her TNs are too high to be a legitimate consistent healer (if the unbury part of this is what drives the high TN then they could be separated into 2 different actions? The heal, as a lower cost 1 action and the unbury as a higher cost bonus?). The crew is now very card intensive with the recent change to Tara and Aiouns so arcane resvoir feels like a solid fix (she was also one of the most powerful necromancers in malifaux so makes sense fluff wise...?). Alternatively maybe give her by your side so she can keep Tara alive, if any model should have this thematically then it would be Karina, this is probably a bit good though. Talos relies too much on Aionus to make him fast. You're either investing Aionus AP into Talos or Talos just doesn't keep up due to lack of synergy. Fixing Aionus may fix Talos. I'm pretty ok with all of the void creatures as they are, built in glimpse the void is very strong. Wretches could maybe be a little more durable? Scion in my experience with her has been a solid 6ss model. Spends the entire game buried and either hits buried models hard or forces your opponent to ditch cards on the TNs for Glimpse. Personally I don't mind Tara being a bit boring, because she's good. Can do a lot of crazy movement tricks and is a very versatile master. The only problem is she doesn't really work without Aionus and he isn't where he should be at 10ss. I haven't had any complaints from my opponents about Pride. He is very strong and I see it on paper but it's yet to translate on the table for me.
  14. Not necessarily, but I've skimmed every faction and can't find a less survivable 8ss model. Every other 8ss model either has wounds equal to it's cost or a consistent way of reducing damage and/or better raw stats. The fast is good but it generally is just another opportunity to miss in my experience. If they were blowing models away in turn 1 and dying in turn 2 I would get it, but they aren't. They're peppering things with 2 wounds here and there and then dying turn 2.
  15. 1 which was enough to send 3 back there. Layout of the board helped as it was either stay in your DZ or run into most of my crew.
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