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  1. The problem is, it's not a problem everywhere. Lots of metas don't finish games. Lots do. You can't punish those able to play in the time limit by screwing the game balance. I get the need to try and fix it for everyone but the better solution would be for metas to understand their playing times and adjust the tournament times accordingly.
  2. Agree completely. He looks fine on paper but is so far off the mark in terms of crew synergy there is absolutely zero reason to bring him. Bringing him is counter intuitive to the crew as you end up having to sacrifice something that adds to the summoning engine.
  3. It's not a 3 turn game. Plenty of metas are capable of finishing the game within the time frame. That was such an overly dramatic episode. The game is slower for sure and they made a good point that it is tougher for newer players but to claim the game needs a rewrite is ridiculous.
  4. Ticket bought for Rich Walters. Is there an up to date attendee list?
  5. What's your suggested crew composition for competitive play?
  6. Hannah wasn't nerfed, just corrected. She's still an excellent choice in an Obliteration crew. It's just Obliteration isn't an excellent choice anymore.
  7. Agree on the TN for Aionus, it's a super resource intensive crew and this is just another hoop for it. Combined with the GG strat changes it's a pretty rough time all round for Tara.
  8. The Aionus change and the GG1 strats has disproportionately hit Obliteration. The crew has gone from top tier to sub par. The rest is good and was stuff that needed addressing.
  9. Payment sent for Rich Walters. Was hoping to be the first but AJ was too quick!
  10. Tara really would be hit hard if the other strat is a kill based scenario like Reckoning. 50% of strats Obliteration is bad into.
  11. I think it's your style. This is a terrible strat for that key word.
  12. Ticket bought for Rich Walters
  13. If that's the case then Hannah needs to go up in cost. I'm not playing it that way and happily paying 11ss out of keyword for her. Siphon power and easy access to focus takes her damage track to insane levels.
  14. Yup. Student is a better anti schemer and easier to fit into a crew already tight on stones. I also run Outlaws in Zipp but the student tends to slot in more easily.
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