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  1. I would also prefer no DMH. Ideally I'd also like multiple masters ruled out.
  2. I think we got a raw deal. Zipp is the only one I'd really consider. It's really unbalanced and I hope it gets ruled out of competitive play.
  3. Paid for Rich Walters
  4. @Kharnage out of curiosity, why did you both take smaller, more elite crews into idols?
  5. Won a small tournament with solo Parker last weekend. I've mostly been playing Tara but this was unranked so I thought I'd try one of my less used masters. Last game was against Lady Justice in reckoning, flank deployment. I always run the following.. Parker Doc Mad Dog - because he's amazing. Blow it to hell is so good in this crew. Pride - additional drain on your opponents hand 2 Prospectors - the extra interacts Parker generates allows for more card draw. Their bonus can get multiple scheme markers down for fast. Their soulstone generation helps keep Pride, Parker and Mad Dog up. Specifically into this I then selected the following Wokou Raider - To deliberately try and counter melee and range impact of the Justice crew. Convict Gunslinger - I still think these are over costed but am hoping to find out I'm wrong in this game. Malifaux Child - he can copy the prospectors and recently I've been using him to copy bandit raid to mixed success. The Guild crew was the following. Again, my opponent was mainly trying out some new things. Lady Justice Scales of Justice Judge Exorcist Lone Marshal Brutal Effigy Domodore 2 Death Marshalls We both took Assassinate and Harness Ley lines. The table really favoured a range crew. There was a large walkway that you could see through but not move through that Parker spent most of the game shooting behind. It went very well for me, Parker and co put out a lot of wounds in turn 1 which made my opponent cautious for the rest of the game. Justice came in to try and assassinate Parker but with stat 6 defence, lots of access to SS, card draw and Doc Mitchell he never went below half wounds. She dropped by turn 3, Parker having stolen 3 or 4 stones from her and the Judge over the course of the game. Prospectors ignoring resistance triggers was also really helpful.. We called it at 6 - 3 to Parker Overall, Parker is super efficient, has access to lots of cards and stones and great raw stats. The crew can put out a ton of damage from range. Model review.. Doc Mitchell - solid totem, can get models out of charges, arcane reservoir is great in a crew that already has good card draw. Mad Dog - always amazing. Didn't get a bandit raid off but put out a lot of damage, took a lot of damage and removed cover. Pride - helped dish out some distracted on key models. Took a lot of cards off my opponent. His cheat second aura is also very strong in a Parker crew. Ended up running schemes as other models were doing the killing. Prospectors - super strong models. Generated SS for damage prevention. Removed scheme markers at range, card cycled. Hit Lady Justice with pick axes. Wokou Raider - still not 100% sold on these. Need to give them more time on the table. Hit a few things with her sword late game but most models died before she could get to them. Convict Gunslinger - Chain Gang is very powerful for moving them and Mad Dog forwards. Other than that I still think they are over costed. Hit a few things at range for min 2. 2 more stones gets you the Emissary who is much stronger and adds more depth to the crew. Malifaux Child - 3ss model that can drop a marker to make another model fast is probably enough. Ability to copy bandit range is super strong.
  6. Would much prefer no dual masters if possible.
  7. On top of the starter box some hanged and Jaakuna will see you right for a while. Probably after that, some crooked men.
  8. I'd take a Prospector and Mad Dog over a Scavenger and Alyce any day of the week.
  9. I'll be coming down for this. Rich Walters
  10. Yeah, it's cool. People seem to get mileage out of them. Personally, I dont so it's probably a play style/meta thing. I do worry about how flimsy the Parker crew is entirely in Keyword though.
  11. If you're spending 10ss you should probably just take the emissary. He brings healing, scheme marker placement and utility to the crew. Gunslingers are bad at 8, at 10 they're a terrible investment.
  12. I'm loving Prospectors and Pride with him. Prospectors for card cycling all the scheme markers and Pride to attack your opponents hand.
  13. I dropped Talos. He's not a terrible model but he just doesn't keep up with the crew. I found the Emissary and Prospectors bring a lot to the crew.
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