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    Honestly I thought the same but it doesn't quite play out like that on the table. I actually think he's in a good spot for a 7ss model. You never really tend to get to use manipulative because you need to go early with him to get off solo or, you get very little value from solo. I find that my opponents will just discard one card each time and take two wounds. If you hit twice. At most you're doing 4 wounds and discarding two cards from your opponent. He's a great counter pick for playing against Hoffman.
  2. Both state "Push the target 6" towards an (enemy) scheme marker". Should it be up to 6" to at least give you the option. Otherwise you may end up pushing a model into engagement and it can't take a shoot action. Also you may not want the model to get too close.
  3. They currently don't seem to fit anywhere. If you want to use Covetous Cravings you can hire a Student of Conflict instead for cheaper. Bandidos are cheaper scheme runners. Prospectors at the same cost are great for card draw and arguably make things fast more easily. Wokou Raiders and Convict Gunslingers, while in my view are still both still over costed, are better damage dealers. Take away at gun point and maybe give them life of crime? They would be a solid 6 stone model then. It would give Jack Daw the scheme runner people are after too.
  4. It's hard to say on Lethe's Caress for sure as it was my first time playing against it, but in this instance, yes it was pretty oppressive and negative. I think Molly put maybe 14 wounds out from it simply by existing. It may be that Parker is a bad match up for Molly as his crew relies on repeatedly doing the same actions (going fast and shooting).
  5. Yeah, if it's different it could be built in too which means it could be less of a waste of AP
  6. Couldn't this new trigger be a second bonus action? At the moment you're trading a card and a needing a 6 to turn 2 master ap into, at best 2 henchman ap. With a chance to maybe do 2 damage.. Not exactly high value. Parker could then get drop it back.
  7. What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 2.7 Strategy Reckoning Scheme List Breakthrough Search the ruins Dig their Graves Take Prisoner Assassinate Time & Rounds Played 2 hours 30. 3 rounds (we called it as it was clearly a lost cause for Parker) Final Score 3 - 6 Forum Name S4lt Leader Parker Crew List Parker Doc Mitchel Pride Mad Dog Hodgepodge Emissary Bandido Sue Convict Gunslinger Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Search the ruins 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Dig their Graves 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I wouldn't take Dig against Molly or Seamus as they can remove markers too easily. The crew doesn't have the models to get to the other side of the board so I would likely take Take Prisoner and Assassinate. I probably would swap in something better at scheme running. Honestly though i would likely play another master into ressers. MVP model (and Why?) No stand outs Forum Name Granty1982 Leader Molly Crew List Molly Necrotic Machine Seamus Crooligan Asura Roten Forgotten Marshal Rabble Riser Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig their Graves 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Search the Ruins 2 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Focus less on Pride who was using stones and Kill Bandido and Sue much quicker MVP model (and Why?) Seamus The ability to teleport 24 inches, focus and deal an easy 8 damage is too much. He was a huge NPE. We are regular opponents at a decent level on the tournament scene and are usually evenly matched. We both agree Seamus is completely OTT as a hire. He can kill with impunity and scheme. His mobility is ridiculous. Coupled with the card draw from Molly and zombies counting as corpse markers from Asura. His mobility means you can never pin him down and terrifying is very strong defensively. Molly Over 5 turns she dealt about 20 points of damage either passively through Lethe's caress or from her attack. She also drew close to 30 cards from marker removal and Gorgon's influence. Crooligan Discards a card to place into Seamus who is in your deployment zone turn 1. Scored points for search the ruins on his own. Asura Summoned 3 zombies turn 1 to tie up models and give Seamus extra AP. Concerns and/or Confusions? Seamus is just too good as a hire. His mobility is insane. He can murder a model a turn and run schemes. Molly is perhaps a bad match up for Parker as the card discard Parker has gets negated entirely by Molly. It's also a crew that relies on repeat actions so I took a lot of damage from Lethe's caress. The Asura/Seamus/Molly/Crooligan combo needs to be looked at. There doesn't seem to be a weakness and it's incredibly mobile, schemey and deals a lot of damage. ( This was submitted before the update). Turn 1 Hodgepodge pushed Mad Dog to drop a scheme marker. Gave Parker companion and Mad Dog don't mind me. Molly Passes Pride walks forward twice and fails solo (I should have stoned for cards to get an 8-10) Asura summoned 3 zombies on Parker's right flank Bandido walks forwards and drops a scheme marker Rabble Riser walks forwards Parker walks, runs and guns to the rabble riser, stick up on rabble riser. Does 2 wounds in total but draws 2 cards from stick up Molly activates, draws cards maybe 4 cards. Walks forwards, reactivates rabble riser, puts some wounds on Pride. Convict Gunslinger removes a scheme to go fast. Chain gang on Sue run and gun on rabble riser. Shoots rabble riser again taking 2 wounds. uses last AP to focus as it did more damage to itself from Lethe's Caress than it did to the rabble riser. Rabble Riser reactivates, charges Pride, takes Pride to 2 wounds with no stones left. Sue runs and guns Molly, takes 2 wounds for shooting twice. Deals 6 wounds to Molly who stones some damage away. Necrotic Machine walks forwards, heals Molly up to 7 wounds and walks forwards again Mad Dog discards a scheme to go fast, walks, run and gun on necrotic machine. takes 2 wounds to shoot again. Kills Necrotic machine. Forgotten Marshal walks forwards, summons a Crooligan Doc Mitchell Walks forwards Summoned Crooligan charges Pride, doesn't hit Seamus teleports twice to the centre line and foucusses Hired Crooligan teleports to Seamus, walks and drops a marker for search the ruins. (This ability needs to be leader only with Seamus in his current form). Turn 2 Parker wins initiative Pride activates, casts solo. This song is all about you on rabble riser and then focus to not die from Lethe's Caress Parker Chain activates, kills rabble riser. Stick up on crooligan to do 2 damage and draw a card. Stick up on Forgotten Marshal for 2 damage and a card, takes 2 wounds from Lethe's caress. Molly activates, draws back half her hand, removes a scheme marker placed during Parker's activation for cards. Goes over her hand size, discards 2 cards and puts distracted 2 on Parker. Makes Parker slow. Sue activates, kills the summoned crooligan. Takes another 2 wounds from lethe's caress Seamus activates, back alley to get LOS to my crew. Drops his focus and kills convict gunslinger. Revel in celebration to put 4 wounds on mad dog. Back alley 12 inches out of danger. Hodgepodge emissary walks and heals Pride for 3 giving him regen trinket. Forgotten marshal walks drops a scheme marker and summons a rabble riser. Mad dog goes fast from a scheme marker placed during Parker activation. Focus, shoots forgotten marshal twice, takes 2 wounds from Lethe's Caress. Rabble riser attacks Parker, does 2 wounds but removes distracted. Dog Mitchel heals Mad Dog Crooligan walks and drops another scheme marker Bandido focus, runs and guns forward to shoot Forgotten Marshal Zombie walks forwards towards my deployment zone Zombie walks forwards towards my crew Zombie walks forwards towards my deployment zone Asura walks up towards my crew. 1 point to Parker for Reckoning 1 point for Molly for Reckoing 1 Point for Molly for Search the ruins Turn 3 Parker wins initiative Pride activates, regens, casts solo. This song is all about you on rabble riser twice. Rabble riser discards 2 and takes 4 wounds. Parker chain activates, shoots rabble riser, Sue drops a scheme marker, Parker kills rabble riser for dig graves. Generates a stone from drop it. Seamus activates, back alley 12 inches to Parker, shoots Parker for 4. Revel in celebration, shoots Parker for 4. Kills Parker. Back alley away. Sue Kills Forgotten Marshal, takes 2 wounds from Lethe's caress. (If it wasn't for hard to kill, Lethe's caress would have killed Sue entirely. For a model with only 1 real ability it's a bit much..) Molly draws back most of her hand. Draws more cards from my scheme and corpse markers. Finishes off Sue We called it here as there was no way i would score any more points and it was obvious Molly would get full schemes. He probably could have tabled me to get one more or Reckoning.
  8. I think if it was built in it would be reasonable. Especially as it's only once per turn which really hurts his bonus.
  9. No idea. I was defending him. I thought he was in a good spot but this is a significant hit to both his main attack and his bonus. Now I don't rate him. I think sh6 is a must with this hit.
  10. So I played against Asura in Dig their Graves today. My view is her access to and control of corpse marker placement makes scoring the second point far too easy. My opponent was charging his own zombies to score it. With 3 wounds it's just too easy, especially if you cheat them down.
  11. S4lt

    Desperate Mercenaries

    I tried one out today. Over 5 turns he did 6 wounds and dropped a marker. It died in 1 hit to the first model that attacked him. I would maybe hire 2 with Viks at most. I would never hire out of key word. My view is they are fine as is. I get why people don't like the gun but it's pretty much all they have going for them. My opponent agreed they were fair for the cost. You will very rarely rapid fire outside of turn 1 as you use the cards on better models. Change the gun and I think you have to rewrite the whole model.
  12. Built in tomes means he's probably dropping 3 markers in melee and getting 3ss a turn while enabling 3 other models to interact. Probably broken. Has anyone tried him with Pride? Basically you're putting out 20 wounds across their crew or forcing them to discard most of their hand and taking 10. He also enables cheating second which adds so much value to the stat 5 guns and all the middling cards you've drawn. Combine with the Hodgepodge Emissary giving out chain activations and you can strip your opponents hand before they've even activated.
  13. Or some condition removal. As a faction we get the short end.
  14. S4lt

    Desperate Mercenaries

    On paper they are good but you won't see them outside of a Viks crew. They aren't worth 5ss. If you're discarding cards to rapid fire then those are cards that could have been used by Ronin or Taylor. I don't see these guys as doing much more than push walk shoot twice with 50% chance to hit turn 1 and then spend the rest of the game walking to drop scheme markers. I've got some games lined up tomorrow. I will give them a try.
  15. Couldn't agree more with this post. Parker is in a great spot and offers so much versatility to his crew. It's the access at range to enemy markers he needs. Smugglers, Raiders and Outlaws are all in need of some help and could add more with some kind of reliable access to drop it or an equivalent.
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