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  1. Thanks guys. Yeah I think the "Anywhere" is here for a reason, "counter" the LOS. Then, it's a stronger summon ! Do you think the errata will talk about all this stuff ?
  2. Hello guys. I have a question. When Som'er summon gremlins, can he summon them without LOS ? Cause in the Summoning rules it says "LOS and Base contact". In this tactical action, there is only range mentioned... So LOS or no LOS needed ? Thanks
  3. True for the post, sorry. So can you move this post to the good section on the forum ? Thanks. And, you are right for the focus condition, I just never think to do it. The positif flip, will be for terrifying + duel + damage, right ? But, I still think this crew is too OP, Terrifying, armor, incorporel, shield... Too much.
  4. Hello guys !! Last game, I was vs Dreamer crew. And, I know how hard it is to make rules, balanced rules more. And in Malifaux, most of crews and models are balanced. Exept neverborn and DREAMER crew. Terrifying is over cheated, pass a TN to make an action, for every action, and if you fail, the action fail ?? Really ? Exemple : Ophelia the kin, shot 4 times on teddy, only one hit to do 1 damage... There is a problem or not ? Maybe the rules should be "if fail, -2 to the stat"... Am I the only one thinking terrifying is cheated and too hard ? 😢
  5. Bonjour a tous En France nous commençons à avoir une petite communauté, un peu partout. Sachez qu'a Tours nous sommes environ une dizaine de joueurs actifs, nous bougeons en tournoi assez régulièrement. Donc si vous êtes des clubs, pensez a nous prévenir. Donc si vous êtes des joueurs, proche de Tours, je me ferai un plaisir de vous accueillir pour des parties. DE PLUS, pour les nouveaux joueurs, des initiations sont tout a fait possible afin de vous faire découvrir (ou redécouvrir) l'univers et le jeu !! N'hésitez pas a me contacter. Bisous
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