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  1. Ohh... Im so blind !! Thanks, now its so obvius
  2. Hello guys When Royal Rifles are in glory, they have a new stat in their action, a 7 . But, there is no trigger with a ... Do you know why ? Ty
  3. Hello ! You wrote this in this topic. But I don't find them on the shop ! Why ?
  4. Paid Simon GIRAUD - France
  5. Humm sorry, but I don't understand how it works for the 75$ or more. For exemple, I'm in France, if I buy for 75$ or more, I have to send my receipes to wyrd ? And who send me the bonus models ? Wyrd ? My store ? Cause if it's wyrd, will I pay the shippment ?
  6. En ce mois de mars, n'hésitez pas a venir essayer Malifaux ou The Other side sur tours !
  7. As no english person I don't understand why... ūüėě To me, it mean you can select all of action, but not a ‚ö° tactical. But it's ok, I trust you, eyes closed (like Ophelia) Thanks !! ūüėĄ
  8. Hello guys the question is simple : "Select one of the target's non- ‚ö° tactical action" It mean you can select only tactical actions (but not a ‚ö°) Or, you can select an action (attack or tactical) but not a ‚ö°tactical (other exemple : Herd'em from bayou Hog Whisperer, say you can select a non-‚ö°Action...)
  9. This option is the best ! Austringer on vendetta with his raptor upgrade, he can cancel damages and hit without LOS. And pathfinder because pathfinders xD I have played this list on every tournaments, and it's so powerfull
  10. Its ok ! I now fully understand, thank you
  11. Thanks 1) so, if my victory marge is 5, I can do 2 triggers with (5) ? 3) oh yes... Now I have the card ! He has just missreaded it xD 4) So, I can use inspired token to have +2, but shaken, I can "use" them on the ennemies ? Because I don't understand why should I have -2 if I can let it all the game
  12. Hello guys. yesterday it was my first TOS game, and I have some questions : 1 - Can we have "several triggers" like, the universal trigger strengh + riflescorps trigger "do that action again" ? 2 - We can cheat the fate at every moment of the game ? 3 - My friend has played the cult, and the action of adeddatos is to summon a friendly non titan model. So, can he really pop every model from the burning man ? 4 - Shaken and inspi tokens, you can discard them, or you have to discard them ? When you take a concentrate order, you choose an inspi toke
  13. Voila, hier c'était le premier Henchman Hardcore organisé à Tours ! Et bien c'était cool ! Ce format est vraiment intéressant, rapide et assez facile à prendre en main. Nous étions 13 inscrits, mais deux personnes n'ont pas pu venir, donc nous avons joué à 10. Nous avons fait 4 parties, en 1h20 environ. Les parties suivaient les règles du GG pour ce format, seul le déploiement a changé, car nous les avons tous fait ! Voici le classement de ce tournoi : 1 - Deadbrain (Lord Chompy Bits) 2 - Grundil (Mancha Roja) 3 - Schilo (Sybelle) 4 - Win (Taelor) 5 - Matrim (Ca
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