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  1. I got this message when I click on your link "We could not locate the item you are trying to view."
  2. Ohh... Im so blind !! Thanks, now its so obvius
  3. Hello guys When Royal Rifles are in glory, they have a new stat in their action, a 7 . But, there is no trigger with a ... Do you know why ? Ty
  4. Hello ! You wrote this in this topic. But I don't find them on the shop ! Why ?
  5. Paid Simon GIRAUD - France
  6. Humm sorry, but I don't understand how it works for the 75$ or more. For exemple, I'm in France, if I buy for 75$ or more, I have to send my receipes to wyrd ? And who send me the bonus models ? Wyrd ? My store ? Cause if it's wyrd, will I pay the shippment ?
  7. En ce mois de mars, n'hésitez pas a venir essayer Malifaux ou The Other side sur tours !
  8. As no english person I don't understand why... 😞 To me, it mean you can select all of action, but not a ⚡ tactical. But it's ok, I trust you, eyes closed (like Ophelia) Thanks !! 😄
  9. Hello guys the question is simple : "Select one of the target's non- ⚡ tactical action" It mean you can select only tactical actions (but not a ⚡) Or, you can select an action (attack or tactical) but not a ⚡tactical (other exemple : Herd'em from bayou Hog Whisperer, say you can select a non-⚡Action...)
  10. This option is the best ! Austringer on vendetta with his raptor upgrade, he can cancel damages and hit without LOS. And pathfinder because pathfinders xD I have played this list on every tournaments, and it's so powerfull
  11. Its ok ! I now fully understand, thank you
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