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  1. the sculpt while not everyones cup of tea (I absolutely love it tbh) does really nicely in a Parker crew more than the other outcasts I'd say. I wish Big J was more in line with Bandits as he has a level of aesthetic with them too. I really Like Hans, yet to use him much (or even Parker too much tbh), but I think he probably is not that needed as I can't see too much that he adds.
  2. If the players are gonna throw up arms about it and leave it’s probably not in anyone’s interest they are in the group anyways. I mentioned that it would be in interest to inform them on this occasion you are not giving a target number, if they insist to throw cards at it after that then that’s fine its a role playing game, don’t get jumped up by it, in most role play games I’ve ever seen there’s been some kind of pop out or point in the book saying to do just that (including this one), adjust things to suit the situation. I didn’t realise there was a tournament scene for role playing and as such rules should be rigidly followed in case it upsets the meta gamer so I do apologise that my response isn’t reasonable for the global environment
  3. You could not share a public TN with the group, you are the FM and it is well within your power to adjust the written rules for your purposes where it suits the scenario. In this case I would personally inform the group that your intention is not to share a TN with them on this occasion, its then down to them to chance at taking a Duel or not, how much notice are they going to put into their surroundings?
  4. Could just be me but I see dreamer as a rather impulsive, spontaneous child with very little attention span or patience, test cricket is like the extreme opposite to him, I'd go as far as to say, it would be his worse nightmare, maybe that is why he is lashing out.
  5. It's a cricket bat, he got one as an upgrade in the last 2nd ed book. of all the dog awful games he got himself into liking.....
  6. sad that this isn't a real release of decks, they look pretty awesome (pixel one i'm looking at you especially) but again with the issues of international shipping it's probably a no go. on the plus side, its great that you guys are doing this with your community and encouraging artists! big thumbs up. now where's the iconic Fate deck?
  7. this is something that sprang straight to mind, Are we gonna get Unique presentations of/stories in each book that the master(character) is in which would 'encourage' us into buying more/all books associated with our crews or are they going to be to the effect of copy/paste jobs across books in which case paying for the same stuff because its in different places. Either way its a bit of a pocket burner. That said though they do look pretty and exciting (I'd hope the first of my points is the truth tbh). I just feel sad for my pocket because even though it is not mandatory to get these lets face it, they're made to be bought!
  8. got a game in with Yan Lo this week. Enjoyed the crew overall. Build was Yan Lo with Trained Ninja upgrade Soul Porter Toshiro Izamu Chiaki Manos 2 Gokudo key points Yan Lo - I kept wanting call the Darkest magics -" Barrage of souls instead". Rebuild Corpus at first glance looked bonkers without TN but then thinking about it there's already plenty of prereq's in the first place. Toshiro was my Least Valuable player this game, didn't get much out of him but then he kind of got lost out on his own Izamu was the centre of all attentions, he died but rebuild did its duty. Manos was a bit of a star, he got to where I needed him at the right times, did the right interactions and absorbed enough attention that the rest of the crew didn't get blasted. ignoring enemy demise triggers was peach (stupid witchling stalkers) the only bit I found frustrating was the trigger on Leap needing two suits/ soul stone needed to use it and having only took 3 stones it was too much of a sacrifice just to get an attack attempt. The Gokudo are angry as. The additional heal on ancestor is a great incentive, the fact that a new one appears on the board edges because of it was nuts. I'll Post a battle report link here once its done.
  9. As a fellow Yan Lo player I could see his being a concern, have yet to play test the crew so I couldn’t comment on its actual play in practice, but yeah if it didn’t have the effect to ignore demise triggers I think that would be fair if it has he potential to shut down an entire crew and more
  10. StefMcGlen


    Don’t get me wrong there are and have always been some great tongue in cheek references in ability names and other areas of the game, but weaselnado just doesn’t do it for me and wonder weasel also just feels a bit too tried
  11. StefMcGlen


    As much as an awesome nickname wonder weasel is and weaselnado was fine as a filler name for an ability while things were being set up, I actually hope that it does not stick for final form. Dust Devil is fine. a proposed change on the front of the card Wonder Weasel > Wonderous Animal. This would actually open up to allow some other model designs using this (simplified gaming terms is what is being gone for right?) while not sounding like a goofy nickname (again I love it just not when its made real on the card)
  12. It's an all or nothing effect trigger and can prove to be quite powerful when it actually works, I personally think it is fine and having used models with the trigger in M2e where it was often harder to resist with it being 2ss or cards, I think its a lot more balanced in favour of the defender as it should be. The discard in itself is like the model cheating its fate which works with what Malifaux is. As others have said, its not one you should be aiming to cheat every time the model swings an attack but should be used situationally and more so as your attempts to punish your opponent for letting their guard down with their resources, its not a straight up feel bad because there are outs to it. Its not a 90% time does nothing trigger because it is threatening 100% of the time even if it ends up not killing the model so its not really a blank trigger. I wouldn't feel it necessary to change how it currently works, if it gained ignores Hard to kill it might prove too effective but I probably would be ok with that as an executing player but not as a executed player as then it would be a bit of a feelsbad
  13. Just bought a second ticket, for Tim Bohknecht thanks
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