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  1. Just bought a second ticket, for Tim Bohknecht thanks
  2. Just bought ticket myself - Stef McGlen
  3. Can I get some clarification please Dave. Is the format for this exactly the same as troubleshooters? Reading the rules pack it says can only summon models from within the 70ss pool, which is what I thought was the case for troubleshooters but then saw in the forum posts that models not in the pool could be summoned?? thanks
  4. Saw another post mentioning it, absolutely would be amazing if alternate crews/models were somehow featured. Thought for the future of the apps potential
  5. Got an email from the event with link to select. All done 😬
  6. Ticket bought, was no Option that I could see to specify that it was for this event. The rest of the guys here will be purchasing at the end of the week
  7. Day ticket include pass to lost love? Me and a few of the Hemel guys are looking to come up for the Saturday faux.
  8. Round 2 you said, water you said. Pffffft i replied!! ok so I was stuck between two ideas for this one, Bushwhacker gremlins all swamped up looking really cool. Never having tried water effect product before I was sceptical butnot completely deterred. or the waterstarter. A maniacal oddball with a Love of all things supersoaker. I had plans for a tall basing piece with water just overflowing everywhere, what happened..... not quite the above, used the right model, painted it in a rush because I can’t time well apparently ( new father to twins is apparently more taxing on hobby than I first accounted for). Missed the opportunity to do a cool base and now find myself here submitting a piece that I am far from proud of in execution and scratching my head while I work out how anyone with a full time job managed to get in enough time to make a good go at it (goddammit guys). anyways guys, sorry for long post, very sub par entry and for leaving it last minute again to do anything about it Stef
  9. Bought ticket a while ago, just checked back and not on list, has it been updated?
  10. Disappointed a little with where I placed but I got what I deserved so no complaints, I needed to put that extra little bit into it and I didn't (for reasons).Its become apparent I really do need to work on my photo skills too. this next ones a tough one, not sure where I'm gonna go with this. Some very impressive pieces in that first round so well done to everyone and good luck!
  11. Guess this will have to be the submission, had hoped to spend some time with the photography but life. Still pretty happy with The end product, dabbled in the odd blowy hand before and a little light from that but never to this scale.
  12. heres my WiP shot from todays efforts. Shoddy mandatory camera work included
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