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  1. As the title says, I want some torakage. I'm looking to pay but would also trade (I've got quite a bit of malifaux and tos so let me know what you're after).
  2. Payment sent for what could be my first M3e toutnament👍
  3. What about giving Huggy a free action called something like 'the real boss' which allows huggy to gain fast and a friendly lynch in play to gain slow. That way Lynch is still the leader, him and Huggy then have 5 action points between them where the balance can be 'swapped' and if Lynch dies and Huggy is still alive he has an ability to become a pseudo-master with 3 ap?
  4. Congrats to everyone! My 3rd iron painter completed, and I actually got to round 5 before being eliminated this time😊. As always, some absolutely stunning pieces
  5. Great turnout mate👍 Wish I was there but instead I'll be more than likely nursing a Monster hangover
  6. What part of UK? There are groups all over so I'm sure you could find one to play beta with
  7. Struggled with the theme this round and decided that since Killjoy is THE Malifaux monster I'd stick a party hat on his head.
  8. Dave, I'm a definite attendee for this and will pay at the end of the month if that's ok.
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