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  1. I like the idea of brilliant blood. I'd also give him take the hit and I think I'd replace lead the way with toss (same trigger though)
  2. Thanks, always thought you actually had to be in hazardous to be affected by it. Every day's a learning day😊 Really looking forward to the full ES release now!!
  3. Im probably being thick here, but if the marker is impassable then I dont understand why it's also hazardous? Do you suffer damage if you're just in base contact with it?
  4. Corrected name. Thanks for pointing that out
  5. I've recently come across 3 podcasts I didn't know about and thought I'd give them a shout out in case other people haven't come across them yet. The podcasts are: Son of a breach Swampfiends The Harle'faux show. The Harlefaux show adverts are excellent!!! In case you're completely new to Podcasts the other mainstays for me includes: Third floor wars Schemes and stones Steampowered Scoundrels The breachside broadcast Have I missed any malifaux related podcasts that other people can recommend?
  6. This is mine. Not the best picture but its alt mcmourning body with Margaret's head. Top half looks pretty close to her card
  7. I've convinced myself that this is part of the Umbra keyword and probably the master because 'The Whisperer in Darkness' is a Lovecraft novella first published in weird tales! wyrd tales!! If Umbra are the darkness then he looks like a good bet for The Whisperer to me. Also someone called Mr Whisper joined the forum yesterday, coincidence??
  8. My theory is hes the Umbra master because he suits the aesthetics, he has the lost knowledge tactical action and his name is Albert Wilmarth, The Whisperer in the darkness. I'd also like him to have an attack action called Ssshh which works like hostile environment but is centred on the target until the end of the turn. Also I want his totem to be the librarian from the first scene of ghostbusters.
  9. Cant imagine anyone not agreeing with this decision. Thanks for letting us know. Can I get a refund please as whilst I'd like to say I'd definitely come to the rearranged event my work/wife might have other ideas.
  10. Money sent, looking forward to my first games of gg1
  11. Looking at this week's Waldo I think we can give these the Umbra keyword
  12. Looks to me like vampires are coming to Malifaux!
  13. Third Floor Wars have a great Molly podcast I would recommend you listen to if you haven't already.
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