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  1. Unfortunately, I cant do a Tuesday night but hope this goes well for you🤞
  2. I dont want to make a big deal out of this as I'd play it the same way as everyone above. However, aren't FAQs for common mistakes and misapprehension. I just think this action and trigger would benefit from some further clarity.
  3. I'm not saying that I dont agree with you about the intended design (I agree 100%). What I am saying though is the trigger and attaching the manifested soul upgrade (now that you've pointed that out) are open to interpretation and that's never a good place for a set of rules to be at. I'd imagine it's to late to change the wording but an FAQ regarding this wouldn't be a bad idea.
  4. I've always thought it was the summoned model but looking at the wording it doesn't specify that it has to be one of the models Asami summoned this turn(which surprised me). As it's currently written it appears as though you could use it on any summoned model and even use it on a Katashiro summoned by Minako Rai!
  5. Money sent. Be nice if those not able to make the Scottish gt would come and support this.
  6. Eventually remembered to send the money. Sign me up for M3e!!
  7. I could see some kind of steam punk mad max style crew utilising the two wheel things (forgot their name) out of the nightmare McCabe box since he cant have mounted guard anymore. That way those miniatures dont become obsolete. Either that or there will be some 'rough riders' of sorts in the faction.
  8. I'm a definite for this and will send money Tuesday. Definitely wont be the only event here so be good to get the flippin wyrds at the next one.
  9. I'm a definite for this and will send money on Tuesday.
  10. During this event some people asked me where I printed my cards from but I couldn't find the site at the time. Anyway, I've since found it again: https://m3e.hong-crewet.dk/#/ Hope the people who asked see this👍
  11. Bit of a long shot, but if anyone attending this has any torakage they'd be happy to sell then let me know.
  12. Any advance on strats and schemes?
  13. Still looking for torakage if anyone in the UK has any they no longer want?
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