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  1. During this event some people asked me where I printed my cards from but I couldn't find the site at the time. Anyway, I've since found it again: https://m3e.hong-crewet.dk/#/ Hope the people who asked see this👍
  2. Bit of a long shot, but if anyone attending this has any torakage they'd be happy to sell then let me know.
  3. Any advance on strats and schemes?
  4. Still looking for torakage if anyone in the UK has any they no longer want?
  5. Could this now be the first event in the UK with the final official M3e ruleset?
  6. I dont think this does contradict itself because if he used the ability and only suffered 1 damage he would only move it 1 inch: Place the Strategy Marker anywhere within X” of its current location, not in base contact with a model or Impassable Terrain, where X is equal to the amount of damage suffered by the Interacting model
  7. Didn't realise there was no range on it. I don't like table wide abilities. I'd just put a range on it I think
  8. Is this possibly a case of just first game against said model feels OP? Kamaitachi isn't a difficult model to kill, why did you opponent let him live, couldn't this just be rectified by your opponents target priority changing?
  9. As the title says, I want some torakage. I'm looking to pay but would also trade (I've got quite a bit of malifaux and tos so let me know what you're after).
  10. Payment sent for what could be my first M3e tournament👍
  11. What about giving Huggy a free action called something like 'the real boss' which allows huggy to gain fast and a friendly lynch in play to gain slow. That way Lynch is still the leader, him and Huggy then have 5 action points between them where the balance can be 'swapped' and if Lynch dies and Huggy is still alive he has an ability to become a pseudo-master with 3 ap?
  12. Congrats to everyone! My 3rd iron painter completed, and I actually got to round 5 before being eliminated this time😊. As always, some absolutely stunning pieces
  13. Great turnout mate👍 Wish I was there but instead I'll be more than likely nursing a Monster hangover
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