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  1. Looks to me like vampires are coming to Malifaux!
  2. Third Floor Wars have a great Molly podcast I would recommend you listen to if you haven't already.
  3. I've gone full circle on this myself and am now thinking that the enemy model is fully ignored (including engagement range) and no disengagement is required. My thinking is other cards specifically say move through models (McCabe for instance) and there's enough room on the card to word it as "this model ignores terrain and may move through models when moving" if the devs still wanted him to take disengagement strikes. Also, the term ignore comes up for insignificant. Whilst I know this is a different ability it's been clarified that ignored means ignored in every way. Ultimately I think this is an ability that would benefit from an faq. Do we know if any faqs are coming out soon?
  4. I agree with most of what Ogid said but I'm not sure the above is correct (unless Im missing something?) From the rulebook: If a model would be affected by multiple Shockwave Markers Dropped by the same Action, it only resolves the effects of the Shockwave once.
  5. If anyone attending this would like to by the brine and bones boxset for £75 (unopened) or miss feance for £15 then send me a PM and I'll bring them along. I'd also be willing to swap miss feance for some lotus eaters.
  6. Unfortunately it doesnt look like I'll be able to make this at all now. As I'm going to the English GT the following weekend my wife's informed me that I have other things to do this weekend! Hopefully this will be the first of many and I'll get to the next one though.
  7. Unfortunately I dont think I can make the morning but as it's only 30minutes up the road I will try and get there for the afternoon. If you need a ringer in round 3 then I'm your man👍
  8. My core is usually Misaki, Ototo, Minako, tanuki and Shang You could take two archers and Yamaziko with them. Yamaziko and tanuki buff the archers. Archers shoot things. Ototo hits things in the face. Minako summons Katashiro to scheme. Misaki does what ever she needs to.
  9. Payment sent. Unfortunately I haven't put EGT on the payment but it is me for this...honest!
  10. Unfortunately, I cant do a Tuesday night but hope this goes well for you🤞
  11. I dont want to make a big deal out of this as I'd play it the same way as everyone above. However, aren't FAQs for common mistakes and misapprehension. I just think this action and trigger would benefit from some further clarity.
  12. I'm not saying that I dont agree with you about the intended design (I agree 100%). What I am saying though is the trigger and attaching the manifested soul upgrade (now that you've pointed that out) are open to interpretation and that's never a good place for a set of rules to be at. I'd imagine it's to late to change the wording but an FAQ regarding this wouldn't be a bad idea.
  13. I've always thought it was the summoned model but looking at the wording it doesn't specify that it has to be one of the models Asami summoned this turn(which surprised me). As it's currently written it appears as though you could use it on any summoned model and even use it on a Katashiro summoned by Minako Rai!
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