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  1. It is with regret that I have to announce that the Welsh GT has been postponed, Firestorm Games will not be open to public during these dates due to the current situation. Do not worry I am exploring new dates with Firestorm and as soon as these have been confirmed you will be the first to know. Those that have already purchased a tickets will be offered to either exchange their ticket for the new date or receive a refund. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay safe and healthy my fellow Weirdos Luke.
  2. No, as a Gaining Grounds event and the GT I’m sorry but Dead Mans Hand will not be used at the event. I hope that does not discourage you joining us for a brilliant weekend of Malifaux. Luke
  3. Great day, thank you to everyone for showing up showing what a healthy Malifaux scene there is in South Wales. Well done to Cardiff, we will be back to reclaim our honour.
  4. I really like Malifaux revolt, it’s a huge aura from a 50mm base and is rarely blocked because of the size of the rider. its amazing how much dmg this can cause and how much it hampers the opponent
  5. The Dragon has been ordered, one of the most coveted trophies in Malifaux is up for grabs.
  6. This year the Welsh GT will have a charity raffle in support of the Wales Air Ambulance. There will be the chance to win 4 different Nightmare crews all with M3E cards and a massive selection of Alt models.
  7. Play mate.. Imagine the come back anthems we can play, I can have you running up and down steps, chasing chickens...
  8. With 2hr 15mins rounds and 9.30 registration first game by 10am I would imagine we would be done by 6pm and prizes completed by 6.30pm both days.
  9. In the fine tradition of Swansea vs Cardiff we are going to take this age old derby to the frontier of Malifaux. Swans vs Bluebirds / Ospreys vs Cardiff Blues whatever the sport the rivalry is fierce and its no different on the field of Faux. Two teams will play in an ITC type event of 3 rounds on the 29th February, 8 players are confirmed so far but all are welcome and those without affiliation will be randomly assigned to teams. The event will take place at Firestorm games Cardiff and will be pay to play on the day which is £5.50 per person for a table. There will be a tr
  10. Ticket paid for, hopefully got another 2 or 3 coming from Swansea. Luke Cocksedge
  11. - New Date to be confirmed - Welsh GT April 25th - 26th 2020. 50SS Fixed Faction, M3E gg0 Event (unless GG1 is released), 2 day event with trophies, best in faction, spot prizes, welcome packs etc, held at Firestorm Games Cardiff. The Welsh GT is always a favourite on UK Malifaux calendar catering to new and experienced players a like, the Welsh GT is a well attended event so a great social gathering and good for your ranking points for those so inclined. Firestorm is one of the largest dedicated gaming centres in the UK, with an on site cafe and bar (lunch is included for both
  12. As title says I’m looking for a Vasilisa model, UK preferred. Have PayPal
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