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  1. Is there any reason why Titania cannot push underbrush markers under models. We had been playing them that they stopped in base contact with a model but after lots of reading could not see a reason why they had to. It is obviously a lot better for Titania to put a model into the terrain because she will receive positive flips to her attacks.
  2. If it’s still open Beta then yes, if it’s released it will be Wyrd official rules so as it stands that would be no.
  3. It takes some time for me to get a list from Firestorm and I don't want to keep chasing them for names, thank you for confirming and we look forward to hosting you.
  4. I’m not a local to Cardiff so others might know better. I stayed at the Marriott last year which is in the centre of Cardiff and only a 5 minute walk to the venue. But there are loads of places including Airbnb as it’s a Capital City but also it’s not very big so you can get to Firestorm from most places. We normally go out in the City centre Saturday night so you don’t want to be too far out. But Cabs are really cheap in Cardiff as well as there are loads about. But in other news brilliant that you are both coming and let’s drink some Gin.
  5. Ok all paid up, no idea how you sign up for events. Says Lost Love is sold out when I went to register, is that the case or just a problem with the system? Luke
  6. Are there still tickets for Lost Love? I’m trying to get there and would love to try some M3E
  7. The prodigal son returns, this is Ace news
  8. If you do purchase tickets let me know on here with a full name, saves me having to keep chasing Firestorm for details. thank you Luke
  9. Welsh Open (Faux GT) 2019 – 27th & 28th April 2019 50SS fixed faction, M3E Open Beta or the M3E if released in time, 2-day event with trophies, best in faction, spot prizes, held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. So we started a new era of the Welsh GT with a bang last year, holding the largest Malifaux event to ever happen in Wales. Everyone seemed to have a great time and we handed out a bucket load of prizes and the now legendary Red Dragon trophies for podiums and painting. Well we plan to do it all again but this year in M3E, as we do not know Wyrds release schedule yet this will be either Open Beta as it is at the 20th of April or if by some miracle it is released then M3E. Firestorm is one of the largest dedicated gaming centers in the UK, with on site café, bar, well stocked game store. It also has plenty of dedicated gaming space with room to spread out and grow the event. Payment (£35) including lunch both days. Tickets available from Firestorm games https://www.thebattlefields.co.uk/events-at-the-battlefields/malifaux-welsh-gt-2019 Event located at: South West Gaming Centre (Fire Storm Games), Trade Street, Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF10 5DT Confirmed Attendees 1. Jamie Varney (Current Red Dragon) 2. David Brown 3. Rich Walters 4. Mike Asquith 5. George Hollingdale 6. Paul Butler 7. James Doxey 8. Carl Lee 9. Alison Whitfield 10. Emma Newham 11. Alyx Drake 12. Ollie Hedges
  10. DM me your address and I’ll post one out, might take a couple of days to dig it out. Luke
  11. Where are you based? I’m sure I have a spare one I could post you. Luke.
  12. If Dreamer unburies in a turn that he has already activated thus gaining slow how are people getting rid of slow for next turn, or do you just except it? forget it just reread card and there is no slow if he uses the 0. Sorry move along nothing to see here
  13. My wonderful wife has given me a pass so “I will go to the ball” Luke Cocksedge
  14. Don’t think I will be able to make that weekend as it’s the wife’s Birthday, shame because I did not qualify last year but I can’t see me getting a pass. Luke
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