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  1. Up to 16 players, can we make it to 20?Tell all your friends the more the merrier
  2. That is really cool, would love to win one of those.
  3. Any clues for strats and Schemes yet? I have a game with Martin on Wednesday and always good to play something with meaning.
  4. Paid I will see you there.. Luke Cocksedge Will it be ranked?
  5. All events going forward from the Beta closing are now ranked. During the open Bata events were recorded but not on your year to date rankings. Yes rankings are very much alive and I speak to the guys almost weekly, they are working on lots of interesting stuff for M3E and of course making sure Bag O Tools is compatible with the new edition. It’s exciting times for all of Malifaux and for those at rankings HQ.
  6. It is going to have to be quite flexible given where we are in the release. Normal rules, no Wyrd models to represent other models without obvious conversions and no “this spacemarine is a wind Gamin” If you need to ask then it’s probably not ok, but if in doubt DM pictures
  7. Will try to get to this Dave, just be interesting getting a pass for Malifaux 3 weekends in a row.
  8. Trying to get to this, just got to convince Nic that running the Welsh GT is not the same as going to an event.
  9. This is now a ranked event and will count for end of year rankings and Masters. This will be true of all U.K. events going forward as agreed with Rankings U.K. and Oz who runs the masters. Luke.
  10. Is there any reason why Titania cannot push underbrush markers under models. We had been playing them that they stopped in base contact with a model but after lots of reading could not see a reason why they had to. It is obviously a lot better for Titania to put a model into the terrain because she will receive positive flips to her attacks.
  11. If it’s still open Beta then yes, if it’s released it will be Wyrd official rules so as it stands that would be no.
  12. It takes some time for me to get a list from Firestorm and I don't want to keep chasing them for names, thank you for confirming and we look forward to hosting you.
  13. I’m not a local to Cardiff so others might know better. I stayed at the Marriott last year which is in the centre of Cardiff and only a 5 minute walk to the venue. But there are loads of places including Airbnb as it’s a Capital City but also it’s not very big so you can get to Firestorm from most places. We normally go out in the City centre Saturday night so you don’t want to be too far out. But Cabs are really cheap in Cardiff as well as there are loads about. But in other news brilliant that you are both coming and let’s drink some Gin.
  14. Ok all paid up, no idea how you sign up for events. Says Lost Love is sold out when I went to register, is that the case or just a problem with the system? Luke
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