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  1. shakes1066

    Faux at the Forge 4: Autumn nights - October 14th SOLD OUT

    Paid for a ticket now, for those not going to the English GT I'll see you in October. Luke
  2. shakes1066

    [SOLD OUT] English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    I’m up for the meal please Luke
  3. shakes1066

    [SOLD OUT] English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Ticket paid for, where do people stay normally? Luke
  4. shakes1066

    Misery damage

    If a model is obeyed by their own master either by relenting or for some reason failing the duel will they suffer damage from an enemy Misery aura? I played against Hamlin with Pandora the other day and did not think of it at the time, but the amount of passive dmg you could do with some sorrows every time they relented would be very useful.
  5. shakes1066

    Hamelin at ITC

    I played two Hamlin players at ITC, one did use A&D in ply but he is still a power house the nerf has not stopped his killing power or survivability. In the other they took Nothing Beast which I think is a better choice. They also took Sue and midnight stalker. Both took pits and both killed a lot with bleeding / blight. In the second game I took Pandora with a lure list and tried to lure out the wretch turn one but my opponent got lucky and had placed some models in her path and she could not fit through the gap. Hamlin is still amazing in 2018 and activation control is still king, the addition of the Stalker and the better Nothing Beast with the ridiculousness of plague pits means I struggle to see how he can not win 90% of his games still.
  6. I think I will play a different faction, fancy maybe Outcasts or Ten Thunders
  7. shakes1066

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    As I understand it.. If the voodoo doll relents then you can cheat in any tome , better to throw the tome in here rather than at depression and save the SS cost and upgrade slot.
  8. shakes1066

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    Was looking at the app where it is written as “negative” rather than giving the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ had not noticed this in the app did this. Shame that way it made her a bit unique
  9. shakes1066

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    No it’s still on a negative, all attack flips by enemy models suffer negative flips unless they benefit from focus. Positive flips do not get round it, ALL attack flips are on negatives unless they benefit from focus. If it was just a case of positives get round it why add the line “unless they benefit from focus” of course focus would get round it as it would just be a normal negative, there would be no reason to add this.
  10. shakes1066

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    You keep talking about enemies with positive attacks and to watch these vs Zoraida but as far as I know they don’t counter proper manners. The only way to counter proper manners is with Focus or why mention focus at all?
  11. shakes1066

    Playing into blasters

    Also see the how to deal with Nico thread, Alpha strikes on these masters will work although watch out for Raspy ending an attackers activation with her defensive trigger.
  12. shakes1066

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    Widow Weaver with Pandora, summon Poltergeist, throw in some Insidious Madness and you will draw cards and paralyse lots of their crew.
  13. shakes1066

    The big guys of neverborn

    The Titania Emissary upgrade in book 5, he can add any suit to action if he is within a certain range of hungry land markers
  14. shakes1066

    The big guys of neverborn

    The mature is good with Zoraida and her powerful control trigger, he can charge get his trigger to “charge through” and get half way across the board before he activates. He is then in position to flurry, 5 AP on an opponents master with min dmg 4 turn one can be effective. But with DF4 don’t expect him to last long.
  15. shakes1066

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    An excellent episode and many kind words, thank you guys.