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  1. As a great philosopher once sung “free your mind, and the rest will follow.”
  2. Nah I think posi’s are same as stats and vary
  3. Thanks @matt for the clarity and thanks @Dark Reaper and @Edegan for the discussion. That was really useful for me at least!
  4. Hi @Edegan - Interesting point. Saying that I am not that means you need to take an action within an action. I *think* elsewhere in the book (forgive me, don't have it too hand at work to check/point too), it does say an action needs to be completed before the next action starts. Hence you complete the action, but the result of the action is then to take the action. If you do get nested actions, then this probably does need to be clarified in timings as obey is fairly common action. Hopefully it doesn't involve If statements.......
  5. I agree with Dark Reaper. You need to resolve the first action before you start the 2nd (even though its the outcome of the first). Happy to be corrected if people have other points.
  6. Hoff has tokens in a sense. Will test this as it feels a bit clunky, but I have thought that before and its then worked on the table, so will reserve proper juedgement till then! Personally I would prefer some sort of zonal control, almost like they all get mini 'finger on triggers' as bonus actions/or as something up until they activate. The latter then provide some use for the pass tokens. That way you can clump up to try and exploit multiple shots, but you are going to get blasted off the table.
  7. Why not Guard summon in dogs as a bonus action/one per turn? you could call it "Sit!!". Then perhaps a trigger from the Guard (edit.... projectile action..../edit) to allow a Dog within 3" of them to charge the target called 'Fetch!'. Perhaps an upgrade to make sure its only one dog on the board summoned this way to limit the abuse. No triggers built in, so card intensive and not dependable, but would be quite fluffy, and would provide some different value.
  8. What can I say..... guilty as charged! #perditafanatic
  9. Don't know is a perfectly good answer but.... I am in GMT 00:00 and I would *really* like to try new family tonight. Do you have an idea when you are going to release it your time? It is GMT -5 in your parts right?
  10. Also I have found them pushing 3 times with bravado actually allows them to hide from enemies quite well, so well worth going down to 3 wounds. Personally I quite enjoy them and would always take a least one with Perdita.
  11. tough as nail working like a psuedo dmg prevention ala power tokens and Hoff? IE if you have focus, drop one to heal 1/2/3+1 for each additional focus?
  12. HowNot2Wargame


    Thats true. My point being that the crews abilities (such as quellers staggering people & Spell casters negation aura,) help make that def 4 less daunting.
  13. Yeah a super debuffing model for death marshall's..... ! #justsayin
  14. Has to be friendly, targeting requires line of site, no restrictions on range. Which is handy with a crew where some models a legitimately going to double push due to bravado.
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