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  1. HowNot2Wargame

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Hiya, just to add to the chorus of people who have done development/‘agile’ based things. * let us know the bugs you have logged - that way we are not sending multiple reports and then you only get specific variations. This helps ensure you have less work, but also you get more detail so stuff is more likely to be right first time. * if you can, if you can let us know what we should expect to see coming up, and what fixes are being prioritised, it should help set expectations of what is happening when. will file another one about missing models in list creation
  2. HowNot2Wargame

    Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    So without changing the thread too much... i think there is quite a bit behind your original question. Is it you feel there is nothing to do after your alpha strike, or is it you are looking to delay this to be more effective later? There is a bit or an art keeping people alive and then wiping out 60+% of a crew in one turn
  3. HowNot2Wargame

    New Hoffman

    Plaid Hoffman a lot in gg16 so please take following with a pinch of salt. the 'no reduce' aura is great, and helps him especially early game, but it's not the panacea for all ills, especially for the cyborgs. It's really to stop you being auto-shanked by Outcasts in particular. most times I will be taking OSA over this, but it's great to have in the back pockets. Cannot imagine dropping field mechanic or arcane assets for this, I just love my metal gamin to much for that, and a nimble watcher or ryle :). cyborg doesn't appeal to me - yes it adds diversity but I'm not sure it's super needed unless you are starting with the Hof
  4. HowNot2Wargame

    MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    I would like to join in as well please - let me know how much you need and I'll PayPal it over in advance
  5. HowNot2Wargame

    MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    That would be awesome Ben - thanks Let me know what time I need to be there on friday and I'll be on it like a car bonnet
  6. HowNot2Wargame

    MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    And if anyone is coming up London way then if I could grab a lift then that would be great. My car died and I need a lift if possible
  7. HowNot2Wargame

    MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    SWMBO consented - b&b booked
  8. HowNot2Wargame

    MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    Negotiations with SWMBO started
  9. HowNot2Wargame

    New Lucius tactica

    No you do both so it's 3/4/5 of repeating lovelyness with straight flips on average
  10. HowNot2Wargame

    Are we actually underpowered?

    Just to touch upon the 'boring' and 'not tournament viable' points people are raising.... The Guild with a big chunk of their masters (Lady J, Perdita, Sonnia, Hoffman) are a 'question faction'. Can you cope with my dmg? Can you cope with my defensive skew (Perdita's stats with Franc, Sonnia's walls, Hoffman's armoured ball)? The issue with this is that most 'better' players are having to handle parts of this in other factions already, and are going to focus on using the same tactics. Personally, I think you need to really hone these lists to stand a chance of breaking through this. I take my hat off to people who do. Most of these I think can be fairly described as 'easy to learn but hard to master'. The one which sticks out for me is Hoff due to his ability to really drive his crew forward without dmg, but if you can answer his question and remove his models, he loses potency quickly. The other side (guffaw) of masters have quite a bit of subtlety and flexibility in their Guild incarnations (McMourning, McCabe, Nellie, and now Lucius). They don't have obvious strengths, but what they are really good at is boosting the synergies between guild models, who have quite a few buffs to hand out to each other, and most of the time decent minimum damage and good attack statistics. Hence your cards are spent in defense or driving crucial tactical actions, rather than winning duels as much. These masters personally can return 'better' results quicker, but do need a bit more focus to avoid being blasted off the table. Hence in short I think it takes quite a bit of effort to think through and discover how you 'answer' problems in Guild, especially when the guns simply won't work. It also doesn't help that a big chunk of the latter masters can be played in other factions where they have more clearly defined 'strengths'.
  11. HowNot2Wargame

    New Lucius tactica

    trust me, it is. Especially with sharpen from the mobile tool kit making a good chunk of those flips straights
  12. HowNot2Wargame

    Are we actually underpowered?

    To me the changes open up many options for later waves of models. It's a really good game design point bringing stuff back within the confines of the game. Also trying to explain el mayor or hold this to new players was well... pretty silly. as I said early in this thread/year, guild have so many ways of dealing good minimum dmg, I always look to the masters who can do more than kill. Mainly for me Nellie, Hoffman and McCabe, and I am really excited to get into Lucius more now I a can use more than minions. I love Perdita fluff wise, but people can always see her coming.
  13. HowNot2Wargame


    So... Queeg is priced like an enforcer, has some sweet movement and debuffing tricks, in a faction which has few which can do the same, mainly because most of the other henchmen (Bar Dade) are beaty to da face... And people are complaining he does not beat face...? ...?
  14. HowNot2Wargame

    Falldown II - 30th October 2016

    Thanks to James, Nick and Elliot for some great games, and to Mike for running it with the usual aplomb.
  15. HowNot2Wargame

    Falldown II - 30th October 2016

    Glad there is no painting requirement. My poor Nellie is even lacking undercoating....