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  1. Main issue is that its predominantly in Journalist, Elite and Asylum. Playing Ressers for the past few months has shown me how much it matters having control/debuff/denial options in most crews, as well as beat down. It's also why I find it hard building guild crews without 6 pts for False Witnesses!
  2. So while I am playing Ressers at the mo, Hoff has always been one of my fav guild masters to play. Can you play with Guild only models? Sure, but I find you are left with a beaty crew with some examples of speed, and a rare example of a cheap mobility option in the Watcher. What I would recommend is that as you play, if your are sat there going 'If only I could move those models away from there auras' (Hank), 'I wish I had some blasts/irreducible dmg' (Joss), a way to heal constructs and drop two scheme markers in an activation (Steam fitter), then the Arcanist models add lots of variety/flex to overcome issues yo uface
  3. Ah yeah! Me and mr P.Symes have a ticket
  4. Hiya, Please can you add: Matt Cole Paul Symes Matt Haynes to the list please. Woo!
  5. I use my old performer proxies (from female multi part kit) as false witnesses till models come out. Oh my days these models are amazing rules for guild!!! I cannot tell you how great false claim is for a faction which struggle historically with scheming efficiently. Any 'get marker near x' schemes they simply smash. Key part will be keeping them safe as Manipulative along will not stop people gunning hard to scapel them out.
  6. will wait to seem deployment, terrain, schemes and strategy before picking master, but then most masters I have a core which then build/adapt to the pool.
  7. So I think you are right that you want to plan out which sections of the board you need to control and when, and if this is the same for your opponent. For example in Turf War I may want to turn my back two markers early, but fully expect them to be neutral/enemy controlled by the end of the game. By that point I should have centre then as many of the enemy markers as I need. How you are going to do that is really going to be crew vs crew dependent. For example a few models scattered around which can do mass pushes to get everyone away for claim jump. Hence in your example that may be something to bear in mind on the strength of taking claim jump or not. If we both have breakthrough, I may need to get a model there by moving, they may have models which can 'teleport' there. Hence they are not going to need to provide a 'safe corridor' for their model. Hence the premium placed on Soulstone Miners in Arcanists. In short I think it's always worth evaluating these questions during deployment, and making notes as such to reflect on with a specific crew. However I think this needs to be something you iterate on with a specific crew, rather than able to build a general framework if that makes sense?
  8. I would personally take Perdita for a 2nd Master as you get similar dmg from distance (more focused then spread out sure) and Kicking Cans can be a total life saver, and probably more useful in guild then summoning witchlings personally.
  9. I've found quellers felxible enough to run down flanks with a Sanctioned, allowing me to get witchlings, handler (s) and Sonnia down the middle pushing the crew back. I also really like the crew for any corner/flank deployment as the range on most models allows thern to cover each other and always interact with the enemy crews. +1 vote for keeping Sonnia back a bit throwing fireballs, but people will always try to close on her and her healing sword helps a lot personally.
  10. Yeah when you obey, they drop their own scheme marker as they are still friendly to their crew. Nellie dumps on that with her exclusive interview and you can control whatever interact it will be. So much fun if I could find someone playing showgirls who hadn't realised that,. I don't like gotcha's but I couldn't resist that one...
  11. So not sure how useful but.... Steamfitters with Hoffman look ok. Drop, Walk, bonus to drop if I have a card or scrap nearby (If I have read it right?)
  12. I am now verging to play Sonnia in Turf War and Plant Explosives, and then Lady Justice in Corrupted Idols and Reckoning. I think both crews with some versatile models can handle vast majority of schemes. what do people think?
  13. I’ve never summoned with her, but threat of it has been really useful
  14. So I have been playing through all of the guild crews during beta, and it's come down to me thinking that if I just want to play one crew and learn it inside out, its either Lady J or Sonnia. I can't decide so please help me choose. Which one would you use if you could only play one of them into any strat and scheme pool, and why?
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