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    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    There is minion(3) on the cards of ice gamin and moleman. Is it the new limitation(rare)? My 9 void wretches are disappointed.(
  2. ArD

    New Rankings Algorithm?

  3. Surprisingly but, Sandeep is not so popular in Russian metagame.) Markus/Ramos/Kaeris/Ironsides can be faced with quite often.
  4. Dear All, I d like to thank Malifaux Rankings for the possibility to use Malifaux ranking system for Russian community. Most of community is very pleased to have such instrument like MR to observe the life of meta. Five month have passed from the beginning of Malifaux Rankings Russia and more than 50events were ranked. However the community have some questions: 1. We have the event named "AprilFaux's Days, Ekaterinburg, 50 ss" which have been duplicated and cannot be deleted (possibly the problem is the (') simbol in the name of event). This event has severe influance on statistics and shall be deleted. May be someone knows how to deal with it? 2. This summer and autumn we are going to have several major events in Russia(kind of local GT's and National). Is it possible to attach badges to the winners of theese events as it was done in UK Rankings? What shouls I do? With best regards.)
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    Creature Feature - Results

    Congrats to winners and participants!
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    You are right. I need to improve my photo skills in future.
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    The best buddy ever!
  8. Have the event 8 or more participants? Can you provide statistics for Ranking Russia?
  9. Have the event 8 or more participants? Can you provide statistics for Ranking Russia?
  10. ArD

    15/04/18 Kazan Tournament 50SS

    Have the event 8 or more participants? Can you provide statistics for Ranking Russia?
  11. ArD

    Henchman rights

  12. ArD

    Malifaux Ranking Russia

    3 months, 20 tournaments, 175 participants. http://rus.malifaux-rankings.com I want to thank the players and organizers of the tournaments for the information provided and wish the community further growth!
  13. ArD

    Malifaux Ranking Russia

    Dear all, Now we have an appartunity to start the process of ranking and studying Russian national meta. This research will give us information regarding comunity growth, prefered factions and events held, also it can provide the basis for national and masters series turnaments. If your local meta would like to participate in ranking process you can visit: http://rus.malifaux-rankings.com/#/ Or get more information by the link: https://vk.com/wall-137930699_228 I'd like to thanks guys from malifaux-rankings.com for theyr support and provision of the base for the ranking project in Russia. With best regards
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    Facing Hoffman

    Zoraida. Use Charlies bots against him.)
  15. Is it possible to recive information regarding events regarding places taken and factions played for statistics and ranking?
  16. ArD

    Malifaux Ranking Russia

    Dear All, Now we have 6 events in our ranking tab. (2 in SPb, 2 in MSK, 1in Tomsk and 1 in Krasnodar). If you would like to support the project and intersted in Malifaux statistics in Russia, please submitt the results of the tournaments held in 2018. Lets make our comunity more informative. For an event to be ranked the the following criteria must be met: Singles Events only All games must be master led Sttendance of at least 8 players To get your event included in the rankings you just send a spreadsheet to russia@malifaux-rankings.com or https://vk.com/public137930699 with the players names, positions and factions. An example format can be fround here: example.csv With best regards, ArD. ***** И снова здравствуйте! В данный момент у нас есть 6 турниров учтенных на нашей статистической странице. (2 в СПб, 2 в МСК, 1 в Томске и 1 в Краснодаре). Если вы хотите поддержать проект и заинтересованы в статистике по Malifaux в России, пожалуйста, сообщите о результатах турниров, проведенных в 2018 году. Давайте сделаем наше сообщество более информативным. В зачет идут турниры, отвечающие следующим требованиям:Одиночный турнирЛидером банды является мастер Минимальное число участников - 8 Чтобы ваше мероприятие было включено в рейтинг, просто отправляете электронную таблицу на russia@malifaux-rankings.com или сообщением в https://vk.com/public137930699 с именами игроков, позициями и фракциями. Примерный формат можно здесь: http://rus.malifaux-rankings.com/example.csv С уважением, АрДexample.csv
  17. ArD

    50SS tournament, Ufa, Russia, February 11

    Is it possible to see the results of tournament for collecting the statistics? Thanks!)
  18. ArD

    Mechanical Trio

  19. In accordance with Improved harness card friendly constructs within 6 of the Hoffman with upgrade may not have their Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of any enemy efects that state otherwise. If we target the Hoffman's friendly model having ignore armor(PK, Guardian, Joss, etc.) with Obey CA and make this model to perform attack action against Hoffman/construct within 6, will the Armor be ignored? Ignor armor is not an enemy effect, couse the attacking model is still friendly to Charlie, so my consideration that it is possible to open hard cans with Obey. Am I correct?