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  1. Thanks for bringing this up. We had a few technical hiccups getting it fixed yesterday when we were fixing the dropbox but it should be good on the app now.
  2. The link from https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-languages for the English Rulebook should be updated with the Errata now. Sorry for any confusion.
  3. Hey Wyrdos! This week we found Waldo trying to get a giant rock in through the front door. He’s surprisingly strong, and it took all of us to stop his impromptu redecorating. When we asked him what in the world he was doing, Waldo claimed he’d wanted to learn a new language, so he went out and “borrowed” the Rosetta Stone. Waldo’s never been one for academia; we think he just wanted an excuse to steal something. He insisted he has a special card that lets him rent ancient relics. On closer inspection, it was just a sticky note with his picture drawn on in crayon. Looks like we’re going to need to make a few phone calls to the British Museum… In related news, we’re proud to announce new translations of the Malifaux 3E rulebook! It is now available in Spanish, Italian, and Russian, with a Japanese version coming shortly. As a reminder, we also have German, French, and Polish versions available. Click on the link below and check them out! Languages in Malifaux are a great way to add depths and character to your Through the Breach campaigns. Might want to take a look at the Tome of Tongues if your Fated characters are interested in learning some new words… just make sure you don’t bend its pages! That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Waldo will no doubt keep giving us headaches, but for now we’re just trying to stop him from using the Rosetta Stone as a coffee table…
  4. Hey Everyone, in order to parse our feedback a little more easily we are going to lock down this thread and ask that any Comments, Requests, or concerns you may have posted here be placed in their own thread within our App Forum.
  5. All new Errata cards and Gaining Grounds Season One Cards are now available on Wargame vault here: https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures
  6. Hey Everyone, Now that Gaining Grounds Season One has been released we are happy to release the Encounter Pools for the Adepticon Masters Tournament: 2020_Adepticon_Masters.pdf This Event is 50 SS, using the Bans variant, and the newly released FAQ and Errata: Round 1 – Symbols of Authority on Standard Assassinate, Runic Binding, Leave Your Mark, Catch and Release, Hidden Martyrs Round 2 – Recover Evidence on Wedge Sabotage, Spread Them Out, Research Mission, Catch and Release, Let Them Bleed Round 3 – Corrupted Ley Lines on Corner Let Them Bleed, Take Prisoner, Hidden Martyrs, Sabotage, Vendetta Round 4 – Public Enemies on Flank Breakthrough, Research Mission, Spread Them Out, Runic Binding, Claim Jump
  7. New Gaining Grounds, woot!
  8. Hey Wyrdos! This week, Waldo heard we’d be going to the GAMA Expo. He insisted on coming with, and now we need to try and figure out how to fit an imp into a truck. While we pack up Waldo’s suitcases (most of them are filled with hats; he claims he’ll need all of them in case the sky starts falling), we thought it would be a good time to present: Gaining Grounds Season One! A comprehensive guide for tournaments and official play, Gaining Grounds introduces 4 brand-new Strategies and a slew of Schemes (8 brand-new and 5 old favorites). Casual and competitive gamers alike will benefit, so click here to take a look and start putting together your Crews. But that’s not all; we also have the official FAQ and Errata for Malifaux! This update aims to clarify some questions and add adjustments to some models. Click here to see what’s been changed. The Gaining Grounds Season One Card Pack will also be available soon; this includes all the new Gaining Grounds Schemes, Strategies, and Errata that players will need to keep their games of Malifaux 3E updated. Because Gaining Grounds is a yearly event, the Card Packs are a limited run and won’t be reprinted. Players and distributors will be able to get them from our webstore when we announce their availability. For the digitally inclined, individual cards will soon be available for free on our Malifaux Crew Builder App and for print-on-demand via Wargame Vault. That’s all for now, Wyrdos. Waldo is riding shotgun to the GAMA Expo, so there won’t be a Weekly next week. In the meantime, we’re excited to hear your thoughts! Dive into our community forums to discuss the best ways to start gaining ground in 2020.
  9. Hey Wyrdos, There are still a lot of volunteer shifts available, especially for The Other Side and helping out as a TO for our Malifaux Tournament on Saturday. If you're headed to Adepticon this year, consider picking up a shift! Anyone looking to help out, please email me at matt@wyrd-games.net
  10. GG1 has a section with the exact definition of both friendly-controlled and enemy-controlled.
  11. Hey Wyrdos, It’s only once every 4 years that we experience a Leap Year, and this week Waldo is more excited than ever. You see, Waldo somehow got it into his head that February 29th is like Vegas, and nothing he does is going to have consequences. As such, this week Waldo’s been busy planning an entire day of debauchery, leaving our office relatively quiet for the time being. So, while Waldo is busy preparing for his magnum opus, let’s take a sneak peek at some upcoming content for the future of Malifaux Third Edition. When working on new Strategies for Malifaux, the primary goals are to create fun, interactive Encounters that encourage choice in Crew building while not limiting players to one specific path to victory. Let’s start with a blast from the past that’s been given new life in M3E: Symbols of Authority. Symbols of Authority has been revamped to fit the new design of the game while keeping the theme equal offense and defense that made it such a popular Strategy during its release in Gaining Grounds 2018. These themes are primarily accomplished through clever mobility and positioning. The same themes present in Symbols of Authority show up in a multitude of different ways. Take Recover Evidence, for example: Recover Evidence has players fighting back against their enemies who have gathered intel on their Crew while defending their own evidence. This Strategy has an emphasis on Strategic combat, keeping key models alive while focusing your enemies down one at a time and leaving yourself time to reclaim their stolen intel. Now cereal without milk is a bit dry, and the same goes with Strategies without Schemes, so let’s take a quick look at one of the new Schemes introduced with Gaining Grounds Season One: Runic Binding. While this is just a small taste of what’s to come with Gaining Grounds Season One, you can look forward to its full release next week. For those who want a few secrets on where some of the ideas for GG1 came from (along with other fun tidbits and designer insights) look for an upcoming Third Floor Wars podcast featuring special guests -us! The Malifaux community is thriving and if you want to catch up on new changes and discussions you should check out some podcasts made for and by the Wyrd Community, from the more mechanical focused Third Floor Wars and Schemes and Stones podcasts to other more story and lore driven work like Steam Powered Scoundrels, Soulstory, or even our own Breachside Broadcast!
  12. Hey Wyrdos, Are you attending Adepticon? Want to volunteer and get cool stuff for helping us? Well, you’re in luck, because Wyrd is currently looking for volunteers! To volunteer for a demo shift, you must require a good working knowledge of the game in question. You are welcome to take as many shifts as you’d like. Here are the volunteer shifts that are still available: Thursday March 26 Event Hall Monitor 9 - 1pm Demos (TOS) 2 - 6:30pm TTB Adventure 3-7pm Event Hall Monitor 5 -9pm M3E Event All Out Brawl TO 6 - 9pm Friday March 27 TOS Event Tournament TO 9:30 -6pm Demos (TOS) 10 - 2:30pm Demos (TOS) 2 - 6:30pm M3E Event All Out Brawl TO 4 - 7pm Saturday March 28 M3E Event Masters Tournament TO 7:30 - 7pm M3E Event Masters Tournament RINGER 7:30 - 7pm Event Hall Monitor 9 - 1pm Event Hall Monitor 1 - 5pm Demos (TOS) 2 - 6:30pm Event Hall Monitor 5 -9pm TOS Event Titan Smash TO 7-9pm *Marked as set-up or tear-down shifts. For these shifts, you will need to be able to lift heavy objects and perform some manual labor. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Matt (matt@wyrd-games.net) with your full name, your t-shirt size, and the times that you are able to help out. We ask that all of our volunteers are presentable and courteous. We will provide you with a Wyrd t-shirt to wear during shifts. We will be providing booth credit and various rare products to all volunteers. For more information on what will be provided per shift, please reach out to us with your availability and the shifts you’d like to claim. For volunteers who wish to have their Adepticon Badge comped/provided by Wyrd: you must volunteer for at least 8 hours of volunteering over the weekend and provide their information via email to matt@wyrd-games.net prior to March 1st. Thanks!
  13. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo’s taken up a new hobby: shadow puppets! So far he’s mastered making a dog, a turkey, and a bat (those wings come in handy). Some of his shadow puppets looked frighteningly toothy and tentacle-y, so we hid the flashlights and batteries. Hopefully Waldo doesn’t find any candles… Speaking of shadows, the ones around the office seem to have gotten much darker than usual. We’ve tried to brighten the place up as much as possible, but no matter what we do it always seems like the gloom keeps coming back. Waldo is the most likely culprit (being shady because we locked up the batteries, no doubt), but we want to make sure. We took a few pictures of the darkest and spookiest corners of the office; check them out and let us know if you find anything… That’s it from us. Next week we’ll be in Nevada for the Las Vegas Open. We hope to see you there! Waldo will be coming with us, so you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for our next big reveal. Until next time!
  14. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo’s been working hard on his New Year’s Resolution - to quit smoking. It’s hard for most, but for Waldo it basically just consists of standing still and not touching anything flammable, so he’s asking for the impossible. Speaking of evil imps, we were excited to share some exciting new Malifaux content for you. We had planned to explore the inner workings of the Explorer’s Society, and even invite you to see the home of the Explorer’s Society founder, Lord Justin Cooper. Unfortunately, his lawyers stopped us at the gate before we could get any good pictures and shoved this contract in our face, spouting legal jargon about servitude and claiming only those who are invited to “join” the Explorer’s Society are allowed in. Something tells us the only way we’re going to get an invite into the Explorer’s Society and meet Lord Cooper is to sign the contract... *this is for fun and not legally binding in any way.
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