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  1. Mac cabe is quite interesting as a leader in public ennemies, just grab a jorogumo, give it a bunch of upgrades and fast and watch it crush into opponent's lines. New Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter Crew (Ten Thunders) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter Totem(s): Luna Hires: Jorogumo Masked Agent Sidir Alchibal Samurai Trained Ninja Obsidian Oni Tanuki With what you already have, that could be a pretty powerfull list. (Samurai and tanuki always are good models). the Obsidian oni will spend his first 2 actions attacking the samurai to generate scraps. Then you'll be able to give up to 3 upgrades with mc cabe. This list is a bit Off topic, but it is a good solution to public ennemies and it is Oni-based
  2. Don't use her in public ennemies (because you kill your own models when they flicker out) She can do anything else
  3. Because Shenlong makes the scales By @hemgath
  4. Any news on this project ?
  5. I'm a huge fan of playing Sun Quiang in my Asami lists. I also really like akanames x2/3 because they are such good models for everything. You can't really summon them because they would need too much attention, so recruiting them is good. Another model I love to play in my Asami lists is Sun Quiang. There is sooo much combo and synergy between him and asami.
  6. NDA signed and sent to Waldo as a paper plane through the atlantic ocean... Aiming the head ! Hoping the winds are with me
  7. I think that overall, M3e has suffered from the strenght of cheap models in the end of M2e. Now the cheap models would just be good enough if there was still the possibility to over activate the opponent. At least, it's "as if". The worst model I'd say is the orderly, it's a short ranged healer that can't come close to the model it heals and can't keep up.
  8. But it also dies from an enemy controlled ability, isn't it ? For our gaming group, hazardous coming from terrain or a Marker does not qualify (as you say), but Yan Lo's, ama no zako's... etc does. Same for the guild steward, when he dies because of the hazardous generated by yan lo or mei feng, they don't take the damages ?
  9. Team Savoies France Bedjy Ten Thunders Wahou Guild Manu (Hemgath) Arcanists
  10. I'm not used to being so ... Rule angry, but when we read face in the crowd : Isn't the model self sufficient ? Shouldn't the wording be "one or more other models, ..." ? PS : Don't worry, i'm not going to abuse of this to pretend this model doesn't need a friend !
  11. Wouldn't say a "shame there isn't an App". It would be a good addition, I admit, but not mandatory (at least for vassal) There is everything you need directly on Vassal. I think I'll have to spend a bit of time to make everything work but at the moment, it's pretty good.
  12. Hi guys, March has been a pretty awkward month for me and I failed to make my challenge right and worse, I didn't give any news to anyone about it. My apologies for it. Anyway, April has been a pretty productive month, and here are the photos, knowing Sisters' crew models had been started a long time ago and only finished now. My photos are a bit weird, the colors are quite off... And i couldn't find what was the problem 22 ss : Sisters 12 ss : Ronins 10 ss : Izamu 12 ss : 3x void wretch 5 ss : Robb Jebsen (this was such an awesome model to paint ! 8 ss : Pop Corn Turner 6 ss : Big game hunter 5 ss : Maurice Column For a total of 80ss
  13. I like archers, Lotus eaters and charm warders, in addition to the low river monks. Each can have some interesting use considering the scheme pool and the enemy announced master. Wandering river monks are still interesting as mobile models, when they can hide easily on the table. Fermented river monks are useless because other than buying a pair of them, you will never be able to stack some poison on them. High River monks are not good enough for their price. They are a lot too frail. Sensei Yu I've put in most of my teams, but it is clearly underwhelming and should be replaced with something else. Unless playing against Black Blood, it will not be usefull enough. Ototo + Minako are still good addition to the crew.
  14. free card, not cards. It's once per activation. Unless you're playing against som'er, Ulix or Hamelin. But hey, I played it in an asami crew to complete my research mission, and I have to say that It was not that bad. The auto stagger on 2 models was fine, I've even charged an enemy with it, flickered and moved the marker (lucky me flipping a high mask). It did some job. But I still think the design of this model is one of the poorest of the whole game. Against the 3 masters said earlier, it will just sit somewhere without interacting with anything just to draw. Or it will rush in and die after doing little effect. And even if the effect is broken, it's because it wasn't resisted.
  15. Wip of Ross Jebsen's little piggy
  16. Idem en mars, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message ! À Grenoble le vendredi 6 mars ~~ Côme and play !!
  17. Well, do you really use the same scale of models as anyone else!? Love this one (even if the poor lad seems to be missing a pair of something ! )
  18. It comes from a adeptus mechanicus model from gw. thank you for the kind words !
  19. Well, it's done ! And I'm not even days-late posting 🙂 Here are my production for february : 12 - Coryphee Duet : a friend's conversion to make it as scarry as it deserves ! (fuuuusiooooon). He still has to make the base (not me). 3 - Depleted 5 - Fountain 15 -Crates, grains and vegetables (that's an estimation, since I don't have a clue how many points it should be worth 😃 ! ) for a total of 35 Ss
  20. Just paid ~ Jean-Baptiste Aymes - France
  21. To avoid having teams full of versatile, an option could be to have only the first versatile model paid without tax.
  22. @Caedrus hey, I've pledged Master (only).
  23. First work for February done : Wyrdscape terrains are awesome !
  24. Hey guys ! Well, I'm late (as always ), but I wanted to have those bases done But here are my models painted in january anyway -8Ss Carlos Vasquez -21Ss : 7x3 Good Old Boys -6Ss : Alt Spit hog For a total of 35Ss
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