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  1. Sorry, where do you find this variant ? A master with such few models isn't game breaker ?
  2. Hum i don't understand, new replace rule clearly say : "7. If this Replace occurred during an original model's Activation, one new model continues that Activation using any remaining Actions. All other new models are treated as having Activated. If a model is affected" So why Coryphee B has not yet activated in your example ?
  3. Oh yes my bad, i only read the rules of replaced model. Thanks !
  4. Hum, if i'm not wrong, myranda doesn't loose SPECIAL upgrade but she looses other one.
  5. Yeah agree with you. I keep enjoying carlos but ice dancer really need a move bonus action which doesn't require ice pillar.
  6. I don't know a lot Rasputina but i see the same thing with colette. The performers with two keywords (ice dancers and carlos) both seems better in the other crew, even if i keep playing carlos.
  7. I personnaly think SS miner are too safe. I mean it's a 6SS model but in fact it's only a 3-4SS model. If you got 8SS remaining in your crew, take a SS miner or not isn't a real hard choice. I'm interesting what counter you know guys ? Scheme also have their importance but yeah actually, it's really the arcanist model we see the most.
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