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  1. I think the 2 models I have an issue with are stiched and Shenlong. Stiched have great stats for a 6 point model and Gamble your life isn't much of a gamble when you can pluck 13s out of your deck to almost auto win Shenlong has to much counter play, especially vs ressers. Being able to turn so much of there defensive tech in to a positive for him just invalidates so many resser masters in to him due to the threat of Shenlong
  2. well the odd thing is neither of my emails seem to allow me to log on to webstore.... im not sure if its possible to buy stuff without a webstore account?
  3. I ordered my books through wyrd, but cant find a receipt from them (its possible its been lost in my junk), is there any way i can get a receipt resent?
  4. kill the healers, or kill focus one one model at a time and take it down
  5. Hi just following up on something I've recently been in touch with you regarding returning some product sent to me in error. I was told there would be a shipping label sent to me but I've yet to hear anything
  6. Slightly changing subject, but how long does it roughly take for wyrd to respond to emails? I've sent an email to them regarding a issue and yet to see a response 48 hours on
  7. I will sort out payment this afternoon then!
  8. Hi - have I paid for nationals yet?
  9. Either give them slow with molly or bring a student of steel out of keyword to take away armour
  10. are we getting scheme pools for this?
  11. As someone who owned 90ish % of m2e (everything but molemen some of the spiders) it be interesting to see what that has droped to by hoffman being added
  12. well there is plenty of other people to play- recently just TOed a 18ish man torderment on there check us out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MalifauxVassalPlayers/
  13. Keep up the good work Wyrd. the product you do put out is increadable and you can all be proud of your achievements and the happiness it brings your clients. yes having to wait on products is disapointing, but without you we wouldn't have this great game in the process!
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