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  1. The insignificant rule clearly states that these models can not interact nor do they count towards strategy and scheams
  2. I'n the early turns drawing cards handing out focus, reactivating crooligans so archie and the necro can go as late as possible and going from there Later turns mostly scheming and killing stuff
  3. Yes I do think the golems are quite match up dependent. The ice and metal golem are easily taken down to anti armour. However the fire golem can be easily taken down by condition removal
  4. My understanding is that staggered doesn't drop off end of activation rather than avoiding condition removal
  5. I quite like a list of molly, totem, archie, sloth, rouge necro, Sebastian and 2 crooligans. Archie and rouge necro are main beaters which you keep healed up with sloth for archie (as he can't get slow from free action) and Sebastian to heal necro (posion shenanigans) The crooligans can then just do your scheam running
  6. Have a look at the malifaux vassal players group on Facebook, there are several of us on their
  7. I think there is one or 2 masters that are slightly above the curve but so far it's looking fairly balanced. Certan masters such as the above mentioned seamus might have a really powerful master but his keyword is fairly naff (in my opinion the worse save reva's stuff in ressers) prob even better shown by mccabe who just simply doesn't have a filled out keyword dispite mccabe being put out silly amount of aoe simple duals. I think the 2 masters are above the curve are Zoridia and Shenlong Zoridia's obays mean that she can score a lot of points off enermy models really easily for idols and plant explosives, and can score alotof the 2nd half of schemes off making a friendly model kill the target of said scheme Shenlong can be set up to get round all defensive tech and so can just murder models before there is any chance to respond, doesn't matter if he's tied up in combat, the model is in concieling cover with armour, serene countenance and hard to wound, Shenlong is either made better for this or ignores it Dreamer could be up there as well but I think that less the dreamer and more how stupid that both the stitched gamble your life and the destracted his other big minion are tactical actions so again ignore a lot of defensive tech
  8. I just want crooligan deckhands/cabin boys and a rouge necroseamonster
  9. i'm now sad that i'm going to have to find a place for rabblerisers in my crew rather than cruligens
  10. I think the upgrade is fairly meh, I mean you have to keep this 4 stone model alive for 2 turns so it ends up at bsck not doing a lot then has to get in the game turn 3.... Not a fan
  11. So this all comes down to the question of do the mantras have different name? I've been under the impression they do as I see the bold part of the name of the aura so the brackets bit mean the auras have different names so do stack
  12. I often do the same thing with a metal gamin in MeiFeng/sandeep crews but yes having a model who can do this without being at risk isn't a bad way to get a point. Just be aware you 6 points down in the middle of the table, but at least the grave digger can give focus turn 1
  13. The thing is you seem to be complaining about one of the main tentents that make malifaux well malifaux. The fact you can't just make one list to suit 90‰ of games is its big selling point other than the card mechanic. I'n addition there is no reason why you can't work out strats and scheams prior to the game, a lot of torderment do this weeks before the event with 0 issues
  14. can you expand on your reasons for disliking it?
  15. I've had quite a lot of joy with the following crew with Molly Molly, Necrotic Machine, Archie, sloth, rouge necro, Sebastian and 2 Crooligans (can be switched to night terrors if needed) you have 2 beat sticks in Archie and the necro, archie who gains even more healing from sloth without the downside of slow, and the rouge necro who has seb to heal him with Perverse Metabolism/Blood Poisoning. Molly the dose what ever she needs between handing out focus and the like, while the crooligans scheam run. also molly can remove any markers not just scheam, scrap and corpse, so Ice pillers, traps, pyre markers, hungry land..... all get ate by molly
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