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  1. just to point out, chaki isn't in the effect of spirit flute so cant hand out her reliquary with it scoring for bounties is 2,3,4,5 as its two plus points scored so far as you haven't score any when you score the first point so can't be 3
  2. i tend to hire two to reduce the risk of missing out on a golem turn 1 and also so i can summon another gamin at the same time
  3. the golem of the same type? generalt i take fire gamin unless expecting condition removal then its an ice gamin
  4. From memory vonstook was part of Sandeep story in broken promises, the worked together on something
  5. id imagine you would have mei, ironsides, hoff on the M&su side, with marcus, raspy and kaeris being arcanist. colette would be duel faction sandeep could join either side with vonstook joining the same side as sandeep being duel resser arcanist. Ivan would prob join mei on the M&SU side
  6. well thats the only way i read the ability that makes sense
  7. feel you would would grimwell, because who doesn't love malifaux two best doctors comparing notes on how best to use skull saws?
  8. public enermies is discard bounty points from models in play. does colette count as "in play" if she's buried
  9. i mean you could get a resser model with an obey to get an enermy model with a bury effect to bury the golem? so yes, you could play jack, hire a dead outlaw, do at gunpoint on an enermy model with a bury effect and have it bury the golem on command?
  10. well with that all the results are in so here is how things stand Group 1 Team Russia 1 have Qualified for the knockout stages in top spot. If northern Moose Infantry win over all they go through in second although a draw could see them though as long as they have a positive diff vs team scotland and Team russia 1 don't lose to Team Savoies. Team Scotland will go through if they beat Northern moose infantry and Team Russia don't lose to Team Savoies, The will also go though as long as the Beat Northern Moose Infantry and Savoies Beat Team Russia but don't win 1 more game than Team Scotland as Team Scotland had a better Diff in their head to head. Team Savoies Need to Beat Team Russia 3-0, have Team Scotland have 1 win and 2 draws vs Northern Moose Infantry to go though Group 2 Team Russia 2 Just need to avoid defeat in the final round to go though in top spot, A loss will put them if too much infaux don't win their round. The American Tyrants will go through as long as they equal or beat Too Much Infaux result. Too Much Infaux need to beat the The American Tyrents result as they won their head to head vs them. The Mali-hosers have to win all 3 of their games and Russia to win 3-0 to get though. Group 3 Team Poland just need to avoid defeat in the final round to go though in top spot, a loss will put them though if Emma op? don't beat Rod Frod Med Flode. Emma op? just need to equal The Grand Cabal's Result to go though, they will win the group if they win their round and Poland lose. The Grand Cabal Need not lose to Team poland, and beat Emma Op?'s result to go though. Rod Frod Med Flode need to Beat Emma op? and have the Polish Beat The Grand Cabal to go though Group 4 Northern Moose Cavalry will win the group as long as they don't lose all three of there games, they will only fail to qualify if both the Texas Triumvirate and The Flippin wyrds both win 3-0. Texas Triumvirate need to beat the Flippin wyrds results as they lost to the wyrds in there head to head (the table doesn't calculate head to head unfortunately, so the table has the Texans and wyrds reversed, apologies for this, im looking in better programs for next years event)The Flipping wyrd's will go through as long as they don't lose to team insomnia and they beat the Texan's result. Team insomnia need to win vs flipping wyrd and beat the Texans result by 7 points to qualify I think all the maths is right, please do let me know if its not in terms of prizes there is no longer a voucher for least points conceded. i've got a 3rd party organising prize support for me with wyrd and so there has some slight communication issues. apologies for this. in terms of points scored Reice of Too much Infaux, Ollie of Emma Op? Alex of Team Russia 1 Andre of The Texas Triumvirate and Joakim of Northern Moose cavalry have all scored 14 points with a number of players close behind, so lots to play for in race for "Golden Boot"
  11. that leads to people don't make knock out getting advantage for points conceded
  12. hi all please be aware there is a thread and poll on the vassal sub forum regarding points scored/points conceded, please feel free to have your input sorry this wasn't resolved prior to VWC starting, unfortunately this was only recently confirmed after the event had started and wasn't something i'd originally considered
  13. hi all as said in the other thread, wyrd themselves are providing prize support for the VWC and one of the things we have agreed with them is Prizes for most points scored and least points conceded now the question is, as everyone is going to be playing a different number of games which do people prefer in terms of scoring, only points for the group games are used for this. or an average for all 3 games played ?
  14. i've made my decision and thats what im sticking with as far as im considered thats the end of the conversation as far as the VWC is concerned please don't continue this here
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