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  1. Well I'm thinking groups of 8ish with fixtures over 2 weeks (so 14 total for 7 rounds plus extras if you finish top of your group)
  2. Hi all Starting in February next year I'll be running the malifaux vassal league! This is a fixed faction, single master event. This is an event that players from your time zone will be playing each other till we have champions of each region. Then the top players from each region will fight it out for the chance to become Malifaux Vassal League World champion 2020 In addition I'm providing prize support for UK players. So an extra incentive to take part If you want more information please post below. If you want to take part please let me know your name, country and time zone and faction before January 31 Thanks and good luck in advance Dan b For more info please message me or join the malifaux vassal players on FB
  3. Woot in first! Now to decide to play arcanists or ressers I'll sort out payment as agreed when I see you
  4. Molly is great as she is quite different to other masters that she's quite focused of scheme denial. Archie, night terrors and crooligans are all great Hires. P&n, forgotten marshal and necro can be good in certain match ups and scheme pools. (rabble risers I find to fragile for my liking) I'd second listing to the molly podcast on third floor it gives a good hint of how to play. However the best you can do to learn masters is to play them. Just play molly regardless of the pools and concentrate on learning what her models can do and the combos between them rather than scoring points
  5. I think for a start drunken river style's attack cost needs removing and then just a ability added to it stating that the charge maybe a move rather than a push
  6. I think this may come from Craig's from third floor wars hatred of them and that I think has just become more of a running joke than anything else at this point (even to the point of the current campaign to make him play with arcanists on a steam at some point) I've not heard of any wide spread hatred from else where. I don't think spider swarms or miners have helped arcanist reputations, but there are powerfully complained about models across most factions (archie, first mate, Shenlong etc) I think people on a individual level might dislike certain factions (I'm not a fan of guild because I've never liked the lawman acetic) but I've think it's more personal rather than a mass "urg so and so faction"
  7. I think that even at torderments 4 turns should generally be the minimum. I can understand 3 turns might happen occasionally but you should certainly aim to complete 2. All my games save one were finished one time, the one game that didn't finish was due to a language barrier and that's nothing wrong with slow play (I guess I was a tad bit slower than my normal pace as I was playing a master I'd only had a game or 2 with before hand and he isn't the most straight forward (jackdor) and we got till middle of turn 4) I agree that not every game is going to finish, but I think everyone should commit to playing at least 3 turns at events. That should be enough time in 2 hours
  8. Hi all So I've been pondering picking up some bayou in the new year to give me a change from ressers and arcanists. However only played vs bayou a couple of times so don't really know what's good and what not (beyond first mate) I'm interested in orphelia, mah, zip and ulix. Brewmaster semi interests me but looking at his crew not sure what they are good for. Zoridia isn't gremlin so she doesn't count. Not sure on if I like sommer or not and wong I've got o interest in So bayou players, teach me your ways
  9. I've got the new Anna Lovelace on sprue without card if your interested Shipping from UK
  10. you prob want his keyword ideally out of keyword i could see some healing potentially
  11. I do think vonsctook could do explosives relitivly well vs TTs. Idols seems to be potentially his worst strategy and as said previously it feels like for reckoning/turf war Jack, Yan lo and vonsctook could all potentially do them and I guess without more testing in not sure what's thr best situation for each of them
  12. I guess my question seems to be is where does leave something like Jack? Thry seems to be wanting to both play the more killy focused strategy with schemes marker based schemes, so when would you take one over the other? Jack feels more anti schemy in that regard between dead outlaws and crooked men, where as vonsctook seems more about dropping a potential tone of them
  13. I've just got my vonsctook crew myself and will be looking to get some games in with it post UK nationals. I do think it's main issue might be a relence an valedictorian to bys off and I think it's a lot less of a scheme running thing and more of a killy thing with vonsctook compared to molly (necropunks seem better schemsers than undgrads in some regards) Listing to the third floor wars podcast has given me a lot tips in playing vonsctook and I can completely see where Jamie was coming from regarding vonsctook wants to be playing schemes based around opponents locations so things like harness, search, detonate and dig seem much better choices than say a breakthrough or a power ritual (not to say necro punks can't do that) It be interesting to see where vonsctook fits in vs yan lo in terms of the more killy schemes and I can see yanlo doing the more location based ones (breakthrough, power ritual etc) while vonsctook does the more central ones
  14. Depending on sculpt your wanting you might be able to find a previous resser player who has bought vonsctook and has a Anna spair I was going to offer my sprew but I'm other side of pond so shipping be a pain!
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