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  1. yer hopefully should allow me to get a top half finish maybe, realy feeling solid about round 3 and doing some silly things with hamlin
  2. So I've forgotten to update this so I guess I'll do so now Round 1 I faced anya with Mikhail and emmy and it was horrible, I got stuck in my own deployment zone everyone was stunned and I couldn't do anything it was a nightmare. I'd gone with vonshill and didn't take arik for some reason who would have helped a lot vs but it was just a terrible game from me and I was outplayed completely. My opponent was nice enough to agree I would have scored 1 point when we called it turn 3 but 8-1 was what I ended up with Round 2 was the outcast mirror as was vicks for me vs Tara f
  3. id also like to point out this mean toss (in mud) not having melee means its effected by concilement...... dam zip and having to focus to toss you away
  4. well these are good in outcast jack......
  5. So is the consensus I have to bring mad dog? Was mostly keyword with emmy and a Prospector
  6. Well I've got shill in to anya in round 1,so leaning towards scheme marker removal, assassinate and then going from there, currently flip flopping between arik and emmy while bring hannah and a bunch of support models with hope that a rocket boots friecorpman will do business along side shill for symbols while I kill anya then score research mission or something
  7. I'm leaning towards zipp as he's slightly harder to be Assassinated than vicks Shill could be an option with midnight Stalker being wedge
  8. a little bit enemy faction, i don't fancy playing Hamlin in to ressers as anna is a huge pain, sparks is annoying in to bayou but at least you can place rats,
  9. o i've just seen this.... having started a topic I'm flip flopping between hamlin and jack for r1
  10. Know the warrior is a great and undervalued ability which is great on anything that's going to end up with focus, samurai, fuhatsu, sadher
  11. yes so essentialy the attack action is a sperate action but is still an action so you will get hit my molly if you swing with the same melee attack twice as for effects, essentialy think of it that you cant start a new action till all effects generated by a previous one are resolved so you resolve everything to do with the charge action and any charge effects, then you attack and resolve any effects that don't result in a new action, you then take another action (assuming you have the AP left)
  12. I've seen you mention you have a errata a few times for colodi and wonder why you can't use it in the world series. For my point of view a 1 person errata isn't balanced, that's why you have teams of game testers and so allowing her off the bat without a period of testing isn't going to be a good idea. And by that I mean outside of competition, we don't want to ruin a world series event due to someone soloing a still op colodi to victory and everyone being sour from that fact. In addition if means in order to be fair we have to then do the same to balance all the dmh models which
  13. The captain isnt a bad model he's a tech pick. E. G a model you bring in certain match ups, for example vs perdita/orphelia/parmer/seamus however as outside of seamus these don't tend to do massive hits of damage he isn't likely to do much in a Hoffman crew, more likely to just be taking lots of 1 points due to the mass armour 2 in Hoffman, he's much better on a non armoured crews where middle of the storm can save vs damage His shockwaves are great vs bubbles though and we don't have a lot of shocks (captain, Willie and fire Golem I think are our only shocks) and 2in melee is rea
  14. I mean if you want to play the Plaag way sure..... I think tonis streanth is her tankness which comes from unionised and Fitz, especially if its a pool where you don't need to break her bubble, Howard makes fighting in the bubble a plain, captain protects the bubble from shooting, amina protects the bubble from combat and Fitzsimmons just protects the bubble from damage, so generally I always run Fitz and then run captain or amina Then as your in the bubble and this is a combat crew you want some healing so medi bot with magical training is nice for bedside manner and it's heals a
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