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  1. I've got the new Anna Lovelace on sprue without card if your interested Shipping from UK
  2. you prob want his keyword ideally out of keyword i could see some healing potentially
  3. I do think vonsctook could do explosives relitivly well vs TTs. Idols seems to be potentially his worst strategy and as said previously it feels like for reckoning/turf war Jack, Yan lo and vonsctook could all potentially do them and I guess without more testing in not sure what's thr best situation for each of them
  4. I guess my question seems to be is where does leave something like Jack? Thry seems to be wanting to both play the more killy focused strategy with schemes marker based schemes, so when would you take one over the other? Jack feels more anti schemy in that regard between dead outlaws and crooked men, where as vonsctook seems more about dropping a potential tone of them
  5. I've just got my vonsctook crew myself and will be looking to get some games in with it post UK nationals. I do think it's main issue might be a relence an valedictorian to bys off and I think it's a lot less of a scheme running thing and more of a killy thing with vonsctook compared to molly (necropunks seem better schemsers than undgrads in some regards) Listing to the third floor wars podcast has given me a lot tips in playing vonsctook and I can completely see where Jamie was coming from regarding vonsctook wants to be playing schemes based around opponents locations so things like harness, search, detonate and dig seem much better choices than say a breakthrough or a power ritual (not to say necro punks can't do that) It be interesting to see where vonsctook fits in vs yan lo in terms of the more killy schemes and I can see yanlo doing the more location based ones (breakthrough, power ritual etc) while vonsctook does the more central ones
  6. Depending on sculpt your wanting you might be able to find a previous resser player who has bought vonsctook and has a Anna spair I was going to offer my sprew but I'm other side of pond so shipping be a pain!
  7. I don't think neil is the way to go for trying to get around armour Honestly, best bet is prob analyse weakness on the duet from acolyte as its rst wp or put a bunch of conditions on it
  8. Well that kind of defeates one of the points of malifaux that you can change your lists and there isn't a net list. If someone was to share your list with you unless you were aware of why they took certain models it doesn't make much sense For example I will run a list of molly, totem dead rider, necro, archie and 3 crooligans but unless you knew the pool the crew was designed for why I took said models it's hard to know when to change it up and the combos in the crew
  9. Molly is prob a realy bad match up for mei feng. Mollys attacks are realy good vs the constructs as they tend to have low df/wp but high armour and either is more about the slow/triggers for one more question or does irraduceable Also removing her scrap markers realy dents in mei fengs plan. I wouldn't judge any master after one game only, especially one game where one master Can do so much vs the other
  10. What were your crews out of interest?
  11. I think yanlo is better in ressers due to the archie manos combo and wisper for chaki to better hit the masks she needs for split the soul
  12. Vercitile the 2 that stand out are the dead rider and the emissary. Sloth can be good in certain keywords As for out of keyword; Anna, Archie, manos and nurses seen the main 4. Vincent and toshiro are other ones but that tends to be toshiro doesn't suit yan lo's keyword very well. Vincent seems great in theary vs summoners but haven't seen much in practice to support this as summoners these days have very effective plan vs generally
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