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  1. i wouldn't say there too good (save possibly sandeep) but a lot of the beasts need upgrades in order to be worth their points which means marcus kind of needs to be everywhere at once and so cant realy support his crew as well as he should Ironsides and hoffman are much more tanky and can hit just as hard as marcus. they might not have the mobility that marcus has but there additional tankyness is vastly superior and hoffman has a fair amount of movement tricks Collette is potentially just a mobile as marcus and while not able to put out the same levels of hitting power as marcus (outside of cassandra and the duet) they generaly have more tricks to keep them alive (though do go down incredibly quickly if your opponent brings the right counters) Meifeng is potentialy more mobile that marcus although her movment is more scripted and can be more easly disrupted. however she is more tanky than marcus is and can hit just as hard Kaeris can be deverstanding with her pyre markers puishing people for entering certain part of the boards with pyres, providing lots of dammage and her crew can be fairly mobile as well outside of ellijah, especialy the fire golem with its place, the fire starter with mv7 and reckless and carlos with his extra movement free action and butterfly jump sandeep then has the best card draw in faction, access to one of the most vercitile keywords in the game never mind arcanists, hes got killy models and tanky models (though they might not be as good as the factions dedicated tanky killers in ironsides and hoff) and some good schemers as well
  2. In the previous edition wyrd released boxes that tied in with though the breach (wyrds rpg game) The box the grave golem came in from memory was shared with ten thunders and had some other resser stuff as well
  3. It's part of a story box from the previous edition if memory serves. It's prob going to get reboxed at some point
  4. Ice golem and gamin are a good start in to sandeep who is a much much better master But yer I've found raspy quite lackluster this edition, she's down their with Marcus as worst masters in my opinion
  5. Does this entry come with Hakka?
  6. In other news I in the process of securing some prize support through a few channels, more on this will be revealed in the future
  7. That will be coming in July
  8. Well that brings us to 15 out of the 16 teams for the Vassal World cup only 1 spot left and everyone save UK has space for another team
  9. I think the issue with the summoners isn't the summons them selves but the card advantage backed in to a lot of summoning crews Dreamer, Sandeep, Asarmi and Dashal are all top tier summoners, but it's the card advantage these crews also have that takes them to that level along side summoning. Kirai for example only realy has whisper as card advantages and while she's a very good master she's not as powerful as the above mentioned in terms of summoning and so has to be more aggressive with her summons than the above mentioned ones In addition Sandeep and dashal card advantage is one two models that can go down to the right kind of pressure, Sandeep without kandara or dashal without his totem drop off fairly quickly
  10. Wow well wasn't expecting this to fill up within 24 hours Due to intrest ill be expanding this to 16 teams limit 4 per nation
  11. Currently yes though may extend this to 16 teams with up to 4 per nation if there is the interest.
  12. If it's a sign up please do it here so I only have to look in one place
  13. 8 teams total with a maximum of two teams from each nation Eg potentially 4 nations with 2 teams each
  14. I just think there needs to be a penalty for not getting past turn 3. Maybe even a nil result with neither player getting points. As I've said previously outside of mitergating factors slow play is cheating and should be punished and diswaded as such. I've said in the past tournaments arnt designed for new players and while I understand this is gatekeeping to a degree as far as I'm concerned I'm at a tournament to play games of malifaux, which state its 5 turns and I'm certainty going to play to a speed that allows that we at least get 4 turns for my and my opponents benifit. Because there are certain crews that realy on getting to the end game and if your going to start going in to events thinking your only going to play to turn 3 a lot more crews are going to lose out as they spend a turn or two building up to speed over people lose out on playing hamelin or sommer say who are the only crew that are time consuming enough to struggle to get to that stage in terms of number of activations
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