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  1. Yer there nifty little assassins I find to deal with models that rely on mobility and tricks to survive, focus turn 1, focus and Bury turn 2 and then turn 3 you have a little focused up model able to get around a far amount of defensive tech and kill something ready to double walk and drop a scheme turn 5
  2. Ticket bought, lift sorted, now just need to sort our what I'm playing
  3. I mean 21 people is small in uk
  4. toss isnt a melee attack so cant be used when charging
  5. honestly adding in line "if raspy is crews leader, crew ignore ice pillars for LOS/Cover purposes, they may also use them as corpse markers for actions/abilities) she'd get a big leg up
  6. It'd unlikely to be done by wyrd, gazzoks might do single models maybe Also it's ressers and guild not ressers and arcanists in pack
  7. Yer lady J, Tara and molly /ressers with Anna lovelace might be misaki worst nightmare Iven is interesting too as he benifits from your markers
  8. geeze, yer i can see plastic surgery getting changed quick
  9. For those of us living a priate life any ideas for how to make new molly and her new demonic pet more pirate like?
  10. Getting left behind?
  11. Yer it still feels like you want to go vercitile/ook heavy with Marcus which is sad, I guess it's maybe double cerbs for original Marcus and myranda, double initiates for this version. Who by the way gives 0 support to jacklope
  12. Plus wasn't she disfigured from the event, resulting in a Dr (I believe mcmoring but could be wrong) having to rebuild her face
  13. is one of them anna? she's a nice counter to tara's leap and any summons/unburys
  14. So can't help much with dreamer but got plenty of experience with Sandeep First thing is, Sandeep, Banasuva and to a lesser extent with update kandara are key to how the crew works and generally if left alive will provide engine to take Sandeep to victory However all 3 are very easy to kill especially Banasuva and so if you apply pressure to them they are likely to go down fairly quickly, or burn through stones which Sandeep needs in order to summon. So if I was playing vs your opponents crew who seems to be setting for a fire Golem, svg and emmy to be there from line is try to slow them down with a terrorfying model (say summoned insidious madness) while your own beaters try to move past them to get at Sandeeps squishy back line. As a Sandeep played I'd be happy if you put chompy/Teddy ect in to my front line as my value engine should keep them tied while my superior schemers in windgamin ect get me points and kandara gets me cards while Banasuva provides support So in biggest trap vs Sandeep is trying to kill golems while support is still active, you will have much more luck if you target his support models first and then go if game requires go after them (you might not need to kill them to score) So for example looking at second picture, if Lord chompy double walked forward past fire Golem to charge in the following turn Sandeep will be in real trouble. The last thing to kind of do vs Sandeep is to anticipate the type of Golem Sandeep is likely to bring. Vs dreamer the fire Golem is the only one with meaningful damage reduction (the other two have armour which the majority of your ranged attacks ignore) and it relys on being on fire. If your can bring some condition removal against it it loses its damage prevention and then goes down pritty quickly to a teddy or chompy. I'm not sure what condition removal neverborn have, but I know iggy can remove burning fairly well so might be worth considering though more experienced neverborn players might know better
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