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  1. Coming soon to a PC Near you Starting next month is the start of the Vassal World series, a huge event with a great team of people behind it! From November there will be monthly events on vassal ran by TOs from around the globe for people to take part in. you can take part in any event doesn't have to be ones in your time zone. over the course of the 9 events a league table will be set up tracking the best 3 events people have been taking part in (so doesn't matter if you miss one you still in with a chance to win) and at the end of it all the top 16 ranking playe
  2. I've just played Jamie here for vassal super league (https://youtu.be/7pAGlkSIruM) playing zipp Third floor wars have some great podcasts including some on bayou masters
  3. woops ment obs is free, not costs money *facepalm*
  4. doesnt bandicam cost money though? obs costs money
  5. ive done a fair few videos here with obs and it takes a little bit of work but you can get the map, and the cards on the screen, though do have to play fairly zoomed out see here for some of my videos
  6. Round 2 of Vassal super league Corner - Public Enemies - Forest of the Loom Research mission / Claim jump / Hidden martyrs / Take prisoner / Spread them out well after an unknown start i now get in to the 3 of the most challenging fixtures including a former uk number 1, current uk master and UK's best bayou player.... urg! first up is Jamie Varnie who i've played twice before, having lost in RL to in a resser off at uk nationals last year and beat earlier this year in a random pick up game we had on vassal. so I knew I had my work cut out for me as he's
  7. so you have picked on the of the hardest masters in the game to learn to play! congratuations so colette is a lot of fun and has a lot of tricks although her crew is very squishy and one false move and its generally a dead showgirl colette's best schemes are mobility based so she has a lot of overlap with sandeep who himself is quite mobile but has a bit more killing power (if your wanting more info on sandeep please check out my breakdown of him here and i've got a couple of battle reports with arcanst's here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRt3DaO-9mFbwX7KwykTDl
  8. hi all sorry for the delay in sorting out the finals, worked 50hrs on average on last two weeks after 12 weeks of hard fought faux, we have our winners! Team Russia one! Unfortunately for the uk hope, Emma OP? fell at final hurdle but should be proud of their second place all the same! In third place Came Northen moose Infantry who did a great job overcoming the flipping wyrds and lastly shout out to Insomniakwulf AKA Reice of Too Much Infaux who scored the most points in the group stages of the event Vassal world cup will be back next yea
  9. anyone know why the internet version of the crew builder keeps getting stuck on the landing page and going nowhere?
  10. Sandeep is a great master Did plarg say why he took firestarter over a wind gamin?
  11. Thanks a lot, I'm just doing my bit for the community. No difference than any of the henchmen out there who do an amazing Job normally
  12. Sorry I've had a really busy week with work ect Both next event and final VWC post will be coming next week
  13. Really concentrate on your schemes and achieving them. Try to pick schemes that mean you don't have to outlast your oppenent and try to stop them from scoring that than killing everything Kill the models that dreamer can't summon back (widow, Serena LCB) and if you can get at day dreams kill them to slow down lucid dream
  14. dannydb

    UK Super League

    are we going to get a vercitile/out of keyword table as well?
  15. the best way to play him is the way that suits the player not every play style/master works for everyone
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