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  1. So Lamplighter and surveyors are completely different models. Once a support schemer and ones a low cost tank/damage dealer
  2. I mean Lamp lighters give one positive flip a turn, can hit semi hard and provide movement shenanigans and have don't mind me
  3. I'm currently taking part in an event where I'm currently playing all in keyword and having no counter picks vs some masters have just lead to some non games Having no anti shooting vs seamus, no aoe vs hamilin or no ruthless and almost entirely wp 5 vs jackdaw has been far from a fair fight
  4. Issue is you then have to have a lot more role fillers that vercitile fill Plus which keyword do you give riders, effies and emmy too
  5. No love for the undead cav list? (double kentori with GST, dead rider a nurse or two)
  6. was there not a ghosty to trasfer the hit too?
  7. Alternatively if you have the emmies aura and you win the first defensive duel Or you kill something with explosive demise or simalar Or blackblood or hazard or similar Yes its the most situational heal aura but its still got its uses
  8. Well main thing to do is take out the heal bots (toolkit/totem) ASAP, otherwise your just losing efficiency Drowned can be good as you can do lots of chip damage with there blasts which hoff doesn't like Be aware of what hoff has put temper steel on and try to make sure ikryo/shikome go in to other stuff
  9. I was going to say I'd be playing hoff in to this pool, supprised thry didn't use sandeep r1 Depends on hoff crew, could bring guns, could bring unipeaded spam with howards and spiders swarms
  10. parker, vicks and zipp all sort of fit the idea of your playstyle so outcasts seems like the faction for you
  11. I think the latest update to either vassal or the module fixed it. I think vassal changed it for a few versions and then either changed it back or the module makers found way to over ride it
  12. If you hold shift you can move models more precisely using the arrow keys
  13. There isn't one. As per rules terrain is defined pre game by players in pick up games The world series did decide to define terrain for its events but that only really applies to its events
  14. out of interest anyone tried hiring the malisarus re, sandworm and crocket in a basse crew? with basse andhis henchman that 4 min 3 models and a min 2 model that makes them two of them attack out of activation
  15. Yes hazardous effects generated by things of different names give stacking conditions So walking though multiple pit traps would give only give you 1 damage, 1 injured Walking though a pit trap, a pyre marker would give you 1 injured, 1 burning 1 damage
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