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  1. Really? They have df6 which means on average you are on a negflip assuming they havent just put in a 13 for defense from their removed cards. They also have armour 1, so as min damage is generally 2 that's 6 hits, maybe 4 to account for the odd moderate on negflip. And everytime you hit them they give you poison back. Most models with armour have less wounds than their cost and also are not so high df. I am a dreamer player and I know these are ruining the game and putting people off playing more than any other model in the game it anything else we have listed here. As for damage in dreamer crews, we have min 3 damage from chompy,effective min 3 from Selena, min 3 from teddy, effective min 3 from carver. So depending on what you bring I really dont see us lacking for damage output..nothing wrong with relying on enforcers for your damage output, alot of crews have to and we shouldn't be putting out damage that ignores all defenses on a summon able minion that has min 3. I would even consider them being 2/3/4 on gamble as let's be honest it's not much of a gamble
  2. If a model with a replace demise effect (big hat, coryphee, desk engine etc) is killed does it count for reckoning? I am thinking no as replaced models supposedly count as the same model for strats and schemes during things like vendetta so would assume it's also counting the other way for this but want to confirm
  3. On shenlong he is maybe over the top ignoring most stuff but chi certainly isnt the issue. It is the crews only defence and whilst they can use it for attack that leaves them open to dying quickly.plus most damage tracks in monks are 2/3/4 so whilst they may be more accurate or more defensive they are nowhere near as damaging as most other crews. Easy way to take them is concentrate them down one at a time, burn the chi then kill them as df5 with nothing else is poor. For me some of the broken things are archie and first mate being seriously undercosted. Both at least 10ss models, archie maybe even 11 with suited leap, flurry, terrifying, min 3, built in healing. Next would be soulstone miners, maybe should be insignificant on turn they unbury or it's an auto 2vp in outflank. Then also in arcanists I would look at spider swarms with guilt in pos damage flip and built in onslaught. I would also increase the cost of stitched or lower their defence to 5, maybe even 4
  4. Just dont build up focus. I can understand the hate against stitched but not insidious madness as they dont do a huge amount for their cost. Also why is it the best summon in the game? Everything you summon will be engaged so wont be off doing schemes and strats. I think asami has the best summon in the game.
  5. You are almost arguing against yourself with your bold part. It says if the original model has finished its activation for the turn it is considered activated, you bolded that. The original model would be the the model that is doing the action. Step 7 as you say then allows you to continue the models activation. In step 7, if one of the original models was Replaced during its Activation, the new model continues that model’s Activation. Nowhere does it say that if one of the models had activated then it finishes its activation. It says continue that models activation if this replace happened during a models activation. This effects more than the coryphee, it effects desolation engines, gamin becoming golems and I am sure there will be more
  6. The mod is as upto date as can be currently. I am missing art for new Bayou but that should be it I believe. I will update original post If you do spot any issues let me know and I will sort them. Updated 13/09/19 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpy0h53gld62upj/M3E - v1a?dl=0
  7. My crew is: Hinamatsu - Inhuman reflexes Effigy with upgrade Coryphee Duet Rider - Inhuman reflexes Widow Weaver Vasilisa obviously the best strat is reckoning but to be honest the crew is fast enough it can manage alot of schemes and strats.
  8. I must be an odd thunders player as I have no space for tanuki. If I ever do asami then I will have a tanuki there but I dont tend to spend much if anything on support pieces I guess. Samurai and fuhatsu see some use but depends on opponent, board and mission. Archie is seriously undercosted and I would take him ahead of a rider 99% of the time and yes is probably an auto take but I dont play ressers. Yes all these are good versatile models but not so good that they are in your list before you even see the board, opponent and mission unlike the swarm and the SS miner. That's the difference between good versatiles and auto takes
  9. If some of these models are auto take as they are then obviously they are too good and are already creating a staleness that we were trying to get rid of by edition change. If prospectors are using that 3" push and removing schemes then they are vulnerable usually as they are easy to kill. What they are normally used for is card draw. But yes they are too good as auto includes. As for arcanists, they certainly win this as the swarm is beyond crazy with built in pos for damage, nimble, built in on slaught and normally diesel engine for more pos damage and more movement. Then the armour 2 often shielded arcane reservoir miner who can auto score outflank. It's no wonder these are seeing all lists. No other faction can compare their "auto includes " which I am yet to see with these 2
  10. Well they have one ability the same but are not as tough, dont bury and turn up anywhere and dont have access to magical training which is stapled to the soulstone miners card
  11. Dont know, I am not finding any auto takes for me in thunders, outcasts or neverborn but my arcanists (if played competitively) have the same as James and many other arcanist players
  12. I have played titania into ophelia in reckoning and titania does this very well. most of her crew is just support though with her doing the killing. if you can get her into the middle of their crew with life leach and moving underbrush for plink damage they dont get the shielded etc. my usual crew is: Titania - inhuman reflexes Gorar Aeslin Emissary Rougarou 2 x autumn knights both with ancient pact you have lots of concealing terrain, plus hard to wound and armoured models, some with df6. emissary tries to get his hungry lands near underbrush markers so when you hit into the thorns you can place them in an underbrush but also a hungry land for more incidental damage
  13. Is it not a bad thing for 3e that there are already versatile models stapled to your crews? everytime I see you play you seem to have an arachnid swarm and soulstone miner.
  14. Ashes and Dust I could agree with but if you increase alyce she will never be taken as she just isnt that good, she barely makes it at 9ss. I guess it depends if you play on the open boards of the US meta or the fuller boards of the UK. Aboms even at 3ss I wouldnt hire. but they are good incidental summons and I have managed to bring back a deso engine after losing both but near to an A&D summoned abom.
  15. I have used hinamatsu successfully, she is a really fast hard hitting leader and crew
  16. Hinamatsu with 3 actions is bonkers tbh and it can bring a coryphee duet. I have used a hinamatsu lead crew and it tore my opponent apart as they were not expecting the speed. some henchmen work to lead but not many though
  17. As its a cost to pay and written in italics I would say incorporeal doesnt stop this.
  18. exactly this, do not spread your attacks for incidental damage, concentrate a model down so it uses its chi and then finish it when chi less.
  19. I liked it when my opponent put up a hazardous aura and I just drove the steam trunk around in it to blow up
  20. It just requires them to die, whether thats by insignificant models, burning, flicker etc as long as a model dies it counts (unless the dying model is insignificant)
  21. if you want to take down my waifs with 10ss lazarus feel free arik will be targeted at range by irreducible damage and after that nothing else is bothered by the friekorps. running both I really wouldnt want to run von schill into levi
  22. Irreducible is within its rule irreducible which is why it cant be reduced. Burning doesnt say its irreducible or that it ignores incorporeal. The reason burning noraly ignores it is because it happens in the end phase and so isnt an attack action. However as this is an attack action and that is the only qualification incorporeal requires then it reduces damage. Burning is a general rule in the book, incorporeal is a special rule on a card, cards over ride book so incorporeal reduces this damage.
  23. its still from an attack action. the damage is from an attack action and until the action is complete then it stays an attack action including any damage mitigation. This means incorporeal does reduce damage as it says nothing about conditions. its only requirement is that its an attack action and scorch the soul is.
  24. under the timing layout in the rules everything to do with an action is included in part C.2. so until that is complete then the action is not complete. so any damage cause by an action under this must have come from that action. if its an attack action then incorporeal can reduce it. on the obey thing, you have to finish your action as in part c.2 before carrying out the obeyed action so a different action altogether.
  25. if it came from burning it would do 2 damage? it requires an attack action to do said damage so it is caused by an attack action. incorporeal states that it reduces damage from attack actions by 1 to a minimum of 0. this is an attack action, whatever the source of damage it is an attack action. so to complete said attack action the incorporeal reduces damage by 1.
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