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  1. He doesnt get to copy the tomes suit as that is part of Ninos stat. It says the stat for this attack is equal to the stat for this action. So its unsuited stat 6.
  2. it does only happen rarely as not every duel gets within 1 or even 2 of each other but it would be nice again for clarification on this subject. I can see it from both sides and have been playing it the majority way, but just because majority interpret something one way doesnt mean its the correct way. I would hope I am always playing something the correct way but until someone points out a possible alternate way of doing something it isnt usually an issue. out of all the modifiers I am unsure how many say final duel total, but as said within the rules the only place that mentions modifiers is step D (or 4 on the big detailed timing chart which is less detailed) which is why I put this question up here to see what people think and if it changes their ideas? has certainly made me think, but clarification would be nice.
  3. Latest module with some fixes, new maps and ponies (updated 09/01/20): http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/4/4b/M3E-Malifaux-v1d.vmod
  4. Ok this came up in another question. A duel works by both flip a card and add stats to total(step B), then cheat (step C), then work out final total by adding modifiers (step D). By this all modifiers to duels such as chi, fortify the spirit, pursue, bigger they are, nice shot dear would come in after cheating RAW. Is this correct? I know cards override rulebook but nothing on the cards I can see say they override it so does that mean yan lo has to go into a duel with his stat 3 or 4 to decide who cheats 1st and then add his +3 after? Mostly it wont matter or change cheating order due to modifiers of generally 1 but for yan lo or chi it can matter. Is this RAI or an oversight?
  5. This actually also effects kin, abuela, guards (pursue) etc too
  6. Hmmm on reading it again you might be right
  7. There are lots of attacks that attack wp, that's the resist. Under resist it either says wp or df (sometimes mv or sz too). If the resist is wp then it's a wp duel, if the resist is df then it's a defence duel
  8. WP duels are any duel using willpower as its resist stat. I dont think there are any duels that attack with wp this edition.
  9. Turf markers don't block line of sight or do anything other than stop you moving over them. A table no matter how its divided for deployment still only has 4 edges and 4 corners etc.
  10. Chi is after the flip before cheating. You were right as there is no option to use after cheating. If chi takes you above your opponent then your opponent has to cheat first. If chi is used before cheating it is also added to any cards cheated in.
  11. Yeah shenlong players have to be careful with that. But bunching up you have to be careful of his ranged attack and thunder archers blasting onto you. Although I am guessing alot of people are not taking them, or dont seem to be
  12. Falling rave kick allows him to ignore models during that 6" move so that's no real defence. I have beaten him with misaki with ease though. Just have to concentrate him down if you want him dead
  13. Some minor wound fixes plus crazy cat lady crew added If you do spot any issues let me know and I will sort them. Updated 19/12/19 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljw5dt8g0m6vp6g/M3E-Malifaux-v1c.vmod?dl=0
  14. You're late to the game, pointed out already by others 😉
  15. General actions are not tactical actions, this is a holdover from 2e players where they used to be tactical actions. Does it say anywhere in general actions they are tactical actions? If not (it doesnt) then hannah cannot copy them
  16. Consider armour. Hinamatsu and vasilisa both help here. Also teddy with certain crews. The viks struggle with armour so this is always useful. Terrifying is handy too as the viks themselves are only wp5
  17. Ride with me on a few horses also.
  18. sometimes thats because other models are too good though, so even upgrading a bad model wont see it taken if another is too good.
  19. no counterplay off concealment, would actually make it better if anything due to negs becoming pos. I still think for shenlong that removing his irreducible, and the 6" move off falling rave kick would probably sort him. on Archie, he is like the first mate for bayou basically seen as a 10ss versatile because they are too good for their cost. removing the suited leap would probably help this to a degree.
  20. As others pointed out a shenlong crew can concentrate multiple times per activation. Always best to check the app when replying.
  21. If you need/want alot of chi, activate the low river monk 1st, concentrate for more chi. Have a student activate and transfer a chi from lrm to shenlong. Plus concentrate twice (so it has 3), then other student does the same. Shenlong activates starting with 3 (2 transfers plus 1 for activating) then spiritual alines off one or both students to be on 6 to 9 chi. Not saying anyone did this but it's possible to build up chi without sensei yu
  22. That's the thing with nationals. The difference between 5th and 31st was 1 game lost. So massive variance in possibilities
  23. I don't remember her being that good. But I didnt do the play test for long.
  24. Well maybe because I suggest fixes to some of the most "broken" models in every faction I play 😁 Shenlong - lose the irreducible trigger from normal attack and lose the 6" move off fermented. If he wasnt so fast he wouldn't surprise people and without irreducible 2/3/5 even always on plus flips wouldn't be bad. ss miners - insignificant the turn they unbury. Allows some counterplay to outflank etc as at the moment there is none. Spider swarms - lose built in onslaught, maybe put carried away in a different trigger and build that in. Stat 5 attack as pseudo stat 7 anyway. Stitched - lower df to 5. Make gamble an attack? 2nd one not so sure but they need something
  25. Wasnt personal but it gets annoying when I post some stats anywhere with the caveat that I have posted in everything from release of 3rd that I get followed and basically say I'm slanting things. When it is also being slanted another way. As said I am unbiased as I play multiple factions and I know shenlong needs tweaking, but so does some arcanist stuff and I am sure stuff in my other factions (stitched, although I dont hire them, just summon sometimes) For completeness then to go with my post, podiums since 3e release Arcanists 7 Thunders 11 Outcasts 12 Neverborn 4 Bayou 3 Explorers 1 Ressers 3 Guild 1 So 3 factions are consistently in the top 3. Does it mean anything is dominating as yet or is that just what people are playing the most? I mean thunders was most represented at uk nationals but also at least 2 fixed shenlong players were mid 60s for position. Guild are certainly least represented with their only podium being a win. Alyx and dave probably represent the majority of those thunders results, james and matt Lewin probably represent the majority of the arcanists, with radek doing the outcasts. Thing is they are all good players and matt for example had the guild right near the top for quite some time in 2e. So is it factions or players?
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