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    my thoughts are thus that ironsides, marcus and kaeris will all find themselves on ebay or be got of some other way as they have all suffered from m2e-m3e, Ironsides needs to clump up and so can just be avoided or blasted to death, marcus's models are priced as if they have upgrades already, wyrd forgetting your master does little else other than give out upgrades. and kaeris still doesn't know who she wants to set on fire, her own models or the enemies. and so lacks the AP to do both effectively mean while, i still think that sandeep is OP, he has one of the best ways to draw cards without overly negatively affecting his game play. he has great summons, with windgamin being good scheam runners, and the ability without much trouble to get all 3 golems (and the above mentioned wind gamin on turn 2). I've also found with the card draw he is one of the best supporters for a 2nd master weather thats heavy metal gamin and meifeng for extra scheam running potential, heavy ice gamin and raspy for extra ranged fire power and movement blocking, or ramsos with the card draw and scrap for more summoning. raspy and meifeng are fine and i enjoy their playstyles over ironsides, marcus and kaeris. biggest disappointment though has to be hoffman for me. going in to m3e at start of open beta i was looking forward to running hoffman with ironsides and all the m&su constructs (joss and howard) or with meifeng, with mei leaping from big hefty beater to hefty beater. instead hoffman has little to no overlap with either, and i find his play style increadby meh.. i'm more likely to sell off my non foundry constructs and pick up ressers instead.
  2. But is that too powerful compared to non summoners?
  3. Yes I mean the fact you could drop a scheam marker aprox 17 inches away from banasuva over 2 activations (summon wind gamin 1 inch away from banasuva, command banasuva to toss gamin, wind gamin leaps and drops scheam seems very very powerful
  4. So they move around 1 goelm and some how and get one swing on Sandeep. Kandara pulls Sandeep out of combat, Sandeep then summons another golem and that jumps on Vicks
  5. Well I faced the Vicks last night and they didn't particularly like getting a fire golem with double focus and 9 burning flung in there face. Especially when they had to expend all there cards killing a metal golem, only for Sandeep to draw 5 more cards while making a fire golem
  6. Yes I've had some fun with metal gamin and meifeng, they set up scrap line to go rail walk off
  7. Sandeep, banasuva ramos, kandara and metal gamin metal gamin forcus for cards and scrap, Sandeep can blow one up with a time for 2 cards
  8. As someone who had played Sandeep solo for last few weeks I've yet to see him get in combat once. This is a master than can effect the board from 12 inches behind the "game line" and still has 2 shielding and stones to protect him. If he does some how get in to combat he can just be pulled out of combat by kandara. I've come across a list that can support both ramos and Sandeep and just bury the opponent in summoned models and im not sure golems and spider swarms are bad models to summoning in. As that's the card quality the crew can have. Honestly in my opinion if your wanting to take down Sandeep, don't go after Sandeep or even kandara, unless you have a hyper mobile crew who can get to a model potentially on opposite board edge in first couple of turns or a way to go though searean counternance. Instead go after the mage and or banasuva who will be allowing the golems to heal or put down markers, and 2 out of the 3 golems would like to have there markers nearby
  9. i'm now imagining Gamin pushing weights to the rocky theam tune
  10. so this was something that came up in a game a few days ago, and although both me and my opponent agreed it should be allowed as per our understanding of the m3e rules just wanted to confirm this is correct Sandeep hires a fire gamin (4 stones) with vendetta in the pool against an opposing 5 stone model. if that fire gamin is replaced by a fire golem which is worth more than 5 stones, is the vendetta still valid as although replace states the replaced model is still a valid target for strats and scheams purposes, part of vendetta is the opposing model, which isn't referenced in the replace ruling copies of relivent text for reference "13. Vendetta At the beginning of the game, secretly choose a friendly non-Totem model and an enemy non-Leader model with higher Cost. Reveal: At the end of the friendly model’s Activation, if it successfully dealt damage to the secretly chosen enemy model and the enemy model has half its maximum Health or less (but is still in play), you may reveal this Scheme to gain 1 VP. End: At the end of the game, if the friendly model is in play and the enemy model is not, gain 1 VP." "4. If the new and original models belong to the same Crew, the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted the original model, such as Schemes, Leader designation, or lasting game effects. The new model is always considered a legal target for those effects."
  11. Raspy vs anything with mass flying/incorporeal? once played a game of raspy vs nekima's flying circus and i gave up almost compleatly on ice pillar generation and just had to shoot them down as they flew in the only reason i won was my opponent thought turn 4 was turn 3 and couldn't score the points he needed turn 5 to win. to the point he could have wiped me compleatly off the board turn 5 if he hadn't double focused 3 models (when this was allowed) and then relised the game was ending
  12. Well first thing to point out is that jackdaw is now duel faction ressers so that might be good news. Hayreddin is now mono never born after being re accepted back in to the fold by nekima after she chopped the hell out of Lilith
  13. how do you get to hand side 8? I was under the impression Arcane Reservoir doesn't stack (if it does then i guess im going go down to 3 stones, as you don't need them for card draw for sandeep!) Yes my hand size was capped at 7, but when your 7 cards is 7 face cards turn 2 and you can draw potential 4-6 more depending on need with out effecting front line activation's (2 new summons, essence of power kandara and potentially 2 Command the Elements from sandeep). my current thought that in anything but plant explosive sandeep is so much better than anything else the arcanists offer.- i'm not sure how i feel about plant explosives with my play style of sandeep as a lot of my non summoned guys don't cross centre line
  14. I think my issue with the entire process for this is that as much as it may say simultaneously, there is advantage to say your master second. Purely to either avoid counter picks. For example if it was applied to m2e match ups (not played enough games to know the poor ones) if you played all the out cast masters and your opponent announced neverborn dreamer, would you consider changing at the last second to outcasts Tara? This is my major issues with comparative play of the games and I hope a lot of henchmen and TOs if not doing fixed master encourage writing masters down prior to revealing. Otherwise we may see players not saying things in order to not get counter picked
  15. hi all so after much playing around with the arcanists in m3e and finding quite a few of them to be a bit "meh" i'm thinking of selling off some of the crews I'm less interested in (iron sides, kaeris- minus the fire gamin and marcus, keeping sandeep, meifeng and raspy) the question is where do I go from here- the 2 factions that interest me are ressers (already have mcmorning and kriri's box and a few odd bits from my starting days of playing a few years back in m2e) and Ten thunders- but mostly cos of the emmisery- who doesn't want to turn up to a skirmish game with an f-ing DRAGON! So I guess my question is this- Forum, sell me on which way I should go. Are ressers to slow to compete in a shooting heavy m3e? Is the dragon good in TT, and if i was to pick up 3 new masters of either faction, which are the most intresting 3 to pick (at the moment the stand out ones are mcmorning and kirri cos i already have models for them and then the only other ressers thats super jumps out is von schtook, though this is not discounting the others. As for TTs, lynch and asarmi are the 2 I'd most likely to play depending on how good they are, but don't realy know a lot about any of them?)
  16. wow well thats just another reason then kaeris is on the chopping block in my mind
  17. hire sandeep and banasuva and then use banasuva's mantra for the pillers?
  18. well as Santaclaws' opponent i'll chime in a few things. (my opponent played very very well, I made lots and lots of errors) essentially I miss played turn 2 horribly. winning the inishative I should have forced my opponent to go first as he had to break cover and i could then counter his movements. instead I went first to try and put up the the aura on the essence which did nothing what so ever. I should have also been hiring wind gamin and a metal gamin with my hand turn 2 or something to just then start the scheam running process and and split my opponents crew. instead, I tried to take the game to them rather than just trying to sneak models over the line and just engaging with my 3 beaters. instead i tried to fight a crew that was more killy than me and prob over estimated my hand, yes it was a great hand but 7 face cards just didn't do enough sadly as I ended up lacking actions over card quality. I think the crew also missed the SVG which i should prob take over kudra, the shielding only being till end of turn, is a bit meh with my play style and i think the pushes might be more usefull to move up the field. at the end of the day, the crew feels realy realy powerful and much better than anything else arcanists have to offer.... i'm strongly considering selling off half my crews (Ironsides, Kaeris Marcus, leaving myself with meifeng, raspy and Sandeep) and buying in to either ressers or TT
  19. me and a Friend might be looking for a team if anyone fancies taking us on I've got plenty of arcanists and my mate has outcasts, neverborn (and lynch) I could also play ressers at a push (have mcmorning and kirai)
  20. Ironsides in my opinion. Having a key word Grit only function when everyone bunched around 1 model when all the strategies promote spreading out. then again part of me is wanting to ditch my beloved arcanists for ether TT or ressers
  21. to be fair between Marcus complete chance of styles and iron sides no longer being a black hole I've lost 2 of my Favorite arcanist masters
  22. well I've got 0 interest in iron-sides now, at least when she had IWA you could form 2 death bubbles 1 round her and 1 round amina. no you can't and 3/4 strategies promote spreading out (to a degree reckoning also promotes spreading out) sorry ironsides you spent the last 6 months in the box being ignored for other masters, your going to spend the start of m3e in the box too... unless i sell the rest of the M&SU
  23. From theory crafting, both iron sides and Colette have the same issue (maybe slightly less for Colette as she can help with scheams as well with her speed and presto charge) both of them are rather underwhelming if your opponent ignores them. Colette can at least bury on her 0 action to do her AOE distracted and stunned, however iron sides struggles to generate Adrenalin without getting hit and she doesn't have the challenge order of old. the best thing from the opponents point of view is ignore them and pick scheams that requires spreading out, especially vs iron sides as she promotes death balling which only realy helps with reckoning. honestly iron sides is the weakest master in my opinion with the current strategies and even in reckoning, shoot down ironsides and amina and the crew lose grit and so drop off a lot
  24. allow RTR to be used with charges as well as walks? that would buff the entire crew a little to much i guess he does need something though as he does seem a bit meh,
  25. I think if your looking for a mobile murder bot, i think the Arcane Emissary with Diesel Engine is a much better buy, and gives a lot more utility than Howard yes you lose the claws and the execution trigger but don't have a model that isn;t sure weather it wants to be a murder bot or part of the deathball add on to the fact that you need another msu and a power token to make it not feel like your losing out.... i'm leaving howard in the box for now
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