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  1. Yes it's typo, stole the format for old event and missed updating it, should be gg2
  2. the player pack is now in opening post
  3. Hello all! I'm pleased to announce the next event for the Malifaux World Series: The Championship Only the top 16 players in the Vassal rankings will be invited, invites will be sent out after the completion of July's event . This event will run Aug 9th- Sep 19th. This event is split in to 4, 4 man groups with the top 2 from each moving on to a knockout phase, 50ss, singles event. The players pack for the event is Here I am GMT+1 based out of the UK, but this event is open to anyone who wants to play in the top 16. if someone who is in the top 16 who doesn't want to take part please let me know Player's pack with pools will be given out over the weekend World Series rankings will are hosted at https://vassal.malifaux-rankings.com/#/. Huge thanks to Malifaux-Rankings for hosting us! We are working on consolidating our information, but for now, we have these links: Series Event Calendar Player Contact List Game and Match Data Series Rules FAQ - We are trying to keep rules disputes contestant across the series. If something comes up in game, check here first. I will check this post as often as I can, but my preferred contact is via Discord: @dannydb#8008 I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce as of the end of the event I'll be stepping down from my involvement in the running of the vassal community, over the last 2 years having seen the community grow from a small Facebook page with the occasional post a Great discord server, the events that have been run by myself, the world series committee and various other TOs have made this a great place to be and I hope while the return of real life gaming is great and should be encouraged, people don't forget about vassal and the great tool it is. thanks to everyone who has been involved in the community in last two years, this is not to say you wont find me taking part of events and getting the odd pick up game, but I'll be handing over the TOing to the world series community also want to say a big shout out to Steve Johnston and the modding team who have done a great job keeping the module up to date thanks Dannydb
  4. If you get through to world series finals and don't solo molly your aware every single resser is going to hunt you down 😁
  5. No they are not conditions and currently can't be interact with
  6. I think you just play more minion heavy, and sloth is more important now. As long as you can get a early scheme down (maybe with totems shockwaves trigger) he's still fine
  7. I think most TOs wouldn't like this, as said its too abusable withough additional rules. Plus how far do you allow it, if your soloing the band having access to all 8 factions then why can duel faction masters not have a to both factions I don't think it's something that'd going to be allowed for world series
  8. I think the only issue might be if if your taking the full band compared to partial band and other stuff Taking lust as a lead 1 round and putting samurai, fuhatsu and then r2 switching to arcanists and having spider swarms and captain in your crew isn't exactly fair
  9. Bossy sparks is pritty good especially if you boss a golem to off the rails multiple times a turn or it to vent steam
  10. You missed the fact you can now have sparks do command construct to have metal Golem off the rails which is awesome In fact you could have the Golem go off the rail 4 times a turn if you bring joss and amina
  11. I'd still say kandara is a fairly key model, range staggered, gamin teleport trigger and agile are all important in Sandeep
  12. so my basic crew is generaly, meifeng, forgling, sparks, porkchop, golem with cache, rail worker with magical training, and two gamin and 6 stones idea being that the rail worker pneumatic tosses one of the gamin forwards turn 1 to get the rail line going and then the two gamin scheme run, while rest do whats required of them the porkchop and the cache can be taken out to fit in other things as needed alternatively you could swap the rail worker for a suriviver and the porkchop and gamin for spider swams if you think your rail line shenanigans isnt going to work
  13. https://discord.gg/sQtQxtZ Try that link, no idea if league is full
  14. Only models in the app are allowed at world series event
  15. kandara i still think is a key part of the sandeep build for controling space with her ranged staggered, yes her card draw has been hit, but she's still a decent schemer/area controler and still works well with the fire golem I think it also means that SVGs might see more play with know the warrior giving them a tad more play
  16. kabuki warriors are good with wp actions, so yanlo and lynch might get some use of them
  17. yer hopefully should allow me to get a top half finish maybe, realy feeling solid about round 3 and doing some silly things with hamlin
  18. So I've forgotten to update this so I guess I'll do so now Round 1 I faced anya with Mikhail and emmy and it was horrible, I got stuck in my own deployment zone everyone was stunned and I couldn't do anything it was a nightmare. I'd gone with vonshill and didn't take arik for some reason who would have helped a lot vs but it was just a terrible game from me and I was outplayed completely. My opponent was nice enough to agree I would have scored 1 point when we called it turn 3 but 8-1 was what I ended up with Round 2 was the outcast mirror as was vicks for me vs Tara for him and it was horrible for my opponent. Having talked to some of the UK guys they surgested I brought my own nothing beast and well, it just made and opening to destroy my opponent. Round 1 he buries his nothing beast after putting the regen upgread on it..... My nothing beast then focus, charges and hits hit beast for 5. He then fails twice with Karin to heal and unbury it so instead Tara runs up to one of the vick after they had gone and made one fast before Taylor came up and gave her a tickle. The nothing beast then unburied and burnt some stones from me or something. Turn 2 I get initive and well, a vick goes, charges in to Tara with Taylor, flips 13 of masks to hit and does some damage, Taylor then flips severe to hit and then vicks hits 11 masks to hit Tara again and then Taylor takers her down to nothing. It's at this point my opponent gives up as it was pritty much over all together. Still had the 12 of masks in hand with vicks for last ap and then could have chained in to other one to potentially murder the nothing beast between the two vicks wailing on it leaving him with nothing beyond 2 hunters, adionus and the scion vs my entire crew. He's happy to give me the full 8 points though I'd have prob missed 1 vendetta with of nothing vs nothing but have learnt the lesson don't take Tara in to outcasts as they will ring there own nothing beast
  19. id also like to point out this mean toss (in mud) not having melee means its effected by concilement...... dam zip and having to focus to toss you away
  20. well these are good in outcast jack......
  21. So is the consensus I have to bring mad dog? Was mostly keyword with emmy and a Prospector
  22. Well I've got shill in to anya in round 1,so leaning towards scheme marker removal, assassinate and then going from there, currently flip flopping between arik and emmy while bring hannah and a bunch of support models with hope that a rocket boots friecorpman will do business along side shill for symbols while I kill anya then score research mission or something
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