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  1. my dead rider also was emailed separately but came in same box? i ordered a load of stuff, still waiting on the books and a few other things, but i guess as i ordered so much wyrd split my postage which is nice
  2. Reckoning- Jack, Yan lo, Mcmorning. all realy killy masters with great supporting cast. Turf war-Kirai, molly, seamus. all fairly mobile crews that you don't need to keep together (note seamus is good but has bad keyword, and so its better to take vercitile and out of keyword stuff) Explosives- Molly,Kirai. mobile crews that don't need to bubble Idols- Molly and kirai.....as said before mobile crews that don't need to bubble, have summons and can heal vonstuck is good, but i have next to 0 experance with him so not sure what suits him best. reva is converluted and complicated for little gain.. i guess you could play her in reckoning and turf war, but anything she can do, one of our masters can do in a less headache inducing way
  3. the latest vassal modual is found on the malifaux vassal players page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/MalifauxVassalPlayers/ there are plenty of people there that would be happy to give you a demo
  4. Please also note you don't trigger hazodus for activating only for taking actions. You can chose to take no actions and take no hazodus
  5. have a look at the malifaux vassal page found here im not sure how est lines up with gmt but i might be able to give you a game sometime
  6. The only other effect that can kill montresser is execute... And that states it ignores demise
  7. Yes summoners can stuggle in to reckoning. As said mei, kaeris and raspy are all good 2nd buys and can do reckoning well
  8. i guess im wrong...... wow montresser is even better than i thought
  9. A app that allows for online voice and text chat https://discordapp.com/
  10. O yes quite often I do have Banasuva just following the ice golem around when I play. The issue I have is Banasuva is a key part of the crew but is a defence 5 model with almost 0 defensive tech... Eg super easy to kill. You also prob want multiple ice pillers around him for his heal, one of the reasons I tend to bring a silent one
  11. I'm very much of the opinion that the ice golem is the best golem, but needs the most support. Unlike the fire golem who can just stand in the pyre marker he wants to stand in and fire, or the metal golem who isn't going to get scrap to ride the rails to anyway so just needs the one to give himself shielding. The metal golem as said doesn't get much from sandeeps crew but doesn't need a lot, he generates his own scrap and just needs one a turn for his shielding action.
  12. Raspy is the ice queen from arcanists. Both her and eurpides work with ice pillers that are impassive terrain. A lot of their game play is putting them in the opponents way to disrupt their game plan creating choke points and slowing the opponent down where needed
  13. Titania and Pandora are both realy cool models. Both offer control in different ways and Titania is one of the more tanky crews in neverborn Reva is realy in an odd position this time around, her mechanic IMHO is realy clunky and her guys are not as tanky as they come accross as they shielding is needed to prevent the burning damage and for reva to bounce her attacks through I think if your looking for board control raspy and the new neverborn cyclops guy also do it quite well with ice pillers while the new TT lady does a lot of hand control would be the other ones I'd surgest looking in to
  14. I'd say there are plenty of other things nurses being. Tools for the job can be realy powerful and an get you the suit you need for the heal as well as removing problematic conditions Seduction can prevent people stacking up focus and give out a distracted. Yes the trigger isn't something your likely to give out but when it does go off its funny And the attack isn't bad daze is a realy good trigger if you want control and infect makes the attack psudo min 3 All this and more for 7 points....
  15. I'd certainly bring a mage they have great condition removal and can also lower the poison off mcmorings crew to get slow instead I'd also look at switch out the metal gamin for ice or fire to get 2 golems on the field turn 1
  16. Yes I do find a nurse or a bone pile not a bad shout in Jack to keep Jack, montresser and guilty alive
  17. at least we get benifits from focus and then attacking him which is the best way round butterfly jump
  18. can surgest my sandeep tactica. I played sandeep a lot during beta and it explains a lot about him
  19. The insignificant rule clearly states that these models can not interact nor do they count towards strategy and scheams
  20. I'n the early turns drawing cards handing out focus, reactivating crooligans so archie and the necro can go as late as possible and going from there Later turns mostly scheming and killing stuff
  21. Yes I do think the golems are quite match up dependent. The ice and metal golem are easily taken down to anti armour. However the fire golem can be easily taken down by condition removal
  22. My understanding is that staggered doesn't drop off end of activation rather than avoiding condition removal
  23. I quite like a list of molly, totem, archie, sloth, rouge necro, Sebastian and 2 crooligans. Archie and rouge necro are main beaters which you keep healed up with sloth for archie (as he can't get slow from free action) and Sebastian to heal necro (posion shenanigans) The crooligans can then just do your scheam running
  24. Have a look at the malifaux vassal players group on Facebook, there are several of us on their
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