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  1. Latest module (27/08/20) with new maps and some new features. Draw hand button,(right click for options to draw 5 or 7 too, dirty arcanists),draw multiple cards, trackers to keep track of cards in deck/discard. Space for those lucid dreams. Stacking cards together (double click to stack/unstack). Shortcut to put the different glow rims on models a/ctrl-a. Due to these features you may run into issues if running against someone on an older module so please try to stay updated. As always, any problems let me know. http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/3/37/M3E-Malifaux-v1i.v
  2. Not a top player but willing to give it a go at some point as always good to play good players. Its how we improve
  3. Although strange it doesn't match a core box like nightmare ones usually do especially as costing more than the core box
  4. Need a 3rd option, total points. If your team doesn't qualify then thats bad for you. Consider like golden boot in football World cup. Teams who qualify through have more chance of their strikers scoring more goals and winning this.
  5. Iirc the faq was specifically in the nvb section for nekima, so yeah it could be. They wrote the faq badly tbh as now you have certain people richocheting into the same target or not being able to pass to another model than the one carrying something etc. As to calling it a UK meta tourney, the rulings are going to represent the way the TO plays locally, same as if the TO was from the US, rulings would be how they consider them locally. @dannydb is the only person to step up and try to organise this worldwide event including prize support, think people should stop jumping on hi
  6. I'm guessing your meta allows richochets into original targets too. Tbh he is the TO and for this event then its his ruling. In your own events or meta you can make the ruling.
  7. If you flip the RJ then its 10 max damage for her, which I think is highest in the game. Can certainly 1 punch things but yeah she has easy access to 5/7/9
  8. can a friendly model obey (or oyabans command etc) a model with staggered to move? My opinion is no because the obey is a friendly effect. Other people are stating it can because the move action is that models oqn choice (but it only got its move because of a friendly)
  9. If you obey something out an engagement range they still have to use a disengaging strike anyway as they don't change sides, they still count as enemy to enemies and friendly to friendlies throughout the obey.
  10. Rogue Necromany into chimera, so marcus gets his experiment back (edit: had put rougarou by mistake)
  11. Wow interesting few pages. Schill for me is the hardest one to choose anyone else over. He has tools for every job and can do them better than alot of our other masters whilst countering the enemy. I kind of hate how everyone in certain metas thinks levi is overtuned because even as he is now I have a hard time choosing him in to anything, eapecially when I have schill. If schill were to be buffed I would solo him (as it is i almost do anyway, just not symbols so much).
  12. True but they have guns. Tbh maddog needs a scheme marker to get that far. I should have mentioned melee with that threat range as he is a melee beater. Pointing out how melee range 0" is not as bad as it looks for bishop compared to others
  13. I can see your point but hes another avenue of attack. he also brings extra movement to a pretty much full melee crew. As said I run him with taelor so they both move 2" forward, then get another 3" of movement and then get to do all the stuff they would normally do, whilst the viks go off and do their thing. Yes his 0" melee isnt great, but he has an effective 20" threat range even with that, how many other models get that? also with auto staggered, maybe auto stun if you choose that, its no easier to disengage from him than many 1" melee models (he effectively already starts at a mode
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