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  1. Knights are usually up the centre with titania or holding flanks as they are tough and so can counter scheme that way (had a knight delay tara enough to stop her getting 2 breakthrough vp). They are some if neverborn toughest models outside of masters and they can hit hard whilst moving people with into the thorns. Also get incidental damage on hitting people back. As for the 0 card draw in crew, that's another reason to take knights, they are minions that can safely hold ancient pact. I know alot of people are against knights but I am loving them
  2. He kills something to return so unless it's the Gorar hes just become alot more expensive. When you consider the grave golem has a similar return but just has to have a corpse marker and hits as hard
  3. Not a fan of killjoy mostly because if his method of returning. Also would love inhuman reflexes on the rougarou but cant afford it without dropping an ancient pact so depend which I find is most useful. Personally prefer the +1 init and card draw.
  4. Titanias crew is great, although you will find she does alot of the heavy lifting (along with aeslin and the emissary). Dont fall into the trap of putting your underbrush just outside their DZ to slow them down, you want them near where the action is. Also aeslin is good for moving models into the underbrush for Titania to get her plus flips as Aeslin has built in into the thorns trigger. I always put inhuman reflexes on titania as she likes to be in the middle of things using her lifeleech and generally killing stuff. supported with a couple of autumn knights with challenge and their df6 with a nice resistance trigger is good. I rarely make any extra underbrush markers apart from with titania but thats only if I have the mask in hand so she can teleport up a bit faster than walking. I have tried bultungin but they are too squishy for their abilities so get taken down very quickly, my usual crew is: Neverborn, 50 SS Soul Stone Cache: 4 [Masters] - Titania, Leader + Inhuman Reflexes [Henchmen] - Aeslin [Enforcers] - Gorar - Mysterious Emissary [Minions] - Autumn Knight + Ancient Pact - Autumn Knight + Ancient Pact - Rougarou
  5. yes he can be buried. place is a move, taking off the table to bury isnt
  6. It maybe but as said in the rules anything talking about that is range and zoraida for example measures range from her eyes in the night model so this is the range that counts and if it's less than 6" then its fine
  7. To push towards itself it has to implode so obviously removed as casualty
  8. You can get around stealth with nodes. Any effect that references an object being within a distance is talking about range. As range is measured from the swampfiend/corpse marker/ice pillar/academic they get around stealth as they use the node for determining their range to target. Page 13 of the rulebook.
  9. the peackeeper is useful though as with a good ram and the spending of a power token he is min 5 so doesnt really care then about titanis aura. this is my usual crew (although its arcanist hoff) : Arcanists, 50 SS Soulstone cache 3 [Masters] - Charles Hoffman, Leader [Henchmen] - Joss [Enforcers] - Mechanical Attendant - Peacekeeper [Minions] - Guardian + Magical Training - Hunter - Hunter the hunters can be swapped out for other stuff but I like the speed (and shooting) they bring. this crew can be really fast as joss can be 22" across the board (assuming no terrain in the way) with fast before he even activates and then remove a model quite happily
  10. how are you using hoffman as his crew is even more tanky and has easy healing (titania crews see little healing tbh). guess it depends what you are using and what they are using.
  11. Module is m3e complete now as far as I know. I am gradually working through alternate models but thats not a rush. If you do spot any issues let me know and I will sort them. Updated 17/09/19 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nm245obm51wahla/M3E - v1b?dl=0
  12. You mention models that have no defence against that cost alot more, dont get summoned in and you dont have 3 of. A 10 of masks to being one of these in Gamble gets around everything (except armour and stones), cover, concealment, resistance triggers, incorporeal, stealth, terror, manipulative and even being able to resist it. It happens with no resistance and it's not a gamble as stitched just use that 13 they had to guarantee it. Out of all the things that need nerfing these are top of the pile as I have seen them put people off even playing the game.
  13. So now we need a beater to use 2 activations to focus it down and you still think this 6ss model isnt a problem? It's the main npe event for people playing dreamer and is causing issues. Ruthless isnt that widely available, our summons outside of stitched are good, the dreamer does not go down that easily as he still has serene countenance on top of everything else. Have you actually played much dreamer? My crews rarely start with more than 2 lucid dreams anyway as every summon brings in more and too much of it will see you throwing away red joker (which I do most turns even with my limited stuff). I also dont start with any stitched. I have no problems killing things though as most my opponents can attest I am an aggressive player. One of my dreamer crews: Neverborn, 50 SS Soul Stone Cache: 5 [Masters] - The Dreamer, Leader + Ancient Pact [Henchmen] - Lord Chompy Bits + Inhuman Reflexes - Widow Weaver - Hinamatsu + Inhuman Reflexes [Enforcers] - Teddy - Coppelius [Minions] - Daydream
  14. Some people still play fixed crews or masters and playing one means you get alot better with it. I believe alyx in the uk ran a fixed McCabe crew as explorers in a recent tourney and still got on the podium. So no malifaux isnt apay to win and tbh sometimes having too many options can mess up your gameplay (think that's my problem)
  15. Really? They have df6 which means on average you are on a negflip assuming they havent just put in a 13 for defense from their removed cards. They also have armour 1, so as min damage is generally 2 that's 6 hits, maybe 4 to account for the odd moderate on negflip. And everytime you hit them they give you poison back. Most models with armour have less wounds than their cost and also are not so high df. I am a dreamer player and I know these are ruining the game and putting people off playing more than any other model in the game it anything else we have listed here. As for damage in dreamer crews, we have min 3 damage from chompy,effective min 3 from Selena, min 3 from teddy, effective min 3 from carver. So depending on what you bring I really dont see us lacking for damage output..nothing wrong with relying on enforcers for your damage output, alot of crews have to and we shouldn't be putting out damage that ignores all defenses on a summon able minion that has min 3. I would even consider them being 2/3/4 on gamble as let's be honest it's not much of a gamble
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