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  1. Much as I agree I have seen people rule it that you remove all tokens from all models if you choose to remove any. Love the ambiguity in wyrd rules writing sometimes 😂
  2. Download the pdfs then print 4 pages per page on a4, this seems to give the right size cards
  3. Latest update seems to have removed upgrades from all my crews. I can add them back in again (hopefully they stay) but thought would bring it up. Edit: also duplicated all my crews for some reason
  4. Exactly, as the ability says, it if fails the enemy gets to do the damage, hence the gamble. The duel creates the accuracy modifiers
  5. That still gives you an accuracy modifier imo, just have to give it to the opponent. So damage flip with a negative
  6. I think aionus needed the nerf tbh as you can still summon stuff through making enemies fast. he still has the ability to get multiple pass tokens if he wishes but its no longer automatic for breaking the game flow.
  7. I would say as per the FAQ then any accuracy modifiers play either way. so if the stitched loses by 2 then the enemy flips a negative damage flip against the stitched.
  8. Taking 3 symbols was hard enough, now we have to take 4? Guess this strat becomes wacky races if you want 4vp. Looking forward to the release though.
  9. Looking forward to it again.
  10. Its Johnston, not Johnson 🤪 Looking forward to getting to element finally.
  11. He doesnt get to copy the tomes suit as that is part of Ninos stat. It says the stat for this attack is equal to the stat for this action. So its unsuited stat 6.
  12. it does only happen rarely as not every duel gets within 1 or even 2 of each other but it would be nice again for clarification on this subject. I can see it from both sides and have been playing it the majority way, but just because majority interpret something one way doesnt mean its the correct way. I would hope I am always playing something the correct way but until someone points out a possible alternate way of doing something it isnt usually an issue. out of all the modifiers I am unsure how many say final duel total, but as said within the rules the only place that mentions modifiers is step D (or 4 on the big detailed timing chart which is less detailed) which is why I put this question up here to see what people think and if it changes their ideas? has certainly made me think, but clarification would be nice.
  13. Latest module with some fixes, new maps and ponies (updated 09/01/20): http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/4/4b/M3E-Malifaux-v1d.vmod
  14. Ok this came up in another question. A duel works by both flip a card and add stats to total(step B), then cheat (step C), then work out final total by adding modifiers (step D). By this all modifiers to duels such as chi, fortify the spirit, pursue, bigger they are, nice shot dear would come in after cheating RAW. Is this correct? I know cards override rulebook but nothing on the cards I can see say they override it so does that mean yan lo has to go into a duel with his stat 3 or 4 to decide who cheats 1st and then add his +3 after? Mostly it wont matter or change cheating order due to modifiers of generally 1 but for yan lo or chi it can matter. Is this RAI or an oversight?
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