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  1. if you want to take down my waifs with 10ss lazarus feel free arik will be targeted at range by irreducible damage and after that nothing else is bothered by the friekorps. running both I really wouldnt want to run von schill into levi
  2. Irreducible is within its rule irreducible which is why it cant be reduced. Burning doesnt say its irreducible or that it ignores incorporeal. The reason burning noraly ignores it is because it happens in the end phase and so isnt an attack action. However as this is an attack action and that is the only qualification incorporeal requires then it reduces damage. Burning is a general rule in the book, incorporeal is a special rule on a card, cards over ride book so incorporeal reduces this damage.
  3. its still from an attack action. the damage is from an attack action and until the action is complete then it stays an attack action including any damage mitigation. This means incorporeal does reduce damage as it says nothing about conditions. its only requirement is that its an attack action and scorch the soul is.
  4. under the timing layout in the rules everything to do with an action is included in part C.2. so until that is complete then the action is not complete. so any damage cause by an action under this must have come from that action. if its an attack action then incorporeal can reduce it. on the obey thing, you have to finish your action as in part c.2 before carrying out the obeyed action so a different action altogether.
  5. if it came from burning it would do 2 damage? it requires an attack action to do said damage so it is caused by an attack action. incorporeal states that it reduces damage from attack actions by 1 to a minimum of 0. this is an attack action, whatever the source of damage it is an attack action. so to complete said attack action the incorporeal reduces damage by 1.
  6. My opinion is as follows but others would say different: 3 damage as Incorporeal requires 1 thing to work and that says if its an attack action which this is. The reason they had to mention burning is so that models immune to burning damage dont take damage. The reason burning is not normally stopped by incorporeal is because normally it doesnt come from an attack action, but this is still an attack action.
  7. destructible terrain yes, but not markers (such as undergrowth or hungry land)
  8. which is ok if you expect titania but if you havent declared zipp then you have none of that. not sure if Outcasts have stuff that can just remove markers
  9. engineers are great card cyclers and can pick up a good card from top of your deck what is the rest of your crew? I do find von schill very tough but I tend to run 1 of alot of things
  10. remind me to kill them if I see them
  11. I find that 1 librarian plus hannah, steam trunk and engineers is enough healing so have never gone that deep into it. but yeah thats alot of attrition (until your opponents figure on anti-heal tech)
  12. everyone says chompy is easy to deal with, which is true in theory if hes in the middle of your crew. but early game he tends to be shielded from dreamer, plus he has terrifying 12 (so for most people a 7 to hit) and I know I play him with butterfly jump. on top of all that he has soulstone use, regen 2 and can heal everytime you fail a WP check engaged with him. so to take chompy down you have to have a good hand and some really good damage plus concentrate on him alot, preferably after he activates.
  13. you still have the old misprint high river monk card in it. but otherwise, keep up the good work, thanks
  14. updated top post with latest links. forgot about here as normally post it in vassal facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MalifauxVassalPlayers/
  15. Only time I would consider it is as a henchmen leader upgrade to effigy. And we dont have good henchmen leaders compared to actual masters Otherwise always want the emissary early.
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