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  1. its not difficult to not score, just take a fast crew, avoid the enemy. Sounds pretty boring tbh, becomes like malifaux tag
  2. New module link, should have all Malifaux burns stuff in and correct: https://obj.vassalengine.org/images/e/e8/M3E-Malifaux_Burns-v3a.vmod
  3. Lord Cooper is very much a British aristocrat. Also the prospects have the idea you're looking for too. At the time of malifaux Ireland is fully part of the UK as well. Not entirely sure why you want a parody style British though, obviously they were still very successful at the time both historically and in malifaux universe.
  4. He doesn't, he lives on vassal and all the salty tears
  5. Latest module, includes all previewed models so far. There will be another not too long after full release but this helps you play with what's currently shown. You will need engine 3.5.8 at a minimum to run this. https://vassal.us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/images/5/5a/M3E-Malifaux_Burns-v3.vmod
  6. katadder

    Bugs today

    Internet is stable at around 150 meg so that shouldnt be an issue. seems ok of late, i know sparks in older crews caused issues
  7. katadder

    Bugs today

    App seems buggy today, keeps trying to re-download, some cards show up, then disappear. Even had gg2 disappear at one point. Mostly seems to be in crews built previously I have uninstall and reinstalled, I have cleared data and cache etc so tried all the usual fixes but still bugged. I'm on android. Anyone else having these issues? Edit: think I found the issue. It was on all crews I had where sparks was hired as an enforcer prior to the change. Removed him and re-added seems to have fixed it for now. (Still doesn't explain gg2 disappearing but can't replicate that)
  8. Yeah if people don't notice these things they don get changed, demise is the one that's often missed out but will get them corrected. Thought I had created a dust devil but obviously not so will look at doing that too.
  9. Yeah people don't hire lazarous, and there are enough models in outcasts that target buried that it doesn't matter much anyway.
  10. Vassal module 3.2c is live. You need to have at least engine 3.5.4 This is the module updated to current 2021 errata As always, any faults drop me a line. http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/5/5e/M3E-Explorers-v2c.vmod
  11. Thats the malifaux mod, this is the ToS one 😂 But people using other conditions seems to work fine tbh
  12. Hi all, I have updated the vassal module with a couple of fixes that were annoying some players. 10 new maps that the cards should all work properly on, plus a couple of other bug fixes: toughness can be damaged, some assets swapped to right place. http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/1/1b/TheOtherSide1.1.vmod
  13. Just get your game in before the Wednesday in case of errata drop as you know the stalker will be getting hit 😂😂😂
  14. I have used viks previously to advantage because of assassinate as you know they will pick it so denied it all game.
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