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  1. Amusingly I actually run all of those masters (well not seamus) normally with very little OOK so I could probably run my standard crews in a tourney like this.
  2. yeah, thats not going to happen, the models are being released and we have them all on vassal, the book is out also, fully printed, plus cards so people would not be happy if the entire faction changes after they put money into it
  3. Apologies wasn't meant to be an insult as I do see people I know fishing sometimes by being controversial, it can also create debate. That comment came from so far out though that I made what was obviously a bad assumption.
  4. If you think that I think you have ever played a decent kirai player. Although the more I see of your posts I just think you're bored at work and fishing by dropping controversial subjects 🤣🤣
  5. I think kirai would do well. Again you have the summon options to throw away. Ikiriyo stops them passing damage around. Goryo have their decent attacks and a pulse damage against wp which is good into the faction. Then you have vengeance too so lots of extra stuff going on. She also has jaakuna with a stat 7 lure which is highest in the game so can hopefully break up the bubble some.
  6. each to their own I guess, I like to have at least 1 acolyte, I even have a crew with 3 of them. As for stat 5, into explorers alot of them are wp5 or less so not a problem. Also brings tools for the job which is a nice card cycle allowing easier mutilate
  7. I know you guys don't like raspy but don't think you use her keyword if you think she has no anti armour. I happen to like her keyword and acolytes who have analyse weakness
  8. I actually think her shockwave is better as lower masks required to get it off 6 times and hopefully plenty of targets near the marker. Plus is gives slow and staggered making subsequent markers hit easier. Then you have more shockwaves from snowstorm and even the golem can contribute with his hazardous 2 aura
  9. I do have to try some of these masters into explorers as I think they have uses. Also raspy crew is fine 🤪
  10. Honestly haven't tried it but I think mcmourning has game into explorers. Only wp5 so no summoned brocken, hard to wound across the crew helps too. Also healing from poison doesn't happen during activation phase so is ok with jedza. I do need to try this, could be interesting. Then you have blasts from sonnia, shockwaves from wong, both from raspy. All the perceived weaker masters may have found their place.
  11. But she's also a fairly easy kill. Df5 enforcer with just a shielded for protection.
  12. Yeah viks are great, they are fast, still kill. Just not the throw away missiles they used to be.
  13. Aeslin is fine and I use her all the time. But your play experience may differ. Next purchase for fae should be the emissary as he is great in the crew.
  14. Would be nice if she had her old armour piercing trigger back.
  15. she is probably my 2nd most played master after schill, and certainly most played in NVB and I always take aeslin. She has study as well as the trigger for draw out secrets.
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