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  1. That's the thing with nationals. The difference between 5th and 31st was 1 game lost. So massive variance in possibilities
  2. I don't remember her being that good. But I didnt do the play test for long.
  3. Well maybe because I suggest fixes to some of the most "broken" models in every faction I play 😁 Shenlong - lose the irreducible trigger from normal attack and lose the 6" move off fermented. If he wasnt so fast he wouldn't surprise people and without irreducible 2/3/5 even always on plus flips wouldn't be bad. ss miners - insignificant the turn they unbury. Allows some counterplay to outflank etc as at the moment there is none. Spider swarms - lose built in onslaught, maybe put carried away in a different trigger and build that in. Stat 5 attack as pseudo stat 7 anyway. Stitched - lower df to 5. Make gamble an attack? 2nd one not so sure but they need something
  4. Wasnt personal but it gets annoying when I post some stats anywhere with the caveat that I have posted in everything from release of 3rd that I get followed and basically say I'm slanting things. When it is also being slanted another way. As said I am unbiased as I play multiple factions and I know shenlong needs tweaking, but so does some arcanist stuff and I am sure stuff in my other factions (stitched, although I dont hire them, just summon sometimes) For completeness then to go with my post, podiums since 3e release Arcanists 7 Thunders 11 Outcasts 12 Neverborn 4 Bayou 3 Explorers 1 Ressers 3 Guild 1 So 3 factions are consistently in the top 3. Does it mean anything is dominating as yet or is that just what people are playing the most? I mean thunders was most represented at uk nationals but also at least 2 fixed shenlong players were mid 60s for position. Guild are certainly least represented with their only podium being a win. Alyx and dave probably represent the majority of those thunders results, james and matt Lewin probably represent the majority of the arcanists, with radek doing the outcasts. Thing is they are all good players and matt for example had the guild right near the top for quite some time in 2e. So is it factions or players?
  5. Some people seem to be asking about crews so will post mine. Game 1 vs shenlong (win 7-2), I chose deliver and outflank. Misaki, shang, ototo, fuhatsu - silent protector, lone swordsman, 2 samurai Game 2 vs shenlong (loss 4-6), I chose assassinate and take prisoner. Shenlong, 2 students, sensei yu, dawn serpent, 2 thunder archers, 2 wandering river monks, low river monk Game 3 vs thunders mei feng (win 5-3), I chose claim jump and deliver a message. Same Misaki crew as game 1. Game 4 vs McCabe (win 7-2), I chose claim jump and take prisoner. Mei feng, forgeling, fuhatsu - silent protector, sparks - trained ninja, metal golem, metal gamin, rail worker, shadow effigy. Game 5 vs pandora (win 6-1), I chose take prisoner and breakthrough. Shenlong - masked agent, 2 students, sensei yu, low river monk, fuhatsu, 2 samurai - silent protectors Game 6 vs seamus (loss 4-5), I chose assassinate and search the ruins Misaki crew same as game 1 and 3. Game 7 vs molly (win 8-4), I chose outflank and claim jump. Shenlong, 2 students, sensei yu, fuhatsu - silent protector, lone swordsman, 2 wandering river monks, 2 low river monks I had some very good games over the weekend, although 4 thunders on day 1 was alot. Still cant get the dawn serpent to do anything for me but then it was jumped on turn 1 by a fast yasanori so didnt get to do much. Overall shenlong won 2, lost 1, misaki won 2, lost 1 and mei feng won 1. Extremely happy with my end position and generally happy with how I played the crews. Thanks to dave brown for organising and to all my opponents for a fun weekend.
  6. James the reason I did it from release is before then alot less people were playing or they were messing around with other things as it was still beta so it's not misleading in the slightest as I do put from release in my post. Also alot of those prior TT wins were dave laing at 8 round scottish events, so if anything your posts are more misleading. Tbh you try this misleading all the time as protection for arcanists who cant seem to play without their 2 crutches. Even going by your numbers for TT most of those are dave or alyx, neither of whom use everyone's favourite problem child, compared to every arcanist in your numbers (and mine) will have had at least 1 or 2 ss miners and/or 1 or 2 spider swarms. It also means arcanists start with a cache of 1 or 2 and it's not an issue for them as the miners are running schemes easy as well as providing stones for no card flip, which gives the arcanists a leg up over their opponents. I am yet to see you play without these crutches and you even admit in a deep dive it's what you do (it's what I do too unless playing ironsides, and looking at your EGT crews everyone has ss miners and 3 also had arachnids, is that not a problem?). I'm actually fairly unbiased as my faction choices this year spread over 3 factions so far (2 thunders, 2 outcasts, 2 neverborn) with me playing guild this weekend coming. I know shenlong needs tweaked and inhave suggested fixes which people think goes too far but so also do the arcanist crutches as playing against arcanists is already getting stale. So is thunders dominating? Not at all, but there are some tweaks needed.
  7. TT are not dominating uk tourneys though. They have won 2 since 3e release. Outcasts have also won 2 and arcanists have won 5. The other factions have 1 each. So 2 out of 13 so far. Yep totally broken and need nerfing
  8. If you love the idea of zipp then go with him. Rule of cool. He is very good too. Levi is my main outcast main and he is pretty good, just have to protect your waifs but as a wmh player you are used to protecting models. I would also suggest the viks, straight forward crew, very mobile and hit hard. Glass cannons as well which is what legion was iirc
  9. You complete your action before you take damage from hazardous terrain. So the walk isnt damaging you, it is triggering hazardous terrain which damages you after your action has finished
  10. i do tend to take hinamatsu in zoraida so in theory could get 4 out of activation attacks for 1 of zoraidas. very card intensive though
  11. Well only thing I can find in the rules relating to choices is attached. It also includes the choice of may but no alternate to not choose so make of it as you will. The model making the choice may choose either option provided they have the capability to choose that option
  12. Well they make the choice 1st on which aura gets used as active player. Then you get to make your decision on what happens out of your many options. Active player always chooses first. And he is in 3 auras that are always on. Then you choose what you do.
  13. Again going into different things like flurry, it's no relevant. auras are always active (even misery) ,you cant choose to trigger your aura, you can just choose the effect of it and if overlapping then the active player chooses who gets to make that choice of effect. So active player is in pandora, candy and sorrows aura. Activates so gains stunned from candy, choose pandoras aura as he is active player and all 3 auras are named the same. Then you make your choice of what to do.
  14. You're the one who added another option to the either or. Well whatever you choose option B is the best you will get as in the case of overlapping misery the active player gets to choose which one effects him as per the rules as they are all named the same. If you decide not to do anything with it then that's your choice, you cant then say another models aura will effect him as unless you are the active player you can't choose (so best to have overlapping auras in your activation)
  15. Auras are always on though they are not triggers. So yes you can choose not to move a model or do damage with pandoras aura but the active player can still choose hers for the stunned. The once per activation when a model gains stunned or a condition listed in the opportunity is the cause of the choice. So if you choose not to do anything that's your choice but her aura has still been triggered and chosen by the active player for that activation.
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