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  1. Wow interesting few pages. Schill for me is the hardest one to choose anyone else over. He has tools for every job and can do them better than alot of our other masters whilst countering the enemy. I kind of hate how everyone in certain metas thinks levi is overtuned because even as he is now I have a hard time choosing him in to anything, eapecially when I have schill. If schill were to be buffed I would solo him (as it is i almost do anyway, just not symbols so much).
  2. True but they have guns. Tbh maddog needs a scheme marker to get that far. I should have mentioned melee with that threat range as he is a melee beater. Pointing out how melee range 0" is not as bad as it looks for bishop compared to others
  3. I can see your point but hes another avenue of attack. he also brings extra movement to a pretty much full melee crew. As said I run him with taelor so they both move 2" forward, then get another 3" of movement and then get to do all the stuff they would normally do, whilst the viks go off and do their thing. Yes his 0" melee isnt great, but he has an effective 20" threat range even with that, how many other models get that? also with auto staggered, maybe auto stun if you choose that, its no easier to disengage from him than many 1" melee models (he effectively already starts at a moderate off their move if he had hit them with staggered). I do wish he had built in defensive trigger like he used to as you have to win and have the crow to do anything back, mancha has it I believe. in theory Marlena might be good but she cant keep up with a mercenary crew, which if it wasnt for zipp would probably be our fastest crew.
  4. Well reading through some of this thread I am seriously going, what? Wow? Some of the stuff you want buffed is crazy. Von schill needs something for Lazarus but otherwise is one of my top picks in outcasts for almost any pool. Grenade belts by the way are great for mass scheme marker removal,especially vs crews that can place alot close together. Bishop, great model, great beater. Wish he still had his defensive trigger built in, but with 2" move at start of the turn, chain gang and 3 actions he is fine where he is, especially as he can get to min 4 or easily put out stunned. Pandora and titania are great. Would I want more on bultungin? Yes as they are squishy but the keywords are fine. Pandora certainly doesn't need another range attack, between all her options it's often a struggle to decide what to use. Just wish her simple duels didnt require 7s to go off. Not going through everything but have posted on defense of 4 of my top keywords
  5. Hi all, please download the latest vassal module linked below. It fixes alot of maps to use for gg1 so there shouldn't be blocked places for strat markers etc. This one may have issues with people using older versions as maps will appear slightly differently so people on older modules may not see the same as you do. Something worth checking their module if any confusion. http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/f/ff/M3E-Malifaux-v1h.vmod
  6. That needs to be on a 120mm base or downsized toa malisaurus raptor or something. Its just too big for this skirmish game
  7. The rules are free online on the wyrd resources page. Then the app is free too
  8. Hinamatsu, Coryphee Duet, 2 Wicked Dolls (or 2 Coryphee and Vasilisa, assuming the coryphee can become a duet in HH)
  9. See yet again all you can do is respond with insults due to not agreeing with a counter argument. Sorry but if you aim for 3 turns you will never learn to play faster as that is your aim so why would you try to push past it? So yes the thing holding you back is you. Unfortunately for you, you are the minority loud voice in the room as across forums, factions chats etc this doesnt seek to be a problem for the majority and that's American metas as well as other countries. So I agree, the loud minority does make intelligent conversation impossible, it's just the loud minority dont recognise who they are.
  10. Chess clocks are a bad thing in faux (and I was a supporter of them in warmahordes). Tbh they arnt great ik general as they cause bad feelings when people lose by them as I have seen. Also if i have had a complete game but only used 40 minutes and my opponent used 1 hrs 20 then i am happier than them timing out. Would rather play full games than win this way. Simple thing is, the minority who seem to be aiming for 3 turns (which we only hear from loudest sources making them seem more people) need to start playing for a full game, this will remove their subconscious bias and hopefully speed them up. If you aim to play 3 turns as these people do, chances are you will only play 3 turns. Also with 2 hours that's 40 minutes per turn (50 with 2.5 hours) if only playing 3, who takes (being generous and splitting equally) 20 minutes to activate 7,8 or 9 models? That's reduliculous. Use your opponents time to plan ahead, I normally know once they choose a model to activate who is going next and have a general idea where they are heading and what they are attempting to do.
  11. @RisingPhoenix if you dont play round 5 how can you say its least impactful? For some of us it has a massive impact on the game, and it's also usually fairly quick as less stuff left. Give you an example, a game I played today on vassal. Both of us using stuff we are not used to, even with cigarette breaks etc that was only a 3 hour game. Now vassal is supposed to be longer anyway and we had loads going on with stuff we are not used to plus breaks. In person at a tourney with no breaks this would have easily been finish in 2.5 hours, more likely 2 hours. And I scored 5vp in turns 4 and 5, still lost (but that's due to not seeing something that could have scored me a point if more familiar). So it's not even lack of familiarity as a reason, it's just slow play. Guys who play 3 turn games have become accustomed to that and I honestly dont think they will manage to get out of that rut if they dont force themselves to play 5 somehow and speed up.
  12. I have an option to add that might encourage speedier play - you can only score end of game vp at the real end of the game, ie end of turn 5. if you dont make it then you dont score. minor change to the schemes from end of game to end of turn 5 in the wording and we are done. This then makes it less likely the 3 turn players can win a tourney as they are capped to probably 4vp (2 schemes, 2 strat) vs a full 5 turn player
  13. Try reading, I said end of 3 I was 4-0 down. Easy to score points needed if set up for final turns as I expected and got 5 rounds (2 strat, 3 scheme). And it's not so hard to think I could stop him scoring turn 4 and 5 when I had been stopped from scoring for the 1st 3 turns. It was also a tourney ran by a henchman who runs the biggest tourney in the world, which guess what,I get to end of round 5 in all those games too. 4 rounds will hurt this game as the 1st round is often move and focus, and unless you change how the game works entirely some crews will never see play as they are not fast enough to get places to score round 1. As I said before, aim for round 5, if you consistently aim for round 3 you are subconsciously playing a 3 round game and will not learn to speed up your play and therefore get the full malifaux experience. This is one of the best games out there, and most of us who spend money and travel want to play full games of it, not half games.
  14. Top table in my 1st m3e tourney, if it ended at round 3 I would have lost 4-0, however I was fortunately playing a 5 round game so went on to win 5-4 and take the top spot
  15. I think they should put the variable end back in for those of us with time, so can go to round 6, 7 or even 8 😂
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