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  1. I really hope they FAQ this soon but I believe it is meant to say if you start you movement in base to base, not if you start your activation. being able to pop up halfway across the board and then issue orders is over the top and not good for the game as it takes away all downsides of this mobility and you will just have units lining up at a portal behind a forest to jump through and ambush the enemy without them being able to do a thing about it. if this is how all the COTBM players have been playing it then its no wonder they seem to be smashing everyone
  2. If a unit starts in contact with a portal can it teleport before being given an order so that it can move after the teleport? or do orders come first?
  3. katadder

    Titan Resculpts?

    Why? They could certainly have done more with the scale. Have a look at privateer press storm strider for an example of a to scale walker on the same size base.
  4. katadder

    Titan Resculpts?

    Do we think there is any chance of the dreadnought getting a result so it's in scale? As a centre piece model to our faction I really want one but unless it grows and stops being crewed by children I won't be getting it.
  5. katadder

    Uk Masters 2019 + Side Events (19th/20th Jan)

    Paid for both events (Steve Johnston)
  6. katadder

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    Yeah you can, but not normally like this 😂 Don't think I ever hire an abomination
  7. katadder

    Homemade maps

    send me your maps and I can add them to a vassal mod, you have to wait until I put out the next mod before they appear though
  8. katadder

    Gwyneth Maddox release date?

    She's out now, I got mine today
  9. katadder

    Uk Masters 2019 + Side Events (19th/20th Jan)

    Have John and Greg confirmed yet? Hanging in to see if I get a chance 😂
  10. To throw a spanner in the works, mason has just said the grave spirit is a tyrant
  11. katadder

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    Agreed, maybe it's another retcon?
  12. katadder

    Uk Masters 2019 + Side Events (19th/20th Jan)

    I doubt I will be in masters (19th, I was robbed I tell ya) but will still be at the weekend so could you put me (Steve Johnston) down for both side events and will pay on payday, cheers
  13. katadder

    login? did i miss smth?

    See Nathan's post above. For future things
  14. @Mason I assume the avatars will continue to be official proxies for the emissaries?
  15. what if there is no master upgrade this edition? all thoughts of that are based off 2e and I know they said they want less upgrades this edition (which is bad as it takes away list customisation, which pandora will I face out of a possible 3? etc)