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  1. katadder

    Big Jake

    his rule specifically says he can interact on his return: Unexpected Return: During the Start Phase of Turn 5, if this model was hired into your Crew and is no longer in play, Summon Big Jake into base contact with a friendly model, the Summoned model may take the Interact Action this Turn.
  2. Not sure Happy to be proven wrong but thats why I asked the question.
  3. I have a question regarding irreducible damage against hoffmans temper steel buff. hoffmans buff says: Temper Steel:Friendly Construct only.Target Heals 1 and until the End Phase, its Armor Ability cannot be ignored. there are rules that ignore armour, such as: Armor Piercing:When resolving, damage from this Action ignores Armor. and specific weapons that state they ignore armour and in these cases hoffmans buff would work but what about against irreducible damage? As written I believe that irreducible damage still cant be reduced by armour as its not ignoring the armour as such.
  4. Not a difficult change. If they release the current one I can update base sizes if there is already an option for that size
  5. If there is already a mod then surely that could be released with no additional effort unlike an app
  6. I actually find electrocutioners can do the job as they start at 6 higher than the enemy so can easily get the strength to damage a titan.
  7. its actually not too expensive for a 50 scrip army in this. A starter box, 2nd commander and a couple of squads and you have it. thats all I have (unless they resize the dreadnought). Its just finding players is difficult, same as malifaux so vasaal really helps to keep me playing between tourneys
  8. Is there a mod for this anywhere? Heard there was one for ks backers but any chance it will be released into the wild?
  9. With cover and concealment then shooting isn't great so needs something to make it useful. If someone is in concealment or engaged then alyce either has to concentrate or use a soul stone to negate it and so this really reduces her output. If you combine alot of resources like 18ss of other models then yes she should be more difficult to take down but I don't see this as an issue as it requires those resources to be hanging around near her. Or of course engage her and she becomes stat 5 2/3/5 attack which is pretty poor also if she loses the gun then she will; never see play as she lost decent melee and her anti charge aura
  10. I dont think any of our masters fit the standard. Usually for a 2nd master people bring a utility, summoning or beater master. Von Schill is our utility master - he got nerfed to not be useful outside of freikorps Viks are our beater masters - not going to pay for 2 of them and alone they die too easily i think Tara - our summoning master? her summons are not great
  11. There is a vassal Facebook page where you are likely to get more response https://www.facebook.com/groups/MalifauxVassalPlayers/ Friendly bunch with people willing to take new guys through the system
  12. I do think his gun needed to ignore hard to wound as well like it always did as a 2/3/4 isn't really that scary. I do miss the mobility of Levi, as he could weaken stuff or run schemes happily. Also miss Alyces no charge aura that everyone else seems have ended up with instead. Aboms were a never hire in 2e but were at least annoying. now they are still never hire and not even annoying.
  13. Typical, that's another GT that overlaps my shifts. Was hoping for early September again 😕
  14. katadder

    Titan Mania

    Posted in error..missed thrace bit
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