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  1. katadder

    Thoughts about M3E

    Misaki was great in outcasts, survivalist, oathkeeper and Marlena made her a hard to kill missile that thunders misaki could not be and I am sad to lose her as she has never lost me a game (even in a misaki off) Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: outcast misaki 50ss Leader: Misaki - Cache:(2) Survivalist 1ss Stalking Bisento 2ss Oath Keeper 1ss Shang 3ss Yamaziko 6ss Scramble 1ss Bishop 9ss Scramble 1ss Sue 8ss Return Fire 1ss Marlena Webster 8ss Hodgepodge Effigy 4ss Oiran 5ss
  2. katadder

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    yeah this is annoying for those of us with printed maps. i think current DZs work, do we really want to be closer?
  3. katadder

    Mei Feng in GG 2018

    Usually when playing mei I try not to take the real backfield schemes but if needed Willie can get there. Also mei can get most places if need be by the end of the game
  4. A&D is good for symbols too. Especially with Levi. Ply I tend to actually go with my misaki crew that has bishop and yamaziko who basically have 3 actions so can walk upto people and ply them then hit or something along those lines. Bishop van even focus to knock off ply then ply the target as well
  5. katadder

    Mei Feng in GG 2018

    Surprised you haven't got the hard worker upgrade as you will struggle with his armour. Mei is best at strats where she can bubble up although I tend to use Willie and the emberling to go scheme running away from the smack bubble. Willie can double wall around the stalker trying to get him just by dropping blasts, or you can try blasting off stuff near him. Or just have someone chase the stalker and ply off him every turn as you don't need to get around his double negs to ply him
  6. Supply wagon is really easy for us, so many large base stuff. I tend to use Vanessa Lazarus combo for 6" then a&d on a kentauroi for a further 8" to be across the line turn 1 so I can get on with killing the opposition
  7. katadder

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    With return fire of course. Sue is 9ss everytime
  8. katadder

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    Not really, even your UK one is miles off the mark of most events (although I have been to impact and it's ok). Always interesting to read but I think you would be surprised at what alot of people actually play. Like I said most the ones in the rough get used all the time (my outcasts never leave hone without the effigy and sue for example). Probably why some errata confuse people 😂 Best part as I said was seeing some idea of m3e going forward
  9. katadder

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    I do wonder what is played over there sometimes as most of your soulstones in the rough see very regular play. Interesting to see where the 3e versions are going though (Not happy sue is more for parker)
  10. katadder

    Playing against Competitive Outcast player

    Learn your crew is an important thing. Use the same master and possibly crew for a while so you don't get confused. Against outcasts I usually like raspy as her crew can stop the viks in their tracks and are useful against the others too
  11. katadder

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    A 3ss minion you can hire many of, compared to say killing a master through killing a peon that is rare 3 and has to be near someone? I also don't think they intended for any master to be completely immortal (which with his walk and always fast from student he is even more than levi with the ruling your way) Also you completely ignored this: Exactly this, if it cannot physically fit, not if it's an invalid location as it would be if no bayou gremlins It's not that it can't fit, it's that it doesn't meet the requirements to come back. It's not a doesn't fit situation it's an invalid location
  12. katadder

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    Exactly this, if it cannot physically fit, not if it's an invalid location as it would be if no bayou gremlins
  13. katadder

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    You could say that about alot of things. Next we will have raspy/sonnia targeting trees or the ground etc and blasting. His rule says place him next to a bayou gremlin, that's the conditional requirement. Even rules as read it says place him next to a bayou gremlin, and I am sure rules as intended is also that. The only rule that says unbury in your deployment zone is if a model cannot physically fit, well this doesn't mean that as you can physically fit him base to base with your bayou off the table too if you want to be pedantic.
  14. katadder

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    the first part says unbury this model in contact with a friendly bayou gremlin. if there are not bayou gremlins you cannot unbury in contact with one. It is nothing to do with the space but to do with meeting the condition to unbury. now if you only had one bayou gremlin and it was surrounded then sure unbury in your DZ but you do need a gremlin to unbury (basically zipp has become one with the crowd and if you kill the crowd then he is obviously gone too)
  15. katadder

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    instructions are up but tbh they are fairly easy to go together