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  1. I do think I toughness needs to exist for current earthside factions as their 2 and 3 scrip models would die to a stiff wind. However malifaux side factions currently just put it on the rhino or eel, which are insanely tough as it is anyway even without that
  2. Focusing on another 3.5 scrip model? What do they focus with as you have to hit them 1st which is difficult enough, then get through or strip the tokens and then get through toughness? Played against them first time this weekend and they often had 3 or 4 reinforcements tokens on and just hit something if they wanted more. Admittedly it was 1 commander game and there were 2 of them but even in 2 commander it would take alot of focus and good cards to eat through all they have.
  3. One thing to remember against electrocutioners is they cannot remove tidepools as they are terrain not markers
  4. Now everybody has had a rant about rhinos but nobody mentions devouring eels. Whilst they may not be as damaging as a rhino (unless you are a titan) they are impossible to kill scheme runners. Easily turned into spd8, df8 so hard enough to hit as it is then they have the ability that if you do hit them they discard a reinforcement token and reduce all damage to 0, which should surely be by 1. And if you do get through all that they usually run toughness as well. You cant even tie them up as they just walk away and discard a reinforce token to take the hit, and if they are short of them then 1 model (not fireteam) kill gives them extra. So what are peoples opinions on these? (And dont even get started on egg clusters in set traps being summoned in the 2 far corners of my own dz)
  5. Makes it worth hiring 2 coryphee to turn into a duet turn 1 or 3 aboms 😂
  6. katadder

    Coryphee duet

    well losing half its wounds just allows it to be 5 wound coryphee. who when they join together again add their wounds so its fine. just stops it healing through the split and reform as it used to. its still df7, Armour 2 and melee 7
  7. So Hollywood William Wallace then
  8. Usually easy to find my last updated one on Facebook malifaux vassal players page but current one as of today's date (15/03/19) is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5n01cpnkll6feu/M3E-playtest- v0_9a?dl=0
  9. katadder


    Well as we have a 1 commander +5 scrip tourney this weekend and I am sure there will be multiple rhinos, any ideas? From the earlier post the best I can hope for is to somehow draw tomes into hand or try to beat it by loads as I have no native str5 stuff yet. Seems ridiculous that you almost have to plan everything around a 3.5 scrip model, wyrd need to fix this model and soon, how did it get through play testing?
  10. There is that as well I guess. Still against the new card size, bigger for art we dont need on a play aid
  11. I guess it means there will be some models I wont end up with as not going to buy a box that has models I already own to get maybe 1 model I dont own. Will see more when they release more but hoping new models this edition are not packaged with old ones
  12. I found in Portugal when playing warmachine all the players had very good English and there was a large community. They said this is because all the films they liked over the years were in English (things like star wars, star trek, marvel) and all the rulebooks for the games were never translated into Portuguese. Was a very welcoming community and I'm just glad that it worked out that way. It also seems that most people asking for translated books are doing so in perfect English. I'm hopeful for you guys that they do books in your language but it seems you have no problems with them (or the beta files) in English so this would seem be a secondary concern to getting 3e out in a timely manner
  13. katadder


    they cost 9, are slow and df4. they need armour or nobody would bother with them, and if you are getting a free concentrate you are not getting a juggernaut heal (i think its another case against focus stacking and staying turn to turn). also they are shoot 5 which isnt great. yes when it comes together they do hit nicely but so does alot of other stuff at that cost. just wait until you face someone who ignores armour and watch them crumple quickly.
  14. having played abyssinia now I would say I usually had about 2 cards in hand at any one time and sometimes not even that many so the card draw isnt that great (as they have to use it for the upgrades too). compared to facing 1 or more rhinos where you need tomes in hand to even think about attacking them as cant rely on top decking and then hope they dont have shaken tokens on top of the toughness upgrade. for a 3.5 scrip model it really is an NPE
  15. I believe it has been mentioned they will be in a new faction at some time in the future
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