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  1. You need a 13 of ram or 1 soulstone for an executionner. If you do not have the 13, you will probably get the tanky construct to protect a little your executionner. If you really plan on rampage, You can enter Queeg to have a second line fighter who will support your executionner + summon.
  2. I tried 2 x MG and 2 Exe+LLC but that was versus Yan Lo during one of his OP version. The Executionners killed one important model on turn 2 that got rezzed later. After this, they got tarpitted by Ashigarus and killed around turn 4. Against a normal team, I believe that this will be quite impressive. Getting 2 executionners on the end of turn 1 in the middle of your team is not really a good start I would maybe hire only 1 executionner, summon the 2nd one and use the freed points to get a Juge in the team : Dashel + totem Judge Mouned guard x 2 Executionner That's 38 points. You still have a few points for stones and either counter pick or specialized models.
  3. Same understanding here. Everyone gets armor piercing
  4. I see this this trigger a different way : Outside 2" : draw a card if Nellie is at 8", and focus reporters around. Inside 2" : do not draw, do not focus, but get a free interact. Both effects are good in my opinion.
  5. It has been corrected. Current version is : Demise (Reprisal): After this model is killed by an enemy model, that model suffers 4/6/8 damage.
  6. It would not be dependant on the master, but on strat/scheme. If the models that counter the opponent master are also efficient on strat/scheme, 1 point tax per model is not that high.
  7. le_wahou

    Are we OP?

    Did you try to get a master from another faction and play 2-3 times with to check if they also consider this master OP ?
  8. I used Jury against Tara in a Lucius crew. She was really effective.
  9. If you buy the box now, you will have 2 masters in a box. You will not have most of the theme models of each master. I think you should wait.
  10. Investigators- Excellent abilites including card draw and non resisted pushes. Excellent survivability. Few damage ability, but good hindering abilities. A tactical that can prevent opponent from scoring. I really like this model, but it should be nerfed. 6/5. Special note for the sculpt with the carpet Monster hunters- fast, punchy models for 6 points. At 7, with bonus on equal or higher cost, I think I would still use them with Perdita and Lucius. At 6, the cost seems a little low for their efficiency. 5.5/5. Jury- excellent stat line. Good attacks. Condition removal. I do not rate her 5 only because there's a lot of competition on this cost. It enters teams when I need masks. That's still a good 4/5 Riot breaker- An excellent model. It should be a 4, but with the new lead lined coats, players tend to use many anti armor ability against guild. That makes the riot breaker too squishy at the moment. 3/5 Thalarian queller- A lot of interesting buffs and debuffs here,, but I have never been able to use them right. I thought they would be 3, maybe 4 because of the suppression markers, but this ability is useless against most of the teams, and hard to use when otherwise. 2.5/5 Domador- good stats. With a lead lined coat, excellent survivability. Thats the best healer in guild at the momen, but healing is usually not really efficient. You can use interesting models with him (belles for luring, necropunk for scheme running, flesh construct for fun, etc...) Good for fun, but it fits a niche that we do not need. 2/5 Upgrades: Perdita- fastest - auto take with her. Not game changing, but always efficient 4/5 Shooting cans- never needed it in GG2018. Even then, you will probably use Perdita to kill things, and another model handle schemes. 1/5 Lucius-deep pockets- auto take with him. Not game changing, but always efficient 4/5 Condescending- not tried, but does not seem useful ?/5 (I suppose 1/5) Sonnia Criid no more masks- You have some better choices of upgrade for her on competitive games. That's a good way to have more interactive games with Sonnia 4/5 for fun games, 1/5 for competitive play Cherufes parting gift- really potent upgrade to kill games. The chain activation is deadly. It seems to be a new auto take for competitive games. I would rate it for 5 but it makes the game less interactive. 4/5 Lady j- swordfighter- I have really started to use LJ with this upgrade. I do not see how you can play her without this upgrade. 5/5 Ashwood coffin- Excellent upgrade. Would be 5/5 if it wasn't limited. It competes with badge of office and Vendetta which are both really good. It is still the one I prefer in these 3 4/5 Nellie- The conflux is not really good. The rule of 6 aleady has a good trigger. The 0action is good, but not especially impressive. I will probably try the emissary one day with Nellie, but that's not high on priority list ?/5 (I suppose 2/5) Editor in chief- I do not like the win more when you are already winning type of ability. The 0 action is really expensive. That's an excellent upgrade when you are learning to play : choosing the good schemes is often hard for new players. 4/5 for new players, 2/5 otherwise Alternative facts- Fees is not a good condition. It is easy for opponent to block line of sight when putting schemes. The card draw is fun, but you have other upgrades more interesting for her 2/5 Hoffman- never played mac Mourning - never played Mac Cabe - no experience
  11. There will be new stat cards for every models. Your "dream list" will probably be changed with these new cards anyway.
  12. I played this sunday against ten thunders : Flank PLY 2-2 SURROND 1-2 DIG 3-0 INESCAPABLE TRAP 0-0 SEARCH THE RUINS 0-0 PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION 0-0 NELLIE - DELEGATION - ALTERNATE FACTS - MISLEADING HEADLINES pRINTING PRESS PHIONA - WRATH OF THE GUILD - TRANSPARENCY EXECUTIONNER - READY TO WORK GUILD HOUND X 3 FIELD REPORTER X 2 RIOTBREAKER MISAKI - ON WINGS OF WIND - RECALLED TRAINING - THE STORM SENSEI YU - WANDERING RIVER STYLE - THE PEACEFUL WATERS KATANAKA CRIME BOSS - EQUALITY LOTUS EATER MONK OF LOW RIVER TEN THUNDER BROTHER X 2 PERFORMER turn 1 Misleading headlines forces ten thunders to move first. They move forward, splitting models beetwen corners and center of the map. Misaki gains fast to prepare a massive attack on turn 2. Executionner charges and kills crime boss. Guild move forward, mostly toward center Nothing really game changing here. The executionner killed the second beater of ten thunders but will die next turn. Turn 2 Executionner gets Misaki to half life. Misaki use recall training, kills executionners, charge nearly in my deployment the riotbreaker, bringing him to 1 wound and killing both reporter. 2 dogs engage on one side performer + 1 brother. Phiona + one dog kills Misaki for dig their graves. No major threat remains in opponent team, Nellie moves forward to tarpit opponent Monk+sensei around middle At this moment, the ten thunder lost theirs beaters, but killed my models able to deny opponent scheme markers. Turn 3 The press move to one corner against one brother to prevent him from scheming. 3 dogs vs performer + brother result in a stalemate. The dogs have the advantage on ply thanks to companion. On middle, Sensei Yu + monk + lotus eater takes a beatnig from Nellie + Phiona + riot breaker. No one is killed, but the advantage is to the guild Next turns : Dogs take advantage on one corner, killing the brother and plying the performer The second brother leaves the corner to get back to center. Sensei Yu dies in middle result 6-4 The TT had only 2 schemes on middle, scoring 0 on search the ruins. I misjudged a distance scoring only 1 on surround. Phiona was decsive in this game, scoring 3 points on dig their graves while dealing a lot of damage. This was the second test of the executionner. It is a scary model, with a huge threath range. Riotbreaker soaked damage from the boss but was not decisive here. His low defense allowed Misaki to blast on other models. Otherwise, he was mostly useless during the game. I am really not impressed by this model.
  13. I have never tried an alpha strike team. I do not think that games are fun. According to what I read on the forum, most of the alpha lists used at the moment have 1 investigators (wave 5 model) who is used to generates pushes. I have seen somewhere on these forums a list composed of : Sonnia with upgrade for chain activation Dr Grimwell Papa loco investigator Student of Conflict 20 points remaining to be used as you want First activation : Student of conflict gives fast to Sonnia, chain activation on Papa who buffs Sonnia, scheme to push Sonnia (3"), and walk Second activation, Grimwell schemes to push Sonnia (3"), walk toward her, and use his 1 to push her (4"), and you chain activate on Sonnia You can also recruit a clockwork trap and use it as target for Sonnia and blast into the opponent team
  14. I thought that pull my finger was about to disappear :
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