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  1. I was also surprised. Probably because with Vassal, you can easily try new boss/factions or boss for which you do not have a good feeling
  2. Report of 2nd tournament of Vassal France. 14 players, same as first tournament. 4 rounds each played on one week. Round 1 - Map end of the line - wedge Strat : symbol of authority Scheme : Research mission, runic binding, spread them out, catch and release, let them bleed oponent : Lucius guild + Dashel 2nd boss Crew : New Nellie Cochrane Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Nellie Cochrane Totem(s): The Printing Press Hires: Brutal Emissary Phiona Gage Undercover Reporter Mounted Guard Field Reporter False Witness Result : 7-4 The emissary locked the opponent team for round 2 and 3 by engaging most of the models, and getting the others in the 6" aura. Every models that moved out were moved back in by Nellie or Phiona. 1 investigator and 1 sergeant were able to get through and score points. The mounted guard was able to help on opening and then ran to corners to get strat points. MVP : the Emissary. Very good tech piece against Lucius. Round 2 - Map northern Hills - standard deployment Strat : public ennemies Scheme : let them bleed, vendetta, assassinate, claim jump, breakthrough Opponent : Marcus Neverborn Crew : Lady Justice + Emissary (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 8 Leader: Lady Justice Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): Scales of Justice Hires: Brutal Emissary Lead-Lined Coat Pale Rider Domador De Cadaveres The Judge Result : 6-1 The judge was focused most of the game by the opponent. He was my claim jump and tanked with soulstones and healing while the rider and LJ made the kills. The emissary was once again very useful and prevented a lot of charges on the obeys of Marcus and Myranda. The opponent could only score 1 pt of breakthrough. MVP : the domador for healings and obeys on Rougarou, rider, and Emissary. Round 3 - Map Bidonville - flank deployment Strat : corrupted ley lines Schemes : catch and release, leave your mark, runic binding, spread them out Opponent : Marcus neverborn played by my best ennemy @bedjy Crew : Lucius bury (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Agent 46 Lead-Lined Coat Doppleganger Brutal Effigy Death Marshal Recruiter Death Marshal Recruiter 2 Guild Lawyer Result : 5-5 - 4 strat each. 1 leave your mark for me thanks to dopplegagner's don't mind me. 1 spread for opponent on turn 5 because he add theupper hand on the number of living models. I wanted to try a bury list with Lucius. I was unable to use it for some kills with DMR, but I could remove models from play long enough to score my strat. I am not convinced by this list and will not play it again except on friendly games. We spent a lot of actions trying to deny strat points. We both missed markers on 1 turn and still scored on turn 5. MVP : good question. I was not satisfied by the list. round 4 - map radek 1 - corner Strat : Recover evidence Scheme : hidden martyr, claim jump, catch and releade, take prisoner, runic binding Opponent : Brewmaster New Perdita Ortega Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Perdita Ortega Totem(s): Enslaved Nephilim Hires: Francisco Ortega Phiona Gage Lead-Lined Coat Santiago Ortega Guild Steward Papa Loco Lead-Lined Coat Result : 6-0 The map was open enough on center to get a long kill zone. Most of his models died as soon as they got at close range. Santiago and Steward were able to remove most of my poison and prevent his control. Papa Loco tanked the beginning of round 2 and was I'vo got your back turn 3 to heal. As always with Perdita, victory or defeat are always crushing. MVP : Perdita for the number of kills done : Akaname turn 1 despite corner deployment - prevented 1 point of hidden martyr; Whiskey golem and 1 summoned gamin on turn 2; 1 Moon shinobi at 3hp turn 3; Brewmaster at 8 hp on turn 4. No one on turn 5, there was only my prisoner left... Final result : 3 wins and 1 draw. I will probably be second with Bedjy as winner.
  3. Especially against teams that go for kills on your key models turn 1
  4. There are no cheap scheme runners in guild. Usual options are : _ undercover reporter (8 OOK). Extremely good pick. He will also give headache to your opponent as long as you keep him buried _ Mounted guard OOK (9 OOK). Our fastest model, but really fragile for his cost _ Grimwell versatile (9). A little slower than mounted guard, but quite durable. An excellent flanker. _ Lone Marshall (9). In Keyword, fast, durable, good shooter, but no way to interact if engaged by opponent Otherwise, you can use death marsheel if scheming must be done on center line. They are too slow to get to opponent deployment zone, but they are durable for their cost and you have what's needed in keyword to make them fast
  5. If you really want to dig on rules, the question is still here if Nellie engages a carrier and uses the trigger Headlines. My remark above is still valid...
  6. The idea that this would utterly break a strat. If your idea works, double and triple read everything involved. If it still works, talk about this for fun but do not use it. No tournament organizer would accept this move, and in a friendly game, it would be ridiculous
  7. Parker is the reason why I do not like to play Nellie vs Outcast. They like the same strats/schemes, and Parker counters hard Nellie's minions. I want to try a Nellie with only Phiona and Undercover from her keyword, and a lot of versatiles/OOK on a future game.
  8. I was thinking to how I would have handled that and it sums up mostly to : can my executionner kill ashes and dust in 1 starting without focus. If yes, I can kill it and the ashen core fast enough. Otherwise, I will spend a full turn killing both while Leveticus and Rusty slaughter my team, and lose the game.
  9. The opponent was new to Leveticus and did not try that.
  10. Guard Death Marshalls (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Dashel Barker Totem(s): The Dispatcher Hires: Death Marshal Recruiter Death Marshal Recruiter 2 Guild Steward Guard Patrol Guard Patrol 2 Executioner Rifleman Against Leveticus on a public ennemy strat. The opponent had to kill the patrols to get to anything else in the team, and they changed to death marshals. While executionners (hired and summoned) were sent forward followed at at 5" by DMR.
  11. You can include the asylum ability to prevent a staggered model from being used for schemes/strats if he is engaged. I have never been able to use it in a game because the setup is hard to build, but this is a unique ability to keep in mind. With a marshall team, The good doctor or the nurse can be used on corrupted ley lines.
  12. Nellie ronde 3 (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Nellie Cochrane Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): The Printing Press Hires: Dashel Barker Undercover Reporter Field Reporter Field Reporter 2 Field Reporter 3 The Dispatcher Nekima Puppet (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Nekima Totem(s): Blood Hunter Hires: Mature Nephilim Black Blood Shaman Hinamatsu Vasilisa Wicked Doll Wicked Doll 2 Iggy Strat : Corrupted ley lines / corner Sabotage / Hidden Martyr / Spread them out / Catch and release / Runic binding Score : 6-6 Fast sum up : the opponent went probably too soon in my team and did not have the focus needed to get enough kills. Nellie used her card cycle to ensure the 13 to summon executionners. Dahsel, Executionners and Nellie dished a lot of damage. We were both unable to prevent a full scoring of the strat, either due to laugh offs on Nellie and Dashel, or from great movement abilities for Nephilims. schemes : hidden martyr 1 for me, 2 for nephilim. I could not get the shaman. 1 runic binding for me. Going with 3 field reporters was not really useful. They can be one shot by focused mature nephilim. I tend to get these models on every games I play with and I am often disappointed.
  13. All around awesomeness plus when she brings it Hoffman, he will melee attacks and heal her.
  14. I have troubles with the symbols of authority strat in guild. We do not have good scheme runners able to get 4 symbols from the opponent, and I have troubles defending them. What kind of team do you build when you see this strat ? The models I like here are our cavalry. Mounted guard, Lone Marshal, pale rider. Mounted guard are good but fragile. Lone marshal can not score if they are engaged, and pale rider is 11 points and tend to be used for his bonus action rather than pure running. Undercover reporter can be a solution, but your opponent can counter him if he has enough minions. I have never tried a reporter team to go hard on denial, but preventing the opponent from scoring at least 2 points seems impossible without tabliing him on beginning of turn 3.
  15. I tried 2 DMR in a Dashel team on a vassal yesterday. I had to put 1 lead lined coat on each beacuse I wa facing Tony. It did not seem to have a big effect, but it affected a lot my opponent and it was funy to play that.
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