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  1. I discovered a problew when I had 2 13 in my hand : I have added a side deck of Though the breach to my Malifaux deck. This did not really change the odds as this added 13 cards of differents suits with value 1 to 13. I just had less often BJ and RJ. And 2 x 13
  2. I really see her as bodyguard rather than specialized beater. In this position, she is the best model in game. Besides, her bonus action is really very efficient for a 2
  3. I usually play Perdita in a bubble to use A por el. Perdita is usually either in the middle of the bubble, or on front with Phiona close. If Shen Long walks in middle, he will be in range of every one. If he wants to stay away from every models, use its stealth, and scheme / run after scheme runners that's ok for me.
  4. Tax worthy models in my opinion : 5) False witness : having false claim is enough to put him in a tax worthy slot. He will get you 1 auto VP on 2 or 3 schemes... if he survives long enough. 4) Lone marshall : excellent scheme runner killer, good modibility. He is also a tech piece against summoners 3) Alison Dade : good control model. She counter triggers, dishes slows and distract. She has some support with shielded and some draw. She generates pass tokens needed to get last activation on turn 5. She would be in better position if her defensive ability was not one of the weakest in the game 2) Phiona Gage : Best bodyguard in the game. Her attack is a little meh at the beginning, but it becomes good once she is in grit. She has the best guild lure with bring it, and she only needs an engaged friendly model in 6" and a 2to get one the most efficient bonus action I have seen. 1) Undercover reporter : very fast model, best scheme denial of the game and good survivability. As long as 2 schemes out of 5 requires scheme markers, he enters my teams. I believe he has more impact on games than the pale rider... Yes, I love reporter team Honorable mention : Jury for obey, Lady Justice for being the best beater of malifaux, The Judge as good beater with drawing ability, and Agent 46 for mimic tricks We also have solid versatiles : _ Pale rider : usually the best models on board on turn 3, 4 and 5 _ Steward : best guild option for support model _ Dr Grimwell : expensive scheme runner. Not the best beater for his cost, but still able to do some damage. Has a strong denial that is not often used _ Peace keeper : excellent beater. He needs some help on mobility but he is very durable
  5. On undercover reporter : his bonus action usable while buried can also be used on your models. I usually use it on field reporter to get a scheme on start and get the 6" move of bonus action. On turf war, you can also use it on a minion who will be able to walk/focus and interact thanks to the undercover reporter. Phiona and LLC : When Phiona has a LLC, she can take the hit without the place. This allows you to keep her in the middle of your team to keep protecting multiple models with take the hit.
  6. I guess you can try to explain the resolution this way. Declaring an action that you can not resolve still seems rather strange. I will stick to my understanding until a FAQ points otherwise.
  7. I would love to but quote from rulebook : 2) remove all Scheme Markers in base contact with this model
  8. There is one thing I missed at first glance with reporters, and I do not like it. You can not protect your scheme with "exclusive interview" aura. If your opponent trys to remove your scheme marker in an "exclusive interview" aura, he will interact. You will control the interact, but as he is close to a friendly scheme marker, your only legal choice is to have him remove every scheme marker in base contact.
  9. I use her usually on killy schemes like Turf war reckoning. She is not especially good on schemes, ecept claim jump. I usually like to not use this scheme, but I fake it by sending Judge middle. The opponent will often feed models and you will not have to run to find them For models, I have a "standard" team : LJ Scales Judge Pale rider Steward Effigy + effigy of fate domador 10 soulstones, or 8 + upgrade Turn 1, Effigy focus moves. Steward focuses LJ or rider, and double move or gives 1 other focus+move. Judge double walk or walk focus. Domador obeys rider to place him 2" ahead of LJ or focuses him and walk. Steward double walk and draw if possible. Rider rides with LJ, places her just ahead, and double shot or move shot. Lj move as necessary, leap and attack a target, if possible by engaging many models. Turn 2, if you can kill a high threat or may be stun, activates LJ early. Otherwise, wait to take some damage before activating, and moves the team leaving the Judgeon front line. Protect the rider if necessary. At this moment, I usually have 2 or 3 models killed by LJ, my opponent under pressure having trouble to maintain his plan. Turn 3, the riders nukes and slow as many models as possible, and I try to remember my schemes to know how I must score my points 😛
  10. With every boss except LJ, I go with around 5-6SS. For LJ, I know that I will need at least 3 soul stones for the leap trigger so I do not start with less than 8 SS. If your opponent focus her, it will be a lot of damage prevention. If he do not, i will use them on quick reflexe to get some damage on secondary targets.
  11. I try to have a taxi with Lady Justice. I use her in a very aggressive way. On turn 1, I taxi her, and on last activation moves and leap to get a kill on a small cost model. On turn 2 I send her in the middle of the opponent's crew and try to kill a key model. I soulstone to keep her alive during turn 2-3 and I run away on turn 4 or 5 to scheme run with her. She is really a wrecking ball. I was worried to send her in the middle of a crew. With 5 def, 12hit points and HtW, I thought she would die way too fast. After a few games, I understood that opponent are usually so scared of her that they tend to not focus her. This is not a bad decision for your opponent. If you soulstone to prevent damage, and target smaller models with her to get 2 kills and 4hp healed in one activation, it is really awfully long to take her down. My advice would be : send her in your opponent's face until turn 3. Even if he kills her, he will have spend so many AP with his high cost models that this will cost him the game. After this, use her as scheme runner.
  12. My frontline is usually Perdita with Phiona on Family
  13. I love the idea for DMR, but it is easy for your opponent to cheat a low card and stay buried
  14. We were joking with a friend about raptors chain summoning and how they could drive mad a team who needs corpse. Especially with Nellie as leader.
  15. For activations, the only difference beetwen getting a model or a pass token is that the model can be killed before activation. If your opponent spends AP to kill the nephilim, that's good for you. I do not think that the debate is here. You may want to not hire the totem to get 1 more card from Perdita's bonus action, but the pass tokens is not the real question in my opinion.
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