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  1. We have analyze weakness on Perdita, Hoffman, and Agent 46 Ce can get an ignore armour trigger with an upgrade. The trigger is included with Sonnia and Nino Ortega
  2. To answer the real topic, I would use A, without no prisoners, and have a LLC on francisco or get 2 soulstones
  3. Perdita to deal 7 damage with a good ram
  4. The upgrade was really useful for them ? They already have a good . 2 points for run and gun on this model seems expensive.
  5. Investigators have a huge push potential, but that's costlly on AP.
  6. Last played on turf war. I wanted to try the domador obeys on strong undead guild LJ Scale of justice Pale Rider Brutal Emissary Lone Marshall 2 Domadors Opponent played Mc Cabe. I missplayed my team the whole game. On turn 1, the domador did not move and used obeys to focus the big undeads. They were far behind and did not have a real impact on the game. I also misplayed LJ. I placed her way too far in opponent's deployment zone, thinking that I could cage her with Brutal to protect her. I lost 5-3. I will have to try again with a similiar composition.
  7. Anyone plans to create a pull my third finger for M3E ?
  8. The family is probably the only team in which I would not fit a Steward, as they have an easy access to focus with bravado and Family value. Papa can be a very strong counter pick, but his 0" melee range is really a problem for a beater. He can not be a first line beater, and if he is a second line, you will deal damage to your own models. He has potential, but I am not yet able to use him in an efficient manner. Francisco is dependant on the team you will face. If you are likely to face an armor heavy team, he will not be efficient. I would probably remove these 2, get a strong beater or counter pick model, and 2 monster hunters for hunting scheme runners and scheme running. This could be : Perdita Enslaved Nephilim Santiago (8) Nino (7) Abuela (5) Monster hunter (6) Monster hunter (6) Peacekeeper (10) or judge+LLC (13) or a second boss with one less monster hunter remaining on soulstones and eventually LLC on Perdita or Santiago
  9. I do not see arguments pointing at the . The buried model tries to get out, not the death marshall who boxed him. The buried model is not on the board. He is not at 2" from your false witness. Even when he will get out, he will very likely break LOS to the false witness by poping on the opposite side of your DM
  10. I do not really know the viks on M3E, but Basse is likely to have a good survivability with his def trigger. He should not be the main target of Viks and his survival will not be your problem. The LLC should not be needed on him. You should rather think about how you will keep the rest of your team alive to score , and unengaged to shoot. On schemes, claim jump seems nice with Basse, as he will be able to remove models from the center with his caugh in quicksand action. You just have to find another model that can survive and score these points.
  11. In the family keyword, you will often get concentrate action on models out of their activation thanks to the trigger family value. I copy paste the concentrate action and the family value trigger : Concentrate OnceperActivation. This model gains Focused +1 family values : once per activation. Enemy Only. Another Friendly Family model within 6 may either draw a card or take the concentrate action If a model concentrate then use an action and gets the family value trigger, is the second model limited by the once per activation limit of concentrate ?
  12. There are already a few messages about the models without official stats in M3E. I understand that releasing the cards without the model art will be additionnal work for you, but there are tournaments planned soon with M3E. There is maybe a thread on the henchman forum about this. Some teams will be hardly playable without some key models. I see for example Dashel in guild who does not have his totem. Could we at least know for each unreleased models if they have been/will be changed since the last beta, and have a list of changes ?
  13. I only used this ability on Alison once on a lst turn. It was really efficient. On other turns, it would have been a loss of AP
  14. le_wahou

    Alan Reid

    Before thinking of him as a beater, you must remember his 0 melee range. If he is in first line, he will get locked by model with range 1.
  15. The big deal of this model is the trigger to remove a scheme anywhere on board. This denial is very strong : you do not need to be close, or even to have LOS on the scheme you want t remove. When I play one, I always have a scheme around him to allow him to use this action.
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