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  1. 12 points of newsie ? Were they as efficient as an 9 point henchman with 3 soulstones ? I I do not see what they bring to the team. They are not mobile enough to scheme run and will die if attacked. I would maybe bring some against a Von Shtook crew. 1/1/2 is a nice damage track againt armor 1 and HtW models. Cycling your hand is also good. Distracted against the valedictorian is nice. And killing them will not summon anything. I will try them again on next game, but I do not feel confident.
  2. Take the head of a standard Candy and put it in addition to the head in her hands
  3. The interest of Paul Crockett is here in y opinion. When sand worm unbury, opponent will have to handle him with his next activation. It will allow the sand worm to rebury and give you some activation control
  4. He is resilient to shoot thanks to favorable terrain. He will either be far from melee beater, or close to your main beaters. I do not find him that fragile. Besides, with 1, he will get a 2/3/4 healing flip. It prevents opponents from getting him down with multiple rounds of shooting. Basse team gets a cheap mounted guard with this model. That's a strong addition to the team in my opinion : Guild really need these models Edit : trigger on ride with me is after resolving. With any tome, you will get your healing
  5. The exorcist corpse/scrap removal for healing on LOS, and the aura of push toward corpse/undead at beginning of activation for marshals around a DMR
  6. I do not agree with your point of view on the marshals. LJ : she is a strong and mobile beater. Hard to wound, melee range 2", and the ability to kill easily support models for 2 points of heal gives her a very good survivability. Her damage may not be the highest of the game, but she is still a huge threat for def 5 models. Her melee 6 makes her less effective against stat 6 or 7, but you have enough injured in the keyword to handle this. Her threat range is also very high. Her riposte does not hit often, but a lot of players will not make end of turn attacks on LJ because of this t
  7. I do not think that pine box is the bane of anything.
  8. I already tried lots of pistoleros and monster hunters. I was really disappointed. They died to a breeze, did nothing really important, could not run far enough to get to safety and prevented Perdita's draw. Good luck !
  9. The effect on No prisoner is range 8" max, the high range is not that important. disclaimer : I am still convinced that this is not reliable. This discussion is only theorical for me.
  10. The mounted guard can get to 6 on activated models On these models, the sergeant, the handler and the mounted guard can move the minion with a bonus action to bring him in a position where he can be placed.
  11. Both options are ok for me. The easiest for you seems the better option
  12. Can we use take the hit twice on attacks with once per activation restriction ? Example : Zoraida is targeting an executionner with an obey. A patrol uses take the hit besomces the new target. Can Zoraida target the executionner again ? If the same patrol is still here, can he take the hit again ?
  13. Hello ! I am wondering on timing for the dispatcher's internal affairs trigger on consolidate power : Internal Affairs: Choose a friendly Scheme Marker within 2" of the target. Drop an enemy Scheme Marker into base contact with the target, then remove the friendly Scheme Marker and draw a card. The italis part must be done when you declare the trigger, right ? This means that your target must be at 2" of the dispatcher (or a friendly scheme) before the push. Is it correct ?
  14. I have tried once more a team of Perdita with monster hunters and pistoleros and a DMR. 2 monster hunters did a job ok for their cost. 1 important stun, a few damage, 1 point scored. Not extremely good, but sufficient. The opponent had some range, I could not scatter pistoleros to force him to run after them. They failed at every thing they and got slaughtered by an imassary in 2 turns. These 12 points were a waste for strats and schemes. They blocked 12 points of my opponent during 2 turns. It would not be that bad if they did not prevent draw from hero's gamble of Perdita.
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