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  1. Strat turf war deployment flank outflank assassinate deliver 2 other schemes not used Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Perdita Ortega Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): Enslaved Nephilim Hires: Phiona Gage Lead-Lined Coat Abuela Ortega Nino Ortega Guild Steward Papa Loco Monster Hunter I was always afraid to face the captain in a match up against Perdita. It happened yesterday. There was also big blocking terrains ht 5 in the center. I got crushed by Toni/Hoffman, while Fitz + Captain reduced the damage dealt. I will never play again Perdita without being sure that I can get enough LoS on a map to use her efficiently.
  2. The first turn is very aggressive too. Usually she gets a taxi during the turn and jump in the fray in the 2 lasts activations. I try to wound and not kill on 1st turn, except is there are still healers to go. I get here to engage and use her 2" range to tie up ennemies. I know she will not die in 1 or 2 activations on 2nd turn. On 2nd turn, I activate only if there is a really juicy target, but that's un common. I let the opponent hits her, and then I try to kill as many small models as possible to get healing and keep in melee the opponent's models that can still activate.
  3. You know, I do not want to be the oppressive power (well, maybe a little), but we are way out of topic here 🙂
  4. You can say this from any faction. Except maybe, really mayyyyyyyyybe, for Tony
  5. Nellie, Lucius and Sonnia are protecting humanity from the worst monsters in the world : humans 🙂 Sorry for the off topic !
  6. If you play guild, you will be on the good side if a nerf appears. 🙂 Seriously, Phiona, is an excellent model in guild. She can be your target for the non armour ignoring and take the hit for constructs on armour piercing attack. her bring allows her to move Hoffman on the board and attack her with a heal. Otherwise, the construcs available on arcanist are better, and their upgrades are way better than ours. If you plan on playing multiple boss, you should also check if you prefer the arcanists or the guilds as secondary boss.
  7. Reckoning on standard with hold up, dig their graves, vendetta, harness and detonate LJ vs Ramos LJ + LLC Scales Judge + LLC Effigy + Effigy of fate Pale rider Guild lawyer Guild Steward Ramos Brass arachnid Coryphee Coryphee Joss Mobile toolkit Soulstone miner + magical training Mechanical rider + soulstone cache Ended 5-5 Reckoning 4-2 Detonate 1-/ Hold 0-/ Harness 0-2 Vendetta (Coryphee vs Steward) 0-1 First time that I score 4 on reckoning. The summoning of Ramos helped. I lost the game on turn 4 when Hoss obeyed his rider and denied me 2 points of scheme Both riders were game changing. The pale rider by the huge number os slows and damages, the mechanical by putting 7 on th e 8 needed schemes for his harness. LJ killed the summons and engaged a lot of ennemies with her 2" melee. Judge was not sent deep enough in the rumble to have an impact. I also drew 3 tomes on a risk of reason. 😕
  8. Ok, I understand on the other trigger. That's really an efficient action, yes. For a 5 with symbol, you get to remove a condition and anoher action.
  9. Malifaux is a 2D game with elevation rules. Using these rules as example to open a discussion on pushing away from yourself is a little frightening. Pushing away from a superposed model is something that will probably never happen. you must choose to move your model in a position of superposition. the player doing this is in my opinion trying to exploit a weak point of the rule. i do not see a reason to give a general answer here. The one trying to exploit should be wrong. Pushing away from yourself is not possible. You will end your push at 0" from yourself. I do not see any good reason to accept a move in any direction here.
  10. I am unable to give a rating like that. There are too many boss that I do not know. Even for the boss I know, some have the same efficiency for strat
  11. Phiona might be a good reason to use Hoffman in guild. A bring it on a construct is an efficient action : you move Hoffman, and you get a heal for 1 AP on a henchman. That's not enough when you compare upgrades, but that's already one reason
  12. Added in France. The density of players in UK is impressive...
  13. Their drain magic trigger on their ranged attack is also good. A ranged discard solution on a 12" attack starting at 6 is good, even if you do not have the included trigger. The I didn't start the fire is also a scoring action. You usually do not want to remove burning on opponent, but a scheme marker drop at 8" can be 1 VP !
  14. First try with Basse on M3E map : 2 forests around 5" diameter on dense/conceal/severe left and right of center of map. Around these forests, a square of ruins ht3 with lots of ways. Around this square, some severe rubbles and some dense/conceal/severe forests I wanted to try Basse, and the density of severe seemed good for him. He could stand middle and be beetwen 2 forests and get a lot from his def trigger. Flank deployment Plant explosives Deliver/breakthrough/vendetta/power ritual/outflank C Basse B Basse Jonathan Reichart Steward Pathfinder / no prisoners Pathfinder / no prisoners clockwork trap clockwork trap clockwork trap clockwork trap undercover reporter Cache 2 ss Misaki Shang Ototo / Trained ninja Minako Thunder archer Torakage Torakage Tanuki Cache 6 result : 6/4 for Ten thunders (game stopped at middle of turn 4, score was 2-4. We looked at the board to see who would score what for end of them game) Strat 3/4 Deliver : 0/0 Breakthough : 0/2 Outflank : 1/0 I did not take enough soulstones. Basse got down too fast with focused high damage shots. On beginning of turn 2, he was already dying. This is probably what costed me the game. I thought that traps would not be really efficient against teleporting ninjas, but they made their job. Eating swadow markers, staggering models, etc... I wanted to try the no prisoners on pathfinder. This was a good idea, I often got 2 shots on stealth models, but 2 models with this was too expensive. I should maybe maybe have used a frontiersman to get more soulstones The undercover reporter was not that efficient in this game. When your opponent knows him, he will choose schemes and play accordingly. This is still powerful, but I must read on the beginning of the game if he will deny important schemes, or if my opponent planned his game according to him. I should also jave kept him for late activation to deny breakthrough schemes. Jonathan was not efficient. This is maybe linked to the team I was facing. They could disengage easily : His 2" melee did not allow to engage and tarpit ennemy models. Phiona at 9+1 would have probably done a better job. The steward saved the game. On turn 2, Misaki used his last AP to deal some damage to bring him on low health. The plan was probably to kill him with Otoro, hard to kill and juggernaut on next round. Damage flip was RJ/severe. With critical strike, it one shot the Steward. I retaliated with a severe for 8 damage. She died turn 3 and could not kill my runners with explosives on turns 4 and 5. We both forgot the delivers and went for kills on boss on turn 2 (basse)or 3 (Misaki).
  15. 3 pages on LJ in "what would you errata" seems a little too important if you compare here to other models/keywords. Like Family, an aggressive keyword without defense or healing ? Or Guards having the hardest summon mechanic in the game ? Or our general lack of movement tricks ? Or our upgrades being sub par ? Or weakness of witch hunter models ? Lady Justice being melee 7 will not change the efficiency of guild. I t will only make her an unstoppable super blender that can be anywhere on board. A kind of must take super beater. Who wants to to have every guild team use LJ (16+1), Pale Rider (11), Steward (6), a random boss with his totem and one additionnal minion ?
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