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  1. It mostly prevents end of turn attacks. When you do not have excellent ways to spend AP, taking a melee attack at a model close is usually the way to go. Even if you do not have cards to cheat, you have a chance to deal damage. Against a model with a parry, you will spen your AP otherwise. That's like having an undercover reporter and never be able to use his arson. Your opponent will be less likely to take schemes with schemes markers. That's already an impact of this model, even if he never takes his action.
  2. That's 15 SS spend. Lawyer is 7 SS, Phiona is 10. incorrect
  3. I had my usual result on big events : around the middle ^^ Guild has a strong advantage on ley lines . A pale rider with LLC is probably the best lodestone carrier. I am not surprised that we scored more than other players on this.
  4. The rider with LLC is a great model for this strat. I missed the take prisonner on Gracie. She died to burning the turn I could score 😕 My opponent tried to get 2 points of assassinate and did not focus LJ when she was at 6 wounds on turn 2. He could probably have killed her. I would have been in trouble ^^
  5. Sam is suprinsingly efficient. he needs a setup, but creep along + rapide means 4 AP. His dmg track is 2/3/4 burning +1. He is not the best to take down a model, but he is really good to pile up damage on ennemy team, especiallly with ricochet. Do not use him if there is a lot of concealment, but otherwise he is better than his stats let you believe.
  6. I have a problem on game preparation. I entered a game for fauxvember, choosing guild, then LJ Before the end of preparation, I entered a game for another event, choosing outcast as faction. The first game changed to this : I also already had a bug that I could not reproduce. On another game, My faction, master and team were selected automatically as the same as another game I was preparing. I could not reproduce the bug.
  7. The pale rider is a strong versatile, and he has good synergy with Sonnia. That would be my first pick. Steward is also good. Samael + 1 or 2 sanctionned spellcasters is good to cover a flank. The totem is one of the best scheme runners of guild. Forget about playing it to bomb the opponent : auto disengage + incorporeal + significant is really strong. Witchling stalkers are bad. Their only plus is the dispell that can be useful. Witchling thrall do not survive long enough to justify their cost. They hit like a truck but they often do not have a chance to hit anyone because
  8. Forget guild hounds. Patrols are summoned when you want to remove an ennemy scheme marker with Dashel summoning, if you really need take the hit or if you need 2 models. Sergeants can be used on late game to move scheme markers and deny points. That's very specific for these 2 models, you will miss one only once in 4 or 5 games.
  9. LJ was me. I played 10 minutes after the match up were announced, I did not take time to check the strats and schemes. I would have played Dashel otherwise.
  10. Interesting. I used Nellie in public ennemies, but it was with Lone marshall and pale rider. How do you prevent the ennemy beater to dive through your team on your support models ?
  11. You can have all information on the dowload page. On errat you can get the list of modified model w<ith the change list. On the card download, you can get the old and new version : https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources
  12. Any bet on the number of parts for this model ?
  13. 12 points of newsie ? Were they as efficient as an 9 point henchman with 3 soulstones ? I I do not see what they bring to the team. They are not mobile enough to scheme run and will die if attacked. I would maybe bring some against a Von Shtook crew. 1/1/2 is a nice damage track againt armor 1 and HtW models. Cycling your hand is also good. Distracted against the valedictorian is nice. And killing them will not summon anything. I will try them again on next game, but I do not feel confident.
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