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  1. So sad, she would be perfect with Sonnia, Perdita and LJ in a boss only 0 SS team
  2. That's a stat 5 opposed duel with a not included on a model that con not use soulstones. I would not choose a scheme that depends of this, except if I plan to use this attack on my models.
  3. The brutal emissary always seemed a little strange as model. The peace keeper is too small to be as impressive as he is supposed to be.
  4. Stunned and staggered will function. Distracted is a little different ; Distracted : This model's Actions that target an enemy model suffer a to their duet etc... If you obey an ennemy model to attack an ennemy model, the obeyed is friendly to his target. The duel is not affected by distract
  5. le_wahou

    Tourney prep

    During 30 secs, I hoped that I misread the mounted guard. But he really does not have run and gun - my bad, I missed the part about the upgrade.
  6. 50 SS game yesterday that ended on turn 3, out of time. 4-1 for guild (Nellie) vs Ten Thunder (Asami) Corner deployment, turf war (2-1), claim jump (2-0), take prisoner, power ritual, detonate charge (0-/), dig their graves (/-0) Team : Nellie + printing press LJ + LLC (claim jump) Undercover reporter Exorcist Lone Marshal Turn 1 : LJ put pressure on opponent by going in an house on center of the map on turn 1. Asami invoked an obsidian Oni, Minako summoned 2 Katashiros. Both teams capped their turf, TT team split to go on both corners. Turn 2 : Lone marshal exorcise the Obsidian Oni (opponent turf uncapped) and kills the totem. TT caps 1 turf of a corner, and Mei Feng places around the second. A jorogume is summoned, he one shot the exorcist, no turf turned. The bulk of TT tries to go around the center tile to stay out of LJ's place range. An undercover pops near the opponent's deployment on zone and threaten his turf. LJ spends her turn by scheming, juggernaut, capping center turf and scores claim jump. Turn 3 : Jorogumo is exorcised by Marshal. Nellie goes on Mei Feng's corner, caps the turf and slows her. Undercover protects the turf, but get low on life. A new jorogumo is summoned and gets the lone marshal to 1 life. Lady Justice kills a katashiro (corner uncapped) and gets back on middle to protect the turf. The game ends here. I would have been swarmed by opponent on next turns, but I had a big advantage on points, and 5 soulstones remaining to keep Nellie and LJ alive. The game would probably have ended on a score of 5-4. A standard reporter team would have been shred to pieces by flickering onis. I tried to go full on out of keyword with important or counterpick models. It worked fine. Jady Justice with LLC is expensive as second master, but she can score easily claim jump and has a huge presence on map
  7. Deployment wedge Team : Nellie + LLC, printing press, Phiona, Grimwell, 1 nurse heartbane, 2 field reporter, 1 false witness Opponents : Viktoria chambers x 2, Parker Barrows, student of conflict, vanessa chambers, Bishop Ronin Victory 4-3. Strat : plant (3-2) Schemes : power ritual (0 for both teams), deliver a message (1 Guild), Harness the ley lines, detonate charges, assassinate (1 outcast) My team was barely alive on turn 5, but I took the advantage by removing ennemy bombs on turn 2 and 4
  8. I also like these new sculpts. Lady J is in a more agressive position, it fits her better than her previous one. I guess that the sword do not fit the scabrad, but that's not realluy a problem. A friend modified my M2E LJ, putting her on a death marshell coffin, I will keep her. But this one is nice. The Judge is wonderful. For the totem, the scale of justice is clearly unbalanced, it fitts really well with the idea of the guild. I do not like the piece on its mouth. I really wonder with the death marshall have these knee caps. Is it to protect them while they are skating on their coffins ? Without this, they would be perfect. This is a good box in my opinion, but Lady Justice alredy has many good models. It would maybe have been better to get alternates for models that do not have one.
  9. Modify some dogs models. Add aa coffin on their back and ask Wyrd to add living on their profile
  10. Rulebook page 12 : Yes, correct, you must succed
  11. Definition of special restriction in rulebook : Special restrictions are not defined as only limit on targeting. There is a "such as" explaining that this is an example. This is still not clear for me. As said, I understand your point of view, but I am not yet convinced and both interpretations seems legit.
  12. This is not clear. I have put a post in the rule section using Dashel totem as example. Both cost and special restrictions are in italic. There is no clear way to split them. They are resolved on different timing. I would tend to say that everything related to paying soulstone, health, discarding cards/upgrades is a cost, while target selection is a special restriction. But I understand your point of view.
  13. I have troubles with the difference between cost and special restriction. The action of this totem is a friendly push with the following trigger : Internal Affairs: Choose a friendly Scheme Marker within 2" of the target. Drop an enemy Scheme Marker in base contact with the target, then remove the friendly Scheme Marker and draw a card. Is the italic part a cost or a special restriction ? I would probably say a special restriction, but I am not sure. It is clear that without scheme, it will not happen, but when do we choose the scheme ? On trigger declaration because it is a cost, or on trigger resolution because it is a special restriction ? There is nothing to pay here, so I guess it is a special restriction, but the line is not perfectly clear here and the other interpretation also makes sense.
  14. If the range was not 0", boxing would allow DM to disengage easily and scheme. It would make them slow but very durable scheme runners. Without this, I do not see how i can use them effectively. They may be durable front liner, but their team do not really need them. With other masters, 6 points is expensive for other teams.
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