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  1. Registration for the event … go here https://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList saves you doing it in the morning
  2. Pretty much a final update from me before the event. Charity raffle - this will include Easter eggs, 2 x pixel decks and 2x Element vouchers. Tickets will be £1 each. There should be a little charity bake sale as well (just waiting for Element to confirm this is ok). My next event will be announced on that day and that is pretty much it - just make sure you print out your cards/have a copy of the rules etc and see you all on Saturday
  3. Looking into it with a few of the north westers
  4. A quick heads up for any deck collectors - I have ordered some of the pixel decks for the raffle, they wont arrive in time but anyone who wins one will get it posted out to them
  5. So the all important encounters Game 1 strat - plant explosives deployment - wedge schemes - search the ruins, dig their graves, hold up their forces, take prisoner and vendetta Game 2 strat - corrupted idols deployment - flank schemes - dig their graves, outflank, assassinate, deliver a message and power ritual Game 3 strat - reckoning deployment - standard schemes - detonate charges, breakthrough, harness the lay line, search the ruins and claim jump enjoy
  6. Encounters will be up this afternoon
  7. We would happily have you on board matey, it’s a tourney for sure but also for many a good opportunity to get in three games of the new rules
  8. I was going to release them at the weekend, sorry mate 🙈 Martin is of course always welcome if he fancies tagging along
  9. Quick update 8 tickets gone, 2 more pretty much confirmed. Plenty of scope for more to attend. Proxies - proxies are fine to use, they do have to be clearly distinguishable as to what they represent. If you are at all unsure, just get in touch Painting requirements - none whatsoever
  10. Glad the venue is Dark Sphere, much easier to get to than Wayland for us in the north.
  11. Great decks and good to hear you guys are discussing the shipping with them, I wish you guys would do a small print run as the coated/treated decks are so much better than card (even premium card) - that’s just my personal preference though
  12. It will indeed be ranked (will update description now), and as always thanks for the support
  13. Awesome, glad to have you onboard - also really keen to see how m3e Sandeep plays. All the gamins and elementals
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