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  1. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Another week, another league table
  2. Unfortunately we have had to cancel the event, potentially too ambitious to run it so close to the festive period and new year so that it has hit numbers/caused drop outs. Refunds have been issued and the event will hopefully return in the near future. Apologies
  3. Hey hey, Apologies about the delayed response - if you have Facebook check out the event page there and just mark yourself as attending. Any further details will be pushed here (and the FB event) if it isn't covered in the rules pack
  4. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Week 11 league table - I will update this post with scores soon
  5. Good evening all, On the 9th and 10th of January myself and Lewis @ScottishMetaLewwill be running the first true Vassal GT. The event is being ran for charity as a friend of mine who is a Crohns sufferer is terminally ill with cancer. As such all but £2 of the entry fee will be split to the two charities. The event itself is five rounds over the weekend, as physical gaming is still a myth this will be hosted on Vassal. The rulespack is available here this has all of the information in regarding payment, encounters, round timers and prizes. The Facebook event can be found here.
  6. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Week 10 is done and dusted Steve Johnston 5 v Chris Gilboy 2 – Molly vs Mah AJ Barr 3 v Tom Skitt 5 – Ophelia vs Shen Long Luke Cocksedge 5 v Andrew Humphrey 3 – Marcus (Neverborn) vs Levi Rich Walters v Carl Lee - postponed Yan Pietrzak 3 v Rice Chaudhry 6 – McCabe (10T) vs Zoraida (Bayou) Lewis Phillips 6 v Karl Barley 2 – Euripides vs Molly Matt Lewin (Fiddler standing in) 5 v Radek Bry 8 – Marcus vs Von Schill Ollie Hedges 8 v Adrian Mills 0 – Ollie being gross vs Greed Luke Athiko 4 v Dan Brown 7 – Von Schtook vs Sandeep Ross McGinness 3 v
  7. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Week 9 Jamie Varney 6 v Tom Skitt 7 – Zipp (Bayou) vs Shen Long Andrew Humphrey 5 v Steve Johnston 5 – Viks vs Reva Carl Lee 3 v AJ Barr 2 – Misaki vs Zipp (Bayou) Rice Chaudhry 6 v Luke Cocksedge 5 – Zipp (Bayou) vs Pandora Karl Barley 4 v Rich Walters 6 – Kirai vs Tara Radek Bry 7 v Yan Pietrzak 5 – Zipp (Outcasts) vs McCabe (10T) Adrian Mills 2 v Lewis Phillips 8 – Greed vs Euripides Dan Brown v Matt Lewin - Postponed Craig Colley 4 v Ollie Hedges 6 – Kirai vs Dashel Emme Newham 8 v Luke Athiko 4 – Dreamer (boooooo) vs Kirai Stef McGlen
  8. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Week 8 as follows Andrew Humphrey 2 v Jamie Varney 7 – Tara vs Zipp (Bayou) Tom Skitt 6 v Carl Lee 6 – Shen Long vs Misaki Steve Johnston 5 v Rice Chaudhry 3 – Von Schtook vs Zoraida (Bayou) AJ Barr 5 v Karl Barley 1 – Mah vs Molly Luke Cocksedge 6 v Radek Bry 6 – Zoraida (Neverborn) vs Parker Rich Walters 5 v Adrian Mills 1 – Levi vs Greed Yan Pietrzak 3 v Dan Brown 8 – Misaki vs Hoffman (Arcanist) Lewis Phillips 4 v Craig Colley 5 – Pandora vs Kirai Matt Lewin 5 v Emma Newham 5 – Pandora vs Dreamer Ollie Hedges 7 v Stef McGlen 1 – Nellie vs L
  9. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    UPDATE Kai is dropping out to be replaced by Emma Newham (Neverborn) Alasdair hasn't played his last few games and has made no contact with his opponents (or me) and as such is being removed from the league to be replaced by Tom Skitt (10 Thunders) Christmas - a two week break from the 21st December with fixtures starting again from Jan 4th.
  10. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Week 7 and results Jamie Varney 3 v Carl 2 – Ophelia vs Misaki Rice Chaudhry 6 v Andrew Humphrey 0 – Ophelia vs Levi Karl Barley v Alasdair Cunniffe - Postponed Radek Bry 6 v Steve Johnston 4 – Von Schill vs Von Schtook Adrian Mills 0 v AJ Barr 8 – Greed vs Ophelia Dan Brown 7 v Luke Cocksedge 3 – Hoffman (Arcanist) vs Titania Craig Colley 4 v Rich Walters 2 – Kirai vs Viks Kai Young 3 v Yan Pietrzak 6 – McMourning vs Misaki Stef McGlen 3 v Lewis Phillips 5 – Mei Feng (10T) vs Euripides James Noillavert 5 v Matt Lewin 1 – Lucius (Guild) vs Nekima St
  11. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Week 6 and results Rice Chaudhry 4 v Jamie Varney 6 – Brewmaster vs Wong Carl Lee 7 v Karl Barley 7 – Yan Lo (10T) vs Kirai Andrew Humphrey 5 v Radek Bry 8 – Tara vs Viks Alasdair Cunniffe 4 v Adrian Mills 8 – Default win Steve Johnston 7 v Dan Brown 1 – Kirai vs Colette AJ Barr 5 v Craig Colley 6 – Zipp vs Kirai Luke Cocksedge 7 v Kai Young 4 – Pandora vs Seamus Rich Walters 7 v Stef McGlen 3 – Viks vs Asami Yan Pietrzak 3 v James Noillavert 8 – Asami vs Dashel Lewis Phillips 5 v Steven Thomson 4 – Euripides vs McCabe (Explorers) Matt Lewin 4 v Ro
  12. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Alrighty, Bit of a delay updating here sorry Week 4 and 5 tables attached
  13. Cleezy

    UK Super League

    Week 3 is done and dusted (2 games were postponed to be played this week and will get added in on the week 4 update) League table attached. Fixtures and results Jamie Varney 7 v Adrian Mills 0 (Somer vs Greed) Dan Brown 2 v Radek Bry 7 (Ironsides vs Hamelin) Craig Colley 8 v Karl Barley 1 (Kirai v McMourning) Kai Young v Rice Chaudhry - Postponed until this week Stef McGlen 5 v Carl Lee 4 (Mei Feng v Youko) James Noillavert 4 v Andrew Humphrey 0 (Sonnia v Viks) Steven Thomson v Alasdair Cunnie - Postponed until this week Ross McGinness 4 v Stev
  14. In a crew like Kirai and the Urami you can comfortably defend the markers while having some models (generally summons) do the leg work in AP reduction/marker collecting. Kirai just offers the versatility to get everything where you need it to be, when you need it there.
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