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  1. Considering they have shown a good deal of the Umbra artwork, English Ivan and his totem's artwork and the artwork for Dewalt I would be confident in saying that Umbra/DUA will be one of the earlier keywords to be released.
  2. Thanks craig, I have already sent out the refunds (some will take a few days because PayPal). I’m gutted too, unfortunately the government wanted to make an example out of the north and as such another event is in the bin. Keep your eyes peeled as something will be in the pipeline as soon as I get the ok.
  3. Good morning everyone, Following on from the Government implementing increased restrictions to Greater Manchester and Element subsequently having to close the NWGC I am going to have to cancel the event. From the announcement on Thursday and Element confirming closure on Friday I tried to look for alternative venues that would be suitable to relocate to without too much disruption. Unfortunately for the 9 venues I looked into none were available. I am going to issue refunds to the entrants over the course of the morning. If anybody doesn't want a refund and instead would like to roll it over to be used for a future just let me know. It is hugely disappointing to cancel the event for a number of reasons but one of the main reasons is this event had a lot of new players attending (new to the game or new to the competitive scene. Hopefully we will see you at the next one Thanks everyone for your patience
  4. Great move by Wyrd IMO, naturally a bunch of people will be down about ES not being at GenCon but it is really nice to see Wyrd opening up a little more to content creators and getting Apex out for people to see will be great for keeping that ES momentum going. Kudos to you folks
  5. I am only going to name one, Santiago, I enjoy Santiago's lore and the idea behind him but he doesn't translate to that on his card. The majority of him is fine - solid abilities, so so stat line, good front of card except for one major factor. His wounds/lack of defensive tech to be the model he should be. Thematically Santiago is the family bullet sponge, he goes in, soaks up damage and gets better except his df 5 and 8 wounds make him an absolute liability. Particularly because of the prevalence of focus in this edition. He is a bully victim as any good beater in the game should crush him in an activation. I think he needs an additional wound at least and HTW (or HTK) in all honesty.
  6. Quick update - I have had confirmation from Element that the bar will be open and it will be table service only. I also asked about the toilets and they will be open and the cleaning schedule has been increased.
  7. Rulespack has been added to the original post. Make sure you read it, encounters are there too.
  8. Awesome mate, will be good to see you again
  9. I have had the go ahead from Element Games that they are ready to run events. The gaming hall is compliant with Covid regulations and by working together we can have a safe and enjoyable event. The event will be 3 rounds and will be fixed faction, crews will be 50ss.A rulespack is here. There will be plenty of prizes included the winners trophy, medals for 1/2/3, best in faction medals, a special prize for the person who finishes bottom and a prize for the winner of the painters vote. There will be a raffle and an array of prizes available for that.The entry fee will be £12.50, please send payment as a FRIENDS AND FAMILY to carl7lee@hotmail.com. Any payments that are not sent as a gift will be refunded and requested to be sent in such manner. This is to ensure that all ticket sales go directly into the event. Players who didn't opt for a refund of my previous event please get in touch as you will be able to attend this event using that credit. Lunch is not included. The event is capped at 40 players and we will have the entirety of Elements gaming hall. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns, I will endeavour to capture everything in the rulespack. 1. Luke Whitrow (P) 2. Dan Brown (P) 3. Kyle Douglas (P) 4. Kevin Gillett (P) 5. Oz Goff (P) 6. James Crosby (P) 7. Cai Bird (P) 8. Lee Dowbekin (P) 9. Craig Woods (P) 10. Karl McConnell (P) 11. Richard Matthews (P) 12. Karl Adam (P) 13. Craig Colley (P) 14. Radek Bry (P) 15. Bert Diamond (P) 16. Allen Connell (P) 17. Gordon Barlow (P) 18. Michael Arnott (P) 19. Andy 'Bush' Bushell (P) 20. Gary McGuiness (P) 21. Allie Whitfield (P) 22. Dan Knight (P) 23. David Elertas (P) 24. Luke Ashby (P) 25. Luke Carter (P) 26. Zed Strong (P) 27. Jamie Varney (P) 28. Matt Lewin (P) 29. James Brown (P) 30. Steven Thomson (P) 31. Chris Draper (P) 32. Maria Wieland (P) 33. Jay Finnegan 34. Will Pintar 35. Steve Johnston (P) 36. Ollie Hedges
  10. The change to Archie was only a slight change and one that was needed (IMO) - he isn't quite doing everything with ease and it has also given him some utility that he didn't have previously (a route around serene countenance and highest authority). I think where some thoughts of Molly losing power or being a less viable choice is because of the move from Gaining Grounds Season 0 to Season 1, in GG0 her keyword excelled in strategies that favoured speed (plant explosives and even turf war for example). GG1 has less of a focus on this which potentially drops her down a notch but in most instances her keyword still has a lot of play. Take recover evidence for example, a lot dislike taking cheap models in this strategy because they become the evidence targets but a crooligan still have exceptional movement to continually stay out of reach if your positioning is good. A lot of the models in her crew can be reasonably durable also. Corrupted Ley Lines does hamper the traditional Forgotten list because you don't want to be placing, again there are options to take here but it means deviating from the traditional GGo lists. Molly herself is a very flexible leader and you can build her keyword well into all of the strategies pretty well IMO. Hope that helps
  11. Welcome to Malifaux One thing that Wyrd have done to really help new players is the keyword system, every master has a keyword and models within that keyword are going to synergise in some way with others in that keyword. The nice thing is all the boxes are now marked up with the keywords so it is easier to see what models expand your collection. Pandora plays pretty keyword heavy however two of the boxes that support her keyword are not out yet (Juvenile Delinquents and the Lyssa), as Maniacal above has mentioned Teddy is a solid option and has synergy with baby Kade, Carver is just a good all round model as is the hooded rider. I would also say that Hinamatsu is a good buy as she is a very good versatile model. If you haven't already I suggest downloading the app, its free and has all of the models stat profiles included, lets you build crews and has a great search function. Hop that helps
  12. If it is regards to the Explorers society for Kyle posted specifically in the thread that they had a lot of applications and were steadily working through them. Also IIRC Wyrd work Mon-Thur.
  13. My opponent didn't have Amina this time, just two high tomes. Santi being df5 and the Gunsmith being sh6 meant they could ignore his armour and dictate the damage. Anyway, apologies, slightly derailed the chat discussing Santiago's frailties
  14. Maybe your opponent is strongly denying your schemes and strat? Maybe you make a mistake or have some bad luck. There are variables that can account for such instances. Also it may be that the player has opted to go heavy handed early and is happy to concede a point or two in T2 and T3 knowing that they are playing a 5 turn game with an opportunity to catch up and overtake in the later turns. There a lot of people who say m3e that models survive longer in m3e or that damage output is less and that is why they are struggling to reach the later stages of the game, that is something that in the majority of my games, and the majority of games I see at the events I run that I do not see. Do I feel like m3e has more meaningful models? Yes, because people dont want activation filling rubbish to have activation control due to the introduction of pass tokens. As such are people generally picking models based on what they will do to impact the game? Definitely, tech picks are way more of a thing now to the point where I was in a discussion and the person said when he sees cheap minions of the table they have been selected for a purpose and removing them from the game is a route to victory to deny the opponent needed AP. Ultimately I do not feel that anything posted in this thread is going to change the viewpoint you have regarding game length, some are in agreement, some are not. Do I have games that take over 2hrs15? Yes, when I play at home or with friends and I am using something I am unfamiliar with, would I take that to an event? No, not unless I feel comfortable I can play that crew in a 5 turn game in the allotted time.
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