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  1. The big thing is playing, so while people can theorise all day and make assumptions based on what they read and no doubt how it acts in an ideal situation it isn’t truly representative. Game tested theory in a range of instances is the best way to show a model is good, bad, broken etc. @Adran apologies, I am just concerned that this is an issue being massively focussed on that could potentially let other less talked/tested things go by without the attention it deserved
  2. The worst thing is this could prevent some other things coming up and being addressed that really needs to but is being sidelined by a lot of talk focusing on a small area. Can a mod close this post for duplicstion of topic?
  3. No it isn’t necessary at all. Stat 7 doesn’t make something a master level ability, the rest of the models card/action needs to be taken into account.
  4. Cleezy

    Lady Justice issue

    Tbh most people disagreed with your opinions in the closed beta too. It isn’t anything against you but it seems your ideas/viewpoints do not appeal to the majority or the designers. Pretty sure Mason said in the CB justice will never have a pistol attack... (obviously mason has moved on so subject to change but it’s less thematic IMO) as for decay I agree with @trikk it should be stat 6 as it’s on a master so the stat should reflect that level of ability. As for the whole stat 6/7 on the greatsword - irrespective of triggers being able to be on a straight flip for damage against all but three models with minimal effort is crazy, then when you add in triggers it makes the stat even better. Again as @trikk says he only hit 3 of his 7 attacks - now for me this all comes down to the decision making of trigger regarding your targets as well as the resources you have. I am hitting a large target with a good amount of wounds I’m making sure my attacks hit (as best as I can with the cards I have) and go with a larger weak damage rather than risk the free attack missing/using up more resources than I need. But if I’m against lower df models and in a position to hit a few then I’m dedicating my resources the extra attacks having that stat advantage then wiping out a few low wound models. My overall thoughts is that justice and the marshals as a whole are in a really tasty position.
  5. She was nothing remarkable when I used her last week, solid but nothing crazy, obviously with the Redchapel changes she will need revisiting to see how it has affected her. I liked her in m2e and she had some utility in certain instances. I want her to be viable in m3e and add that needed punch to the Redchapel keyword
  6. Should be getting a game in with reva tomorrow and trying out the new changes properly then. That said it is clear that the durability of reva needs changing, she wasn’t tough previously and now she is even weaker. Any amount of focus on her well be a major resource drain/end with her dead. Also evident is the issue burning causes, there isn’t a large enough benefit crew wide for this to be a thing. Draugr are an option with their bonus to place and take a models burning but that isn’t always going to be viable. As mentioned elsewhere shielded is rather pointless along with the burning particularly when there is minimal benefit. Will have more thoughts/potential improvement after my game tomorrow
  7. I don’t think Carlos is bad per se but I do agree he could do with being df6 as df5 makes him for a henchman very squishy but also msssivrly resource intensive. His burning should give him shielded, then when he takes damage lower both shielded and burning.
  8. Cleezy

    Lady Justice issue

    Exactly this - I have nothing against how you opt to play the game, that is entirely on you. I however do not understand why it would be seen as cheesy or unsportsmanlike to use a model within the realms of its rules and resources in the realms of the games design. For me it is these elements that make Malifaux such a good competitive game and directly a cause for its success particularly here in the UK.
  9. Cleezy

    Lady Justice issue

    What is cheesy about using your resources to power up your big hitting melee master? Also you don’t have to go the multiple attack route as entirely based on the in-game situation. Some examples from my beta games - a few of my opponents models grouped up, leapt in and attacked, then used the high mask/some stones to trigger further attacks taking out multiple models early on in the turn thus giving me an advantage and forcing my opponent to react. Second example - large single model, used resources to ensure the min damage was high enough that even if I flipped weak on a single negative three times the large model was dead. If the BJ is in your deck then you always run that risk but you do your best to mitigate its effect.
  10. I played a game using seamus vs Colette last weekend when seamus and the Redchapel crew were ‘really bad’ and the belle I took did fine throughout the game, could be grabbed out of bad situations by sybelle, moved my opponents models out of positions with lure and generally survived. In comparison my opponents performers were both shot dead by seamus with minimal effect in the game. What seems to happening a lot in the open beta is people seeing models in other factions and saying that model is better or our model should be more like that. The thing is those players in other factions are saying the same thing. It’s a potentially vicious cycle.
  11. Paid up for me and Alison Whitfield
  12. Totally agree regarding Toni, she seems a few tweaks of being there. Agree regarding the df trigger - the hurt is building up her rage/her adrenaline and for a melee focussed master she missed a way to put out better damage. My girlfriend played Kaeris in m2e but has been really put off by her m3e version, we had a couple of demo games and like @Sybarite she just doesn’t see what she can do with Kaeris to be competitive. Colette we both think isn’t a massive problem - there are some strong things, but we both agreed that the lowering Colette’s defence was the wrong option as it encourages fade away more, we also both agreed that fade away needs to have some negative effect on the model fading away. Our most recent game pitted Colette vs seamus (whose crew is deemed massively bad in the resser forum) but the amount of expenditure for the Colette player to do stuff because of terror was really limiting what she could do when action required big cards to get off. We are going back to testing Marcus this weekend as it’s been a while but he seemed pretty solid last time around.
  13. Perdita was my first master and the reason I got into Malifaux but during the closed beta and now the open beta I found myself put off by what the crew came to be. There are some things that have been done that I really like but I would have to agree that Nino seems to similar to other snipers, Franc quite similar to other beaters and they miss a little flavour. I would like to see them all really get pushed to their specific roles - Franc should be this duelist, Nino should be the one who is giving the Ortega's a tactical edge, so on and so forth. Maybe Bravado becomes an individual version for each family member, then a generic one for Monster Hunters and another generic one for Pistolero's that all synergise well with each other. There is a huge potential for the family to be a very immersive, interactive crack team of fighters which really needs to be displayed in their rules.
  14. Cleezy

    Lady Justice issue

    Of course it takes into account the stat, if you are stat 7 over 6 you are more likely to hit, you need a lower card to ensure you hit and with that stat being higher than the vast majority of df stats in the game you can guarantee to be on a straight flip for damage ultimately meaning you can dictate your damage. Quick reflexes gives J another avenue to deal damage, lowering her stat means she is less likely to hit 7 attacks all on straights. Stat 6 means heaven forbid someone who is df 6 can tie and all of a sudden J is doing (her very good) min damage. It is pretty simple...
  15. Cleezy

    Lady Justice issue

    Ignoring the majority of your post as its not relevant to the point I was making thus not worth commenting on. Your maths illustrates the point entirely on why stat 7 on LJ’s greatsword would be too much. She can hit everything (bar a handful of models) on a straight and without really cheating the damage much put out a ridiculous amount of damage. Stat 6 makes that less likely, alters the targets you choose and most likely alters the damage approach. Like I said, I played numerous games with both versions which has brought me to the reasoning I have and I am cool with it.
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