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  1. It was an error on my part, the original Facebook event was being hosted by my old blog page and it just made it hard work to find it etc. as I wasn't showing up as the host. Made a new FB event and sent out invites, all information is the same
  2. What are the numbers looking like for this? The Facebook group has 7 people confirmed at the moment
  3. Understandable if you can’t mate but if you can, that will be awesome as always
  4. After two hugely successful events the third instalment returns and this time the rules are official. A 3 round, 50ss event that is fixed faction. The event is once again at Element games in Stockport (address below) Tickets are £12.50, if you could send the payment as a GIFT via PayPal to carl7lee@hotmail.com along with your full name please. Expect a plethora of trophies and prizes as usual The encounters will be generated well in advance of the event and will use the schemes and strategies from the m3e rules manual. Any proxies please get in touch with me and I will give a verdict on if they are OK (leniency will be given for models that are not released by the time of the event). Plenty of space to fill up and schedule for the day will be as follows: 9:30-10:00 - Registration/Introduction 10:00-12:30 - Round 1 12:30-13:00 - Lunch/Best painted 13:00-15:30 - Round 2 15:45-18:15 - Round 3 18:30 - Raffle/Awards/Goodbyes The rounds have been set at 2 hours and 15 minutes for crews, terrain discussion and scheme selection. The address for Element Games is: 1St Floor, Hallam Business Centre, Hallam Street, Stockport SK2 6PT Facebook event is HERE 1. Kevin Gillett 2. Radek Bry 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Any questions just ask
  5. Paid - should be a few others from the North West coming too
  6. The event is up on bag o'tools for anybody who wants to register in advance (please do)
  7. Trophies arrived today and they are nice to say the least - still a little time for any last minute sign ups
  8. The encounters look like this: Round 1 Plant explosives Corner deployment Breakthrough Search the ruins Hold up their forces Deliver a message Vendetta Round 2 Turf war Standard deployment Detonate the charges Search the ruins Power ritual Outflank Take prisoner Round 3 Corrupted idols Flank deployment Harness the ley line Dig their graves Hold up their forces Outflank Claim jump Roll on next week
  9. Encounters will be published on Saturday. Best painted is a legal crew between 35-50ss. Charity raffle is for MIND and tickets will be £1 each
  10. A few points on Kirai as she is probably the Resser I have most game time with in m3e - the crew is highly mobile and has movement options galore because of guide spirit and of course incorp. Horror duels are a great drain of cards for your opponent and vengeance soon adds up that incremental, unresisted damage. I really like Goryo in this edition and Ikiryo is a great asset because of her irreducible damage (her stats are poor but she can be returned to the board and not take up Kirai's one summon). Datsu ba is really useful as well, good damage both close and ranged, quick, ignores demise abilities (situationally useful) and has guide spirits with a charge trigger. The crew can give out adversary pretty easily which lessens the tension on your hand, you have condition removal and healing via Francis Kitchener (formerly lost love). Pretty solid IMO
  11. The pod was an excellent listen and the comparison to m2e Nellie is spot on, looking forward to more time with Molly on the table as currently I have been focused on Kirai and Reva
  12. Firstly apologies about the surname spelling, I think my phone autocorrected it. Secondly (more importantly) welcome to malifaux and my event. There is no painting requirement BUT having a painted crew means you can of course enter for best painted. Proxies for unreleased models are fine, they want to be distinguishable from other models and represent what they are trying to be. If you are unsure then drop me a pm and I will give you a ruling on it. Any other questions feel free to ask
  13. 12 sign ups so far with plenty of interest and people to confirm attendance. Looking healthy
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