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  1. Welcome to Malifaux One thing that Wyrd have done to really help new players is the keyword system, every master has a keyword and models within that keyword are going to synergise in some way with others in that keyword. The nice thing is all the boxes are now marked up with the keywords so it is easier to see what models expand your collection. Pandora plays pretty keyword heavy however two of the boxes that support her keyword are not out yet (Juvenile Delinquents and the Lyssa), as Maniacal above has mentioned Teddy is a solid option and has synergy with baby Kade, Carver is just a good all round model as is the hooded rider. I would also say that Hinamatsu is a good buy as she is a very good versatile model. If you haven't already I suggest downloading the app, its free and has all of the models stat profiles included, lets you build crews and has a great search function. Hop that helps
  2. If it is regards to the Explorers society for Kyle posted specifically in the thread that they had a lot of applications and were steadily working through them. Also IIRC Wyrd work Mon-Thur.
  3. My opponent didn't have Amina this time, just two high tomes. Santi being df5 and the Gunsmith being sh6 meant they could ignore his armour and dictate the damage. Anyway, apologies, slightly derailed the chat discussing Santiago's frailties
  4. Maybe your opponent is strongly denying your schemes and strat? Maybe you make a mistake or have some bad luck. There are variables that can account for such instances. Also it may be that the player has opted to go heavy handed early and is happy to concede a point or two in T2 and T3 knowing that they are playing a 5 turn game with an opportunity to catch up and overtake in the later turns. There a lot of people who say m3e that models survive longer in m3e or that damage output is less and that is why they are struggling to reach the later stages of the game, that is something that in the majority of my games, and the majority of games I see at the events I run that I do not see. Do I feel like m3e has more meaningful models? Yes, because people dont want activation filling rubbish to have activation control due to the introduction of pass tokens. As such are people generally picking models based on what they will do to impact the game? Definitely, tech picks are way more of a thing now to the point where I was in a discussion and the person said when he sees cheap minions of the table they have been selected for a purpose and removing them from the game is a route to victory to deny the opponent needed AP. Ultimately I do not feel that anything posted in this thread is going to change the viewpoint you have regarding game length, some are in agreement, some are not. Do I have games that take over 2hrs15? Yes, when I play at home or with friends and I am using something I am unfamiliar with, would I take that to an event? No, not unless I feel comfortable I can play that crew in a 5 turn game in the allotted time.
  5. TFW is an excellent resource for our hobby and as such presumably has a good portion of the community actively listening, where this is potentially problematic is that it may give a platform to an issue that is the minority and is being projected as the majority especially if guests are on repeatedly. This issue was a common theme when m3e was fresh in the wild but at events in the UK particularly the play sped up for the majority quite quickly, of course there are some situations where a game runs slightly short but turn 3 isn't the norm here where as for the guest on the pod it is. Other high profile players in the US have also said that 5 turns is not the problem. A 3 turn game, the effort to then completely amend the rules to suit and ultimately change a game on what certainly seems to be an issue for the minority of players. What people have to also remember is that when playing at home or casually you can take your time and be longer (for a variety of reasons) but if you are looking at tournament play and to be competitive then the full game should be what is practiced for to the point that it is achieved.
  6. The game I used Santiago in most recently was up against Ironsides and he got ruined by a gunsmith and the ignore armour trigger. It hurt that what was effectively a 10ss model died just as easily as a 6 or 7 haha. I think he could potentially sit behind the crew and offer support but idk, I still feel like there are better options for his cost.
  7. There are a couple of good videos here if you want to check them out, these are from one section of our larger gaming group. The videos and games are played, recorded and edited to show off the game and keep rules etc. clear. Worth the watch (there are multiple games systems on this channel but a good handful of Malifaux videos) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1kSE9HTVVJf7SfoIovfaLw/videos As for reading the rulebook, honestly I would read it just to get that top level understanding of what is going on. Hope that helps
  8. The Other Side is a fantastic game and it is such a shame that it has a minimal population. So many things plagued its release. I have the Cult and Abysinnia kick starters to get to eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later, that said a good amount of the models need some tlc as they are a little warped etc.
  9. You have to make sure you kill them quicker It is the unfortunate downside of the family, but the damage output that crew can do is tremendous. Perdita should murder (hand permitting) any 5/6/7 wound df5 minion/enforcer. Franc can go toe to toe with most things and is one of the more durable models in the crew. Santiago cannot be trusted to stay alive long enough to be a big hitter, unless early turns he avoids the fight and then wades in after a few early kills. I am slowly working Melissa KORE into my lists as well, especially against anything that bunches up with the blast trigger. The reality is that a lot of the Guild crews can deliver damage, it is just the method you want to use.
  10. In previous playtests you could cover other people under your NDA so that you can get games in and test, that person becomes your responsibility though. Unsure if the same applies here but could be worth asking.
  11. The people who I know that have been accepted in got it via email
  12. Cleezy

    Trouble At Mill 3

    Might be easier to drop them an email through the website, I am not sue how often Neil frequents the forum.
  13. A night terror may seem like a good choice because of the concealing aura but be wary of facing anything with a good blast/ricochet or repeat shot trigger. It is easy enough to engineer a one shot kill or big blast at which point they become something of a liability IMO. All dependent on your opponent of course. Edit - didn't realise how old this comment was, or that the thread was truly resurrected
  14. Nellie's printing press, Necrotic machine, Goryo, Night terrors (ish) and Dead Doxies. The steam trunk is always notorious and the skulls on Abuela's hat, oh and the belt buckles on Santiago/guild steward.
  15. Not a problem bud, form filled in, NDA attached and sent
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