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  1. Cleezy

    Henchman thoughts

    I would echo the above comment - if you are thinking of doing it to get some swag from Wyrd then you are doing it for the wrong reason BUT if you love the game and want it to grow in your area so that you (and others) have a nice community and can play the game regularly then it is for sure worth getting on board. I love playing and love running my events, it is great when people receive their trophies and have attached memories to it because they have had a great day.
  2. Cleezy

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Personally I quite like the use of snipers - they are not auto picks and heavily rely on the board being to some extent open but I find they are a good early way to put some pressure on weaker models that may function as a cog in a larger machine. I used 10 thunders in a tournament the weekend just past and the Katanaka sniper really made it hard work for my opponent to keep out in open sections of the field for fear of attacking the weaker models in his crew for a more powerful model to finish off. Similarly I have used the Freikorp trapper in a Nellie list and Nino gets some play when with the family (spotter mainly for but again the option to put out some good damage early). As said previously these are by no means 'must takes' but do add some versatility to a crew. That said soon enough with m3e I will have to move on my merry band of Nellie mercs.
  3. Cleezy

    Kirai crew

    So I didn't use Kirai in the tournament (I put it to a vote in my local meta chat group and they opted I played thunders). But I did get a game in with Kirai yesterday. Pool was - Standard deployment, Ply for information, surround them (paired), dig their graves, take prisoner, undercover entourage and inescapable trap. I used Kirai (ectoplasm and spirit beacon) Datsue Ba (spirit whispers and my little helper) Philip and the Nanny (Onryo 0 upgrade and take back the night) Chiaki (pull of the grave) Dead doxie 2 night terrors Lampad and a 6 cache. I faced a Kaeris crew with Cassandra, Angelica, 2x gunsmiths, malifaux child, Carlos and the effigy. My schemes were dig and undercover entourage on Kirai, my opponent took take prisoner on Datsue Ba and undercover entourage on Cassandra. Reasons for crew selection - Chiaki for conditional removal (I expected a lot of burning about etc. also potential to offensively remove southern charm), night terrors were my initial summon anchors, Doxie for Phil and the Nanny. Lampad was there to finish off anything hurt IF I had already scored dig that turn. Ectoplasm for scheme markers when killing the night terrors, Datsu to rotate taking Kirai's damage along with seishin and movement/seishin. First turn worked out fine with me being about to get 2 Goryo up and some initial markers down, positionally these were in a strong position (threatening my opponent enough to have to deal with them but also two so hard to get rid of them instantly). These took a fair amount of AP from my opponent, one being paralysed, put down to one wound and ready to burn out. Because of the damage both had taken I summoned off them a hanged and goryo, providing scheme markers/seishin in the mean time. My main plan was just keep cycling out summons, with so many seishin popping up I managed to keep my summoning cheaper by sacking them. Big turning point was Carlos bringing out Ikiryo, he killed the hanged then pushed out but couldn't escape her, due to my hand Ikiryo comfortably killed Carlos (ram trigger allowing me to cheat the RJ in on attack one and then attack two doing another set of severe. My goryo had dispatched one of the gun smiths. The game continued in that vein really, my summons cycling and steadily dispatched models in the crew. Kaeris was hacked down as Kirai managed to get adversary on her allowing 5 Goryo attacks to land. It was a real battle for my opponent as a lot of the attacks would finish the summons off with burning but I would cycle them out before that had chance to happen. We called it on turn 5 when realistically nothing was going to change I had scored all 3 for dig, 3 of the 4 for ply and Kirai had a free route to my opponents deployment. My opponent got Cassandra into my corner and brought up southern charm leaving me to give up those 3 points and due to some poor positioning on my part got Angelica in to engage and take prisoner on Datsue (2 of the 3 as I had Chiaki there). I maybe could have taken Angelica out but after we tried Datsues disengage attempt we left it there to finish 9-6. Not the most detailed but gives an overview of my plan, I prefer night terrors/desperate mercs over the flesh construct as you get some early activation control and although you still have the flesh construct for later turns if you don't have activation control it isn't going well. No grave digger in this game if I was to go the desperate merc route then it is likely the doxie would be dropped and/or the lampad. They are good and by all means it is easy enough to get more lampads from them but for me in that game I ended up just finishing the kill to score dig. Also I consistently had 10 models on the board each turn but turn activations was so much more through the cycling.
  4. Cleezy

    Kirai crew

    Desperate mercs can also drop your markers for Phil and the Nanny of course... but yes if you wanted to save stones by not hiring a gravedigger and/or paying the merc tax then you are probably better with night terrors or a flesh construct. I am playing a tourney this weekend and Kirai may be coming out so I will let people know how it goes if I do
  5. Cleezy

    Kirai crew

    It is flawed only when compared to a single night terror, the argument stands against the flesh construct. Obviously summoning from the mercs will replenish the stones/raise above the cache and provides the corpses for cards if running a gravedigger. It is by no means the best it all goes to a players preference. I was merely suggesting options I have heard/seen to the OP
  6. Cleezy

    Kirai crew

    @Sagrit You are correct that initially you will only draw two cards from your summons off the desperate mercs (you can get three summons off them in T1) two stones back and 2 cards then the grave digger can follow up just behind any beaters etc. and scoop up more corpses when your crew kills stuff. It isn't guaranteed and suits certain pools more (reasonable model for guarded treasure). It is not an auto take (I was merely giving a variety of options) but in a crew that has pretty much no use for corpse markers it is a way of getting use out of them :) also two mercs T1 are two more activation's rather than the one usually from the night terror or flesh construct. Again it is situational and probably suits a Kirai crew that is really cycling through its summons :)
  7. Cleezy

    Price Check on 3E Marcus models

    With something like this the value is hard to measure and ultimately what people are happy to pay. It could go for a lot or it could go for next to nothing. To me what would put me off is that they are metal and will be released at some point. The alluring factor for many is getting something rather unique. I checked eBay and couldn't see the listing (just wanted to see the models better tbh)
  8. Cleezy

    Kirai crew

    I have played a few games with Kirai (not loads) but I will share what I know/have theorised/seen. Datsu - I have used a fair bit and usually with MLH to get an extra card and summon a second seishin, I have heard some people use the grave spirit with her to give her armour and provided they don't have ways to ignore both armour and incorp she becomes a mega tank. Izamu - Used him a little because really his problem is his movement but Kirai can get around this with her movement shenanigans. Emissary - conflux makes casts count as melee for incorporeal and have shard which provides a zombie for another activation/summon anchor. Flesh construct - lots of wounds and their poison heals them gradually back, great summon anchor (could also maybe take a nurse to heal/paralyse and provide more summons). Desperate mercs/gravediggers - these work in tandem with each other, desperate mercs are the summon anchors keeping them close enough that when you kill them you get the stone back also close enough so that the corpse marker they drop gets gobbled up by the gravedigger for a card. Hanged - you ideal summons to just be a pain (horror duels etc) Philip and the Nanny - card draw Dead doxie - good pushes and easy to get some markers down for Philip to eat up. Hope that helps a little, as for Archie he doesn't really synergise with Kirai IMO
  9. Cleezy

    Faux at the Forge 4: Autumn nights - October 14th

    Quick update regarding this event - interest is good with a lot of people looking into attendance (always appreciated), also the first few payees are on board. The juicy bit of the update - realistically this could well be the last m2e edition tournament I will run before m3e releases (obviously we don't know for sure but in the coming months we will find out). So because of this I am looking to make this the best event yet and go out with a bang. As such I have some ideas that I am planning to make sure the m2e Faux at the Forge series goes out with a bang. These include: Awards: Winners trophy plus medals for 2nd and 3rd Best painted trophy Favourite opponent trophy The royal poop trophy (lowest positioned player) Raffle: I plan on this event having an abundance of prizes so that most people get something, each player will be given a single raffle ticket and additional tickets will be purchasable. The funds raised will be donated to charity (not decided yet but likely a mental health charity). Swag: I am planning on each entrant getting swag, I am keeping this close to my chest for the time being and keeping it a surprise. I hope this entices the taste buds a little and gets people eager to join in
  10. Cleezy

    Merseyfaux 4 , Sunday 5th August

    Paid for me and Alison Whitfield
  11. Cleezy

    WickerFaux - 11th August, York

    Paid for myself (Carl Lee), Cai Bird and Alison Whitfield. Radek paid for his separately but we are travelling down together.
  12. Good day Wyrdos, The fourth Faux at the Forge event has a date and is now up. As always this will be hosted at Stormforge Hobbies and Games in Warrington (Unit 6, Linerva House, Milner Street, Warrington WA5 1AD), there is onsite parking and lunch will be provided (dietary requirements please get in touch with me here or the store through their contact page). The event will be 3 rounds using GG18, fixed faction and 50ss. The results will be submitted to the rankings so if you do not want to be included please let me know at the time. The days schedule will be: 10-10:30 - Registration/welcome10:30-12:45 - Round 112:45-1:15 - Lunch/Best painted vote1:15-3:15 - Round 23:30-5:45 - Round 36 - Awards/raffle and goodbyes Prize support will be provided by Wyrd and there will be trophies for the winner, best painted and the bottom player at a minimum, further awards/trophies will be given out based on numbers etc. The event page on Facebook and the Tickets, there is a reduced ticket price until mid August to entice those early birds. We have space for up to 20 players. Any questions please ask and as always thanks for the support Paid entrants 1. Jonathan Cooper (paid) 2. Kevin Gillett (paid) 3. Cai Bird (paid) 4. Radek Bry (paid) 5. Dave Allen (paid) 6. Daniel Vrsansky (paid) 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  13. My most recent lists have been Lucius - Deep pockets/surprisingly loyal Scribe Thrall Tannen Graves beckoner doppel queller performer Played against a Marcus crew in public executions - schemes wise I took set up and recover evidence. I drew in the Sabretooth turn one with the beckoner/doppel using their lures then using Lucius' don't mind me aura and the performer to drop the markers ready to score in t2. Tannen stayed around for his cooler aura. After scoring set up I killed the cat and a few other models to declare recover turn 4 (a little later than usual but I had activation control and my opponent had five models left). I picked 3 of the 5 markers up in that turn. I think it was a big win of 9-2 or 3 to me. Also tried Lucius - deep pockets/surprisingly loyal Scribe Jury Dade Doppel Investigator Austringer Reporter In ply for info and the schemes I took were surround them and dig graves - again facing Marcus, my opponent scored Vendetta t3 on Dade with Cassandra while I had steadily been scoring dig, ply we mostly tied on bar one turn each and I had used the reporter/austringer to bluff/show surround them with Lucius t5 Issuing command to push the reporter out of Cassandra's engagement and drop the last marker. My opponent took undercover entourage on Marcus but I managed to nudge him below half wounds to score a tight 7-6 win. Enjoying Lucius a bit at the minute
  14. Cleezy

    How to Improve my Nellie Game

    Nellie should have enough movement to keep up with your beaters, with pushing 6 from a marker as her 0 she can comfortably keep up the pace. Then she is in range for things like Propaganda. Using that you can really utilise your beaters (triggering for extra attacks) and Phiona's ability to get an extra attack when a model fails a WP duel. You can also use Nellie great to push/slow models away from the key combats you want your beaters in so they avoid damage. Also hot of the presses is great to allow places so you can teleport models around. From your list I see Ryle as your big disadvantage, he is a model to me who never earns his stones back - slow, gun is OK at best and melee is good if he gets in. McTavish is always a better pick. I generally run a promises Queeg when I play Nellie as he makes my beaters so much more efficient, having plus flips to attack and willpower on models that want high cards is a dream. It eases pressure on your hand and leaves those vital cards for Nellie to utilise. Hope that helps somewhat but Nellie is super useful when you get 4+ attacks per beater.
  15. Cleezy

    WickerFaux - 11th August, York

    I am rounding up the herd and have a few of us already. The aim is four or five. When confirmed I will get the tickets and let you know mate. Will be nice to step out of the local meta again.