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  1. Cleezy

    Vappafaux - Sunday 3rd Feb

    Cheers for the response, totally understandable re: the show side of it but in my experience it has made for games to be really tight timewise (I have been the last two years) and it has been my feedback both times. The event itself has always been great but that has been my one main gripe. I will ask the North West players who is up for it and see if we can get a car or two down
  2. Cleezy

    Guild Faction for sale

    Hi all, After a solid two years of play I am moving my guild faction on to give my ressers some game time. eBay link is https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332885465790 Alternatively would end the list for a straight £400 inc postage thanks
  3. Would you sell the valedictorian separately? (Annoyingly I sold off a lot that had a single on sprue Doug )
  4. Cleezy

    Vappafaux - Sunday 3rd Feb

    Hey mate, is there any wiggle room on the round timings? 1hr50 seems to be cutting it fine. Or is it a venue requirement/catering for the longer lunch to view the show?
  5. Cleezy

    Wyrd Saddles 3 @ The Outpost Sheffield 2nd Dec 2018

    How are the sign ups looking for this Dan?
  6. Massive thanks to everyone who attended, we raised a phenomenal £225 for charity. 1st Alyx Drake (solo Ramos) 2nd Jason Fox (solo asami) 3rd Radek Bry (outcasts) best painted Zed Strong favourite opponent Allie Whitfield
  7. So we have massive prize support from Wyrd, Leodis games and Chimeric for this event. Rather than the usual raffle this is actually going to be a charity raffle for MIND - a mental health charity (https://www.mind.org.uk/). Basically tickets will be £1 each and you will get to choose which prize cup to put it in, you can buy tickets in advance by sending a paypal gift to carl7lee@hotmail,com or on the day, if you paypal money across then let me know if you want to get the tickets on the day or what prizes you want the tickets going towards. Here are the prizes and their corresponding numbers 1) Scottish GT fate deck 2) Rare Adepticon fate deck 3) Alternate Lazarus 4) Miss Deed (two available, you will one per ticket) 5) Alternate Titania 6) Alternate Kaeris 7) Alternate Firestarter😎 Alternate Francisco Ortgea 9) Miss Step 10) Johanna 11) Alternate Witchling Handler 12) Translucent blue Rasputina crew 13) Translucent green mindless zombies 14) Solid pink Dreamer crew 15) Translucent green Kirai crew 16) Obsidian Statue 17) Paul Crockett 18) Hinamatsu 19) Benny Wolcomb 20) Neil Henry 21) Widget bundle (fast/slow/burning/poison/scheme/corpse/scrap/blast) and a 6/3/2/1 measuring widget)
  8. The encounters for the day are as follows Round 1 Standard deployment Guard the stash Guarded treasure Dig their graves Show of force Set up Take one for the team Round 2 Corner deployment Symbols of authority Punish the weak Covert breakthrough Undercover entourage Recover evidence Vendetta Round 3 Flank deployment Extraction Surround them Search the ruins Take prisoner Public demo Hold up their forces Enjoy
  9. Closing in on the event now The encounters will be listed this weekend on here, Facebook and Twitter . Also the charity raffle list will be up in a few days, hopefully there is something that everyone will be interested in and dip into that pocket for charity
  10. They will he posted this weekend matey
  11. Thanks everyone who has got their ticket, sold out and at capacity. 18 places filled.
  12. Plenty of time until this event but the reduced ticket cost is coming to an end within a week. So far half of the tickets are sold with many more being picked up on payday. Confirmed prize support for the charity raffle will be provided by Wyrd, Leodis games and Chimeric Designs (so far). Swag is in the process of being manufactured