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  1. After three hugely successful events the fourth instalment returns. A 3 round, 50ss event that is fixed faction. The event is once again at Element games in Stockport (address below) Tickets are £12.50, if you could send the payment as a GIFT via PayPal to carl7lee@hotmail.com along with your full name please. Expect a plethora of trophies and prizes as usual The encounters will be posted below, all of the faction books should have been released for this event so all models will be allowed provided this is the case. Multiple masters will not be allowed in this event (Viks of course are as they are a pair). I have the whole venue to fill up so space is pretty much unlimited and schedule for the day will be as follows: 9:30-10:00 - Registration/Introduction 10:00-12:30 - Round 1 12:30-13:00 - Lunch/Best painted 13:00-15:30 - Round 2 15:45-18:15 - Round 3 18:30 - Raffle/Awards/Goodbyes The rounds have been set at 2 hours and 15 minutes for crews, terrain discussion and scheme selection. The address for Element Games is: 1st Floor, Hallam Business Centre, Hallam Street, Stockport SK2 6PT The Facebook event can be found HERE Any questions, just ask 1. Stuart Baxter 2. Radek Bry
  2. I think you are mistaking m3e Nicodem with m2e - the main offender powerwise in DMH is Collodi though I believe some nasty Ramos combinations were unearthed. Also over here we saw DMH as a short term option to encourage players of those masters to get involved in m3e but it was made known that they wouldn't be tourney legal for the long term as they were not intended that way. It is likely that these masters have temporarily been removed from the game and may feature in some way in the future - will Lilith be trapped for a long time? Is Ramos going to be broken out of jail? So on and so forth.
  3. Sad to hear you couldn't make it bud, hope the flood got sorted and hope to see you again soon
  4. One space left if anybody wants to sneak in at the last minute (and also make the numbers even)
  5. Up to thirty players for the event. I am going to have to cap it at 32 so that we can cover the terrain etc. The support for this event has been immense, thank you
  6. Hi matey, No painting requirement for the event many covet the spoon. Glad to have you on board
  7. So we are up to 24 players now and the two unreleased crew boxes have been ordered. Unfortunately they will not be delivered in time for the event but will be posted out or passed to the winners. Not long to go
  8. Trophies were ordered yesterday, ooooh shiny
  9. So with the Scottish GT out of the way there are a few updates. 1. Unreleased models - for the time being unreleased models will not be allowed, I know that many people participated in the beta and have seen rules for such models but equally many did not and have not. This is a one off for this event only by the time the next one is in the diary all of the faction books will have been released. 2. Prizes - the Wyrd prize store is pretty depleted and even when full a lot of the prizes have been floating around for most of m2e. So instead I will be ordering one of the unreleased crew boxes from GenCon, the identity of the crew box will be kept secret and it will only be revealed upon winning it. I will also be raffling off a pixel fate deck. Other prizes are TBC but those are guaranteed. 3. Sign ups are steadily building up with a lot of people travelling some distance to attend. Not one to jinx it but we could hit our best numbers yet 😮 So thanks as always for the support
  10. It was great to see the store and overall an enjoyable day of card flipping. The set up was good, nice and spacious for token boxes, rulebooks etc. Score sheets would be nice but aren't vital - particularly if Wi-Fi is sorted for people to check encounters etc. I think with the edition so new and a lot of people trying new masters, best painted became an afterthought for most. Probably the main thing I missed was time calls - on the last round me and my opponent only heard a call not to start another turn when there was approximately 10 minutes left (we as players can partly take the blame as we should keep an eye on the timer too). Look forward to the next one (hopefully soon)
  11. Would be great to have a few of the York guys over
  12. Encounters will be revealed tomorrow (sorry about the delay - manic weekend) 6 entrants paid up, plenty of scope for more
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