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  1. 29. Yaroslav Dudchenko, Saint-Petersburg30. Slava Butenko, Saint-Petersburg31. Ivan Topilin, Saint-Petersburg Waiting for 32nd registration.))
  2. 29. Yaroslav Dudchenko, Saint-Petersburg
  3. Hi wyrdos! You are welcome to join us on the M3e Malifaux tournament to be held 25.05.2019 in Dicey Lair wargame club (https://vk.com/diceylair). Three Rounds Strats and schemes according to Core Rules 50SS Start is at 11:30. Fixed Faction Link to the event: https://vk.com/event182019289
  4. 26. Sergey Egorov, Izhevsk 27. Anton Maltsov, Moscow 28. Ilya Gurin, Moscow
  5. 16. Mikhail Kromwell Popov, Ekaterinburg 17. Evgeny Lizard Kuzinkov, Voronezh 18. Vlad Ivanov, Surgut 19. Nikolai Galeev, Moscow 20. Georgi Garmider, Saint-Petersburg 21. Kirill Pavlov, Saint-Petersburg 22. Ivan Kopylov, Moscow 23. Viktor Sheblykin, Voronezh 24. Dmitry Ershov, Moscow 25. Evgeny Arsanar Klimov, Saint-Petersburg
  6. Second week and two more registered. Now we have 15. 14. Yaroslav Skorobogatko, Saint-Petersburg15. Konstantin Leonov, Saint-Petersburg
  7. The first week of registration passed and we have 13 registere partisipants: 1. Roman PeaceDuke Miskevich, Hrodna 2. Lev Valuev, Saint-Petersburg 3. Vlad Suglobov, Saint-Petersburg 4. Igor Kozlov, Saint-Petersburg 5. Pavel Senkov, Moscow6. Kirill Savchuk, Saint-Petersburg 7. Evgenia AliER Alieva, Moscow8. ArsenyNathillien Berry, Moscow9. Kirill Lopatin, Saint-Petersburg 10. Alexey Vlasov, Saint-Petersburg 11. Georgy Sotskov, Moscow 12. Evgeny Dirty Cheater Minin, Arhangelsk 13. Konstantin JackTheFrost Busovikov, Krasnoyarsk
  8. Dear all! 24-25 of August this year the Saint-Petersburg, Russia invites you to our second SPb Malifaux Nationals! We had held the first SPb Malifaux Nationals last year and it had achieved good claims from players. The number of registered participants was 48 and 45 of them faced each other on the sides of the game tables (you can check our battlefields by the link: https://vk.com/event162966332?z=album-162966332_251886882). Special gifts and prizes were designed by tournament organizers including custom fate decks and T-shorts (see below). This year, taking into account the start of M3e and our pervious experience, we are going to revitalize the meta and hold our next significant tournament at the end of this summer. We have made quick research of the meta and the results are following: 25 players have decided to participate 17 players are considering the participation Tournament details: Date: 24-25.08.2019 Place: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 66 Rustaveli str, .Dicey Lair wargame club: https://vk.com/diceylair Organizers: @Adalar and @ArD Cost: 2000 Russian Rubles (28 €) until July 2300 RR (32 €) in July, 2500 RR (35 €) in August. Rulepack: M3e 6 rounds, 3 per day, 2-15 each tour Fixed faction 50ss Gifts and prizes to participants and winners You are welcome to join us in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in August! Stay with us for more information.)
  9. Hi wyrdos! You are welcome to join us on the M3e Malifaux tournament to be held 20.04.2019 in Dicey Lair wargame club (https://vk.com/diceylair). Three Rounds Strats and schemes according to Core Rules 50SS Start is at 11:00. Fixed Faction Link to the event: https://vk.com/event180844326
  10. Thank you for this information.)
  11. Are Rankings alive? There were no ivents since January.
  12. ArD


    When the model is buried can we measure the 6" from it? All measurings are on the table as they are described in the "Table" section of the rules. There is no measurements out of table.)
  13. Reminder.) Link in social networks: https://vk.com/club179758639
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