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  1. Hi wyrdos! You are welcome to join us on the M3e Malifaux tournament to be held 30.03.2019 in Dicey Lair wargame club (https://vk.com/diceylair). Three Rounds Strats and schemes according to Core Rules 50SS Start is at 11:00. Fixed Faction Pre-birthday pizza from me for all participants.)
  2. My rats are going to meet with Barrows this weekend. I'll test your crew draft during the game with leader of our M3e League. Hope to come back with additional data for this discussion.
  3. Lucky Emissary riding twice through my cats, rats and children also have made me feel bad.)
  4. I agree that lack of possibility to cheat against OW is the trouble in this case. But taking it into account, I have the proposal just to fix the wretch.
  5. Can you invite experienced Criid player for the next round of testing?
  6. Change proposed for the stolen may increse the stolen efficiency, instead of decreasing it. Agree with proposual regarding prospectors.
  7. I agree that Hamelin is strong and solid leader, but considering the change of bleeding desease is unnecessary. Effectively the number of blight tokens can be raised by the lure action (max 3 per action, 1 action, 1 card, 1ss), by enemy model activation in the wrong place, and by Nix. All other sources are quite arguable. Hamelin (leader, master) and Nix (henchman) have to spent 4-5 actions to eliminate the emissary class model. But this can be done more effective by solo Leveticus in one blow with minimal chance to survive using reduction or soulstones. Hamilin is only leader who has no bonus action, so he is limited if compared to other master models. I treat it as the price for blight mechanics. There are leaders and their crews, which make Hamelin's life harder(watching on you Mrs. Criid and you Mr. Long). The plague is not so scary if you have access to proper treatment and antibiotics.
  8. Reminder. We are going to start tomorrow at 10-00. The format have been switched to M3e, based on community requests and voting.
  9. If you dont cheat and just discard a low card you will still have damage on your model.) It's not so bad.)
  10. Is it possible to discard 0 tokens to draw 0 cards but to gain tokens by modela within range?
  11. Please be reminded. We are going to start soon.
  12. Hi wyrdos! You are welcome to join us on the M2e Malifaux tournament to be held 23rd of Feb 2019 in Dicey Lair wargame club (https://vk.com/diceylair). Three Rounds Gaining Grounds 2018 50SS Start is at 11:00. Fixed Factions Rankings For more information visit https://vk.com/event177437938. Oh and don't forget that you are in the army now!
  13. Hi wyrdos! We would like to invite you to take part in the first Malifaux 2E league in SPb, Russia. The start of first round is next week on Friday (15th February). First round: 15.02 - 24.02Second round: 25.02-10.03Third round(leaders): 11.03-24.03 Third round(outsiders): 11.03-17.03Resulting round: 25.03-31.03 Rules are: M3e Deployment, Schemes, and Strategies to be generated prior the game in accordance with GG18 or M3e Rulebook(resulting round) Three games each round 12 partisipants More information here: https://vk.com/event176864029 or by direct request. The games of the first 3 rounds can be held in hobby zones acceptable for players but final games are going to be held in (https://vk.com/diceylair). See you on TouchStone League!)
  14. @Kimberlyis there any news regarding access to henchman sections?)
  15. ArD

    Hamelin - questions

    Obidient wretch demise(hungry rats) sumons one(btb with enemy) or two(btb with wretch and btb with enemy) rats if the wretch was killed by an enemy model?
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