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  1. free card, not cards. It's once per activation. Unless you're playing against som'er, Ulix or Hamelin. But hey, I played it in an asami crew to complete my research mission, and I have to say that It was not that bad. The auto stagger on 2 models was fine, I've even charged an enemy with it, flickered and moved the marker (lucky me flipping a high mask). It did some job. But I still think the design of this model is one of the poorest of the whole game. Against the 3 masters said earlier, it will just sit somewhere without interacting with anything just to draw. Or it will rush in and die after doing little effect. And even if the effect is broken, it's because it wasn't resisted.
  2. Wip of Ross Jebsen's little piggy
  3. Idem en mars, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message ! À Grenoble le vendredi 6 mars ~~ Côme and play !!
  4. Well, do you really use the same scale of models as anyone else!? Love this one (even if the poor lad seems to be missing a pair of something ! )
  5. It comes from a adeptus mechanicus model from gw. thank you for the kind words !
  6. Well, it's done ! And I'm not even days-late posting 🙂 Here are my production for february : 12 - Coryphee Duet : a friend's conversion to make it as scarry as it deserves ! (fuuuusiooooon). He still has to make the base (not me). 3 - Depleted 5 - Fountain 15 -Crates, grains and vegetables (that's an estimation, since I don't have a clue how many points it should be worth 😃 ! ) for a total of 35 Ss
  7. Just paid ~ Jean-Baptiste Aymes - France
  8. To avoid having teams full of versatile, an option could be to have only the first versatile model paid without tax.
  9. @Caedrus hey, I've pledged Master (only).
  10. First work for February done : Wyrdscape terrains are awesome !
  11. Hey guys ! Well, I'm late (as always ), but I wanted to have those bases done But here are my models painted in january anyway -8Ss Carlos Vasquez -21Ss : 7x3 Good Old Boys -6Ss : Alt Spit hog For a total of 35Ss
  12. Bonjour ! Je serai régulièrement à Grenoble les jeudi/vendredi ces prochains temps, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message pour plus d'infos !
  13. I don't play guild, but I do play a lot against a very good guild opponent. I've been thinking about that balance issues and I want to ask here to you, guild players. Expert Marksman and No prisonner are both shooting items, and even if guild got a lot of shooters, I've never seen both items taken at the same time. I think they are just too close. What if there was an item for the shooting (with a combination of the abilities) and an item dedicated to movement. Would it be enough to help guild balance ?
  14. Well, didn't painted any malifaux model this month, as my whole ten thunder faction is done and I only have a few models left to do for some friends. This month, I've painted some models for my newly arrived Kingdom Death So it will be my second mulligan, but I'm not ashamed announcing a mulligan there, since I've painted 537Ss of Wyrd's models during the whole year For the new year, I'm thinking if I remain in tyrant or if I just lower my pledge to master (even If I paint much more than 16Ss of models). Maybe I'll be able to modify it up during the year if I'm fast enough
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