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  1. @Franchute, @PetitDalek So ! I did a pretty classic skin tone, but a bit lighter, then I came with some really thin purple glazes, insisting a bit in the shadows. Then I had to come back with some more skin tone because nothing went right, then some more purple and then more skin... I almost went mad with this one ! I wish you good luck to do the same
  2. It was said we'll have some explanation in the lore to come.
  3. bedjy


    I agree, but there is the fact some people make a lot of noise with their disagreement even if they are "wrong" for everyone.
  4. bedjy


    the open beta starts next week I would probably agree with you, but that's not ours to guess. I want to share the file if I can, so that I can have some people play this week end. That's why I just asked, by extend, if it could be shared publicly. I'll be waiting for an official answer anyway.
  5. bedjy

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Well, I'm not against Mulligans, I just have the feeling there are some people that don't succeed in keeping up that will just surrend their challenge and don't hold their motivation until the end of the year.
  6. bedjy

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    I'd say this month keep M2e, since people have planned their painting according to M2e costs.
  7. bedjy


    Are we free to share the M3e PDF files right now ? I don't see a reason we couldn't but that would make wednesday Open Beta release date a bit weird.
  8. bedjy

    Henchman Issue?

    https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact => DAMAGED / MISPACKED PRODUCTS
  9. bedjy

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    I was wandering about the mulligan thing and I think it's a bit harsh for those who started late in the year and those who failed. I would not want to have their motivation dismissed. In 2018, we clearly can see much more participation in the beginning of the year and less and less through the year, rather than more and more. I liked the idea of a stickers (like the "creature features" one), for those who succeed their pledge, it would be enough of a motivation to keep people, but not enough to have people feel like "failing". Hope you get what I mean 😛
  10. already done this for january, I'm HOT (or are they ?) !
  11. bedjy

    TOS in Europe

    Well, some french people already received their pledge a long time ago, but I'm still waiting the stuff for the shop demonstration kit... I could rather have ordered some of those things directly to our distributor and get them before, but now we just wait.
  12. Well, I'm ready for the new year, but I'm not sure I'll have enough models to keep my 31+ Ss painted per month ! But I'll try it anyway :) For January though : 2 beckoners 1 bayou smuggler 1 Hinamatsu some wyrdscape (hopefully the whole of them !)
  13. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - December

    Well ! At least on this very last month of the year, I'm not late ! Here is my painting count : Ototo : 9 Manos : 8 Ashigaru : 5 Bokor x2 : 12 So a "little" 34 Ss for this december count, but that's enough for me to be able to say I've achieved this year of Emissary pledge ! With something like : 542Ss painted on the whole year
  14. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - December

    My current WIP of Ototo ! Hope you like it ! Better photos at end of month, you'll have to be patient !
  15. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - December

    I'd also say Zebra ! was wandering ho to paint it and found that tuto http://www.horseandbird.com/blog/grevys-zebra-painting-tutorial-part-1