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  1. I don't play guild, but I do play a lot against a very good guild opponent. I've been thinking about that balance issues and I want to ask here to you, guild players. Expert Marksman and No prisonner are both shooting items, and even if guild got a lot of shooters, I've never seen both items taken at the same time. I think they are just too close. What if there was an item for the shooting (with a combination of the abilities) and an item dedicated to movement. Would it be enough to help guild balance ?
  2. Well, didn't painted any malifaux model this month, as my whole ten thunder faction is done and I only have a few models left to do for some friends. This month, I've painted some models for my newly arrived Kingdom Death So it will be my second mulligan, but I'm not ashamed announcing a mulligan there, since I've painted 537Ss of Wyrd's models during the whole year For the new year, I'm thinking if I remain in tyrant or if I just lower my pledge to master (even If I paint much more than 16Ss of models). Maybe I'll be able to modify it up during the year if I'm fast enough
  3. don't I'm just wandering if the brillant varnish would be more or less dust proof ?
  4. just wash it with a wet towel or tissue
  5. Well, I've painted all this in november fast enough so that I could bring them to UK Nationals, but I'm very late to post for November, so maybe we should just count this as a mulligan and move it to december... 5 Ss Proxy of Gokudo (with a basket on the head) 8 Ss Proxy of Kabuki Warrior (in pink, with a two handed sword) 6 Ss Proxy of an exorcist for a friend 6 Ss Huckster 4 Ss Tengu 5 Ss Two little crates, bags and barels counting for 5Ss both So that was a total of 34 Soulstone. You'll will recognize that some models were painted quite fast, not my best level, I have to admit..
  6. Well, she is hard to play well, and she is definitly not busted, but she's an interesting master nonetheless. I've had some interesting games with her, won most. Maric-Alexei Brouwer (from Netherland) played her only and ended 9th with 5/2 during the UK Nationals. I'm a bit sad her totem isn't good
  7. You can use Ama No Zako to copy the emissary's bonus action. So that's a total of 6 + 1 (arcane reservoir) + 2 (soulstone) + 7 (emissary) + 7 (Ama no Zako copying emissary Ama no Zako's Promising Whisper trigger of the Dark Bargain Action used on the Prophecies in Thunder Action of the Emissary). Otherwise, there is also the 1 card draw of Minako. For a maximum total of 24 cards
  8. You should not check gremlins !
  9. They will probably only accept the time traveling one, since its use will probably be much more interesting
  10. Lover the ninja beckoner to make the team move forward!
  11. Well, it really depends what was the match up. Quite often, I could almost lock a key model (or kill it), remaining safe with the 2"range and the extended reach ability Also, when I'm close enough, I use 1 ap to have ototo charge. He got good damages and can be used for denying ap, once he's put at 2". I try not to activate her to late, unless her lack of Mvt isn't a problem to get into position.
  12. Jorogumo are very interesting with laser spider legs giving them precise and know the warriors. They'll be Fast and ahead of your crew. They'll have equality of fate and will draw cards whenever you cheat with from flicker and focus.
  13. bedjy


    Due to the lack of distribution in France and French version (atm for this one) , we have almost 0 LGS in the whole country...
  14. You can, thanks to Training Grounds ability
  15. As I asked during beta, there should be a "generic upgrade" doing nothing but saying that the model is a summoned model. Some models could be exempt, like rats, bayou gremlins from demise... So that actions dealing with summons should actually work on summons
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