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  1. What if you face Youko then ?
  2. Well, it was not said it was worthless. Just that it was a "boring" model. When it's one of the most interesting inspiring myth of Japan/China history (at least for us, occident people). And such an iconic model of Malifaux !! I love to take it to demonstration, people love it ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_dragon
  3. bedjy

    Coryphee duet

    Yas is a fighter only. He cannot place 2 schemes in a single activation, he cannot interact after disengaging, all he can do, in fact, is fight. Is fighting the only utility of a Duet ? I see many people wondering about Colette's keyword's damages (and mostly Duet). I don't really get it, I don't think that Colette is meant to be taken in a figting heavy Strat/Scheme pool, is she ? She'd rather play in hybrid situation, preventing opponent's damage while being everywhere with don't mind me/agile models. Or in Interact heavy situations, where mobility is key. But I may be mystaken. PS : I have created a Topic about the replace effects, because I think the same as @trikk, current wording is not intuitive.
  4. After the last update, the coryphee don't heal its missing wounds back, which is pure logic. But it can now loose one in the process. I don't get why the coryphee has a specific wording when it should be written in the rules ? Is there a problem with Hamelin or another mechanics ? What we should have instead : multiple models replaced by 1 model works perfectly, so no worries. 1 model replaced by multiple models should be changed to (the text is probably not "perfect", but I trust Kyle and Matt to improve it) : (Rulebook p. 32) One model may also be Replaced by multiple models. If this happens, each new models must be placed into base contact with the original model. The replaced model's original Health is shared between the new models in any combination of at least one Wound that do not exceed their maximum Health. If a model cannot get at least one Wound, it is not placed (or it's killed, or anything like that). Skip step 2. What this change solves : A coryphee Duet that has an odd amount of Wd will loose 1 in the process. Splitting is a normal thing rather than the weird "loose half your life" thing that is quite counter-intuitive. The healing (if any) could happen at any time (before or after replacing the models), that would be specified in the replace ability/action, like any standard replace. Step 2, 3 & 4 (for info)
  5. Another reason to change this strat a little bit (That does not change the balance anyway), it's that forcing people to play very Elite and resilient stuff will make people play almost the exact same crew every game. That was what happened in my gaming circle most of the time this strat came up between the same pair of opponents.
  6. Well, since I didn't find where was the best place to post it, I'll "summon" @Kyle and @matt to be sure they could give a last chance to this list. I'm pretty confident we've pointed out almost every model that were still troublesome in our faction.
  7. Well, here are a bunch of additionnal thoughts : Green : good ! Orange : A very little something, or a bit of work but not really a priority. Red : Need something quickly ! 1. Torakage : Perfect ! 8 : The rework of Shen & Sensei Yu. 9 : Yin is fine now I think. 10 : Falling Rave Kick : We're ok with drunken kung fu back. 2 : Dawn serpent : Will be fine as is. But won't see much play since it does not fit a slot in the place of a keyword model or a more specific one. 3 : Ohaguro Bettari : Needs a little bit of a something, still 4 : Tengu : Need a little something (reduced cost or large stat raise). 5 : Kamaitachi : Still don't like the mecanics. Counter intuitive and a source of NPE. otherwise quite balance... 6 : Looted Supplies : let it be range 2", or end of activation. 7 : Artifact Upgrades : I'm not the one to say, didn't try this last version. 11 : Fermented River Monks : still have nothing to do with Shenlong. Maybe give them an ability to spend a Chi token at the End of their activation (or beginning, but maybe too strong with Drunken Strenght trigger) to gain poison +2. 12 : Kang : His Hot Coals action is still one of the (if not THE) worst attack action for a 9Ss model. 13 : Kitty Dumont : her mobility is almost all she has, and she has been nerfed too hard. 14 : Shadow Emissary : One last ask to have it gain a little flavor ! 15 : (new in this list because even there he was forgotten) Obsidian Statue : I don't even try to look at Gracie, I'd be disgusted to talk about this poor lad. Give me a reason to play this. Risky manoeuver/Reckless ? And a way to drop a scrap when it hurt itself ?
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to throw this into the pit to have your insight of the specific models you like to take for each Scheme. Let's discuss this. Italic for action/ability, Orange to counter ennemy possibilities Detonate Charge : Huckster, Yokai, Desper Laraux, Breakthrough : Misaki, Torakage, Huckster, Beckoner, Desper Laraux, Harness the Leyline : Huckster, Ten Thunder Brother, Sun Quiang, Desper Laraux, Yokai, Search the Ruins : Huckster, Desper Laraux, Dig their Graves : Foundry in general, Obsidian Oni, Yokai, Sun Quiang, Hold Up Their Forces : ? Take Prisonner : Yin Katanaka, Mr Graves, Lure, Power Ritual : Torakage, katashiro, Desper Laraux, Outflank : Torakage, katashiro, Assassinate : Lone Swordsman, Yasunori, Deliver a Message : Sun Quiang, Beckoner, Claim Jump : Fuhatsu, Obsidian statue, Wanyudo, Lure, Laugh Off, Vendetta : Lone Swordsman, effigy + upgrade (...), Kunoichi, Lure, And Strats : Reckoning : Hungering Darkness, Ototo, Ama No Zako, Izamu, Sidir Alchibal, Samuraï, Lone Swordsman, Turf War : Yokaï, McCabe, Ama No Zako, Beckoner, Plant Explosives : McCabe, Misaki, Desper Laraux, Torakage, Hucksters, Kitty Dumont, Corrupted Idols : Sun Quiang, Low River Monks, Desper Laraux, Onis in general, Wandering River Monks
  9. maybe Information Network trigger could be on backroom dealing instead (so that it's built in) action instead ? Blackmail definitly could be stat 7. Or let it 6 with We Own You trigger built-in. If you want space on her card to do whatever thing, just remove the No Witness trigger.
  10. Place the terrain so that it cannot be placed in impassible...
  11. I think @Frostey has just suffered the direct comparison of M3e profile to M2e. And YES, they are weaker (more expensive, lower stats, lower damage tracks...). But it's the same for every faction, so that the balance is still ok and TT are really interesting to play. They are tanky than they were in M2e overall, but they are also more mobiles (as a faction).
  12. I want to see more pics of the Qi & Gong please !!!
  13. They wouldn't be nearly as nice as yours are !
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