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  1. As I asked during beta, there should be a "generic upgrade" doing nothing but saying that the model is a summoned model. Some models could be exempt, like rats, bayou gremlins from demise... So that actions dealing with summons should actually work on summons
  2. Will be there next year too. Will bring much more Frenchies, hopefully! Thank you all, it was a great event! Thanks @Clousseau for the tournament and everyone who helped him succeed!
  3. Hi guys, this week end was the UK National and a friend ( @le_wahou ) and I were coming from the little and quiet city of Annecy, close to Geneva. Well, the plane arrived and we just went to get the rent car. Driving on the left, under the rain, by night is quite challenging ! And I think it was important to test my nerves one last time I've brought my whole Ten Thunder Faction, in the case there would be something organised if we play different leader every game. But since it was not possible, I've mostly played Misaki, as you will see . The people here were just awesome, friendly and I had only excellent relation with everyone of my opponents. People that hesitate to come, just don't, just come, it's awesome ! I will post screenshots about my lists, my opponent's lists, the scheme chosen and the score. If you need more information, just ask, I'll be happy to answer + 1 Onryo #2 (I think) +1 Seishin
  4. I've used a lotus eater to give adversary : monks (and a bonus attack) to Shenlong so that other monks could easily find some tomes to gain chi
  5. Hi everyone, I've already played one several time, but beside being a very bad scheme runner, it didn't do much in my games. So the question is : have you played some with success ? What are the not-so-obvious synergy of this little lad ? Let's find how OP it is !
  6. Shenlong's Training Ground ability let monks concentrate without restrictions. So you can get 4 Chi per model
  7. Hi everyone, I have not been able to post my photos during the whole week end so I'm doing it now, hoping that @Caedrus will be gentle with me For the counting : 11ss : Pale rider 9ss : lone marshal 8ss : Desper laraux 7ss : obsidian oni 7ss : Undercover reporter 7ss : nurse heartsbane 7ss : TT archer 7ss : domador de cadaveres 6ss : guild stewart For a total of 69 ss!! Bases will be done before the end of the week, all these little fellows are going to UK
  8. or to avoid having to cook in england
  9. A Third action 50% more productivity !
  10. bedjy

    Vs Shenlong

    First of all, ask your experienced opponent to go easy on you (whatever he is playing). If "knew to Malifaux" means you've played between 0-2 games : I think you should play whatever keyword you want with at least a little mobility. Focus your attention on understanding your models. Read them 10times if needed. If you're getting a little familiar with the mechanics (3+ games), then look for some mobile models in the keyword of your choosing to make every scheme and/or fighting. Shenlong's crew is quite sensible to high stats actions.
  11. - So when you control the interract, can you lay an enemy scheme marker ? - You can't drop a scheme marker if there is either a friendly scheme marker OR an enemy scheme marker within 4" ?
  12. leaving the beta actualy worked, thanks !
  13. That's the conclusion of our tests and reflexions... Alpha strike or surrender. Yay, Nicodem is back somewhat
  14. every setup doesn't work, every time I generate a link, people can't read it. I can download a game setup and link it again, it won't work either. I use 1.0.6 I have a Huawei p30 lite with android I have already removed the app and installed it again. When I want to dowload it, since my Malifaux app is linked to my google account, it is written as "Malifaux Crew Builder (BETA)". Beta is not written in the tittle of the app for everyone to see. Just for me (and maybe other beta testers)
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