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  1. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Okay guys ! Holydays are over !! Here is my current production : Rail Golem : 11 Obsidian Statue : 9 Samurai : 8 2 lotus eater : 12 1 Ama no zako : 9 for a total of 49 at the moment !
  2. Hey everyone ! On Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October the 5-7th , I'll be organizing some Malifaux Demos at The annual Convention Octogônes : Espace Double Mixte 19 Avenue Gaston Berger 69100 Villeurbanne Along with the Demos, there will be 2 tournaments ! Saturday night 19h30-0h00 : Henchman Hardcore 20ss Sunday 10h00-18h00 : Malifaux Tournament 42ss The entry fee for sunday tournament is 5€ There are snacks & drinks to be found. Just come to say Hi! and try out Malifaux in some wonderful demos. Bonjour à tous ! Le Week-end du 5 au 7 Octobre aura lieu la Convention Octogônes 9ème édition ! Espace Double Mixte 19 Avenue Gaston Berger 69100 Villeurbanne Passez faire un coucou ! J'organiserai tout le week end des demos de Malifaux, mais je serais également chaud pour une partie ou deux si ça vous chante ! Il y aura également 2 tournois ! Un Tournoi Henchman Hardcore le samedi soir, de 19h30 à 0h00 Un Tournoi Malifaux en 42ss le dimanche, de 10h00 à 18h00 moyennant une paf de 5€
  3. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Hey everyone ! I've finaly been able to paint a few models, so I will say it's okay for august with 36points painted : Bases will be painted when i'll paint many others at the same time. Katashiro x2 : 10 Gwyneth Maddox : 8 PopCorn Turner : 8 Bayou gator : 5 sceneries : 5 for a total of 36
  4. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Hey everyone, I'm not leaving the challenge ! But I got very few time for it those 2 summer month. I've started painting things and I will receive my gencon stuff monday, so i'll be back on track at this moment ! So, what I will have painted this month : 1 bayou gator, 1 Sammurai some stuff of the gencon ^^
  5. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Hi guys, sorry for saying it that late, but it will be a mulligan for me... I had a necromunda gang I had to paint and it has just disgusted me from painting... It was really painful to paint 8 (not even 10) times the same model ! That's about 20 years i didn't have to serial paint anything. Well, I really, really love malifaux models to paint
  6. bedjy

    Undying 10T models.

    It seems like a katashiro will be huge with Shenlong : (0) focus, (1) focus, (1) give 2 focus to shenlong ,then shenlong gives push+fast to 3 models without his peasants. And we'll still be able to push the katashiro to get that free Ml 7 atk
  7. bedjy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    @MasonPlease Wyrd keep the standard card size ! I like to keep my material in a perfect shape and I don't think there are sleeves for the card size you've chosen. Anyway, fantastic work, I'm really looking forward to testing all those !
  8. bedjy

    Alt models : Ototo / Tannen & Graves

    They are TT because they "belong to" Lynch and working in the Honeypot Casino in the middle of the Little Kingdom. That makes them owe TT for protection. @daniello_s Well, I admit my question was not the good one. I would rather ask : Will you play those Alt sculpts in TT while they do not really match TT spirit ?
  9. Hi guys, With that nice Alt-Sculpt showing off, I come to you with that question : Who actualy plays Ototo, now that his cost was reduced to 9 ? Personnaly, I still find it has pretty poor stats and I'll prefer taking almost anybody else. Proove my I'm wrong ! Other point : Tannen & Graves What do you think of those alt sculpt ? I personnaly find they do not really match Ten Thunder spirit so I don't think I'll buy them.
  10. You know, the most weird thing in malifaux is not even a Nightmare box. For me, it's the crossroad 7. Even if I love the models, they got nothing to do with malifaux. They are anachronic (without even looking at DJ envy). I feel the same about Ten Thunders. We got pretty few alt models and I can't see alt Mc Cabe as a Ten thunder crew. For the ponies, there are a lot of guys loving it and a the other lot disliking it. Not much in the middle. I think Wyrd hit the targets. Sorry for Gremlins which do not like it. Also just try to imagine those ponies painted as bayou ponies rather than MLP. Or like Happy! (the serie).
  11. bedjy

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    Good question !
  12. bedjy

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    I agree being able to paint a model differently, try something without carrying is pretty cool and relaxing (see my akaname ) For the Gremlins, I got a french player who painted them red, which is pretty cool. He named them : "the red devils" :
  13. bedjy

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Well, I admit I spent the minimum time possible on the monk ^^ For the little demons (Akaname) I've painted a light basecoat and went with many green/brown/red washes, while they were not dried. They were fun, fast and easy to paint ! @Burnin' Coal thank you ! @Caedrus well, yes... Those sceneries are the best !!
  14. bedjy

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Soooo sorry for being late ! Here is my production for the month of june, I hope you'll like it Brewmaster : 15 Fingers : 10 Moon shinobi *2 : 10 Apprentice Wesley : 4 Fermented river monks x2 : 10 Akaaname x3 : 12 Crime boss : 8 Mindless Zombie : 2 Monk of low river : 4 Tanuki (wanted to show it at Testosterone (you'll see why ), but I had already showed it here...) : 5 Tavern from Tabletop World : 5 For a total of : 85