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  1. I was just thinking that the statue could be interesting to try in an asami crew. Just make some Obsidian Oni bombs, in the middle of the opponent's team Asami can summon the Obsidian Oni, then push one or 2 models close enough to it, so that she can use the coordinated attack on it. Then the oni is meant to explode in the middle of an enemy pack of models and everyone will burn, which is pretty cool for the Intense Heat ability of the Statue. Also, the fact the statue drops a lot of scraps makes it a reservoire of life for Asami and/or the models she summons.
  2. hey guys ! Things are going pretty well right here, I've already painted 9 ToS models and Adeodatos. I'm also into the industry of base-making right now, so it slowed my production by much... But once it'll be done !... Everything will be faster
  3. Played a game lately, with Mei Feng, Obsidian statue, dawn serpent... Was kinda fun to have 6-7 models gaining a bunch of burning now and then. Tried it because It was a "cool" game (means without much counterpick). It was definitly fun, but was it efficient ? Can't really tell.
  4. At the end of our last game, my opponent had 5 eel (recruited only 1), and I had lost quite a bunch of action trying to kill some/preventing them from multiplying. Sure I was not that lucky, but the problem is quite hard to resolve. shooting at them would be ok if they didn't have a 18" range of rush ! thanks for the tips anyway !
  5. Well, this was my third game of The Other Side last saturday, I play cult and my friend plays Horde. 3time I'm facing a single Eel and I feel like I can't do nothing to deal with it as a Cult player. I don't have ways to remove their reinforcement tokens (nah, portals are not an option) and don't have ways to give them some pinned tokens. at the end of all 3 games, there was a bunch of eel everywhere, killing and scoring, they were not threatened by much of my things. They have excellent stats, good damages and are almost impossible to kill since they gain up to 3 renforcement tokens on their own (start of the turn, order, killing a unit). Also even if it's said cult is hiting quite hard, I couldn't kill much in horde team since everything got too many ways to heal. Even our first game where I gain all the flips and did monstrous damages, in the end, it didn't affect the horde much. Do you have any advice on these one ?
  6. well, your oppenent will often take some anti-armor against Yan Lo. Komainu are quite bad then
  7. In may i'll have lots of ToS stuff painted I hope
  8. use action, win duel, declare trigger (including italic costs which is part of the cost), resolve action, resolve trigger. So, you choose the trigger before you see the hand.
  9. Well, so here I am ! Sorry I didn't give you much stuff to see during the whole month, I've mostly be busy upgrading my board made of 30x30 (12"x12") parts. The Zeppelin is brand new (or if we can say new for a wreckage) (Won't say i've build a board, since I've mostly done some upgrade, even if it has been a lot of work), around 20 parts like the ones in photos, and every piece of scenery I own that has grass on it. , I'll count for something like 30 or 40 for the whole if you're ok with it @Caedrus. Also, I've started painting my Cult of the Burning man ! You can find a few models I'm quite proud to show you, I hope you'll like ! 6 models, so 30Ss if I'm correct. And there is the last one, a Bayou smuggler (base will be done with a bunch of other models later). 6Ss. So Terrain : 30Ss Tos : 30 Ss Bayou Smuggler : 6Ss. for a total of 66Ss.
  10. my questions : what are : Burning Bridges One Born Every Minute Six Feet Under In august, there are many boxes with exotic names that will be released, I suppose they are some keyword boxes, like "Copycats - Kin", shown in the newsletter I suppose, Brutal Fate, Hodgepodge Fate... are some box including effigy + emissary ? Also, for our guys that are in dire need of the foreign language versions, will we be able to order faction decks in other languages ? Or order the cards on Drivethrough ? Or we can heat the printing machine right at the release ?
  11. Pretty cool news ! I'm looking forward to getting much new stuff the very first day we'll be able to !! Although, I hope the interaction with the distributors will be good enough so that it won't get messy to get those single new models.
  12. bedjy


    well, katashiro, if you're willing to go all in with them, can do 3-6 attacks, with to attack & damages. Sure their damages are low, but you'll probably hit severe once or twice, which will probably be enough to kill the target. I do love them
  13. it's also one of the very few model of Neverborn to have ruthless. He'll be a must have in many situations. You can also take him as a leader, he'll do great.
  14. bedjy

    Crossroad 7

    Being a Ten Thunder player makes it quite a sad thing to be forced to have Lust as a master while playing CR7. She is "ok" at most, and very situationnaly good. Getting 3ap on her is quite Meh. But you got the shadow effigy/emissary so that it's pretty interesting defensively, against ranged crews.
  15. bedjy

    Shenlong "final"

    I also don't see any discussion point in that. Hot Coals 6" 6 Df - Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. Blaze: Models damaged by this Action gain Burning +1 for each in this Action's final duel total (to a maximum of Burning +2). Blinded by Iron: Remove a Scrap Marker within 2" of this model.When resolving, target gains Stunned and must either discard a card or suffers +1 damage. Then, Push this model into base contact with the target. well, I don't think there is any discussion possible here. Blaze affects all models when Blinded by Iron will affect only the target. I don't really see the point.
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