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  1. Well, that's several games my choice has been turned to Sun Quiang. Such an awesome model to play with. Such a successfull model to protect your models ! Sure, he's more expensive than a tanuki/LRM, but his ability to save people is so much better ! The only crew I would not play him is... his own, which has already far enough healing. I do still love tanuki, and I may not have enough experience with LRM. Also, my playstyle is very conservative with lots of healing and model saving.
  2. If you've got something like 2-3 stones left at turn 5, something has probably been played wrong. Also, it is easy to place a few additionnal scheme marker so that you can pay bill's fee.
  3. Youko is here ! So I think this month will be 100% Malifaux. Youko, Chiyo, Bill Algren, 2 geisha. And 2 executionners + 1 domador de cadaveres This list is 59 points which is probably a bit too much for me for this month (I got a LARP event to prepare) I have to paint the executionners and the domador, so I'll see what I can paint aside
  4. No, it does not prevent the model from doing it during its activation. But, you can't make a model do more than a single in another single activation either (unless the Action was generated by a Trigger)
  5. They are very good in a misaki crew. Keyword models, are most of the time quite efficient in their own crew.
  6. Do we have any idea when the cards will be available on DriveThru ? I wanted to order my out of faction keyword models but couldn't find anything.
  7. Soooo ! Here is what I've been painting this month ! Not much this time, but i didn't get much time of paint... Doomseeker x3 : 15 Horomatangi : 25 for a total of 40 Ss.. Comments are welcome !
  8. I'm just a bit sad they didn't give a TN to Wandering river Style punch action. It feels very wrong that the student can do it without any chance to fail. Shenlong is quite a monster, i'll have to play it a bit more.
  9. Hey, I couldn't take my pictures yesterday, they'll come tonight
  10. Actualy, it works. I was one of the most virulent member against that shadow rules in the close beta, and since they were not ready to get rid of it, we tried our best to have something working. It's not the perfect system I'd have voted for, but it actualy works very effectively in a game and once we have understand it (not that hard !), things become easy. Sure, some things will be awkward. But every LoS system does have some awkward situation to deal with. So in the end, I'm ok with it.
  11. You're right Weird, I think we've played it wrong for a loooog time !
  12. It also means that when a model tries to disengage, it will gain a Brillance token ! Don't fly away from the druuuuuug !!! Edited
  13. So here i will update this topic for people to find TT's data in a easy way. I'll edit when we'll find some more : Minako Rei has gained Versatile Yan Lo's Rebuild Corpus was slightly changed so that it cannot be abused. Youko Hamazaki "We Own You" triggers has been changed so that it actualy does what it was meant to do. Lone Swordsman "Last Breath" has been changed to avoid obey abuse. High River Monk "Chi Blast" is now 8" instead of just 8". Beckoner got their built-in symbol remove but their damage tracks includes a brillance token.
  14. It's a 1" push + 2" because of declaring trigger. => 3" and it's +3" per discarded scrap
  15. => Sun Quiang is fantastic in mei's crew : Every model that end their RTR next to him will heal 1, he'll have some scrap to Study wherever you want. And above all, he'll be able to prevent a weak model from dying : Sparks will just scamper towards him once, then be able to be place behind the old man. A Rail Golem that has just been analysed weakness will be able to be placed far behind and heal a little. I've been liking Sun Quiang a lot more than tanuki in mei's crew. => Another weakness of the golem is that your opponent knows you'll bring in some armored models, so he WILL bring in anti-armor, and the golem will get destroyed if he moves forward (my last game against perdita reminded me this in a very bad way. => I've tried a burning mei crew, with dawn serpent and Obsidian Statue. If your opponent has to remain packed with his models, this can be interesting. My test against collodi has proven effective. => I've also played Mei with a very low scrap delivery amount, and it kinda works. Sure, you won't get much Ride the Rail possibilities, but Mei + her totem + a porkshop, can place some scrap in very specific places and be ok with it. Also, Mei doesn't really rely on those to be very mobile. Her Bonus let her push 3" even if she has no scraps around before she can choose to charge or to breath of fire. => You have some very interesting masters to take as 2nd : Mc Cabe is very good in this crew. Asami will be able to remove some scrap for her models to last longer and be able to summon akaname & obsidian Onis to spread more scraps. Shenlong will be able to do anything you need him to do : ignore armor, move scheme/scraps, kill models with manipulative (which is hard for mei) => And you have Minako Rei, which is golden in any mei's crew, you'll just have to bring quite a lot of scrap generators. In the end, TT Mei looses Magical Training and those versatile little robots that are good for her, but she gains some good stuff to diversify and against heavy counterpicks.
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