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  1. I've totaly missed the line ! I guess it counts as a mulligan this time. I'll have more to show next month
  2. Okay guys ! Here is the result of my first Painting Challenge of the Year ! (Notice i'm in time for once !!) I've been hugely productive this month Soooo ! For the count : Kaeris : 15 Elijah Borgmann : 9 Firebranded: 6 Fire Gamin x3: 12 Sparks: 8 Guardian x2: 18 Ferdinand Vogel: 8 Moleman: 4 Arachnid swarm: 8 Electrical creation x3: 12 Effigy: 4 For a total of 104 SS !!!
  3. For those who may not have seen, just a reminder that elemental transference is an after resolving trigger.
  4. Hi everybody ! Next 19-20 juin will take place in Grenoble a huge event in which there will be a little spot for our growing french community. On 2 days will take place a 20-40 persons tournament over 5 rounds Tournament will be single Faction 50Ss, no second master, no DMH. Schemes & Strats will be available in advance to prepare the tournament. People will have 15mn of time to prepare, then the rounds will take 2h15. Entry fee is 65€ with 2 breakfasts and 3 meals. A registering link on T3 Tournament will be available soon. Bonjour à tous ! Les
  5. We loved it, it was very interesting. It really make people discover a different level of Malifaux's weirdness and crasyness. It's also quite dynamic.
  6. Hi there ! My good resolution for this year will be to paint faster ! Hopefuly a lot faster ! Painting arcanists models right now !
  7. Hi everybody! I couldn't take the pictures earlier, my apologies So! Here is the count for the month of December : Porkchop: 7 Warden: 5 Riot breaker: 7 Alt Willie: 7 Mecharachnid: 6 Arachnid swarm: 8 Metal gamin: 5 For a total of 43 SS! Wish you a great year of painting everybody!
  8. Hi there ! I'm from France and i'll continue painting and posting here. This challenge is a good motivation to have things go on your way ! Don't be too greedy announcing some huge amounts... Be reasonable, and you'll be proud each month you'll have overreach your objectives
  9. Here are a few more archanists for my friend : Angelica : 7ss 2 coryphee : 2*6 = 12ss And here is my kitty dumont, which i'm quite happy with. I hope you'll like it ! Which is worth 9ss For a total of 28Ss this month. December will see me finish many models for my friend, so it will be a lot of soulstones.
  10. Hi guys !! seems like i'm late !!! (as always !!) Here are some of the last marcus models for a friend ! Order initiate : 6x2 Ss Cerberus : 8 Ss Slate Ridge Mauler : 8 Ss for a total of 28 Ss
  11. Here is a part of my production for the month of september Sabertooth Cerberus (Inspired by the Master of the Universe ) : 8Ss The Scorpius : 7Ss Mobile Toolkit : 3Ss For a total of 18Ss for the month of September
  12. Here I am, late as always ! Models I've painted this month : 3 doves : 6 Ss 2 Soulstone Miners : 12 Ss 1 Cassandra alt : 8 Ss 1 performer alt : 5 Ss 1 Jackalope : 4 Ss For a total of 35 Ss Bases will be made once the keyword is done
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