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  1. Here are a few more archanists for my friend : Angelica : 7ss 2 coryphee : 2*6 = 12ss And here is my kitty dumont, which i'm quite happy with. I hope you'll like it ! Which is worth 9ss For a total of 28Ss this month. December will see me finish many models for my friend, so it will be a lot of soulstones.
  2. Hi guys !! seems like i'm late !!! (as always !!) Here are some of the last marcus models for a friend ! Order initiate : 6x2 Ss Cerberus : 8 Ss Slate Ridge Mauler : 8 Ss for a total of 28 Ss
  3. Here is a part of my production for the month of september Sabertooth Cerberus (Inspired by the Master of the Universe ) : 8Ss The Scorpius : 7Ss Mobile Toolkit : 3Ss For a total of 18Ss for the month of September
  4. Here I am, late as always ! Models I've painted this month : 3 doves : 6 Ss 2 Soulstone Miners : 12 Ss 1 Cassandra alt : 8 Ss 1 performer alt : 5 Ss 1 Jackalope : 4 Ss For a total of 35 Ss Bases will be made once the keyword is done
  5. Finaly some time to paint again! Don't know if I'm already out of the challenge, but here is my first model of. August, hope you enjoy! :
  6. Well, I have to say that I Love the models, they are Fantastic! ! But (there is a huge But) but (!) this does not belong to the world of Malifaux I know
  7. Is the vassal modul already available? Or do we have an idea of the maps already?
  8. Question about the Matchmaking : How do we define the players playing together ? Maybe I read it wrong, but I didn't find much about it in the Rulespack.
  9. Hi guys, will be a mulligan for me this month, i'm so very sorry Covid and Moving from my former roommate flat made it too hard...
  10. Here is my (rather short) production for May! Hanna : 10 ss Von Schill 15 ss For a total of 25 SS! And now June!
  11. If you want to really speed up your game, just re-read your crew before your game (or your tournament). Also, don't interfere too much during the opponent's brainstorming. Fewer turns means fewer actions/activations which means that each one is more important and the game becomes less permissive. Turn 5 have 2 options : whether the game is already kinda over, so we can scoop there. whether the game is tight, so it's another turn of deep thoughts.
  12. Mac cabe is quite interesting as a leader in public ennemies, just grab a jorogumo, give it a bunch of upgrades and fast and watch it crush into opponent's lines. New Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter Crew (Ten Thunders) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter Totem(s): Luna Hires: Jorogumo Masked Agent Sidir Alchibal Samurai Trained Ninja Obsidian Oni Tanuki With what you already have, that could be a pretty powerfull list. (Samurai and tanuki always are good models). the Obsidian oni will spend his first 2 actions attack
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