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  1. My buddy and I have just paid. Jean-Baptiste Aymes - France Lionel Masson - France
  2. It has been made this way so that every ability/trigger/action doing the same thing has the same name.
  3. bedjy

    Youku Advice

    yesterday night I played a game with Youko against Nelly. Scheme pool was : Corrupted Idols / Wedge Vendetta Detonate Charge (me and my opponent) Take Prisonner Hold Up Their Forces Search the ruins My crew : Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Youko Hamasaki Chiyo Hamasaki Hinamatsu Masked Agent Kabuki Warrior Silent Protector Sun Quiang Mr. Tannen Bunraku Geisha Tannen and Youko are there to mess up with my opponent. Sun Quiang and Kabuki Warrior will protect my other models and distract/Wp aura. Bunraku is the mobile asset, to go alone. Hinamatsu was there to deal with Nellie, bringing the Kabuki warrior with him when declaring the charge action (after a move , so that Nellie would fall into the Distraction aura). Moving hinamatsu so that he remains with 3" of the Kabuki, then Charge with rush for 8" + 1 range means your kabuki can be 15"/16" further with still 2 attacks from Hinamatsu, thanks to flurry and 2 from the kabuki with its great sword, that's pretty scary.
  4. bedjy

    Youku Advice

    Or you can take Sun Quiang and not be worried about alpha anymore It will be very hard for your opponent to kill a model in SQ's bubble.
  5. Well, you can't compare.. But in my original build, if i got 4 points left, I'll always consider an akaname instead. If you want the fight, it's better, if you want the control, it's better, and if you want anything else... it's better ? The only crew I'll consider Kamaitachi against are Ulix and som'er, since I'll be able to draw multiple cards per turn. Also, cycling after summoning is pretty bad... When I'm playing Asami in a schemy Scenario (or outflank, or breakthrough, or power ritual, or... or ...), I've got some difficulties not to take Minako Rei (well, I always take her, I have to admit..). Katashiro are just awesome. My last crew I've been pretty happy with was : Asami + totem Minako Rei : 8 Obsidian Oni : 7 Sun Quiang : 8 Akaname x2 : 8 That's 31Ss, so there is 19SS left (we need at least 7-8Ss in the pool to deal with summons and protection. With that setup, you can attack your model with the Oni, placing scraps. discard a card to place it in base contact with Sun Quiang. When Sun Quiang will activate he will be able to remove burning, move ahead (the attacked model should not have more than 1 damage on it) and give a focus. When the model will activate (too far from Sun Quiang), he can just charge nothing , so it will heal 1 again (it's a place if an Oni was close enough to Asami). Remember that any time asami take damage from her ability, you can discard a card to place/heal her. With those scraps, first turn, you can just summon 2 katashiro that does not attach summon upgrades. Those models are just f'kin awesome. When I summon, I'm not really found of all the cheaper minions, because they need too much care, most of their interesting stuff make them gain flicker (akaname's marker drop, Yokai's interact..) Tengu are very good models for their cost. They can lay 2 schemes a turn, they are mobile and have 5Wd for 4Ss. Their attack is ok+. But I've not really had the occasion to put some on the table... Katashiro are just soooo much better. Yokai are pretty bad models in my opinion.. They have too many ways to gain flicker and none to loose some (but killing, which is far from being auto). They compete with Obsidian Oni for damage and with katashiro for mobility. I'll always choose one of those 2.
  6. I've not yet found any role left for bettari to play. Since unnerving presence can be bought off an upgrade. Her lack of bonus and defensive tech are just more reason to not even consider her. Kamaïtachi was in a bit of a weird spot until the end of the beta, since it could move the dust devil markers by attacking his mates. But they changed it to enemy only and no further modifications happen... Still insignificant, with a catastrophic survivability and the "one use only" to create and move DD marker.
  7. bedjy

    Youku Advice

    Sun Quiang seems quite golden. You can't do a better use of duality trigger than targeting a model with Wp and close enough to Youko ! I'll give it a try tonight. Anyway, that's quite some games I'm taking him most of the time with me, rather than any other heal. He's make the break for me. It also makes a model like Mr. Tannen so much more difficult to get down. Don't forget that h2k models can't be killed while close to Sun Quiang while you have at least a card in hand
  8. Akaname, obsidian Oni, jorogumo.. are mandatory Minako Rei, with the 2 katashiro are too god not to have as options. MC cabe is good too, giving out lasers Sun quiang is king since any oni can just place to heal and he's like a super Asami protector
  9. Sun quiang is good removing burning, distract & injured. It's currently by far my preferred choice as a healer, currently.
  10. Here are some of the table that were used last year during the tournament. And a few others too, ready for this year !
  11. Sorry I'm a bit late, but here are the models I've been painting (at least the Wyrd's ones) ! Youko will come september, but here are some other models of her box Also a fast painted chicken for a friend and models for The Other Side, army is growing slowly For the counting, a total of 32 points: Bill Algren : 9 Geisha : 4 Chiyo : 2 Rooster Rider : 7 The Other side : 10 (2x30mm base models)
  12. Isn't the frenzy now able to attack as many times as it succeeds, declaring The feeding trigger and discarding the reinforcement token to attack again ?
  13. Hey everyone ! On Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October the 4-6th , I'll be organizing some Malifaux Demos at The annual Convention Octogônes : Espace Double Mixte 19 Avenue Gaston Berger 69100 Villeurbanne Along with the Demos, there will be the usual tournament ! Sunday 10h00-18h00 : Malifaux Tournament 40ss The entry fee for sunday tournament is 5€ There are snacks & drinks to be found. Just come to say Hi! and try out Malifaux in some wonderful demos. Bonjour à tous ! Le Week-end du 4-6 Octobre aura lieu la Convention Octogônes 10ème édition ! Espace Double Mixte 19 Avenue Gaston Berger 69100 Villeurbanne Passez faire un coucou ! J'organiserai tout le week end des demos de Malifaux, mais je serais également chaud pour une partie ou deux si ça vous chante ! Il y aura également le traditionnel tournoi ! Dimanche 6, à partir de 10h, tournoi Malifaux en 40SS PAF : 5€ Une faction déclarée, ensuite vous pouvez jouer jusqu'à 2 listes, avec le même boss, ou non. le lien vers le Scheme pool : Schemes Ronde 1 Schemes Ronde 2 Schemes Ronde 3 Tournoi 40SS - Lien vers le T3 2h10 par partie Le tournoi commençant à 10h, il serait plutôt sympa d'être présent dès 9h30 pour papoter, se retrouver et/ou faire connaissance 10h00-12h10 Ronde 1 12h10-12h50 pause déjeuner de 40mn 12h50-15h00 Ronde 2 15h15-17h25 Ronde 3 Je rappellerai régulièrement l'heure, histoire de vous aider à gérer votre temps Sur place, si vous avez la moindre question, n'hésitez pas à demander, je serai à votre disposition pour vous répondre. Lien vers le Forum Français de Malifaux Lien vers le Facebook Français de Malifaux
  14. There is also their bonus tactical action which requires to discard a brillance token.
  15. here is my pledge for July ! The portal are worth 10Ss each for a total of 30 Both Executionners are worth 9Ss each for a total of 18 So I'm there with a total of 48 Ss
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