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  1. The burning man makes me raise my eyes to the sky.. I'll need that titan, I know I'll do.
  2. bedjy

    TOS - airbrush tabletop work

    That has to be in US ?
  3. bedjy

    So long! Have fun ...

    Thank you for your time Kai !
  4. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    Well, not a hundred million this month ^^ And I've yet the bases to do, but they'll be done with several more another time. Well, that's all I've painted this month. So : BigBrain Brin 7 Neil Henri 7 Wanyudo 8 Torakage 6*2 = 12 For a total of 34 Soulstones
  5. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    Here is my pledge for october ! Torakage x2 : 12 Charm Warder : 6 Wanyudo : 8 ototo : 9 Banjonista : 5 For a total of 40 ss
  6. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Hey, I'm finaly back home ! Here was my pledge for September : Rail Golem : 11Obsidian Statue : 9Samurai : 8lotus eater x2 : 12Ama no zako : 9 And in bonus : Ama no zako : 9 Minako Rei : 8 Lucky effigy : 4 Sparks : 7 Whiskey gamin x2 : 4 (only painted half of those 2 models, so I count them for half !) For a Total of 81 !
  7. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I'm not home for a week so I'll make some photos while i'll be back if it's ok
  8. The game is excellent, accessible and flows like too few RPG. Jokers are a huge thing to make things happen, whether the black one or the red one. The downside is also an upside : the vast domain of possibilities and the liberty you have to create and develop a character. If your players usualy try to abuse the system, there is no safeguard in the rules, you will have to be the one limiting them to the frame YOU choose. For exemple, as a Malifaux player, I just told them that what they do in the rpg could be transposed to the wargame, and that they had to be reasonnable ! In addition, if an ability has some nice history parts, but they just think it is bad, I'll just improve that ability for them to use. For exemple, with manifested powers and the Oxfordian school, one could teleport some guys on top of a building and make them suicide themselves. So I will tell you : buy this game, it's awesome (And I don't have to be a fanboy to say this !). Just take care to balance your group.
  9. bedjy

    [France] Octogônes - Villeurbanne -

    Mise à jour avec les détails ! Il reste encore un petit peu de place, dépêchez vous !!
  10. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I have quite a bunch of models to base, so you'll have some better pics once everyone is done ! Be patient !!
  11. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Okay guys ! Holydays are over !! Here is my current production : Rail Golem : 11 Obsidian Statue : 9 Samurai : 8 2 lotus eater : 12 1 Ama no zako : 9 for a total of 49 at the moment !
  12. Hey everyone ! On Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October the 5-7th , I'll be organizing some Malifaux Demos at The annual Convention Octogônes : Espace Double Mixte 19 Avenue Gaston Berger 69100 Villeurbanne Along with the Demos, there will be 2 tournaments ! Saturday night 19h30-0h00 : Henchman Hardcore 20ss Sunday 10h00-18h00 : Malifaux Tournament 42ss The entry fee for sunday tournament is 5€ There are snacks & drinks to be found. Just come to say Hi! and try out Malifaux in some wonderful demos. Bonjour à tous ! Le Week-end du 5 au 7 Octobre aura lieu la Convention Octogônes 9ème édition ! Espace Double Mixte 19 Avenue Gaston Berger 69100 Villeurbanne Passez faire un coucou ! J'organiserai tout le week end des demos de Malifaux, mais je serais également chaud pour une partie ou deux si ça vous chante ! Il y aura également 2 tournois ! Alors Le Samedi à partir de 19h30 : Henchman Hardcore en 20 points, le but est de casser des bouches ! Dimanche 7, à partir de 10h, tournoi Malifaux en 42SS PAF : 5€ Une faction déclarée, ensuite vous pouvez jouer jusqu'à 2 listes, avec le même boss, ou non. le lien vers le Scheme pool : Lien vers les Strat & Schemes Tournoi 42SS - Lien vers le T3 Tournoi Henchman Hardcore - Lien vers le T3 2h10 par partie 10h00-12h10 Ronde 1 12h10-12h50 pause déjeuner de 40mn 12h50-15h00 Ronde 2 15h15-17h25 Ronde 3 Je rappellerai régulièrement l'heure, histoire de vous aider à gérer votre temps Sur place, si vous avez la moindre question, n'hésitez pas à demander, je serai à votre disposition pour vous répondre.
  13. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Hey everyone ! I've finaly been able to paint a few models, so I will say it's okay for august with 36points painted : Bases will be painted when i'll paint many others at the same time. Katashiro x2 : 10 Gwyneth Maddox : 8 PopCorn Turner : 8 Bayou gator : 5 sceneries : 5 for a total of 36
  14. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Hey everyone, I'm not leaving the challenge ! But I got very few time for it those 2 summer month. I've started painting things and I will receive my gencon stuff monday, so i'll be back on track at this moment ! So, what I will have painted this month : 1 bayou gator, 1 Sammurai some stuff of the gencon ^^
  15. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Hi guys, sorry for saying it that late, but it will be a mulligan for me... I had a necromunda gang I had to paint and it has just disgusted me from painting... It was really painful to paint 8 (not even 10) times the same model ! That's about 20 years i didn't have to serial paint anything. Well, I really, really love malifaux models to paint