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  1. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Best painted crew with player votes. Displays allowed.
  2. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    I'm not too worried about the odd unpainted model, but no unpainted crews please.
  3. Clousseau

    [UK] Nationals - Still Spaces

    There are still spaces available for the world's biggest Malifaux event - the UK Nationals on 10/11th November. £35 for the weekend, plus £14.50 for lunch both days. Direct train from London Stanstead airport. Full details here:
  4. Clousseau

    Lightning Bugs 2 - Daventry - 13th October

    Pre-register here: https://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList
  5. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    I need definite numbers before the end of October but I'll get worried if the numbers don't increase a lot in the next week. Obviously the caterer needs to cover cost of coming on site for us. The beer has a minimum order of 200 bottles.
  6. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Also, not mentioned in the rules pack, there will be awards for best painted crew.
  7. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    I hadn't planned to, but if there was sufficient demand in the next week then I could add to the trophy order. Let the players decide.
  8. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Food and drink. We have arranged lunch, drink and beer options. These will need to be paid for in advance, and will be non-refundable. Lunch will be a buffet (sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, chicken satay, vegetable samosa, fruit bowl, cakes) plus a can of pop. Cost £14.50 for both days. Let me know of any dietary requirements and I'll discuss with the on-site caterer. Coffee/tea (please specify) will be £5 for the weekend, available on arrival and at morning/afternoon break. Beer.500ml bottles of dark copper "Guild Ale" from Towcester Mill Brewery with a unique event custom label. £2.40 per bottle, available from Saturday afternoon and limited to 250 bottles. Order by paying via PayPal to malifaux.henchman@gmail.com as a gift including relevant details - follow up with an email if you wish.
  9. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Help #1. With 140 players we need 70 tables of terrain, and therefore we need your help.If you can provide 1 or more tables of terrain then please complete the attached form and send to malifaux.henchman@gmail.com https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfj4ypg13iqc…/UKN18%20Tables.xlsx…We're looking for around 30 tables as we already have terrain for 40.As a little thank you there will be a unique raffle of terrain related items for those providing terrain, including a unique UK Nationals gaming mat.
  10. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Not planning to announce anything as you'll be playing everything in gg18
  11. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Just 6 places left. First piece of swag ordered. Action plan for the next few weeks agreed. All good.
  12. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Its my fault - mixing up names is my forte!
  13. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    We've increased space to 142 players so you can now secure your place by paying £35 as a gift by PayPal to henchman.malifaux@gmail.com making sure you include the player names.
  14. Clousseau

    ITC 25-26th May 2019 - Element Games, UK

    Yes of course
  15. The third running of the International Team Competition will again take place at Element Games in Stockport, UK and follow basically the same format as this year. Taking on board feedback from this year's event there are small changes to the strat/scheme to table set-up, table spacing and the bonuses will now only be used for tie breaks. There will be an announcement on strats & schemes and also M2E or M3E at least 3 months prior to the event. I look forward to meeting you all again, and expanding the number of teams, and countries represented. David Payment: £150 as a gift by PayPal to malifaux.henchman@gmail.com and please include a contact name and team name. Book your ticket now to gaurantee your team's place. Rulespack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v5m3qhojjv73jzd/ITC Rulespack 2019.pdf?dl=0 Note - could an Admin please pin this post and unpin last year's? Teams Sons of Lenny (Spain) Chou Too Much Infaux (UK) Grant Storm of Jokers (Spain) Antonio