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  1. Also worth posting on Facebook Malifaux UK group. There are some other groups in the North West
  2. We can go up to 32 players, so keep em coming
  3. Me. I can be there in the afternoon too if you need help with set up.
  4. Love the idea for the workbenches. For impassable terrain I use cotton reels. Also, I don't believe there were ever physical sculpts for Collette or Cassandra. @jovialevilUnstitched is a much better game than the original PW (having played both), and the plastic sculpts are just amazing compared to the metal ones. Having painted a full set of metals I then just HAD to do it all again with the plastic ones.
  5. Obviously some similarities to Malifaux/TOS, but even the use of the fate decks is different.
  6. I have taken both Lady J and Seamus PW crews to events, with some conversions to make usable crews. That was in M2E though, so I need to review for M3E (so thanks to @solkanfor the details above. My Scales of Justice is fine, but not sure about Phiona! Its also a great excuse to use those lovely coloured bases to convert to 30mm.
  7. I'm a sucker for pins, but also prefer to support my LGS for regular releases. So will the pins be available outside of Gen Con weekend purchases?
  8. Is there any plan for Friday afternoon/evening? Luckily I can be down early, so can help set up tables if you like. It was also mentioned about possibly playing The Other Side, so I can bring that (inc a mat) and can also bring Puppet Wars.
  9. This will be the second tournament of the year at Boards & Swords in Derby, and take place on Sunday 3rd October. I will be acting as TO (and spare player if we have odd numbers). 3 rounds of GG2 action, and maybe the last event before the alt title Masters are let loose on the tournament scene. £20 entry including lunch (pizza). Details & tickets: (2) Malifaux - Sword of Justice Event | Facebook Players Jamie Varney Matt Lewin Radek Bry Carl Lee Oliver Lonsdale Jesper Kaldenbach Oz Goff Liam Stubbs Jonathan Cooper
  10. I've been twisting Lewis' arm with eventual success
  11. Have you tried posting on Facebook? E.g. A Wyrd Place and Malifaux UK groups.
  12. Hi. I'm thinking about it at the moment and will make an announcement by the end of September, if not before.
  13. There is no perfect answer on terrain. As @Adranhas said I have around 50 tables-worth of terrain boxed at table level, with matching mat or 2D board. After many debates at events I added a terrain traits sheet to each box which gives players a guide to the characteristics of that table's terrain. Players can agree to differ, but it gives a default. Due to being transported around the country there's no fixed terrain which has the advantage of flexibility to suit starts/schemes/deployment. In tournaments the variety of terrain traits, layout, etc. is an important element and may advantage, or disadvantage, a particular crew, and the more flexible players will work round this. To answer some of the questions raised, buildings are 1 piece of terrain, and not too big. If large then there should be multiple access points. For a river, or other such extended piece of terrain I would either not count it all all for scoring (using adjacent features such as trees, bridges, etc. for 'terrain') or split into convenient section (between bridges for example) at least 6" apart. Sections could be different sizes. If making a permanent 3D table I'd suggest a few test games on a simulation first, to avoid issues that would be difficult to fix later, and try an build in some flexibility e.g. building swap out for a graveyard. For me the key pieces of terrain are the scatter pieces, which impact movement, provide cover, etc. Personally I like carriages, carts and crates.
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