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  1. Clousseau

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Fair enough. I attended the Scottish GT with just Lady J and a limited selection of models in a half size KR case, but I'm not the most competitive player in the world - had fun though.
  2. Clousseau

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Expect to see every start and scheme in GG18 over the weekend. Pack it all!
  3. Clousseau

    Lightning Bugs 2 - Daventry - 13th October

    Tournament pack has been ordered, so time to buy your tickets!
  4. Clousseau

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Please PM your name to me
  5. Clousseau

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Southend is fine, and then you can walk to the Italian restaurant on Saturday evening, like me.
  6. Clousseau

    Soulstone Rush @ The Outpost Sheffield 29/07/18

    All dates added to the calendar. Can't make this one as will be in the north of Scotland. Have fun.
  7. Clousseau

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    Thanks for all the feedback, plus what I've heard on podcasts. Will consider fully when I sort out the next event, but my takeaways are; More space per player and organise when it's cooler No bonus points as a prime score Fixed table numbers each row Study limiting use of each particular Master e.g. Max 3 takes over the 5 rounds Reward for fully painted and have a painting award I know it' a team event but I would like to find a way to mix people up a bit more and ake it more sociable. Maybe Enforcer Brawls on Friday?
  8. Clousseau

    Lightning Bugs 2 - Daventry - 13th October

    After the success of last year's event, and working round the disappearance of the Derby Worlds show, we're back with a 1 day event at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. It'll be a standard 50SS fixed faction, 3 round event, and will be a first chance to try out whatever has been released at Gencon, so I'm expecting to see some proxies. Also us it as a practice for the UK Nationals the following month. 32 places (with an option to expand if necessary). Rulespack and payment details are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/im15jrak8m88eo0/Rules Pack - Lightning Bugs - Oct18.pdf?dl=0 Attendees Shaun Mitchell Jon Curtis Alex Hill Darren Pebody Max Pebody
  9. Clousseau

    Scottish GT 2018 - 21/22 July - 50SS, Fixed Faction, 6 Rounds, Stirling

    ..and us two!
  10. Clousseau


    Actually a table full of Wyrdscapes terrain would look amazing on table 1 of the UK Nationals, the world's biggest Malifaux tournament! Or maybe I could claim furthest distance travelled in total playing Malifaux? Might be difficult to calculate, but would include Milton Keynes to Gothenburg, Essen and Krakow, in addition to all over the UK on a regular basis.
  11. Clousseau


    Good in that I'll have time to work through my TOS models, but bad in that it'll be too late for the last big UK show in September.
  12. Clousseau

    Seize the Day @ The Outpost Sheffield 24/06/18

    Can we pay on the day?
  13. Clousseau

    June 16 Brighton Summer Brawl

    Ticket bought and train sorted
  14. Clousseau

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    Now that everyone has had a few days for the adrenaline levels to drop, I'd appreciate any feedback on this year's event, especially looking forward to improvements for next year. I already have ideas for improving space around each playing space, though that will probably limit us to 20 teams (maybe not a problem). I'd also like to know if people thing that some form of limit on the Masters taken would be welcome (e.g. each team can only play any Master 3 times)???
  15. Clousseau

    Welcoming Our Newest Game Designer!

    And just when we'd trained him up... Congrats Kai, I'm sure you'll do a sterling job.