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  1. I doubt it as the hall is pretty big.
  2. How many signed up for this? What if my Master doesn't have a totem yet?
  3. If you can get flights to London Stansted there are direct trains if you don't want to drive. You can also get the train from Birmingham International next to the airport. Recommended accommodation is in the rules pack. The Premier Inn is 5 minutes walk from the venue and is popular with players.
  4. Unless something dramatic changes the situation is as follows; As the faction books will be out, proxies will be allowed assuming they represent the relevant model. Existing models may be used but must be suitably modified to be clearly distinguished from the original. Non Wyrd models may be used. I highly recommend checking with me beforehand. Multiple Master crews will not be allowed (except the Viks of course) A reminder that crews should be painted.
  5. Added to calendar. Recommend adding location to post title.
  6. New site looks great, though some of the lists of Minions are headed "Enforcers"!
  7. Could be interested, along with another Milton Schemer. How are the numbers looking?
  8. I'm available to run M3E demos and introduction games at Monday games night at Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes. Please contact me in advance if you want a game, or if you prefer a different evening, or a Saturday.
  9. What will be the scope of the painting competition? Crew or single model?
  10. So I stand a chance of best Guild at Scottish GT then I assume you'll be buying a ticket so I know who is coming!
  11. Only models with official cards are allowed, so those in faction boxes or new releases or official PDF. You can borrow my new Basse crew if you like a challenge!
  12. To clarify, only models with released cards will be allowed. Actual card or printed pdf is fine, as is any proxy model agreed with me. My new M3E fate deck has chosen the following Strats & Schemes; Round 1 - Turf War/Wedge -Detonate Charges/Harness the Ley Line/Search the Ruins/Dig Their Graves/Claim Jump Round 2 - Reckoning/Corner - Dig Their Graves/Hold Up Their Forces/Take Prisoner/Outflank/Deliver a Message Round 3 - Plant Explosives/Flank - Breakthrough/Search the Ruins/Power Ritual/Outflank/Vendetta
  13. Yes, payment received and you are on the list.
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