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  1. THE annual Easter themed Malifaux tournament will again be taking place at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. It will be a 3 round 50SS fixed faction event using the latest M3E rules in effect 1 week in advance of the event. Price will be £15 including the now legendary buffet lunch, Easter eggs and a L.E. War Wabbit. Rulespack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5uyklc5vqijrqy5/Rules Pack - Haul of Eggs 7 - Apr19.pdf?dl=0 Players Craig Colley
  2. For those who are interested Marcin won the Enforcer Brawl (again), Jamie Varney won Lost Love (see Bag o Tools for details), and today Tom's Abyssinians beat my KE in the last turn. I also ran lots of TOS demos, with much interest in the game and especially the Titans. Its unlikely that Bonescon will run next year, so Lost Love will be looking for a new home. Thanks to all that attended, and I hope that you had a good time. My next event is Haul of Eggs in Daventry - see you there.
  3. Unless some people get really keen over the weekend using my models, not enough for a tournament. So I was thinking 3 way scenario, Titan Smash and a straight game.
  4. Strats & Schemes for Lost Love 7 Round 1 Turf War/Standard Deployment Breakthrough Hold Up Their Forces Take Prisoner Assassinate Vendetta Round 2 Corrupted Idol/Flank Deployment Detonate Charges Harness The Ley Line Hold Up Their Forces Power Ritual Vendetta Round 3 Plant Explosives/Wedge Deployment Breakthrough Search The Ruins Dig Their Graves Outflank Deliver A Message
  5. Have stayed close by in the past, but hotels seem particularly high this year so we are at Premier Inn Cardiff West this year.
  6. OK. I'm checking with the Bonescon guys. Won't be a problem.
  7. Just a quick note to say that this WILL be an M3E event, even though probably still beta at that time. I'll have a think about the implications and communicate here and with last year's captains shortly.
  8. I shall be there. Ticket bought. Now just need to find an affordable hotel!
  9. Rulespack and entry list updated. Really need some TOS players for Sunday!
  10. No problem. I'd keep the entry list up to date as well as people are attracted by who's going and how many.
  11. @Leodis Games I would recommend adding the store location to the first post, and the town to the title to encourage players who may not know where you are.
  12. Give it a go. The Malifaux scene is super friendly and everyone will be at the start of the M3E learning curve.
  13. Thanks. We'll make it casual M3E with a tournament format. Means I'll have to get up to speed on M3E as well! I'll work on a revised rulespack ASAP. Enforcer Brawl remains M2E.
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