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  1. No. With 7 games you are going to see each strategy up to 2 times each, each deployment the same, and every scheme multiple times. You'll need to be ready for every eventuality! Plus I can guarantee a wide range of terrain to consider as well.
  2. Terrain very welcome, and I'll be making a call out for this shortly. For proxies I'm expecting to see some conversion to represent the target model, not just "counts as". I'll be posting up a picture of my Blood Hunter (a converted wild boar) and some other examples on Sunday when I get back home.
  3. Released means it's in the faction book or app.
  4. With the faction books and app now available I'd like to clarify model rules for the event. You can take any model now released as long as you have a suitable representative model (no "counts as") and a physical card. Proxies and conversions are very welcome, but I recommend sharing a pic with me beforehand. Cards can be scanned from the book or screenshots from the app if not available from the Wyrd website, and do not need to be tarot size.
  5. Hi. Can you please check your payment as I'm not seeing it. PM me if necessary. OK - I got it. Welcome on board
  6. Well run event and we were well rewarded with prizes and swag. Well done Tom. A bit cooler and a little more space between tables would be nice, but otherwise all good. Thanks to all my opponents, new and old, for some close games and sight of some different Masters.
  7. Probably worth adding the date and town to the name of the post, and including the address of the venue in the post itself for those of us who don't know where it is.
  8. Only if your name is on the list (in the first post).
  9. @balgor do you need me to bring any terrain?
  10. The strats and schemes will be available on the first day. With 7 games expect to play most Strategies twice, with differing deployments, and schemes will appear in pools 4 or 5 times each!
  11. Hi all. We have over 50 players signed up for this, but a bit low on European players. We would love to see you and have plenty of space. Looking to provide a generous pool for the raffles we have planned, and despite M3E still being on the up curve we'll still be the biggest event of the year.
  12. OK. Found it on the facebook event. I have permission to attend
  13. What are the timings for the event?
  14. I doubt it as the hall is pretty big.
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