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  1. As long as you know the rules and can play at a reasonable speed, then no problem, though I would recommend attending a smaller event beforehand if possible as it will certainly help you understand how they go, and also help your speed of play.
  2. Clousseau

    Create & Paint #1

    Take the opportunity of more hobby time to create a missing model from your roster.Your model should be one not currently released and can be created from Wyrd or other parts, including scratch built, but should be tournament legal in UK. Submit a picture to the organiser before painting (to check legality) and then paint your model and submit a picture by the deadline of 19th April.Voting will be by secret voting based on both modelling & painting skills.Prizes for best overall, best modelling, and a random draw for everyone entering. There is no entry fee, but winners will need to cover postage costs. Open to UK players only.All submissions to malifaux.henchman@gmail.comSuitable models:Amalgam - ScavengerAugmentented - Melissa KOREBig Hat - Good Ol' BoyElite - False WitnessElite - Alan ReidGuard - The DispatcherHoneypot - Kitty DumontJournalist - False WitnessJournalist - NewsieJournalist - Undercover ReporterKin - LaCroix RaiderNephilim - Blood HunterObliteration - Void HunterPig - SqueelerRedchapel - MournerRetainer - GokudoRevenant - MournerSavage - LyssaTransmortis Research AssistantTricksy Test SubjectWizz Bang Alphonse LeBlancWoe Lyssa
  3. Sorry everyone, but in the current environment I need to cancel this event. I'll sort out refunds, and we'll be back with another event once the environment recovers.
  4. This looks feasible as its driveable each day. Will make a decision a bit closer to the date. Will bring terrain of course!
  5. As they'll be new to everyone, I'll put them out a week(ish) before the event.
  6. Welcome on board, and feel free to bring a friend or two.
  7. Looks like a good possibility as its only an hour's drive each day, so no hotel cost required
  8. Tickets are now on sale for what I hope will be a record breaking event. https://tabii.co.uk/UKNationals/
  9. Yes it really is the 8th running of my Easter themed tournament. 3 rounds of fixed faction tournament action, with the usual swag, raffle and awards. Book early - just £12 a ticket (but no lunch this year). Details here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/diz3mkqxbwsxodu/Rules Pack - Haul of Eggs 8 - Apr20.pdf?dl=0 Players Maria Weiland Stef McGlen Allen Connell Lee Walstow Matt Lewin Tom Benstead Ollie Hedges Tom Coker
  10. Sorry you won't be able to make it. Hope to see you at an event in the future.
  11. Event pre-registration is live at www.bag-o-tools.com
  12. As this event is taking place in a public environment it needs painted models, even if just the base colours. If I can loan models for the event just ask, if that helps.
  13. The UK Nationals is confirmed as being on the weekend of 7/8th November at the same venue as previous years in Melton Mowbray. This year I'm aiming to increase numbers and therefore the swag and overall experience, but that does rely on you buying your tickets early. Tickets will cost £40 and are on sale here https://tabii.co.uk/UKNationals/ 7 rounds over 2 days, with socialising on Friday & Saturday evenings in a spacious, comfortable environment. International players are very welcome, and in fact took the top 3 places last year! Photos here. Rulespack here Entrants Karl Barley Maria Weiland Michael Rees Chris Williams David Cameron Michael Hengl (USA) A J Barr Matt Lewin Frances Jones Ole Ingvar Stene (Norway) Paul Symes Richard Walters Matt Cole Grant Dickenson Dan Brown Lewis Phillips J Joynson Oliver Lonsdale Radek Bry Luke Athiko Rob Hallam Nino-Julian Beck (Germany) Andre Killing (Germany) Florian Feltrup (Germany) Philipp Schaper (Germany) Geir Haugen Vikan (Norway) Jean Baptiste Aymes (France) Lionel Masson (France) James Lee Tim Edwards Andy Bradshaw Chris Hill James Whitbread Jake Wells David Garrard Artem Demidenko (Russia) Oyvind Willumsen Haugaa (Norway) Paal Heierstad (Norway) Lee Evans Jon Rouston Stef McGlen Bert Diamond Declan Larcombe Let me know if I got your name wrong, is missing, or I need to add/correct country.
  14. Great. Tuesday is the deadline, but if for some reason you miss it contact me directly and we'll sort something out.
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