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  1. As the UK gets back to gaming in stores don't forget to make use of the online calendar. TOs - use to avoid event clashes and to promote your event - let me know and I'll add provisional dates. Players - plan your weekends.
  2. Hi Rich. If there's no-one closer I'm happy to come up and run some events. Incidentally we are no longer henchmen as Wyrd stopped the scheme and haven't, yet, replaced the scheme. David
  3. Now that's a brilliant idea. Non Malifaux Friday games with Bayou Bash, Puppet Wars & EBO
  4. I've been trying not think of it after I realised I still had today booked as holiday! I'm distracting myself by organising my biggest charity raffle yet.
  5. The 2020 event has been cancelled. Hopefully there will be Malifaux there next year. The 2021 event has been scheduled for Friday April 30th - bank holiday Monday, May 3rd.
  6. The henchman scheme is going to have a fresh start shortly, so watch out for an announcement soon.
  7. Judging by the box art I'd assume each deck is unique front and back
  8. There is usually a separate announcement about them closer to the event.
  9. Currently all tickets are 100% refundable. Once I actually start to spend money (around mid-September), then we'll have to move to partial refunds as obviously I can't fund the event personally. I shall make the relevant announcements as we progress. COVID-19 continues to be a risk and whilst we all want the event to proceed everyone's health is the number 1 priority. I need to know there are sufficient funds to run the event, but also commit that as ever the event will be cost neutral.
  10. As long as we meet the minimum numbers needed to make it work financially, and the situation allows the event to run, then I can manage some late entries within October. More is always good and love to see the Polish guys again.
  11. Apologies for the weird formatting on the above post!
  12. Just a quick post to let you know that currently the event is still on. 🙂 Venue have confirmed that no costs are incurred unless the event runs so currently all entry fees are returnable. Obviously as we get closer to the event, and I need to spend money on things then this will change, but I'll keep everyone informed before that point. One advantage of the venue is that we have lots of space so I'll be looking at how to increase spacing between players. Currently we have 4ft deep tables, but we could go to 5ft (though that does make moving models a stretch for most). Obviously
  13. As long as you know the rules and can play at a reasonable speed, then no problem, though I would recommend attending a smaller event beforehand if possible as it will certainly help you understand how they go, and also help your speed of play.
  14. Clousseau

    Create & Paint #1

    Take the opportunity of more hobby time to create a missing model from your roster.Your model should be one not currently released and can be created from Wyrd or other parts, including scratch built, but should be tournament legal in UK. Submit a picture to the organiser before painting (to check legality) and then paint your model and submit a picture by the deadline of 19th April.Voting will be by secret voting based on both modelling & painting skills.Prizes for best overall, best modelling, and a random draw for everyone entering. There is no entry fee, but winners will need to cover
  15. Sorry everyone, but in the current environment I need to cancel this event. I'll sort out refunds, and we'll be back with another event once the environment recovers.
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