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  1. 3 round fixed leader ranked event continuing the tradition of a newbie friendly event. This year part of the Beachhead Show at the Bournemouth International Centre. 32 places. Rulespack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/arkgkp2jh7cj5wm/Rules Pack - Lost Love 8.pdf?dl=0 Tickets £15 from: https://entoyment.co.uk/event-tick/beachhead-events/lost-love-8-malifaux-at-beachhead-2020.html
  2. Our annual Xmas casual event will be based around the Henchman Hardcore rules rather than story encounters this year. The 30 minute time limit is removed to encourage a more relaxed play style, and there will be time for 4 games. No prizes - just some fun gaming. 16 places. £5 to cover table fees and some mince pies. Rulespack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ygsm99dv36r7c18/Rules Pack - MK2.pdf?dl=0 Location: Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes
  3. Clousseau


    Giveaways from both my tournaments and ones I've attended
  4. Clousseau

    UK Nationals 2019

    86 international players at this premium 2 day 7 round event
  5. Thanks for making this an enjoyable weekend for everyone who attended, including the TO! Results are available here: https://www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/event/8539 Put 7/8th November 2020 in your diary where the aim will be to get bigger and better.
  6. Unfortunately, due to camera issues, nothing was streamed
  7. Hello everyone. I hope you are looking forward to a great weekend's gaming and socialising. So just a few things to ensure the weekend is as good as possible. I shall be at the venue from around 2pm on Friday, so any help with set up would be appreciated as we start with an empty room. You are welcome to play games until 7:30pm. We will then be heading to the local Wetherspoons for socialising. On Saturday the venue will be open for registration from 8:00am. Please arrive promptly and we'll get you registered as quickly as we can. If you can preregister at bag-o-tools beforehand that will help. If you cannot make it or will arrive after 8:45am please let me know asap on 07905 694294 or on Messenger. We need to start promptly at 9:00am. There are no food or drink facilities on site except for a water fountain. However there is a Sainsbury's opposite the venue which has a café if you need breakfast, and obviously can provide your provisions during the day. At the end of the day we need to be off site by 8:00pm. However the site is secure and you can leave your items and car here overnight. On Saturday I look forward to seeing which characters you will come as - judging at lunch time. On Sunday morning please arrive promptly so we can again start on time. At the end of the day your help with packing & clean up is appreciated as we will only present prizes and draw charity raffle when the venue is clear. Let's have a great weekend.
  8. There will be a list to add to at registration
  9. Well he has paid twice, so maybe he can play 2 different factions!
  10. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The new Gaining Grounds Season Zero will apply for this event https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/GG_Season_0.pdf. The existing rulespack remains in force and defines crew composition, painting requirements, proxies, etc., and has not been updated to match GG#0. There will be a copy of the revised Strats & Schemes provided for all players at registration.
  11. Sorry to hear you can't make it - but could you please confirm your real name (PM is fine). You are welcome to post on facebook or wherever to re-sell your ticket - just let me know so I can keep track of names.
  12. From my POV it is simply the actual Markers that were removed are then dropped. Scheme Markers do not change between friendly & unfriendly.
  13. No. With 7 games you are going to see each strategy up to 2 times each, each deployment the same, and every scheme multiple times. You'll need to be ready for every eventuality! Plus I can guarantee a wide range of terrain to consider as well.
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