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  1. We will be organising a M3E tournament here in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. The games will be 50ss, using the new GG1 document. More information can be found at our facebook page, Dutch Malifaux Guild, https://www.facebook.com/events/1557787907719747/ We dont have many events here in Holland, so join if you can! Location: Games Guild, Alphen aan den Rijn Date/time: saturday 4th of April, 10:00 - 17:00 Type of event: GG1 tournament Parking is paid in front of the venue, but one street over you can have free parking at a walking distance. --- in Dutch Gameday
  2. Would be a great survey! Problem for me filling it in is that it requires me to rank ALL the OC masters - I have played most, some of them lots, but also a couple I havnt fielded or faced. So I find it very hard to rank them all. Filled in though
  3. Was great last year (and the years before). Will be mustering the Dutch again! Set sail!
  4. I feel Levi being able to sac himself with his bonus action is pretty obviously legal. But a faq confirming that would put out the rumours
  5. And clarifications on the replace rules would be nice. That way we can know for sure how out of activation replaces are supposed to work. Especially with Hamelin using his bonus action to cause tangled together for a rat king - can (multiple) instances of the extra action carry over, for instance?
  6. I think the midnight stalker could be a replacement. He is good for scheming and most strats. Though I feel two punks was enough for that already. Marlena fills an important role giving you options how to spread your damage around. It makes it hard for your opponent to get a sure kill and you can exactly keen out wounds for max effect of Levi. I really dislike scavengers - call me crazy but almost always I would just rather have the stones up front - think Hans isn't really impressive; so slow! Midnight stalker is awesome, but extra scavenger could be nice as well! Might be a bit t
  7. Played with Hamelin vs Dreamer yesterday. We had a draw but I really loved the Hamelin play. Hamelin Rats (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Hamelin Totem(s): Stolen Stolen 2 Stolen 3 Hires: Benny Wolcomb Nix Obedient Wretch Rat Catcher Rat Catcher 2 Winged Plague Winged Plague 2 Prospector New The Dreamer Crew (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: The Dreamer Totem(s): Lord Chompy Bits Hires: Widow Weaver Serena Bowman Daydream Daydream 2 Daydream 3 Stitched Together Stitched Toge
  8. For you Hamelin players; how does entangle (make a king out of rats) exactly work? When a rat uses it during it's activation it's clear: continue the activation. But what if I make a rat do it through Hamelins unclean influence? Say I have 4 rats, and 2 of them activated already, two didn't. Can the new rat king still activate, or not? And what if none of those rats had activated yet, or all of them?
  9. This wo This would be very interesting. Meaning you can't attack someone with black blood while on 1 wound and within 1", for example. So many options here that just doesn't make a ruling on this level work. What if I choose to discard three cards while on 3 sounds intending to stone? I could flip black joker and die. So I can't choose to do that unless the black joker has been accounted for? The current ruling works fine; you can't pay a cost that kills you. But you cab do stuff that kills yourself indirectly. Like moving into hazardous terrain when at 1 wd. Solkan said the
  10. Nice write-up! What would a basic Parker crew look like for you? i.e.: if someone new was planning on playing with a core crew the first few games, what list would you advise?
  11. Nice to read your perspective on this! I just can't seem to click with our Emissary. Tried him a couple of times (love his model), but everytime I just wish I brought something else. Sure he has trinkets that can be nice, but is it worth 10ss? He's also very slow, and can drain your cards which I already have enough sources of in my crews. Trying to stay in his bubble really hampers the speed/mobility of your crew. Dont mind me on Tara seems nice though! Wouldnt her place ability be enough to get her to the places (and unengaged) to interact? Then again, Tara crews tend to have points spa
  12. What he said I really love playing with that ability. Its very strong when used right. Never reformed Ashes as it always felt stronger just to have a significant model on the other side of the table all of a sudden. It's what pulls me to Hamelin as well - if the turn before you turn your stolen into rats, you can go full rat king/catcher shenenigans the turn after. Seems fun!
  13. My experience as well. I finished 4 out of 7 games till turn 5, 3 games till turn 4 this weekend. My crew was 9 models, sometimes summoning one extra in turn 2/3. Some games even had time left at the end. I'd say playing an agressive crew helps as it reduces the number of models on the board.
  14. On the subject of rules questions, another one came up that I couldn't wrap my head around. How would you think these work out? Yan Lo attaches an upgrade at the start of his activation which has regenerate +2 on it. Can Yan Lo can benefit from the regenerate on the same turn this upgrade is attached? A model with by your side can teleport at the start of his activation. He teleports within 3" of Ashes and Dust, which has aura for 1dg for models activating within 3". Does the model suffer the 1 dg? Aye, I thought so as well! So Sanguine Ecovations can kill Levi as well
  15. So you can obey an enemy to complete your own scheme! Nice, don't think a lot of people think it works that way.
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