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  1. Played with Hamelin vs Dreamer yesterday. We had a draw but I really loved the Hamelin play. Hamelin Rats (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Hamelin Totem(s): Stolen Stolen 2 Stolen 3 Hires: Benny Wolcomb Nix Obedient Wretch Rat Catcher Rat Catcher 2 Winged Plague Winged Plague 2 Prospector New The Dreamer Crew (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: The Dreamer Totem(s): Lord Chompy Bits Hires: Widow Weaver Serena Bowman Daydream Daydream 2 Daydream 3 Stitched Together Stitched Together 2 Stitched Together 3 We played turf war. Idea was make rats with Benny. I black jokers the summon on t1. On t2 he went down before activating. Was ready to quit right there, as my entire idea was trying that trick out. But then decided to continue. And then could floor his crew with rats, and all the things. Awesome! t3 saw Hamelin killing two unactivated stitched in one activation. Dreamer had to hide from the wrench; she's so strong! Really liked the list. Bit too low on stones for me, not sure if I want to drop him for 6 more stones as he's just a mid crow away for an extra rat
  2. For you Hamelin players; how does entangle (make a king out of rats) exactly work? When a rat uses it during it's activation it's clear: continue the activation. But what if I make a rat do it through Hamelins unclean influence? Say I have 4 rats, and 2 of them activated already, two didn't. Can the new rat king still activate, or not? And what if none of those rats had activated yet, or all of them?
  3. This wo This would be very interesting. Meaning you can't attack someone with black blood while on 1 wound and within 1", for example. So many options here that just doesn't make a ruling on this level work. What if I choose to discard three cards while on 3 sounds intending to stone? I could flip black joker and die. So I can't choose to do that unless the black joker has been accounted for? The current ruling works fine; you can't pay a cost that kills you. But you cab do stuff that kills yourself indirectly. Like moving into hazardous terrain when at 1 wd. Solkan said the same. People are adding too much own interpretation.
  4. Nice write-up! What would a basic Parker crew look like for you? i.e.: if someone new was planning on playing with a core crew the first few games, what list would you advise?
  5. Nice to read your perspective on this! I just can't seem to click with our Emissary. Tried him a couple of times (love his model), but everytime I just wish I brought something else. Sure he has trinkets that can be nice, but is it worth 10ss? He's also very slow, and can drain your cards which I already have enough sources of in my crews. Trying to stay in his bubble really hampers the speed/mobility of your crew. Dont mind me on Tara seems nice though! Wouldnt her place ability be enough to get her to the places (and unengaged) to interact? Then again, Tara crews tend to have points spare for this kind of shenanigans. You would not rather bring, say, Rusty or Ashes & Dust?
  6. What he said I really love playing with that ability. Its very strong when used right. Never reformed Ashes as it always felt stronger just to have a significant model on the other side of the table all of a sudden. It's what pulls me to Hamelin as well - if the turn before you turn your stolen into rats, you can go full rat king/catcher shenenigans the turn after. Seems fun!
  7. My experience as well. I finished 4 out of 7 games till turn 5, 3 games till turn 4 this weekend. My crew was 9 models, sometimes summoning one extra in turn 2/3. Some games even had time left at the end. I'd say playing an agressive crew helps as it reduces the number of models on the board.
  8. On the subject of rules questions, another one came up that I couldn't wrap my head around. How would you think these work out? Yan Lo attaches an upgrade at the start of his activation which has regenerate +2 on it. Can Yan Lo can benefit from the regenerate on the same turn this upgrade is attached? A model with by your side can teleport at the start of his activation. He teleports within 3" of Ashes and Dust, which has aura for 1dg for models activating within 3". Does the model suffer the 1 dg? Aye, I thought so as well! So Sanguine Ecovations can kill Levi as well
  9. So you can obey an enemy to complete your own scheme! Nice, don't think a lot of people think it works that way.
  10. That's the way I read it as well, Zebo. On the other hand, we would have this problems as well: Can a model declare an action when at 1 wound and in hazardous terrain? Can a model at 1 Wd attack Levi (and then die due to his df trigger)?
  11. Game 6, versus Tara (1) Score 6-4 (2 idols, 2 search the ruins, 2 assasinate vs 2 idols, 1 search the ruins, 1 power ritual) Was torn between deliver a message, dig their graves and assasinate. I figured I should only pick one interacting scheme max, but in hindsight deliver or dig might have been easier to score. My opponent did a great job healing Tara like crazy, making it damn hard to get assasinate. In general I just went full on to the corner where the first idol marker dropt, and sent Ashes and Dust the other way. My waifs a bit behind that. First turn saw him trying to beast bomb a necropunk but they are so tough he couldn't manage it. Having cleared one corner of the board I could establish search the ruins and 1 idols point there. Then everything walked towards the opposing corner. It was really tight fought. On turn four he killed my scavenger because he was threatening an idols marker. That dropped a scrap marker enabling my Nothing Beast to leave combat with Aionus and get back into scheming/killing stuf. Also I killed my own levi, jumped over to his corner of the board, and murdered over there. This enabled me to suprise Tara and kill her the last turn. My opponent didnt see that coming, as he could have put pressure on the waifs instead of the scavenger. Also denying me the scrap I needed for the Ashes to move out of combat. It was a great move to pull on him though Ended up 6-4 with him being almost tabled. Next time I should try to kill Karina way sooner. Otherwise I feel the game went pretty well. Also his scavenger management was better than mine; he managed to get back the red joker back 2-3 times. That was very strong! Game 7, versus Tara (2) Score 7-6 (Plant explosives 4, Claim Jump 2, Vendetta 1 vs Plant 3, Power Ritual 1, Outflank 2) From one Tara into the next He brought a different Tara crew though. With Hannah. Not sure what she was for, as she died top turn 2 - I managed a charge with a focussed Ashes on her turn one for 7 damage, and then hit her again top turn 2. She dropped to one and jumping a necropunk next to her sealed the deal. Messed up my vendetta though, just scoring me 1 point. My opponent was very afraid of rusty alice, and really blocked her well with engaging summons. I feel this game was closer that it could have been, as I black jokered the damage flip against the nothing beast twice in a row, and the Beast ended up making turn 5 while he should have been dead top turn 2. Lesson for me: always play as if the next damage flip is going to be the black joker. A bit better management of my AP turn 2 could have given me a second attack on the nothing beast. My opponent played really well getting him out of there, while still clogging me up. But my threat was still too strong: while he was making schemes/strats I was doing mine, but also deleting his crew. In the end I could outplay his second point for power ritual (killed own ashes, and had dust spawn in the furthest corner for him). Also he just couldnt get Marlena to below half wd for Claim jump sealing me the deal!
  12. I fully expect that another title for Levi will be a rider; that is in line with him being the fifth rider in avatar form, back in the day!
  13. A summary and experiences for the games I played at Nationals. As said before, I played the mentioned fixed list into every pool. Game 1, versus Gremlin Zoraida Score 5-3 (1 reckoning, 2 outflank, 2 deliver a message vs 2 reckoning, 1 harness the ley line, 0 outflank) First turn charge with a fast/focused Ashes & Dust killed a Silurid straight away. Softened up the first mate and bad juju, so they bit the dust turn 2. I gave myself a disadvantage on reckoning by killing this fast, but that gave me quite the edge on the schemes. Zoraida put the voodoo doll upgrade on ashes and dust and kept him occupied the entire game. Ended up getting killed so I could have the dust storm to score outflank for me. Marlena was very helpful in killing bad juju – her anti-healing aura is strong. Last turn I made a necropunk fast to put a marker next to zoraida for last point deliver. Opponent scored harness by obeying me to drop a scheme marker for him. Later learned that when obeyed you still drop your own markers. Game 2, versus Neverborn Zoraida Score 7-3 (3 plant explosives, 2 assassinate, 2 vendetta vs 1 plant explosives, 1 breakthrough, 1 assasinate) Forgot to move Ashes and Dust turn 1. Was so busy with making sure I could do the vendetta on Bad Juju with rusty. This is the game where it became clear to me that when people attack my crew they are softening themselves up enough to get oneshot. In this case I got Levi 6” up for his upgrade. Zoraida obeyed McTavish forward and made him shoot Levi. He then activated and shot some more. With Marlena/stones/high cards I got only a bit of dg, and McTavish went to 6 wounds. So I charged in and one-shot him. This became a theme of the tournament. People softening up wd7-9 models with entropy triggers and then getting one-shot. Also, people forgot to stone for minus flip to damage. I should have focust more to offset this, because not being able to cheat dg with a neg flip is really unfortunate for him. Stuff died so quick that getting all the points wasn’t that hard. He had a great turn of an obeyed Ashes almost killing Levi. Game 3, versus 10T Yan Lo Score 3-2 (1 idols, 1 deliver a message, 1 vendetta vs 1 idols, 1 deliver a message, 0 search the ruins) First time encountering the no demise aura of Manos. Was intent on vendetta on him with Rusty, but he jumped in at Levi and put himself on 6 wounds through entropy. Then just one shot him to get rid of him and got the one point vendetta. He put a buffed Izamu in my face, which was nasty, and I tried to ignore him as much as possible as I wanted to kill other models who where more threatening/making schemes. I got Yan Lo to low wounds and he hid a bit, giving me space to score a strategy point. The Scavenger with 8”place, 5”move and 2”remove a scheme marker denied search what would otherwise have been a draw. Tight fought game! Nasty to have Manos come back all the time! Game 4, versus Nekima Score 2-7 (2 turf war, 0 dig, 0 claim jump vs 3 turn war, 2 take prisoner, 2 claim jump) Boy I got myself handed to me. I had no idea mature nephilem are that strong. He threw in Nekima on turn 1 (lured with Hinamatsu) and distracted me the first turn. Because of the black blood I didn’t want to declare the unmade triggers. That made it that I just didn’t kill Nekima. Then turn 2 he got initiative and went with her again killing a necropunk before I could finish her off. And then the Mature Nephilem where in my crew. I couldn’t cheat my melee attacks on them, and that totally shut me down. The stat 5 on melee for Levi is easily outcheated then. Very well crew selection of my opponent. And he took out Marlena real quick which gave me way less options of damage mitigation. This cascaded quite quick, and he only left alive his take prisoner target and ashes and dust to prevent the break-off. One lose necropunk managed to score 2 from turn war. Reflecting on it I feel black blood and combat finesse (of just high df stats) are very strong against Levi. I thought it was nastier then all the aura’s/no heals ressers could bring, for example. I should have set up more for a shooting game. Something my crew could do, but was totally overwhelmed with the speed of the nephilem crew. Also it was a great game and had lots of fun with my opponent. One of the nephilem snacked on Levi’s corpse! Game 5, versus Kirai Score 6-5 (2 reckoning, 2 breakthrough, 2 search the ruins vs 1 reckoning, 2 breakthrough, 2 search the ruins). I made him deploy Manos first. I choose the other half of the board to deploy my crew. In the game Manos and a few other models went scheming. I could focus on slaughtering the rest and scheme as well. We ended up having trouble killing eachothers models. Kirai has lots of heals (and too dangerous to just through Marlena in), and he just couldn’t really damage me as well. He scored reckoning only once, I managed it twice. Almost lost Levi to a ‘no heal’ bonus action of a Goryo, but kept high cards to fend it off. Very cagey game. Game 6 & 7 versus Tara tbc
  14. Some tricks I liked: Killing ashes and dust myself to instant score outrank Killing ashes and dust turn 4 and place the dust in the corner easiest to deny power ritual. Then just interact to remove the marker. Killing ashes and dust in general to place the dust somewhere to deny a scheme or tie up a model. It's easy to think you just need to reform, but I never did as just having a dust spawn way over gave/denied me more points. Don't forget a lot of your models drop scrap markers when dead. Scavenger as well. You can make ridiculous movement with ashes, getting to places people don't expext. Even if it's just push 1 inch to get out of melee to interact or charge something else. Kill Levi with his 0 action for an in activation teleport. One case I was down at 5 sounds. Used the bonus action and channelled for it, Then ditch all three cards, get three damage, redrawn next to a waif 30ish inches away with still 3 so left. It was glorious get stuff to 1 wd and leap a necropunk next to it! It dies at activation and so easy to position. Mask on scavenger for 8 inch pls. Plus a walk and the bonus action it's removing a marker at ~16 inch. It's so good.
  15. Scavengers are really good and would play 2 of I could. But I feel there's no room for it in the crew. Every model has it's use and wouldnt run only 1 soulstone. You could say I was lucky, but would have loved the chance to face 10t some more! Think I would have better chances vs shen long than Nekima More info about the Tara games coming up! Tbh I wouldn't really know until I have played it. But I have faced the anti demise stuff on other occasions. Against kirai he took Manos and datsue bah, and also some models with a bonus action to prevent healong. That last thing was nastier. I think I can play the mini game for that, but it sure makes it way more difficult. At this point in the game you will have much more experience as the Levi player playing this mini game, giving you the edge. Also, keep Leo's activation as late as possible and kill yourself when low to prevent the snipe! Mostly hide her for the card draw and tanking. But also to deny healing where needed. In some games she just was a would battery and card draw, in other games the no heal proves really strong! She's a good claim jump target as well. The charge on interacting opponents never came up in 7 games.
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