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Waldo's Weekly - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right


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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo’s been working hard on his New Year’s Resolution - to quit smoking. It’s hard for most, but for Waldo it basically just consists of standing still and not touching anything flammable, so he’s asking for the impossible. 

Speaking of evil imps, we were excited to share some exciting new Malifaux content for you. We had planned to explore the inner workings of the Explorer’s Society, and even invite you to see the home of the Explorer’s Society founder, Lord Justin Cooper. Unfortunately, his lawyers stopped us at the gate before we could get any good pictures and shoved this contract in our face, spouting legal jargon about servitude and claiming only those who are invited to “join” the Explorer’s Society are allowed in. Something tells us the only way we’re going to get an invite into the Explorer’s Society and meet Lord Cooper is to sign the contract... 


*this is for fun and not legally binding in any way.

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The characters are awesome. Can't wait to see the entire crew, because these are only master and minions, as far as I understand.

I wonder whether the Society will have other dual masters similar to initial Ten Thunders release.

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1 hour ago, Nathan Caroland said:


Ya'll love on and hate on the same artists all the time, just depends on the characters. Cracks me up. :)

Really!? 😮 Yet, traits of drawing looks very different from (for example) M3e Viktorias or Colette or Lady J... (for me, at least)

P.s. and anyway it's not true! 😁 I love all characters of this game! I became poor with malifaux, in a short time i will leave my house to the miniatures 😁

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I want to see the totem. Or totems. Or Henchman-Totem. Or Henchman and Totem(s).

He needs a beast. Probably the one who took his limbs. And make the beast a cyborg, too. Because it went limb for limb.

A cyborg rhino! Or a panther! A hyena! The Malifausarus Rex! We need it!

Or make it a full beastlike robot butler for his lordship!

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1 hour ago, Chou said:

Now that I was below the 150 unpainted Malifaux models mark, and this happen... here we go again!

Don't worry, I don't think they are gonna come out soon . There are still a lot of "old" (but new) models to release and I don't think a Closed Beta about the Explorers is already started . Just don't buy anything else in the mid time xD

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If this is the same artist of the last year it is a female, and a very talented artist too. I am sure the digital designers are contracted out as I have seen the odd work from a couple websites so that maybe why some artwork you like and some models you don't. Honestly if I don't like a pose I just change it to one I do.

Excited for this new faction though.

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On 1/9/2020 at 7:14 PM, Ming said:

You insinuate, that the contract in question has a typo?

My bad, I wasn't aware it's a quotation from Wyrd. Now you know that I have signed the contract up without actually reading it ;) Anyway, that's not the first time when their Latin leaves much to be desired...

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The colouring is very nicely done.

The characters are pretty much standard steampunk stuff and the poses are static. There is still the usual proportion issues so we have small heads (a pity because the faces are very nicely done) and long legs as if a child was looking at the crew.

All in all this is OK but not very original imho.


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