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  1. Where are you getting 14" from? It's a 6" pulse plus a 50mm (2") base. Am I missing something here?
  2. I like this one the most. I agree the Distracted function is broken in the keyword mechanic.
  3. Happy Birthday Wyrd! Happy to support a great company and game!
  4. I found a cool maker called Black Site Studios. They are based in the US though, I know alot of people on here are in the UK. They have a fantasy line called "knighthaven" which I think looks pretty cool. Fair price, pre-painted MDF kits: https://blacksitestudio.com/knighthaven/
  5. Wow thats a very useful thing to know. I am surprised I haven't heard about that yet, makes sense. Too bad they didn't make an adjustment to her with the GG1 errata to make her more useful. Hopefully next season. . .
  6. Thanks for your input. I got kind of frustrated with the nerf to Archie, it left me feeling at a loss for crew building as well. I like the idea of trying a Belles & Doxies crew with him and maybe Bete or Sybelle? I tried the melee focused strategy from the third floor wars podcast but pushing enemy models into Seamus kind of requires alot of hoops to jump through also. It also leaves Seamus pretty vulnerable (or you sacrifice CCK to save him). I am a relatively new player though (~5 games with Seamus) so take everything I say with a grain of salt haha.
  7. I got my baby Kade yesterday also. Such a cool theme I am so excited to get them all painted up. Definitely LOVING the fact that all the miniatures are fully assembled!
  8. Yeah based on the color of the background it has to be for Explorer's Society right?
  9. Here is my submission. See if you can find the "Easter Egg" haha.
  10. Will the GG1 errata cards be available perchance?
  11. The Carrion Emissary would be good to generate corpse markers for him too. I don't have the grave diggers yet but would be interesting to try them out.
  12. Initially it seems they should have lowered Archie's cost by 1. Dropping him down to all stat 4, taking away his suit on the leap, no built in heal on hurl corpse, etc. He seems on par with Manos and Yin in a Seamus crew at least. Seems like he got hit so hard his cost should be reduced to that of Manos and Yin:8. Where is the Redchapel love? This would have been a perfect time to bring the Belles, Bete, and Sybelle up to snuff!
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