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  1. Postmortem

    Pig help

    I use a 6:1 flesh to pink ratio base (6 drops of a flesh tone, 1 drop of pink, then thin to taste).
  2. That is a shame to hear. I hope you are able and willing to talk them out of it! (Insert sarcasm emote) Store owners love to see you buy things online then play for free in their space😉 I believe that we, as the consumer, drive what the stores sell. It wasn’t always this way, and I think some have a problem with that paradigm shift. Local distributors and stores do not determine what we play and buy, thankfully. If there is no demand from their customers to make it worth the hassle, I don’t blame them either. I do think agency lies within our wallets, though. If they lose revenue to competitors because of a line they chose not to carry, it’s on them. Either way, a homogenous game community, supported by a distribution chain that carries only what they determine has value (based on their exclusive deals), is not great for gaming in the long term. Enough of my ramblings. I will continue to do my part! I have money to spend, a Ulix crew to finish up, and Guild to crush.
  3. Ah. Well that sucks to hear another issue has arisen. I hope the situation gets ironed out. People need to get their hands on this stuff. It is the best edition of Malifaux.
  4. Distributors are playing hard ball. Bound to happen. Middlemen don't like to hear that they are not needed. I suppose the good news is that your LGS can order direct! Current distribution models are 20th century dinosaurs, mixed with 21st century greed. Distributors should never be a choke point to us getting products. It’s antithetical to their whole purpose. KS has been causing them sleepless nights and along comes Wyrd and they jump at the opportunity to bully the little guy that is stepping out of line.
  5. A certain NA distributor and its exclusive partner have been playing some nasty games to the detriment of companies, gamers, and the smaller FLGS. I sincerely hope that other companies mirror your action and it helps loosen the iron grip they are trying to impose on our hobby.
  6. Great news! I hope stores take advantage of the opportunity.
  7. Gave her two more chances last night. I will be focusing on other NB masters, so you can sing her praises in peace from now on @whodares.
  8. Dude. You have made a valiant effort, but you need to stop with the theories. She has issues man.
  9. They are different. One discussing the closed beta nerf and the other about voodoo-suckage.
  10. I thought we were going to agree to disagree? You think she is good enough, to one of the greatest (depending on the point you are trying to make). I disagree. I think as is she won’t be seeing the table compared to other options in faction. Playing convinces me vs. forum chatter. I will give her another shot tonight, but you haven’t provided anything that any Z player of any edition doesn’t already know.
  11. Yawn. She is mediocre at best currently. Sorry man. A different faction player would definitely want her to be less than she could be, so I get where you are coming from.
  12. Your reading of my words is a bit off. I said “Other masters in our faction are way more efficient at achieving, well, just about everything.“ Not nifty combos, but achieving actual victory conditions of the game. Other masters can achieve ALL victory goals much easier. So my question to players who actually play her is: why bother now as it’s the same as it was (or worse imo) than M2e. Other faction options are better choices to win games. I own and play Z, but certainly not competitively (although I had hoped she would be a possibility in M3e). And certainly will play her less than I did in M2e, now that I have played her, since winning is actually fun. Metas are all different, but in mine, a mediocre master gets chewed up and spit out. We have great options in our faction, but Z just isn’t one of them.
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