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  1. Here are my opponent's comments: Colette has become an interesting and competitive character. Captain has become useful, especially good at protecting the Crew from ranged attacks. Ice Dancers used to be universal and mobile scheme runners. Although they are Performer, I don't see them in Colette's Crew. Weak Ml attack with 0" range prevents them from being a frontline melee model and Ice Pillar mechanics are useless for Colette. I suggest strengthening her attack akin to Sharp Hairpin (*I guess, he means Rg 1") and giving her Unexpected Ferocity trigger. Also she should get some defensive abilities. Oxfordian Mages - they have become narrow-specialized models for Sandeep's Crew. If they were Versatile, I could take one into a non-Academic Crew.
  2. Ming


    You can only Concentrate once per Turn now.
  3. Ming


    He's a Versatile Ruthless Sniper for 8 SS with many other useful abilities. If you have Reckoning or Turf War, he's a very useful model. There are many "just kill it" strategies and schemes now, and Hans can be very useful.
  4. 1. He can give upgrades to non-Freikorps minions. Also, Stalker can get upgrades using Hide in Plain Sight through Steam Trunk, Hannah or Lazarus. Even if you take only Leo himself, he can upgrade himself and be a one man army. 2. Have you actually played Leo? He's a good Leader with a good thematic Crew. I've played Freikorps several times and I enjoyed it. You usually don't need any non-thematic models. Freikorps has everything you need. Leo himself is a supporter, a sniper, a pugilist, and a tank. He can use any FK model with a good result. 3. I don't think a good Leader should have been used as an upgrade-giving support model for other masters like Viks. You have Emissary for that. We excluded Vermin with grenades first, Viks with Leap now. But we still have Void creatures with rocket launchers.
  5. 1. Von Schill vs Colette Deployment: Wedge Strategy - Plant explosives Scheme List - Hold up their forces, Claim jump, Vendetta, Detonate, Outflank Rounds Played- 3 Time played: circa 4 hours with breaks Final Score 4 - 1 Me - Ming Von Schill 0 Steam trunk 0 Hannah 10 Arik 10 Drache Trooper 8 Midnight Stalker 8 Engineer 6 Scout 6 48 - 8 models Plant Explosives 2 Vendetta 1 (Scout - Emissary) Claim Jump (Arik) 1 Opponent - Theo Colette Doves x3 Arcane Emissary 10 Cassandra 8 Showgirl 5 + Magical Training 2 Mannequin 4 Coryphee 6 x2 Ice Dancer 6 47 - 11 models Plant Explosives 1 Hold up 0 Detonate 0 I enjoyed playing against Colette and my opponent enjoyed the new rules, too. We especially liked the new Emissary, which was useless in 2E. My opponent decided, that Ice Dancer is more useful for December rather than Performer crew. Sword Trick is quite powerful, also Wedge deployment saved me a lot of trouble. There were few changes in Freikorps this time. Arik is more expensive, but his Wp is still lowered. Otherwise he is quite durable. Leo’s new rifle is good. The sheer possibility to ignore cover gives new opportunities. Engineer’s bonus action is harder to pull off, because you need a card in hand. Hannah wasn’t changed, because initial wording didn’t prevent her from copying bonus actions. MVP - it’s difficult to pick out one model in this Crew. It’s an army strike force, which is better than sum of its parts. I think Arik is good, because he could tank with armour and shield, claim jump and use diving charge and ‘I’ve got your back” to prevent hold up scheme. With Wp 5 he often got Slowed, Distracted and Seduced. I could have used Drache Trooper better. I didn’t manage to reveal Vendetta, because I decided to shoot Emissary before he charges me and even with 12 of Rams in hand Scout missed twice in a row. Then I accidently killed the minotaur with Hannah instead of burying (two Severe and RJ on 2 negative damage flips). Then I made a mistake by passing Activation instead of picking enemy’s bomb immediately - I forgot that Coryphee can give you Slow - then my engineer couldn’t both Walk and Interact. At least she did it next turn. Stalker took 2 explosives and easily planted it. I wanted to give him Rocket Boots with Trunk or Hannah using Hide in Plain Sight, but deployed him badly and lost the opportunity. 2. Parker vs Toni Deployment: Wedge Strategy - Idols Scheme List - Hold up their forces, Ruins, Graves, Prisoner Rounds Played- 2 Time played: circa 3 hours with breaks Final Score 2 - 0 Me - Ming Parker 0 Doc 0 Mad Dog 9 Sue 8 Stalker 8 Pride 7 Bandido 5 Emissary 10 47 - 8 models Idols 0 Ley Line 1 Ruins 1 Opponent - Theo Toni Mouse Captain 10 Howard 10 + Diesel 2 Emissary 10 + Diesel 2 Steamfitter 6 + Magical Training 2 Soulstone Miner 6 48 - 7 models Idols 0 Hold Up 0 Ley Line 0 I surprisingly immediately killed the Emissary with sound shooting from Sue and Parker. It let me test new Parker’s trigger - helps a lot. We forgot the Upgrade’s Concealment, but both bandits have built-in pluses, so it wouldn’t be a big change. In response Toni used Bring It to move Parker in melee. Also I managed to make a solid point blank shot without riposte (Toni flipped BJ on Df), Howard came and dealt a lot of damage. Still Parker survived Turn 1. The rest of my Crew did their best, but Concealment and Friendly Fire were harsh on their shooting, so I prefered to use them to place scheme markers for revealment next Turn. On Turn 2 Parker and Pride got Adversary, but Parker still survived the brawl with Toni, Howard & Captain, especially with prudent use of Stick Up on all of them. I managed to heal him a bit with Emissary and Doc until I spotted and used Walk the line on him, which prevented Hold Up. Meanwhile I managed to put all the 5 scheme markers. Unfortunately, Stalker flipped BJ on his Leap and didn’t manage to replace the other Strategy Marker. Anyway, I misplayed him a bit and didn’t get Fast. MVP - definitely Parker. The Man. The Legend. Pride failed almost every duel, but was a scarecrow enough to prevent the opponent from cheating. Soulstone Miner is in a strange place now. With new Stunned he can both get soulstones and Interact. I’m not sure this is intended. I’ll add my opponent’s POV later.
  6. Ming


    I still think 9 SS was the best cost for Arik. Agent 46 is still 9 SS with 2 keywords. Arik lost WP and Health before cost increase.
  7. Ming


    I still think 9 SS was the best cost for Arik. Agent 46 is still 9 SS with 2 keywords. Arik lost WP and Health before cost increase.
  8. Ming


    I suggest giving Hannah a built-in Heal. She's the chief librarian, she should have a healing spell.
  9. You can give Load Up same restriction Steam Trunk has - only Non-Beast Minion or Freikorps models.
  10. I agree, that we could use more Ruthless.
  11. Ming


    I've spotted that the First Mate and Flying Piglet miss Beast characteristic. Please check it. If you play Zipp as an Outcast, you can give non-Beasts upgrades.
  12. Injured's nerf is good, because some models (Pale Rider, Hamelin etc.) can give you tons of it defacto making your model a simple scheme runner, unless they have some good simple duel abilities. Irreducible damage would turn Hamelin and other injurers into oneshot killers. Stunned - the last version should take Shrug Off in mind. I think Shrug off should still be taken out of limit while suffering from Stunned. But it seems to me the initial idea was to prevent some powerful bonus actions. Even if you had Shrug Off, you had to use your bonus action for it. You don't need both Slow and new Stunned in the game, if they basically do the same thing. There are several ways to prevent triggers (Sue, Hamelin, Alison etc.), but the current Stunned is unique for preventing bonus actions. Focused has incorporated Defensive condition. There's no problem in making several Concentrate Actions on Turn 1. Some of the Focus will be used defensively anyway. If I can't use the leftover AP for anything, I will have to simply skip it. You usually don't want to make an extra Walk to become vulnerable to enemy attacks. Later in the game you usually don't have time to Concentrate anyway, unless you need to counter a negative flip. There are many other sources of Foci anyway. And it's a condition, that can be removed by enemy abilities. Also, you can gain a lot of Distracted and Focused will be essential then.
  13. Why don't you simply make Injured non-stackable, with -2 effect similar to Staggered? The extra irreducible damage is too much.
  14. One is more than enough. Actually, you the rarity of models prevents you from taking more models than Hamelin's starter + Brotherhood.
  15. First of all, thank you again for the good game and report. What do you think about taking Groot for Turf War? It can place Prepared Lairs next to three Strategy markers to deny Interact and possibly kill enemy's models with opportunity to make more Lairs next to the other markers later. It seems to be a Tar Pit first with Stench, Wicked and Barbed Tongue. I guess his defenses are Concealing Lairs and usual Friendly Fire. As far as I see, Zoraida has some control tricks with Obey, Lure etc. to use him as Tar Pit. As for Stalker and Pride - as I mentioned in my own report, they are improved in comparison with M2E indeed. Wouldn't call either an auto-choice yet. They are both Versatile, so can be taken in any crew, but some crews don't need them due to good keyword synergy. I'd always take Stalker agains Distracted-centered masters like Nellie and Colette, unless I play Freikorps, where there are Drache Troopers. Auto-fast can be a bad thing against Obliteration crew and Envy. Bandits are better, because they may take Fast. You can't get two rams for Crit. Strike being an Enforcer and you need masks for Leap. E.g. Rocket boots have built-in masks. Demise can be ignored etc. IMHO, he's good and balanced for his Cost, and Outcasts have a big choice of 8ss models. Pride - I think, Crossroads models shouldn't go alone. Pride is a good 6" controlling model, if he manages to pull his bonus action off. But he has to be close to the fray and his other attacks are 8" and 0". You can kill him fast enough, especially with ranged attacks. Outcasts have a lot of similar 6" aura models like Arik, Taelor and Marlena. I'd like to test him more anyway. What do you think about Wrath and Crossroads in general? Or about Barbaros and Nephilims? I was excited about Barbie at first, not sure about him now, especially after he lost Flight. I was thinking about getting some Nephilims in case I decide to take him as a Leader. But I guess it would be more of a fun-play.
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