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  1. Ming

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    This design is quite odd.
  2. Ming

    Obsidian Gate Results

    Thank you, I must have missed it. Who was the most popular character and what consequences were there for the storyline?
  3. Ming

    Obsidian Gate Results

    Thank you. I don't recall reading any Stitch in Time results. Have they been published?
  4. Ming

    January 2018 Errata

    The Storm changes to: "When damaging an enemy model, this model may place all resulting Markers anywhere in 8" of this model and within Line of Sight. Markers placed in this way do not need to be touching each other." Does it mean, that the rest of the card is deleted? The blast damage may be reduced and there's no Coming Storm trigger?
  5. Ming

    Hungering Darkness

    Thank you! We like Malifaux for hints and uncertainty and enjoy solving puzzles. That's why we always doubt characters' words. What would you call Huggy then? A Defiant? A God of some kind? Also it plans to ascend with Brilliance to become what?
  6. There's an active discussion about Hungering Darkness. Officially it isn't a Tyrant, but there are some hints, that it used to be one before getting rid of its power. Some say it used to be Fortune. Is there any real proof in the background that Huggy is an ex-tyrant?
  7. Greetings, Are there any news regarding the results of Stitch in time event?
  8. I have Nythera both in pdf and print, but there's nothing about GG election there. Maybe it was in the files delivered during the worldwide campaign? If you still have those files available, I would be happy to read them.
  9. Greetings, I know, that the new GG was chosen among several candidates, but I can't find the details of that event. Where can I find them? How Marlow was elected and who were the other candidates?
  10. Imagine the following situation. 1. VS hits Dead Doxy with Clockwork Arm. Declares "Pull" trigger. DD declares "Hands off" trigger. 2. After suffering damage DD pushes away, resolving her trigger first. Before resolving Pull trigger, VS makes a bonus Clockwork Seeker attack, right? 3. VS hits and declares "Relocate" trigger. DD declares "Hands off" again and pushes away. Before resolving Relocate, VS shoots her again, right? 4. When DD finally runs out of Masks or doesn't suffer damage (or rather dies), VS finally resolves all accumulated Relocate triggers first and finally resolves the initial Pull trigger (if there's anything left to place). 5. After placing the DD, he can shoot her again for free... see above. Am I right? Or am I missing something? There are many models with such pushing Df triggers. E.g. Ophelia. Also, pull trigger places the enemy regardless of LOS and range from their current location, right?
  11. Ming


    Yes, Horatio Herbert Kitchener. Thank you - he's perfect for this niche
  12. Ming


    The latest Chronicles revealed that the first General-Governer, now Burning Man, was called Kitchener. Did Wyrd mean none other than Horatio Kitchener? Cause it actually explains a lor of his actions in Malifaux.
  13. Did the Effigies turn into Emissaries or are they still separate beings?