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  1. Just to be sure. Is The Damned the same creature from Jedza's (and Taelor's) story? I judge by the antlers and Tyrant-relation.
  2. I usually hired all the named DUA characters, since they are very good, a spectre with Hidden Agenda and an upgraded effigy. I believe I also tried hiring an operative. Overall it’s a good keyword which doesn’t need OOK models due to Ungentlemanly Affairs.
  3. Where can I find this story? never mind, found it. However, it was Ngaatoro, not Ivan speaking with Janus.
  4. Any harmful enemy aura they activate in. E.g. Life Leech.
  5. That's an interesting thought. But as mentioned above, you can't turn into cheaper minions.
  6. Will the pdf of Explorer's book be available before February?
  7. Well, Zoraida not being a Gremlin was the whole reason to rename Gremlins faction into Bayou) Bokkors, Sami Lacroix and other Bayou magic is represented in Wizzbang. If there's to be another Voodoo master, it'd be a Gatreaux family member. The clanhead has already been mentioned and showed in the chronicles. But since they are Kythera-worshippers, I suspect it'd rather be a Bayou-Ressurectionist dual master (yup, double-green ) Gluttony is indeed the faction's sin and even its symbol are pig and moonshine. There's a chef with a rosted pig model in Big Hat, whose name I don't remember at the moment. I think there may be a future Bayou-Explorer master, although I doubt they will be a gremlin.
  8. Initially Three Kingdoms are supposed to be China, Japan and Vietnam. The latter is supposed to be the Southern Kingdom. Surely, some smaller countries and regions like the Korean peninsula, were incorporated in the alliance as parts of the big three. Initially in 1st edition it was written that the countries united in Three Kingdoms period and China never split again. (And this version was like the weirdest fantasy fiction for me as a cinologist and orieantalist ). In the current version I believe the Kingdoms united during the Powder Wars, which is a bit better. Some names are indeed sound weird like a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and bad translation :) Vietnam is interesting, since at this time period it was part of French Indochina, not an independent country. China went through this universe's version of the Boxer Rebellion against the Guild. It's funny that Japan was one of the enemy countries of China in this conflict. As I have already mentioned, Chinese-Japanese alliance is the most fantastic part of Malifaux for me :) I'm not sure what's the fate of Japan after the Emerald Gates. Anyway it's still occupied by the Guild.
  9. Thank you, as far as I see, there was no final word from Wyrd, wasn't it?
  10. Could you please clarify on what day will pdf version of Explorers book become available?
  11. When an enemy cheats, Scamper let’s you push after resolving the current ability or action. if I attack a model with Scamper and Terrifying and cheat the Horror duel, will it push immediately after resolving the Terrifying ability or only after resolving the current attack action?
  12. Yes, that's why we have muggle Drache Trooper wearing protection, but not the flying fire mage. Could you please show me what real-life fire mages wear for protection? Yet again, you can consider any sculpt sexualized or not. If you check what was culturally appropriate to look like in the real-life Victorian-Edwardian era, you will know, that even some of the most fully-clad Malifaux models would be considered inappropriate. There probably wouldn't be any female characters in the game at all. A female government official? A female guardsman? Scandalous! It's a fantasy game where women of early 20th century actually have equal rights. And on the other part some real-life laws regarding equalization were postponed. E.g. the law that Guild bribed Toni with to get Ramos was issued decades earlier in real life USA. If anyone is so sexually unsatisfied or obsessed that they may be dangerously aroused by an antropomorphic chess piece (which will often won't even look that good due to bad sculpting, assembling or painting) and try sexually harass other people in public - take them to the doctor, they need to check. However also check the model - maybe it is a real masterpiece of sculpting and painting and the authors deserve your applauds.
  13. Molly - Harley Quinn rip-off who was killed and sexualy abused by Joker the Ripper? And whose theme is "Take Back the Night"? And who is finally going full Harley lately in the flavor text? Yeah, totally not sexualized. Kirai - an ex-prostitute, who was ready to use her sexuality to charm Nicodem into teaching her? And who is a cold-blooded vengeance-driven machine? Yeah, totally not sexualized. Kaeris - nothing sexuality-related in her backstory or actions, just wearing a magic harness and a tanktop. She's a fire mage, so I doubt it's that impractical to not wear too much flamable and warm clothes.
  14. Alright, a bit of grown up talk. 1. Stop insulting women by calling them "looking like male fantasies" or anything like this. Women are born with different body types, including those that are condisered sexappealing by mass culture and majority. Yes, it includes women with big natural breast, thin waist and a six-pack. And they are free to wear what they like. If you root for inclusivity, stop excluding and shaming them. Especially since women of different body types are considered appealing and there are professional models of different types. After all, beauty is in the eye etc. Please note, that female artists draw pinup girls of different body types, too. Some of those artists even look like their drawings in real life. And next time you visit a convention, count all the cosplay beauties, who are part of the geek culture, including Malifaux cosplayers. 2. If there is a real harassment problem in any community, it has nothing to do with pieces of plastic or metal. It has to do with people. Just kick harassers out, if they don't get it, and blacklist them. Problem is solved. In our Malifaux community we have underage players, female players and married couple players. Our female players have no problem playing Viks, Pandora or Colette, even if they have different body type. Some of them jokingly identify themselves with the characters and look the part. E.g one redhead was nicknamed Pandora by her husband, but preferred to be identified with Colette. That's being grown up. 3. If someone doesn't want to play a game just because they don't like the looks of a mere piece of plastic or metal and even insulted by it - don't push them. They are clearly not into the game anyway, it's just an excuse. I may prefer some models over others aestethically, but I don't mind playing with or against models I don't like. I used to not like Plague or Amalgam aesthetic, but I play them, since it's just a game and they are just chess pieces. Yes, some Malifaux motives are not for small children. First of all, there are small parts in the models and the game is quite complex. And second, it's a dark fantasy horror game where everyone is trying to kill each other as savagely as possible. Nuances like Jack the Ripper having an undead harem or an elderly gentleman having a May-December relationship with a teenager can be completely overlooked by players unfamilar with flavor text.
  15. By the way, this is probably the most sexualized female character in Malifaux :
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