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  1. Ming

    Emissary issue

    In M3E Mv is actually the 3rd resistance stat, so low Mv models became quite vulnerable. Emissary now has Mv 4. He gets +1Mv during his activation, but it doesn't increase his resistance. I suggest giving him printed Mv 5 and making his Mv increasing aura affect "other friendly models" only.
  2. Thank you, I've been overlooking Up We Go and Free Loot for delivery!
  3. Does Faction Pack include the faction's general upgrades?
  4. Alas, there was a chance to see Egyptian monsters in TOS, if Marcus won the Homefront campaign. I'd like to see more Egyptian models for him.
  5. I'd like to see the themes mentioned in TTB. 1. Malifauxsaurs! Undead dinosaurs also available to Marcus and Titania. 2. Catalan Corps - we even know their leader's name. 3. Wild Ones - they were promised new rules anyway. 4. Emeline Bellerose, Dufresne etc. - since Carver got his own rules, I think other "count as" models will have as much. 5. Fire undead from the great desert.
  6. I think, that Inhuman Physiology and Combat Finesse only affect the initial opposed duel, not the Horror or Trigger duels. Regarding Barbaros as leader, I suggest taking two shamans that give the entire crew lots of Focused round 1 and later grow into mature ones.
  7. Well, that's strange logic. E.g. if a model has both Terrifying and Combat Finesse, you can't cheat Horror duel when targeting the model with a melee attack?
  8. Some abilities change the rules for specific models. But what happens, when two identical models become opponents? Here are a few examples: Hanged's Forever Doomed: This model treats any Black Jokers it flips or Cheats as Red Jokers. Enemy models treat any Red Jokers that they flip or Cheat in opposed duels with this model as Black Jokers. What happens when two Hanged models flip jokers against each other? Pride's Solo: Until the End Phase, friendly models within range always Cheat Fate after enemy models in opposing duels. Who cheats first, when two Solo auras overlap? There's a precedent in Mourner's Mourn the Dead: Until the Start Phase, Corpse Markers within range are treated as friendly Scheme Markers. If a Corpse Marker counts as a friendly Scheme Marker for both players, it does not count as a friendly Scheme Marker for anyone. Should the "negate each other" principle be used as default?
  9. The current rules aren't 100% obvious. One model may also be Replaced by multiple models. If this happens, each new models must be placed into base contact with the original model. Resolve step 2 individually for each new model, then choose a single model for steps 3 and 4. If this happened during the original model’s Activation, choose one new model to continue the Activation as in step 7 (the other models are not considered to have Activated). What happens, if the original model has already activated? One new model is treated as activated and the others are not?
  10. Maybe it has already been clarified, but do Mimic and similar abilities copy built-in pluses and suits of the copied Action? They are part of the Stat column now, so it seems like the answer is "no".
  11. Ming

    Viks Tactics

    2SS pays off. I'd rather give Servant to Taelor.
  12. Ming

    Viks Tactics

    I usually take them for Turf War. Both Viks take Soldier For Hire upgrade. I usually take Taelor, Vanessa and Emissary. Options are Barbaros, Hans, Prospector, Stalker, Marlena, Ronin (haven't actually tried Ronin yet, although they are good).
  13. That's not my question. Can Cassandra both take her own bonus action and copy another bonus action during her activation? Can you charge with a bonus action and make another bonus action? As far as I understand, your answer is "no"?
  14. The current rule says the following: Bonus Actions (denoted with the F icon) are Actions that do not count against a model’s Action limit. A model can only take one Bonus Action per Activation, unless the Action was generated by a Trigger. There are some abilities that give you free bonus actions. You can charge and use a bonus action attack. E.g. use Guild upgrade, that gives you Run & Gun and bonus action Grenade Attack. Or Cassandra can copy other model's bonus action. Does it count as bonus action limit per activation? My concern comes from Hannah's Adaptive Tactics. It especially says, that she can copy and take bonus actions even after already taking bonus action, meaning Adaptive Tactics.
  15. Yes, that's what I think, too.
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