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  1. Also, Mate is a Henchman. We call him "Lady Justice turned to 11".
  2. She's a good OOK model with obvious synergy with Jack.
  3. I usually give DMD to the Stalker and Regeneration to Mate or Cap depending on the situation.
  4. My usual roster is this: Zipp + Earl First Mate 2 Iron Skeeters Midnight Stalker Emissary Prospector I haven't used Merris yet. but she seems to be a useful model. Wrastler can be situationally good.
  5. What if we give Doc Mitchell By Your Side ability? It will be similar to his M2E ability and allow to heal/assist effectively.
  6. Benny Wolcomb is an oddball, who has the worst of both worlds. He can't utilize blight tokens, so he doesn't bring much to Plague. Plague also doesn't provide enough markers for his rat engine. He doesn't bring much to Bandit either - his Plague abilities become useless and he's more of a melee model with no interesting abilities. He has access to more markers and can turn rats into new enemy scheme markers, but other same costs bandits have more juice. And this guy is a Henchman, who can theoretically be a leader with 2 keywords.
  7. I agree that his healing is tricky to accomplish.
  8. For me, wrastlers are more useful for condition removal.
  9. Regarding Doc Mitchell, why don't we give him Trusty Flask action? It's in-theme.
  10. They already have access to Land Mines with Reposition.
  11. How about giving them more mobility? On the Move ability or Ambush Action? Anyway otherwise scouts are good, especially with Pursue. Just missing that sniping.
  12. Yes, I totally get this. But Riflemen can use Sniper with grenades, too.
  13. I'd like Freikorps Scout to get Sniper back.
  14. You insinuate, that the contract in question has a typo?
  15. Regarding Bishop's 0" range Attack. Toni's Brass Knuckles have 1". If we just could rename B's Staggering Punch back to Chained Fist to increase the range...
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