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  1. Yes, you can take Bandido for 5 SS and they are better. Prospector is a good choice for 6 SS. Pride is only 7 SS.
  2. Yes, but you can hire Bandidos, who have At Gunpoint, too. And most of your Crew will have Life of Crime. Finally you can hire Student of Conflict with Covetous Cravings. Anyway, Dead Outlaws are much better in Jack's Crew.
  3. I think they are of no use in Parker's crew. Maybe you could use Covetous Cravings occasionally, but there are many better options in Parker's crew.
  4. Ming

    Gunfighter issues

    Actually, Run & Gun gives you this ability.
  5. Ming


    Do you get only one pass token per turn using Leverage or does every model with this ability provide one token?
  6. Ming

    Gunfighter issues

    Gunfighter: This model may treat any of its z Actions as having a range of y1". So technically it's still a projectile action with a close combat range. M2E had attack types like Sh, if new mechanics contradict the established game logic, it should be pointed out. If such change is intentional, please add "instead" into the description.
  7. Ming

    Gunfighter issues

    If I use a projectile attack as a close combat attack with Gunfighter, does it still count as a projectile attack for e.g. Bulletproof and Tara's defensive trigger?
  8. Ming

    Jack Daw

    Thank you. Never thought about not being able to relent - are you sure about it?
  9. Ming

    Jack Daw

    Just to be sure. If I use Dead Outlaw and count my own Guilty as an enemy model, do I steel need enemy markers for Drop It and At Gunpoint?
  10. 1. It doesn't automatically unbury. It needs either a Fast model or another unburying effect. 2. Yes, you can bury any number of models simultaneously. 3. Yes, they can make actions after being placed.
  11. Ming

    Jack Daw

    Thank you for advice. Didn't manage to read it before the battle though. Wanted to test the Crew, made some mistakes and found out some abilities midgame.
  12. Ming

    Jack Daw

    Surely as an Outcast) I will be playing against a Neverborn. Here's the encounter: Wedge Deployment Reckoning • Harness the Ley Line (3) • Search the ruins (4) • Hold Up their Forces (6) • Outflank (9) • Deliver a message (11) • Vendetta (13)
  13. Von Schill still can be a 2nd master with anyone but Hamelin. You just need to make a minion-based roster. Viks should be main or they would be too expensive. Tara should be Leader for reactivation and extra summon. Hamelin and Parker can be 2nd masters. You can combine them through Benny. Parker himself brings resource-farming abilities and scheme marker drops. Hamelin has Lure, Blight and rat summon abilities, esp. good for Reckoning. Jack seems to be a good 2nd master, esp. for Tara due to his Wp-lowering aura. Wasn't looking heavily into Eleazar and Zipp yet. I guess they should be good with construct-based Freikorps.
  14. Ming

    Jack Daw

    I'm going to play new Jack for the first time today. Any tips for roster and gameplan?
  15. It's moderate instead.
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