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  1. I wish he had more defensive abilities, but nevertheless.
  2. For this you will need an extra Focused to increase the range and a Tome card for bonus action. And you only have two actions. Bishop gets Tomes for free and also gets Fast for free. So he gains more tokens when you need it.
  3. Thanks for the post, just a few mistakes I spotted for now: 1. Tara is Undead. No Soldier for Hire for her. 2. Glimpse the Void is a TN 14 Wp duel.
  4. Ivan could be a very cool model. Versatile Arcanist with Foundry keyword, I guess.
  5. If you make the opponent do something to avoid the ability, it's already working.
  6. If you need Analyze Weakness, you can always hire the Obedient Wretch.
  7. Summoned Nightmares have an Unbury effect on the summon upgrade: As the core rules say: A Buried model can only be returned to the table via an Unbury effect. When Unburying a model, the controller of the Unbury effect places the model back on the table as described by the effect. If the model cannot be Placed, the owner of the model instead places it anywhere inside their Deployment Zone. - Surely, if the unburying model just cannot fit next to the failed model, it will be placed inside DZ. But if the model that failed Wp is dead (or buried) after resolving the current Action? Will the nightmare be unburied in DZ? Or will it cancel the unbury effect since there's no model to be placed next to? There's "may" in the wording, so technically the unbury isn't mandatory and can be canceled.
  8. Move or Burn Action for starters. Terrain destruction etc. As you mentioned, he's Mv 4, so it won't be that simple to engage him. You have Emissary, Schill and Librarian for pushes just to get him out of engagement. And there's plenty of I've got your back. By the way, Student has it, too.
  9. There's a bowknot on the picture and no bowknot on the totem's sculpt!
  10. I disagree regarding these models. 1. Lazarus is a beast now. Shockwave ignore LOS, Terrifying, triggers etc. Plus they can destroy scheme markers on the trigger. Add his Unyielding and Assimilate abilities with access to Fast. I used to think that Laz is a weak model, too. But I've changed my mind completely. Yes, you won't take it all the time, but in the right matchup he's an autochoice. Although, he is very good in Amalgam crew as well as in Freikorps. 2. She's a good schemerunner and denier. 3. The guy who can easily have six shots with built-in + per activation for a start? Plus his Df trigger, Chain Gang etc? And he's also a minion for Upgrades and Equipment? Some take both Convicts in a Crew. There's a big rivalry in 8ss slot in Bandits, for sure, but these guys are good. 4. There's a lot of mobility enhancement in our Faction, so low Mv isn't such a problem. You can easily get out of engagement even on your own with Reposition. And engagement doesn't prevent you from using your main abilities and actions the Drachen is usually hired for.
  11. Actually, Parker can easily get out of engagement using Reposition trigger on his Attack.
  12. Ming

    Zipp in OC

    Sure, they are very good, you just need to utilize them in different ways.
  13. Ming

    Zipp in OC

    There's no point in taking a Prospector solely for SS generation - they cost 6 and will generate 1 SS per turn. If we are lucky, there will be enemy markers for gaining SS via Interact. And often you need the stones right now, not in a few turns.
  14. When were Gremlins as separate faction added to the game?
  15. Actually, they can be Sandeep-related.
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