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  1. Just to be sure. If I remove several enemy markers with one Interact action, I will still only receive one stone via TWFAHP ability, won't I?
  2. Imagine you target a model and the opponent uses Protected or Take the Hit. While attacking the new target, you declare Onslaught trigger, which makes you attack the same target. Which model would you target with the new attack? The initial target or the model that you hit after Protected/Take the Hit was used? What if you can't target the later model due to targeting restrictions?
  3. @Kyle Is there any limit on testers? I haven't received invitation and anticipation is killing me
  4. Do you receive it via email or other way?
  5. Have you received any answer regarding the playtest?
  6. Seems like Chronicle (X) will be a versatile Seeker keyword ability. Maybe one for every element.
  7. Looks like Condor Rails join the battle as part of the Syndicate. I wonder whether Seeker is a Tyrant-related keyword. Maybe Witness?
  8. Anyway, it's not a released version, it's subject to change.
  9. Lenny's bonus action gives you a variable effect based on a flipped card. There's no indication that the flip can't be cheated. Am I right, that you can cheat the flip and change the effect? One of the effects allows you to draw the flipped card - will you draw the initial flipped card or the cheated one? Are these "effects" counted as triggers?
  10. Do you really need a prospector and 9 cache? Substitute the prospector with something else.
  11. Activation control is already good on its own. Plus you get the condition at the start phase, so Tormented can hit you before your activation(s). Additionaly Monty has extra tricks that prevent you from ending Staggered and damage you for activating with it.
  12. Actually, there is a card draw engine with Librarians, Hannah and Engineers.
  13. Don't forget Barbaros - he's our new versatile tanky beater.
  14. Well, keyword feature allows to introduce Explorer only models with second keywords for other factions. We already have T-rex and these spiders confirmed. Even some other announced models from Apex boxes can be dual keyword.
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