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  1. I think you can't relent as long as you treat them as enemies.
  2. The crews are quite different and so are their gameplays. If you like Sue, you can buy Parker starter. He's an overall good master, mostly scheme-oriented, but the Crew can also be quite deadly and hardy in combat. If you like Viks, you can still buy M2E models, while they are available. They are a more specialized close-combat Crew and need some practice and support models. Taelor is a very useful model even out of the keyword. You probably have some Freikorps models, so you can try Schill. He's quite interesting now. Not sure what his new starter will look like, but he has all the same models as in M2E. With equipment upgrades you can customise the crew midgame to meet any challenges.
  3. Yes, Prospector is always a good choice. You can also stack him with the Student to give Fast with Covetous Cravings. He's especially good in Parker crew.
  4. Ming


    He has a cyber leg and arm, like Von Schill or Alyce. They are living constructs now. Neither was a construct in M2E. Even Arik and Lovelace sisters are Living Constructs now due to exosuits.
  5. Ming

    Hurl Corpse

    Hurl Corpse 8" 6 Df - Choose a Corpse Marker within 2" and place it in base contact with the target.Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. MOurs:After resolving, enemy models within p2 of the placed Marker must pass a TN 13 Wp duel or gain Stunned. The Ours triggers implies that I replace the corpse marker even if the Attack fails. Is that correct?
  6. Ming

    Spite (Nekima)

    Df/Wp (c) Spite: Enemy only. After resolving, if the Attacking model Cheated Fate, draw a card. Does this trigger includes cheating damage flip or Attack only?
  7. Ming


    He doesn't leave corpse/scrap marker, if he uses Demise.
  8. Ming


    Why isn't Eleazar a Living Construct like Alice or Scavengers? He has a lot of cyberlimbs.
  9. Stalker is a good model by default. First of all, he's a good scheme runner. Also he can buff your bandits with Adversary.
  10. Ming

    Big Jake

    Must have used an older version. Thank you.
  11. Ming

    Big Jake

    The last update says summoned models can't Interact in the Turn they were summoned. This makes Big Jake even less useful. Should he be able to Interact, when summoned, like he used to? Also, Wp4, really?
  12. Yes, you can take Bandido for 5 SS and they are better. Prospector is a good choice for 6 SS. Pride is only 7 SS.
  13. Yes, but you can hire Bandidos, who have At Gunpoint, too. And most of your Crew will have Life of Crime. Finally you can hire Student of Conflict with Covetous Cravings. Anyway, Dead Outlaws are much better in Jack's Crew.
  14. I think they are of no use in Parker's crew. Maybe you could use Covetous Cravings occasionally, but there are many better options in Parker's crew.
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