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  1. Yes. "What was that, you named Model A for Claim Jump? How about no."
  2. Crossing severe isn't that bad for Frontier (or at all), but for Augmented, for example, its a different story. The 2" Push from Transfer power becomes 1" and that makes a huge difference. Say there was a 3" river that the crew needed to cross. A Watcher could fly right over with no issue. Virtually everything would use its Transfer Power Push and 1 Walk Action to get over to the other side and still be in the sever terrain (1" for the Push, 2.5" for the Walk at Mv 5, and with a 30mm base that leaves the back half of the base still hanging over the terrain). If something is Impassable then they have to walk round. This eats AP in a way that other factions just don't necessarily have to worry about. On open terrain, Guild can definitely shift, but it does feel like terrain plays a major part in whether they can get to where they need to go.
  3. Six books by Frank Herbert, then countless spin-offs by his son and Kevin J. Anderson. And Tremors should be mandatory viewing for everyone!
  4. They don't get to ignore the Witchlings for Friendly Fire, or benefit from Adversary from the Queller (lol!) either. That's why I said limited. There's not a lot, so really they slot in nicely. They're great.
  5. My biggest issue with the Guardian is its Mv, but other than that its great. Scatter and the Electroshock Trigger on the sword can really screw with people. And min 3 damage is always nice. Its just getting it into position thats the issue.
  6. Love the Mages. Sorry Quellers, but you really should have got your act together years ago! The Gunners offer good utility, but are only stat 4. I can see the logic - 18ss for three gatling guns that bunker each other is probably way too good, but that stat 4 probably isn't hitting much of importance often enough to get what you need out of them? But maybe thats just me and my unenviable ability to flip low 99% of the time. But yeah, the Mages are great. Not Witch Hunter so the limited Witch Hunter synergy doesn't apply, but still lots of fire and an actually usable Scheme marker drop. I'll take 3!
  7. Both are true. Guild doesn't have that many great models (but do have many good ones), so there's an over-reliance on the ones that exist from a lot of people, and the faction can be surprisingly quick. But it does lack defensive tech, and the movement that it has is primarily pushes, with very little Unimpeded outside of Frontier, so severe terrain slows things down dramatically. Couple that with generally middle-of-the-road stat lines and poor card draw, you've got a glass cannon-esque faction with decent killing power, but poor scheming and inconsistent results.
  8. Take the Guild Steward for Condition removal, but that's usually a good idea with Sonnia anyway! Selective use of the Thralls heal ability helps too, pulling the Burning off the models you want to keep alive (or off Reva's crew) but keeping them alive can be tricky. The new Sonnia will be better as she can pull Burning for positives, but yeah, on the whole Reva is going to be a tough matchup at the best of times. Remembering Sonnia's range reduction when someone is on fire is always nice too. I never do...
  9. I really like this Asami. My brain probably couldn't handle the summoning and then managing flicker tokens, but this one looks like it will allow best use of Flicker from the models you hire, with added movement nonsense. And the tentacles on the back of the head are just a bonus!
  10. My mistake, it was 1.3.10 - I'll update and check! It was 1.3.11 on my phone, not my tablet! EDIT: Everything has now appeared - I'll have to play a game to make sure it works properly! Cheers!
  11. Last night I created a game, generated the match code, and my opponent joined the game. When they saved the game and backed out, the game vanished. I did the same and my game vanished too. I created a new game and the same thing happened. I created the game a third time, and this time we both remained in the and were able to use it while playing. Until turn 3 when I accidentally exited the app and lost the game again. All of my games were also missing, both Completed and Setups, except, weirdly, for one game from 8th Jan 2020. This also happened to a friend who lost all his games. This was on Android 11, with app version 1.3.11.
  12. To be fair, the Core box doesn't get released until next month (barring delays, obviously). I'd be more surprised if Nexus had appeared!
  13. I also get this error. It started after joining a game with Chris. I blame him!
  14. Crockett is one of the reasons I advocate for Guild Hounds to be Versatile. Cheap Beasts that can get extra attacks because of Crockett (and aren't Insignificant, unlike Trained Raptors) and so can still be useful even if you can't get the shots to line up. But there is no way they're worth 4 SS. Neither of Basse's Faction help too much with his lack of card draw, so Guild Hounds would be a nice way of adding extra pressure on the opponent.
  15. I think Basse would love a cheap non-Insignificant Beast too. It would certainly give Crockett a better place in the crew.
  16. Good point. I even checked that before writing and somehow completely missed the end of the sentence!
  17. Her crews mobility has never been too awful. creep along on Sam, Handlers Mv buff for Witchlings, Drawn to Pain on the Witchlings (which new Sonnia can potentially let them attack off now too!), and the Purifying Flame was always quick. It was Spellcasters, Quellers, and Sonnia herself that were the problem!
  18. I love this new, I'm-so-angry-I'm-just-going-to-burn-everything Sonnia. My question though: Does it make Quellers better? Sonnia Unmasked will inevitably end up burning her own guys quite often. She will want the positive flips. Does it also make the Quellers reduce-Burning-for-a-Scheme-Marker more effective if you're fuelling it with Burning on your own guys rather than taking it off enemies?
  19. To be fair, look at the model. The only bit that's still human is the head!
  20. Yep. Reichart can only trigger it if he is targeting a Frontier model with Stoic Nod, then he heals himself and staggers those around the target. Fun times!
  21. Basse was good, but you could often leave Reichart out and take an extra rough Rider/Austringer/Pathfinder and be better off. Now he's massively boosted his murder potential. Bring It to drag a model into range, then two Claw attacks and, cards permitting, a lot of things gonna die.
  22. Reichart got buffed. That's all I care about.
  23. It certainly won't hurt, they're both great models. Just remember that the Guild Steward was once the Governor's Proxy so there's an off-chance you may already have him (probably not because he really wasn't worth it in M2E but you never know...)
  24. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/henchman/81359-melissa-k-o-r-e
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