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  1. Hello guys, although our characters are not famous like The Joker, i really like the idea that new masters version will be available; especially if it is will be done properly, will be an advantage for everyone: to us, a minor expense compared to an entire crew; to those who do the tests, a better balance in game and a faster working speed. Now, guessing, i was wondering if during "Choose Faction and Leader" phase, will be enough declaring only the name of master, or the name-type of master?? Thinking well about this, declaring only name of master and not type, it could be interesting if we were face "the nemesis" of our master, and the new version of our master has different weaknesses than the original.. (i.e. master w/armor - master that ignores armor) i don't know if i explained myself well. Anyway, imo, i believe and hope that a good compromise, it could be if the price of new versions of masters, if it were like single other miniature: 11 euros/dollars - 15 euro/dollars. I had already discussed it in closed beta, and i don't know if you've discussed it yet; so, what do you think? Opinions? Thank you.
  2. Take what i say with a grain of salt, but i imagine in addition to already very good ability at disposal of the crew, with fgf you can trigger pounce or antipathy
  3. if you try to make a quick comparison with other henchman of the other factions (even with small cost than mctavish) you will notice that he could be improved maybe a little. wp 5 df 5, no armor, no shielded, no ruthless, no juggernout; for 9 points, i think give him something more, it wouldn't make him too strong. even just increase to 6 his df and wp.. or maybe reduce his cost..
  4. Why should be without range? You can choose whether to remove a corpse marker for take an action (this is the cost) thus ignoring italicized costs of the action you will choose Edit. Ah ok as you mean could be more correct, maybe they look this things when cards are released
  5. Mc Tavish, please.. for 9 ss he needs something for improve his survival.
  6. Perhaps (i imagine) he was reffering to entire ironside crew, since all m&su models have unionized. I also agree with him; in our group we found the same problem: a + both on df and also wp at the cost to maintain a model at 3" of another it seems too much. just my opinion, but it seems strange that many players felt the coryphee duet was too strong and they were nerfed 3/4 times, while there is a similar problem.
  7. Is there "Sergio" in perdita's crew??
  8. Can i ask you how?
  9. ehi guys, just an info, i've never try her directly, but what do you think about m3e lady justice? i've been following several games with her, yes, she hits hard.. I our group we feel that she is far behind compared to other similar master. for example Nekima or Ironside. It's just our impression, but what do you think?
  10. In marshal core box, the one on the right should be new lady justice??
  11. @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie thanks for the advices, i really appreciate this. unfortunately it happened to me that often facing crew with many models that can attack well from distance, Ikiryo did not have time to reach her target. Had you've this problem sometimes? here we are also used to playing with a lot of terrain, so let's say that places to hide her were no lacking. anyway i want to try again, maybe focusing more directly on the opposing master, what i did not do.
  12. Thank you Jamie, i'm glad that you shares my thoughts in part! i hope that your feedback can be taken in consideration! Are you the player that Saduhem talked about? Do you mean that you don't use her ap for things like walk but only to attack opposing model? Or do you mean that you make sure the opponent waste his actions on her, while you summoning a new model? I tried to do this, but i had this problems: If the attacker was a model with flurry ikiryo always dies. same thing if the attacking model applied condition like burning or poison. (but when conditions are resolved) same thing if the model was a min 3 damage or even more with some trick. Often from second turn this means to benefit the opponent in almost every strategies. even in m2e it was so, but incorporeal it was indeed more efficient, also ikiryo had a very reduced cost compared to now (just one card). According to all you was excessing? then relatively i go to out-activate my opponent, also Ikiryo grants a pass token to my opponent, and i think this is a limit. Moreover (and i understood perfectly that all you do not agree with me, but are just my two cents) i struggle a lot with Ikirio (my best summonable model and beater) to kill something different from little minion with a 2/3/4 tack of damage also if are irreducible, unless i have masks on my hand to repeat the action. it would be wrong give her something that after a charge model that come target of the attack action takes adversary? it's just thought eh..and excuse me if i spend a lot of time answering but i find it hard to translate quickly.
  13. i don't remember if it was here in open beta or closed beta forum. but if you feel like it, my request is always open
  14. Yesterday, i did have not time to answer you, so i do it now. Yes i read very well what you wrote, certainly you've tried them a lot in c.b. and for sure they have no changed since that time, and i believe it, i'm the only one who's trying to understand urami's problems. While they have not changed since cb, other crew have changed and even a lot. In fact if you look well in battlereport section, you will notice in the few related to urami (max 2 or 3) that they always lost. So maybe a problem exist? I do not know the most famous player in the world, but i honestly do not understand why "notoriety" make my assumptions questionable. Does he won the tournament, or does he classified well? Anyhow, best player (if that's what you wanted to write) it's not the rule it's the exception… Do you believe me if i tell you that i also asked in forum tips on how to use Urami? Since everyone said they were solid? How many answer i received? none. The thruth is that it does not really matter where the urami are and maybe it does not even matter to developers. At a distance of one week to final update i have done my best to discuss it. i asked you to try them just for comparison not for "presumption" or otherwise. And said this, "bitterly" and very sorry for one of my favorite crew ever, i close the discussion here. Apparently we can not do anything else.
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