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  1. @Nagi21 Obey was no nerfed, they only change the strategy... note: also Amina exploited obey.. an no.. i'm not purely an arcanists player. 😉 However in this post we are talking everyone (me too) for nothing because: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/149189-adepticon-details/?tab=comments#comment-1208189 as i know they, they have alredy fixed several things, for sure!
  2. although the arcanists are definitely a tier faction, I don't think these two pieces are to be nerfed. like no other pieces of other factions, for the moment. this edition of the game is still too young: there are masters that still lack parts of their keywords. a separate discussion should be made for all-stars lists, but it is not necessary that the pieces have to be nerfed, maybe they could only change the costs or the hiring rules. instead we could talk about masters that should be enhanced, or simplified in use: that could be more useful.
  3. I will not comment the artwork, not to attract admins here as last time.. I just say: WOW!! For me they will be double faction: E.s./Ress. 🤔
  4. Really!? 😮 Yet, traits of drawing looks very different from (for example) M3e Viktorias or Colette or Lady J... (for me, at least) P.s. and anyway it's not true! 😁 I love all characters of this game! I became poor with malifaux, in a short time i will leave my house to the miniatures 😁
  5. Finally "a return" to the old Malifaux! I love the style of this designer! I'm almost sure he is the same of new Mcm and Levi!!
  6. Ah you're right! I completely forget about post-black friday amount of work! I hope they have also good news about new special orders, my brand new lucius needs his agent 46! 😎
  7. When will we know if we have been accepted or not?
  8. I think that @Morgan Vening had a good idea, for example in my meta, some people started playing again, "feeling reassured" by the fact, that they could use their only masters that they had (dmh in fact) it must be said that even the shopkeepers / henchman do their "interest", i think nobody wants to lose a customer, so when he organizes a tournament (if that player only has dmh, he will use dmh! it seems obvious to me..) These rules, do not have to be inevitably home rules, they could be also official rules.. i would also add that: "dmh masters, should be used only with keywords and ver
  9. Will there be the possibility of seeing a photo of the miniatures before web sales period maybe? Amazing job guys!! i like them very much!!!
  10. Mei feng is one of those masters that i've never tried and i've never faced.. i dont really know her, but i'm very curious about, but i still have to assembly her crew; Could i ask you for more clarification about her trigger times? Is it correct to say that: it's because push of 2" granted by Jack.K trigger it is not considered an action, but a move, so the part of "costant motion" that says: "(but before resolving any additional actions granted by that trigger) happen after? is it right? Hypotetically she can doing 6 attacks on same model with luck...? excuse me but here there
  11. I'm not saying that they are terrible; aesthetically i like them very much. The only thing: i think they are situational for deal some specifical masters.. for example those who put a lot of terrain markers in game, or vs master like wong that takes advantage via blasts ( very dangerous for jack) i also really like their ranged attack. I tested them only once, they seemed fragile compared to other choices for the crew. I must admit however, that i dind't try them with GST upgrade... @Morgan Vening i never thought about this combination, it seems really really funny! you give us a really
  12. I don't like much crooked man, you can consider jaakuna. Jack is a real monster in this edition, if you position Jack well you do not need that upgrade on him, better on guiltys imo.. so, a part ligeia you can have an entire terrifying crew.
  13. Great Job guys!! Best malifaux edition ever! 😍😍 Edit. Does anyone notice any changes compared open beta maybe?
  14. The three mothers: mother sospiriorum, mother tenebrarum and mother lacrimarum: alias Zoraida Titania and Pandora 😁😁😁😁🤔 A special mention to Lucius, very fun and very effective imo
  15. Amazing crew, they are very similar to m2e version, maybe it's because i deeply love style of second edition, we needed a return to our origins and this is really aprecciated! Now i'm seriously consider to preorder it, even if i already have it! 🤐 Great work guys!
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