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  1. A great dev at that too.
  2. Stolen from the Gencon live stream today.
  3. All my local henchmen have all but quit I have done my best to drive games since M3E started and was just getting the ball moving again then things got locked down. The scene really needs tournaments to drive a local scene. Guess I might just have to do it myself. It seems like my local store gets the odd thing and my online crack dealer seems to get things but usually well after release. The Canadian malifaux scene really needs a bump to get moving again.
  4. Don't quote me but I believe it could be in multiple in the past.
  5. I find the wording on "Don't Mind Me" awkward.
  6. Yup basically one of the reasons I have to shop online. Trying to rebuild the local player base these days.
  7. Seems like all of Canada is getting the shaft. Have been for ages. Unfortunately it seems like I am the only local one pushing to resurrect the game locally Hence why I have been buying from my online plastic crack dealer. It does seem like another large online retailer is getting stock but these two are about it. Once the world is healthy enough to game together again I hope to do a big push to get more people playing locally.
  8. Whats wrong with those that sell out of their garage? My online plastic crack dealer likely sells more Malifaux than anyone local to me and also supports the game via Twitch (likely more than almost anyone else too).
  9. Sleeving is always the best option if you want to use markers.
  10. My 14yr old daughter had a ton of fun with this project. A big thanks to Wyrd for putting the picture out to colour. It came at a great time for her as school was just cancelled for the year and she needed sometime to take her mind of the craziness of everything out there. She really enjoyed the picture and is hoping you will release some more for people to colour
  11. I just noticed your post. Hope all is well and you are back on the mend. Stay safe out there.
  12. I am not sure what you mean. All the new cards are linked in the post as well as a new rule book.
  13. New rules are great. I love how you did the summary sheet with all the changes! On another note those of us that have incomplete factions from M2E are likely like me and having a tough time filling in keyword holes. I have noticed the upcoming page on the website has changed removing a lot of the upcoming boxes. It makes it really tough for people to plan if they should get the new boxes with combined models or if they should hunt down M2E boxes so they don't end up with duplicates. If we could get a sort of list of combined boxes that would be great (even if it is just for models that aren't getting new sculpts).
  14. Big fan of the Breachside Broadcast. Reminds me I need to catch up on it again.
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