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  1. I need to remind myself to actually sign up
  2. There was indeed some awesome models this time around. Personally I just use it as a push to paint as I tend to not do a lot of it. Always fun to get inspiration from all the great painters out there.
  3. Is it just me or is there no way to comment on the pictures in the gallery?
  4. @Caedrus Holy cow and I thought I was bad... though I do have about half that lol
  5. Well another season where a Wyrd painting competition reminds me how much I love their products. With such a down year and no games, I lost most motivation to work on anything. This competition brought be back to one of my one of my favorite old crews in my collections as well some some great new wyrdscape products.
  6. Wow this was a tough one to vote on. So many good entries.
  7. Submitted one of my favorite Wyrd models
  8. A great dev at that too.
  9. Stolen from the Gencon live stream today.
  10. All my local henchmen have all but quit I have done my best to drive games since M3E started and was just getting the ball moving again then things got locked down. The scene really needs tournaments to drive a local scene. Guess I might just have to do it myself. It seems like my local store gets the odd thing and my online crack dealer seems to get things but usually well after release. The Canadian malifaux scene really needs a bump to get moving again.
  11. Don't quote me but I believe it could be in multiple in the past.
  12. I find the wording on "Don't Mind Me" awkward.
  13. Yup basically one of the reasons I have to shop online. Trying to rebuild the local player base these days.
  14. Seems like all of Canada is getting the shaft. Have been for ages. Unfortunately it seems like I am the only local one pushing to resurrect the game locally Hence why I have been buying from my online plastic crack dealer. It does seem like another large online retailer is getting stock but these two are about it. Once the world is healthy enough to game together again I hope to do a big push to get more people playing locally.
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