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  1. When I looked it seemed like they didn't have all the faction sets. Same thing with my other plastic crack dealer. He didn't get everything that he preordered. So a definite fail by the distributor yet again.
  2. I am going to go with blame customs for delaying my plastic crack habit.
  3. I now picture Smaug laying on a pile of M3E goodies. So no chance caught in customs or some other silly reason? I can only imagine the headaches distributors have caused you with this release.
  4. Anyone know whats up with Canadian distributors and not having M3E stuff yet? My regular plastic crack dealer has said multiple distributors still don't have anything. Either they where the only ones not in the world to not order anything or they are not telling the whole story. Time to fire up the printer I guess. Big thanks to Wyrd for making all the cards available already.
  5. Aaaaaaannd now I know what I am spending my store credit from the iron painter on. More plastic crack sir? why yes please serve me up. Ohh I just noticed! Now my Dwead Pwite Robinson will have a family!
  6. I would also check the list wyrd posted a while back, you would see they have said what boxes are changing or getting new sculpts (no specifics though). For example we know Perditas new box has no new models but now includes cute ole granny rather than her be in a second box (from the release listings). So we know there is a lot of amalgamation of current sculpt boxes. As for the rest of the releases I wouldn't be surprised if any are delayed. We have all seen what the political climate is with anything Chinese manufactured these days. I am thinking that it is causing some premature greying for a lot at wyrd. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2018/12/12/waldos-weekly-i-am-the-keyword-master
  7. Man I always rated Wyrd as a C maybe C+ company 🤷‍♂️ I give Nathan a D- though 😛(just kidding he has always been a straight shooter and I like it) Kimberly gets an A+ for great customer service and the design teams gets an F for not making 19 versions of Sonnia for me to buy...
  8. I don't think you should blame whyrd for you lack of knowledge on a very popular file sharing site. You are easily able to navigate the factions and the cards are well organized within their folders. Since you are on an ipad though who knows what could be up as Apple seeme to refuse to do things like everyone else does. That said you are the only person I have heard of that has had to download the whole thing just to view cards. As to the box releases well no one knows what is in them because they haven't openly released that info, nor when they would come out. You may have found it otherwise so I am not sure why you are coming here in a huff asking where your plastic toys are. PS if you had done some actual digging you would have seen that both the crew boxes in question have been leaked from Gencon and other convention pictures. You would be able to put 2 and 2 together to see what comes in each box.
  9. *Twiddling fingers* A fine addition to my collection.
  10. So lets just lay all the cards on the table. You created an account yesterday. You are a game designer. You read new rules made by a competitor. You didn't think they where an improvement yet provided no examples of how said models where cuddled (if that can even be a thing when EVERYTHING got new rules). You said you are disappointed by what you have read but not anything about playing the new game. You then came to said competitors forums to throw shade. Not sure what type of reply you are looking for but most of them are going to be negative by the people who have actually played the new edition.
  11. chihuahua Warmahordes whole grimpkin line has been said to be a complete wyrd ripoff. There are other companies that are starting to use the software wyrd must use for their mold designs as I have seen some with the same sprew tree design. I don't look at anything on models as unnecessary. If that is what the designer envisioned then that is how it is made. Who am I to tell someone who designs in said world what is necessary or not. Maybe they where given a story to go with the art work that defines how it is made (as is often the case on lots of wyrd minis). Styles and trends change, maybe pauldrons have become all the rage on earth side of the breach so now everyone wears them. Or maybe around that time Malifaux became a much more dangerous place so people started carrying more supplies on them. Maybe the new artist likes to have more trinkets for people to carry Again necessary is a very subjective thing, if you don't like it because it doesn't fit your vision then that's fine, again it is your view. Newer models have definitely moved to a less finicky and assembly nightmare than a lot of old models. The yields have likely increased as well as a result. The new models have had less cry's of damn Yan lo's beard and 6 piece zombie chihuahua's. Some sacrifices in thin parts likely had to be made to cover the skill level of all people. To me malifaux still stands apart from anyone out there in level of detail as well as storytelling with each model.
  12. Great now I have to walk around looking over my shoulder all the time 😛
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw these cards sooner than later, wyrd is pretty good about listening to people. Give them some time to get their house back in order and see what happens.
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