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  1. Now you can relegate your list building to more than just your throne time!
  2. Derp one of those things I should have got around too. I don't play dirty archanists anyways 😛 I am interested to see what else you have cooking though
  3. Some awesome entries in there for sure!
  4. Since I own tons of old sculpts I usually just start with the model on the card before deployment. Sure it can be confusing for some people due to so many models but it really should be easy to clear up during a game. If someone goes around lying what some off converted model is they should be shun from their local groups anyways.
  5. Finally found something in the size I wanted so I rushed mine out tonight
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. Might want to pin that somewhere though. I thought it would be thematically cool to have a model throw a idol knowing they will die but I can see why you wouldn't want that.
  7. Just looking at the again seemed to work. I made then well offline if that helps you troubleshoot. Either way keep up the great work.
  8. Well it is no much more than retail for either box.
  9. Alley cats are missing the front of their cards and vintage mcmourning is missing the back of his card.
  10. I bought one empire box for a good price and have the option of buying a second. Is such a thing a good idea for the extra models? Would they all be used in a full game? Please inform poor TOS uninformed me.
  11. Google: Malifaux: Imps - Catacomb Prowlers Basically waldo already.
  12. The fact Waldo has an account is horrendously hilarious.
  13. Waldos thoughts on pumpkin spiced lattes?
  14. Might have not been a lot as I bet everyone didn't buy all the faction books so the stories are split up. Not that I am complaining as I think it is a good idea. I am sure as everyone gets them in their hands and finds time to read them (like myself) more will be asked. I really enjoyed the stories and lore updates in the main rule book. They were well thought out and a great update/refresher on the whole Malifaux timeline.
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