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  1. Wow so many good entries. Well done everyone.
  2. If this is the same artist of the last year it is a female, and a very talented artist too. I am sure the digital designers are contracted out as I have seen the odd work from a couple websites so that maybe why some artwork you like and some models you don't. Honestly if I don't like a pose I just change it to one I do. Excited for this new faction though.
  3. Not surprised you have had to go this route with the issues that arose with the release of M3E. I hope it works out great for all parties involved and that it helped Wyrd products to grow even more.
  4. Hmm I only just got mine in the mail (thanks for the 18 day delivery Fedex/Canada Post) I will have to check mine but I don't think it included a base either.
  5. Woot my order finally arrived. 5 minutes after I phoned fedex to find out why it took 19days to get here... then they said they handed it off to Canada Post and it all made sense! Did anyone else who spent exactly $150 not get a waldo? Was it because I used a $10 gift code?
  6. No updates on my fedex shipment for the last week, damn holidays Soon soon it will arrive I and will bask in my plastic crack addictions once again!
  7. A happy Wyrd holiday to you all. May all the nog recharge your batts for a great wyrd new year.
  8. First time I have noticed. I don't think it was ever an issue any other time I used it.
  9. Had a weird bug last night where the attacker/defender icons didn't show correctly across our connection. We each showed as the attacker and the opponent the defender on each device (one android tablet and one apple phone). It should have shown only one of us as the attacker and the other as the defender.
  10. 1. Everyone keeps holding Wyrds feet to the fire for something that is totally Canadian distributors fault. All of them totally dropped the ball ever since release. If stores have zero stock then they are not following up as many stores do. Yet all I hear all over facebook and otherwise is boohooo I can't play as I can't get stuff when in fact there are tons of place to get what you need to play. If you can't find what you need you are not looking hard enough or you only care enough to rant about it but not actually do anything about it. 2. Boo on Acranists 😛 3. Yes they support a lot of malifaux and have great shipping prices.
  11. Still not sure what you are talking about so how about I link you to exactly the ones they have (all but arcanists and ressers) http://www.meeplemart.com/3rd-edition-7494.aspx or you can even order them from https://www.tabletopgamerstore.com/malifaux-miniatures/ So really your accusations of their being no stock in Canada is baseless as you just haven't bothered to look.
  12. Not sure where you are looking but out west tons of places have the packs. Really no excuse either when meeplemart has stock on all of them.
  13. Thanks a ton @Kimberly it was just in time for my Black Friday order
  14. I too was looking forward to this model. Been trying to get my hands on one for ages.
  15. Plenty of manufactures already make markers for you to use. I don't think Wyrd needs to produce every little thing for use to play a game. I won't comment on the rest of your rant other then this really isn't the place for it.
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