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  1. Stonewall78

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    String those people up All joking aside the jokers are what I bet most people will remember from past games. Those moments when all your plans where thrown out the window due to a black joker. It is what even makes the game more strategic when you are flipping plus's, as you are like do I risk flipping another card when I haven't seen the black joker yet.
  2. Stonewall78

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    To be fair there where things that needed a major overhaul like elevated movement and line of site that where just not that intuitive to use. Most of us just ended up not using any elevated terrain which I think lost a lot of cool moments in a lot of games. The core ideas still seem to be the same so it will likely just be a small adjustment for most of us.
  3. Stonewall78

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Looks that way to me, nice change.
  4. Stonewall78

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I actually like the change in charge. If you kill your target in one attack you are not wasting an AP. Looks like now you could just attack another target.
  5. Stonewall78

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    They will just not likely give away the cards for the new models coming out. They had card packs for 2E when it came out after all, this will just be cheaper for those who wish to have physical cards. Likely a boon for those who just use the app. Personally I am not worried about the change, its all good and healthy for the game.
  6. Stonewall78

    A Challenger Appears! - Wyrd In-House Painting Face-Off

    Ohh shots fired!
  7. Stonewall78

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Will there be a new starter box for 3E? The current one is really not all that exciting in its execution (though I like the guild models).
  8. Stonewall78

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Hey guys why don't we just change to square bases while we are at it. I mean it will be so much better to lineup our armies.... /sarcasm
  9. Stonewall78

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Hard sleeves or just soft? I know some people that like hard sleeves. I have no problems with size change other then the money I spent on all the sleeves (for tons of cards) but both options would be nice. They are likely going to take up more table space too which might suck. It may drive more to use the app which may not be so bad. I hope avatars will still be official emissary proxies as I have a couple I still love to use. Will old nightmare boxes still get the new options. I have the old dead justice crew I would still like to use as resser models. I also have the McCabe nightmare box and with him going Outcast only I wouldn't be able to use him with the guild guard. Maybe have him become an alt for Cornelius Basse? Hell even make it so he can be used as McCabe still so then I will be forced to buy more outcast models. The more options you give people the more factions they will expand out too in the future. I can't think of too many other nightmare crews that are dual faction though. I think the more thought that is put into all the alt models and old models that are put out will really keep all the old time players in the game as they won't feel like their collections are no longer valued. May take a small list as counts as models but I know 1st to 2nd had the same issue.
  10. Stonewall78

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Signed up for beta as my other Wyrd playtesting was a lot of fun.
  11. Stonewall78

    Timing of blast damage

    Something similar came up in my game last night when I blew up my own papa Loco. Killing him killed another model that had burning so I summoned a stalker off of another model that died that had burning. All the timing with when the stalker came in and with papa locos own damage. It became a order trigger cluster that really needs cleaning up in future revisions.
  12. Stonewall78

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    I see Nathan is finally getting his avatar pig.
  13. Stonewall78

    Iconic Fate Deck

    You need to do a Nathan summoning ritual by placing a voodoo doll surrounded by all the other decks of cards. Once done the wild Nathan will appear and all answers will come forth.
  14. Stonewall78

    A Challenger Appears! - Wyrd In-House Painting Face-Off

    So how goes the battle?