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  1. Hey Wyrdos! On the 25th of August we will be having a new Malifaux tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte, so join us in a day of flipping cards and training for the upcoming Nationals! * When: 25th August, Saturday. * Where: GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7) * What: - 50 SS, GG2018 - Three rounds, 2 hours per round - Fixed faction, multiple masters - 10 euros fee, all for prizes. 16 places, more could be opened if needed. - Registering at 10:45, first round at 11:00. Prize ceremony and closing at 18:45 - Schemes and strategies will be a couple of days before the tournament
  2. I Nacional de Malifaux – GoblinTrader Madrid Norte – 29 y 30 de Septiembre 2018. - SOLD OUT!! Desde GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) es un placer anunciar el primer Nacional de Malifaux! A este y al otro lado de la Brecha los más peligrosos líderes y las más letales jefas están escuchando la llamada para ver quién se alza con la victoria en este primer torneo nacional! · Estrategias e intrigas del GG2018. · Facción única, máster variable. · 3 partidas el sábado 29 (registro a las 10:45 y primera partida a las 11:00) y 2 el domingo 30 (primera partida a las 10:00, fecha estimada de clausura a las 15:00). · 2 horas por partida + 20 minutos para la confección de la banda. · Premio de pintura para la banda más espectacular. · Premio de pintura para la miniatura más espectacular. · Inscripción: 15 euros · Aforo: 40 jugadores (llegado el caso se gestionaría una posible ampliación). · Sábado por la noche: el favorito del Brewmaster! · Muchas sorpresas! Los detalles para el pago se irán actualizando esta semana. I SPAIN NATIONALS – Malifaux – GoblinTrader Madrid Norte – 29/30th September 2018. In GoblinTrader we are more than proud to announce the First Malifaux SPAIN Nationals! Crew leaders from both sides of the Breach are being summoned to find out who obtains the honor of winning the first National Tournament in Spain! · Schemes and strategies from GG2018. · Unique faction, multiple master. · 3 rounds on Saturday the 29th of September (checking at 10:45, first match at 11:00) y 2 rounds on Sunday the 30th (first round at 10:00 to be finished by 15:00). · 2 hours per match + 20 minutes per round to hire the crew. · Special prize for the most spectacular crew. · Special prize for the most spectacular model. · 15 euros fee. · 40 players (if needed we would study opening more places). · Saturday night: The Brewmaster’s choosen one! (fancy name for pub crawling!). · And many surprises! Payment details will be added this week! *************** UPTADE - 9TH OF APRIL *************** Inscription is now open! You can all the information in the following documents, including how to purchase your ticket: English: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5703rx86e2u0n7/Spain National Malifaux.pdf?dl=0 Spanish: https://www.dropbox.com/s/11tm5u0260nysk4/Nacional Malifaux.pdf?dl=0 We hope to include during this week another document with information regarding where to stay, eat and stuff like that near the venue. *************** UPTADE - 23rd OF APRIL *************** Updated with information packages both in English and Spanish. In these documents you may find how to reach the venue, hotels nearby and places to eat close to GoblinTrader. English: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54f4r1v7gjmp16j/GUIA INGLES.pdf?dl=0 Spanish: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tb1tsfdk4evjqfg/GUIA ESPAÑOL.pdf?dl=0 *************** UPTADE - 31st OF MAY *************** Here is the list of players so far: 1. Víctor Tena 2. Noelia García 3. Noel Menéndez 4. Illán Menéndez 5. Andrés González 6. Carlos Jarava 7. Antonio Montenegro 8. Francisco de Borja Segovia 9. Ángel Sáinz González 10. Jorge Sanz Viñuales 11. Víctor Ballarín Ibort 12. Roberto Cabañas 13. Arlet Espinosa Martínez. 14. Manuel Martín Fernández 15. Raúl Babiano 16. Víctor Fito 17. Carlos Aguade 18. Luís Díaz Picón 19. Diego Allende Peña 20. Saio Hernández 21. Imad Nached 22. Daniel Taylor 23. Jon Ortiz 24. Iván Castresana 25. Ekaitz Mentxaka 26. Juan Manuel Vazquez 27. Sebastián Barceló 28. Luis Clemente Morera 29. Asier Antón 30. Juan Luís Mena 31. Carlos Alonso 32. Félix Porras 33. Álex Corredera 34. Álvaro Cronazos 35. Gonzalo Ramos Castro 36. Javi González Martínez 37. Daniel Nebrera 38. Rafael Sánchez Arroyo 39. Víctor Salso 40. Daniel Lardón 41. Jaime Sigüenza 42. Daniel Arroyo 43. José Carlos Andrés 44. Moisés Ronda Ferrer 45. Diego Paredes 46. Antonio Chuzo Gallego 47. Jack Notley 48. Iván (colega Asmita) 49. Borja Losa 50. Sergio Iglesias Chapero 51. Daniel Díaz 52. Javier Fernández Martínez 53. Alejandro Fernández Asensio 54. Steven Lance 55. José Luque 56. Jorge García Lorenzo 57. Álvaro Prieto 58. Juan Sanz Rodríguez 59. Miguel Vega Piniella 60. Israel Pujagut 61. Mario Conde López 62. Paul Butler *************** UPTADE - 13th OF JUNE *************** Here are the schemes and strategies for the upcoming Nacional! https://www.dropbox.com/s/arjx0htf6qf6bl2/Estrategias e Intrigas Nacional.pdf?dl=0
  3. Hi there! A couple of updates! During the last few days our LGS has been contacting all the players via the mail provided when purchasing the ticket; the mail is just to confirm your are in, please reply back to let them know you still are coming. On another matter, due to the huge success of certain cosplay thread in the "A Wyrd Place" facebook page, we want to encourage our players to bring their best/worst Malifaux cosplays to the Nationals. We will be having a special raffle among those who come disguised to the first round of the Nationals (first match on the morning of Saturday the 29th of September). Let's see what you are capable of!! *************************************************************************************************** Hola a todos! Solo un par de cosas por comentar. La primera, durante estos días habréis recibido un correo de la tienda donde será el evento para confirmar que estáis apuntados, por favor contestad diciendo si venís o si finalmente no. En caso de que alguien haya comprado entradas por más personas será el comprador quien reciba el mail. Por otra parte, si habéis seguido el hilo del cosplay de "A Wyrd Place" habréis visto que ha sido tremendo. Por ello vamos a hacer un sorteo especial entre aquellos que vengáis el sábado por la mañana del Nacional disfrazados, traed vuestros mejores Cosplays de Malifaux... o los peores y a reírse!
  4. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Jajajajajaja! My painting skills are so-so, but my skills for dumbness are over the top!! On a more (or less) serious matter, this month I'll try to paint three Oxfordian mages (18 SS), Mei Feng (15SS), two rail workers (10SS) and Kang (9SS) for a total of 52 SS... If my cosplaying and the beach allow me!! 😂
  5. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    These are my models for july: Razorspine rattler (6 SS), Ironsides (15 SS), The Captain (9 SS), Malifaux Raptors x 3 (9 SS) and Miss Step (Howard Langstrom: 12 SS) for a total of 51 SS.
  6. Doing some threadomancy here, but do we have any date for the 2019 ITC? Or at least for the ticket sale?
  7. Chou

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    My reaction to the third edition was better expressed by The Pointer Sisters (sorry if this has been posted before, I haven't read the 21 pages since I'm on vacation!)
  8. Chou

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Pretty excited about the new models and the alts. Quick question, will the Ulix nightmare box be a closed one (as the Wild Ones) or is it going to get extra models (such as the crazy cat lady and the Dark Carnival)?
  9. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Getting drunk? 😂 I hope Little Viruk gets well soon! And then I can hire Little Viruk to steal your hands and send them to me, really love those models! The Grootslang conversion is fantastic, and this way you get to use the two models even Marcus struggles to fit in his crew!
  10. Chou

    Parker playable?

    I'd love to try this if only to use Wrath, he's been on the bench more time than Tom Brady's back up.
  11. Hey Wyrdos! On the 28th of July we will be having a new Malifaux tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte, so join us in a day of flipping cards and escaping from Madrid's scorching sun! * When: 28th July, Saturday. * Where: GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7) * What: - 50 SS, GG2018 - Three rounds, 2 hours per round - Fixed faction, multiple masters - 10 euros fee, all for prizes. 16 places, more could be opened if needed. - Registering at 10:45, first round at 11:00. Prize ceremony and closing at 18:45 - Schemes and strategies will be a couple of days before the tournament
  12. I really like this crew! I'd love to see some additional models prepared for Black Friday. Now, once said so, I won't be buying it: I have all the other nightmare crews, but I'm not starting gremlins... ... but my girlfriend has all the gremlin faction, and her birthday is in August and Wyrd comes and releases this like!! Her birthday's present just appear by itself making my life much easier, THANK YOU SO MUCH WYRD!!!!! Now, regarding some comments about being or not nightmare enough... just bear in mind the alt. Viktorias. By themselves, looking at the render you wouldn't see too much horror packing there, but then you see the way the great Giraldez painted them, with all the blood and now we are talking! Just picture this, a bright pink pony with rainbox horsehair and all the mouth in blood and gore, crazy eyes and stuff like that. Can't wait to see the models we'll be getting when surpassing the 100 $ frontier!
  13. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Hi there! For July my pledge is: * Razorspine rattler: 6 SS * Ironsides: 15 SS * The Captain: 9 SS * Malifaux Raptors x 3: 9 SS * Howard Langstrom: 12 SS Total: 51 SS.
  14. Hi there! I will be running Malifaux demos this Sunday morning at Goblin Trader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema, 7)! In case you can't this Sunday, feel free to contact me to schedule a demo or contact the staff at GT. Next week there will be more demos, I will updated this thread with the schedules.
  15. Chou

    [SPAIN] Demos at GT Norte, Madrid

    Hi there! It's demo time! Where: GoblinTrader Norte (Calle Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). When: Tuesday, 3rd of July. What: Malifaux demos all evening! Drop by or PM me so we can schedule one on your own!
  16. Hi there! I'm just leaving this here, our final poster with all our sponsors!
  17. Hey there! In the following link you can find the Schemes and strategies for the upcoming Nacional, so be sure to grab them and start preparing your crews! https://www.dropbox.com/s/arjx0htf6qf6bl2/Estrategias e Intrigas Nacional.pdf?dl=0
  18. Hi there! We have talked to our LGS and they granted us 10 more places for our First Malifaux National, so we'll have up to 60 players. We will follow strict order contacting those who were on the waiting line, but please bear in mind that once those 10 places are gone there won't be any new extra places. On another matter, we are very proud to annouce our sponsors so far: * Wyrd - the mothership itself! * GoblinTrader - our LGS, the most important hobby shops in Madrid, with presence also in Valencia, Barcelona, Mallorca and Zaragoza. http://www.goblintrader.es/ * Customeeple - specialists in terrain, tokens, playmats and markers, top quality! http://www.customeeple.com/ * Diacash - Wyrd's european distributor, and one of the most important hobby distributors in Europe (if not the most!). http://www.diacash.com/modelismo/catalogo.php * Scale 75 - a synonym for art and legenday models and paints! http://scale75.com/ * Plastcraft games - bringing the Malifaux tables alive with beautiful sceno! https://plastcraftgames.com/es/ * AK Interactive - the biggest company focused in solutions for modelers, products and publications! https://ak-interactive.com/ And we are still working on it!
  19. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    54 SS, yeeees!
  20. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Here it is! Crappier pictures than usual but I'm working on it for the next badge.
  21. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Thank you very much!! I like bright colours, and being dead - in another world - a mythical creature is no excuse to not shine!
  22. Hi there! On the 16th of June we will be having a Malifaux tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid), so join us for our first summer Malifaux event! * Inscription: 10 euros, all for prizes. * GG 2018. Deployments, schemes and strategies will be published on June, the 11th. Two hours per match. * Fixed faction, multiple masters. * Three rounds; registering will start at 10:45 and the first round at 11:00. We will play two rounds, have lunch and then the final round. Wrap up around 18:45. More updates soon!
  23. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Here is my pledge for june: 4 Abominations = 16 SS (I really don't like these models, so nothing fancy here) Marlena Webster = 8 SS Angelica = 6 SS Carlos Vázquez = 9 SS Myranda = 8 SS Jackalope = 2 SS For a total of 49 SS. Bonus model if there is time will be Cojo.
  24. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    I won't be at home this weekend, so I'll upload the pictures on Monday, sorry! Meanwhile I left here a couple of pictures of the last two models I painted in may.