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  1. According to the Detailed Timing chart (pg. 35 of the downloadable rulebook) Start Activation is a timing step that takes place after an unactivated model has been chosen (step C1) But, I would argue that the only effects that apply to a model at the start of its activation are those that would affect it at that exact point. If there is more than one thing that would affect it at this point, those effects would be "generated" (for want of a better word) then the active player decides which order to apply them. Once something has happened to the model, it is no longer the start of its activation, but is instead mid-activation So, in the case of Tara and her Bury nonsense, I would think that any effects that would affect the Buried model at the start of the activation would be generated, then applied by the active player. Once the Unbury effect has resolved, the step for generation of "start of activation" effects would have passed and so Tara's damage ability wouldn't affect the model as it did not start its activation within 4" of Tara. I would compare that to the mantra's of the Academic Keyword. If an Elemental model within 6" of a Shastar Vidya Guard, and within 7" of Kudra would take the Concentrate Action, would it be able to gain a 2" push from the Shastar Vidiya Guard's Mantra (Traveler) to move within 6" of Kudra and gain the benefit of Kudra's Mantra (Protection) and gain Shielded +1? Personally, I wouldn't have thought so as Kudra's Mantra wasn't an eligible effect at the time the Concentrate Action was taken. But I'm no expert so I hope you get a more authoritative answer!
  2. I was referring to the self-targeting. But yeah, unfortunately the double place won't work
  3. I didn't know that. Admittedly, I have literally a single game under my belt with Hoffman, but that completely escaped me. Definitely worth remembering!
  4. If I ever make it to another NW tournament, I'll soon take the wooden spoon title from you, have no fear. I'm currently at a 100% (lack of) success rate! My (extremely limited) advice would be to swap crews with your next practice opponent. See how your crew looks when you're on the receiving end. That way you can see the things your opponent does differently with them and that may give you an insight into what you can change.
  5. So it does. For some reason my brain had it that a relenting model wouldn't be able to declare triggers. In that case yeah, it should work!
  6. If Elijah relents, he doesn't flip any cards, and so won't have any Tomes to use his Resistance trigger.
  7. Everything others have said is true. It's in the first story of the Guild book.
  8. There's a theme to both those comments: "out of stock at the distribution level" and "never seems to make it off the webstore into the hands pf the LGS's" My question would be why is it out of stock at the distribution level, causing problems for LGS's, if Wyrd have stock for sale? There are two possibilities that I can think of: Distributors aren't restocking efficiently. Wyrd are intentionally withholding stock to keep sales for themselves. The way distributors work is that there's no real loss to them to screw up with one game as they can always sell another one and make money that way. Wyrd, on the other hand, might get a short-term sales boost by being the only source in town, but that's at odds with their stated desire to have people buying from LGS's, which is supported by things like the Alternate Spit Hog promotion, an initiative that would surely eat into their profits from direct sales. Sounds to me like your distributor is awful, unfortunately.
  9. Even with the abundance of Stealth, I'd still consider Sonnia. Take models with lots of Blasts and the Pale Rider and set things on fire from 5" away if you have too. But then I'm a rubbish player so take my advice with a pinch of salt!
  10. I'm in the UK, so obviously I'm not familiar with the German situation, but my FLGS got October's releases in yesterday. That looks like the re-jigging of the Upcoming page has helped resolve some of the supply chain issues, so hopefully there won't be the long delays for everything from here on out. It doesn't help you with German Nationals, but it has to be good news for the future, right?
  11. I pre-ordered my Guild and Arcanist books from my FLGS and tehy arrived a few weeks back. *cough* It's a great story though.
  12. Any crew that relies on Armor is going to be vulnerable to Death by a Thousand Cuts (as I learned in M2E against Pandora ) If your objective is to kill them, the lots of small attacks will always be better for you than a couple of big ones (unless you've got the Armor Piercing to one-shot things).
  13. It's the only one I've read so far, but I did really enjoy it. Mostly the petty gamesmanship of it all. It was nice to get a definite picture of what happened with a certain Master too!
  14. Do it with Mounted Guard. Let them die and be replaced with Guard Patrols, then replace the Guard Patrols with Death Marshals and laugh while your opponent starts swearing at you. They still won't be good, but at least they'd be amusing!
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