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  1. To be fair, its only something I actually realised this month myself. I think its because this kind of Resistance Trigger variable flip doesn't occur too often, so we tend to associate the Accuracy modifier only with the attacker. But when you look at the wording in the rules, it only talks about the amount the duel was won by and any variable flips as a result of the duel, not who actually wins. The Defender still wins the duel by a certain amount, and its still a variable flip, so the Accuracy modifier applies.
  2. What @Maniacal_cackle said. And to make things more confusing, the damage flip from the Defensive Trigger is also affected by Francisco's Accuracy Fate Modifier. So, if Francisco wins the opposed duel by 2, and declares Parry, then the damage flip for Parry is at . One for the Accuracy Fate Modifier, one for Parry itself. The same is also true for Perdita's Defensive Trigger.
  3. It's a tricky one to answer because the way Malifaux works, its difficult to get a perfect balance for all crews to work for all Schemes and Strategies. Because each crew excels at something different, they find themselves better suited for certain objectives. For example, Colette is a fantastic control Master, who is extremely powerful, but is not the best choice when it comes to a Scheme or strategy that involves killing. She has a lot of movement tricks and can manipulate the opponents units, but has generally low damage output. My advice would be to put a list together of th
  4. Absolutely this. My memory is atrocious and I lose a lot with Sonnia and when I think about the outcome after the game, I've forgotten this rule every single time. Nobody to blame but myself, but its an amazing ability. Sonnia can be surprisingly tough to take down with her Arcane Shield and a LLC, but getting her surrounded in melee is a bad idea (I once had her eaten by a Teddy and a Lord Chompy Bits double-team - admittedly it was my first ever M3E beta game, and only my 5th or 6th game of Malifaux altogether, but it definitely hurt!) She wants a decent mid-table p
  5. This is the thing that sticks most with me about your rant: You never could get Angel Eyes for less than $40 (RRP, anyway). The model was only ever in the M2E starter set with the other Neverborn Half-Blood models (minus Tuco) and all the Guild Asylum models. I understand it being frustrating to not be able to get the model you want, but complaining about not being able to get a single model that was never available singly anyway just seems odd. On the whole, the M3E way of doing things is much, much better. It sucks for people who already have large collections, but
  6. Well, killing Dreamer is always a good idea. But the comparison between dealing with Dreamer and Dashel is flawed. In the Nightmare Keyword, models can be summoned regardless of the board situation, but they enter Buried, and can only unbury when an enemy model fails a Wp duel. But with easy access to several Terrifying models, as well as a decent range of Wp attacks, thats not a hard condition to meet. Dashel requires Scheme Markers, but if he uses the ones he places himself, he is limited in what he can summon, and he can't rely on the opponent placing any. So he uses the Dis
  7. I think he was meaning LLC on the Protector, rather than the Dispatcher (which makes it much harder to move the Protector out of the way), but that still doesn't mean the problem is unsurmountable. It just requires creative thinking of how to build your list and approach the problem, rather than a blanket "Well I'm not taking model X because its 'bad'. What do you mean I now can't deal with the problem models?"
  8. Not when the totem is the key to the other sides success. If I can murder the totem early enough, Dashel is neutered for the rest of the game. The resources spent would be worth it.
  9. The trick was in the phrase "find a way." Certain tactics aren't going to work in certain setups. If you can't Lure, then Obey (if you can somehow drop a marker to interfere with LoS to block the Aura). If one blast isn't enough, then try to double blast. Try to set up a way of killing the protector then activating a Companion to instantly murder the Dispatcher. This is Malifaux. The Dispatcher is just another problem to be solved. Or we can just bitch about how broken a 4 health model is.
  10. The strength of Dashel is in the Dispatcher and his card draw. Find a way to Lure away his protector (or better yet, off it) and the Dispatcher disintegrates. Then you have a crew of mostly slow, mediocre models you can deal with at your leisure. The Lawyer is the true MVP in Guild. Pale Rider is pretty great, but since the nerf he's also a little expensive. The Lawyer gives out Shields (probably with card draw or a second Shield), allows reuse of good cards, and can Obey whet he needs depending on the circumstances. You want to fix Dashel, give him a reason to not take the La
  11. I really like the look of this Keyword. It's probably too complicated for me to do well with it (but then again, that applies to them all!) but it looks like a lot of fun! Not Seeker-related, but the art for the Botanists is worth checking out too...
  12. Because Wardens got used to bulk out the Executioner box for the Guard Keyword. And they're Minion (2) so they were probably never going in a Core Box anyway.
  13. To be fair, I think Hoffman's box is the only one to include three of an 8ss Minion (not that I've actually checked, but I can't think of any other that expensive off the top of my head). But those three Hunters were coming together in a box bundled with something else you would want for a crew anyway. Whether they came with Hoffman or a Peacekeeper, it doesn't really matter. It's a ridiculous complaint really, especially when Hunters are better than a lot of people give them credit for (they are expensive though!)
  14. What @Adran said. It has been a couple of months since Kitty hit the list, so it will probably be early in the new year now.
  15. A Domadore Enforcer/Henchman would be very cool (although the thought of painting it makes me just as sad as the thought of painting the minion versions. Or painting in general!) I'm not sure about the Thrall though. There's not much personality in an enslaved beatstick. A named Handler who is particularly skilled at controlling Thralls though. That I would like to see.
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