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  1. Well, he's not really a summoner, same as Sonnia isn't really a summoner. He can summon, but his main thing is Rig the Deck (control hand/top of deck manipulation) and using Brilliance to buff. Youko Hamasaki might work for you though. No monstrous theme there though. The Dreamer is also a summoner, so might get disqualified on those grounds, but yes, definitely has card manipulation nonsense.
  2. If I ever manage to pull off a Summon with Sonnia, I'll bear that in mind. I've only either played fireproof nonsense or really cautious players so I haven't managed it yet!
  3. I like Sam, personally, but he does require support. Queller's are the only Witch Hunter model I can't see a reason to take. They need to be close to the enemy to be useful, but don't have a attack. They also don't have Witchfire (That's the Handler)
  4. 1. I think a Big Game Hunter Master might be a better option than a Versatile model. 2. No thanks. 3. Definitely! All I want from the Explorer's Society is some news!
  5. Strange. Their official decks are usually decent quality. Probably trying to save money!
  6. I wouldn't mind betting the first "annual" will be the Explorer's Society book, but several models in it will share Keywords with existing factions. For example, 10T may just get new Explorer's Society Wastrel models, Arcanist could get a new Academic, Ressers a new Experimental, etc.
  7. At the moment. There is talk of alternate Master cards with different rules to represent different aspects of the character in the future
  8. Is the M3E Fate deck that flimsy? Or is it just the Print on Demand ones?
  9. Honestly, I've never noticed any severity indicators on cards (and I play with a retro Fate deck so apparently they're there) when playing. Remembering the range in my head is much quicker than trying to identify which marks on a Fate deck indicate severity. I really don't see how its an issue, but hey ho, it takes all sorts.
  10. I initially skimmed this and was about to ask "What about the first hand job?" but then it sank in...
  11. It is annoying when a box is released that contains models you already have, but its the only way to get new models (not counting things like the Special Order programme in September). But the decision does make sense when you think about it from the perspective of the releases being designed to make the game more accessible to new players. The move to Keyword hiring means that all a new player needs to get started is a Core box for the Master they choose and a Fate deck. Once they feel ready to expand they just need an expansion box for their Master's Keyword. Expansion boxes seem to have been designed so that they contain a "character" model (Enforcer/Henchman) and some minions. Most of the new models are "character" models, so the question then becomes how to package them in a way that makes them accessible to new players? This has seen the new models get paired with new minions where possible (One Born Every Minute has a Henchman, Desper LaRaux, and some minions in the form of Hucksters - both new profiles) or existing minions that needed repackaging but weren't in the Core box for that Keyword. Its annoying for existing players because the boxes end up containing models that they already own, but it is much, much simpler for new players to understand how to grow their forces. Combining boxes also keeps the overall product count lower for retailers, which helps when considering what to stock and order in for FLGSs. and at the end of the day, the new players are more important because they are how the game will grow.
  12. Variations of them all in black suits with hats and sunglasses?
  13. I would describe a "cost" as "something that needs to be done to complete the transaction." So the cost of Trail of Gore would be Remove a target enemy Scheme Marker as that is the only part of the ability that references something that needs to be done . The targeting part would obviously be the enemy Scheme Marker that it has to target to remove. With that in mind, the Executioner, when under the effects of their Grit ability, would not have to either target or remove an enemy Scheme Marker to get the Walk or action.
  14. It only counts if they're officially 3 factions at the same time!
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