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  1. Ordering other models about increases the threat range of your crew. Instead of one model getting 2AP, it can potentially get 5-6 if ordered by other models as well, all the while the ordering models stay back out of harms way. If that model is Agent 46, then things should hopefully be dying! It's both one of the reasons I really want to try playing as Lucius and one of the reasons I think I'll need to set aside a long time for that game! the chaining could get time-consuming! The thing with the 10+ cards a turn though is that its not all going to be from Following Orders. Obviously that will contribute a few cards to your hand, but there's also: Alan Reid's Nefarious Pact Ability and Surge Trigger on "One More Question!" Guild Lawyer's Tools for the Job Ability and Surge trigger on Impassioned Defense Investigator's Remove Evidence Ability and Interrogate Action Lucius' Mastermind Ability and Misinformation Action 2 Guild Lawyer's and Alan Reid is three cards a turn without doing anything else and requires no setup at all. Two Obeys off Lucius and 1 from each of the two Guild Lawyer's is another 4 cards from Following Orders. Getting 3+ more cards on top of that doesn't seem like much of a stretch from there.
  2. Can't argue with that, although, tbf, I don't think Guild have much problem holding the middle ground. I think its the holding the rest of the table at the same time that's the issue!
  3. I can't really comment on this one. Google is your friend, and Angel Giraldez (who, as an Infinity player I assume you're familiar with) has been painting up a lot of the Malifaux models recently so I would imagine there will be some form of painted models gallery in the not-too-distant future. Don't quote me on that though! Screw Neverborn. They are designed to make your opponent wish they'd never picked up the game and make them miserable. Unless you're a sadist, play something else 😜 On a serious note: a lot of the mechanics don't make sense until you play with them (or against them). Actually having to make decisions based on those abilities helps them sink in far more than just watching others use them. Pandora's is one of the stranger ones though. Malifaux at its core is really simple. Each Action is basically flip a card, add the value to the Action's Stat, and compare the result to the target Number (either a fixed number or an opponents combination of flip and stat). The complexity comes from the interactions with the models in the crews, but its not massively more complex than other games with detailed profile abilities (Infinity has a lot of Special Rules, but once you've played a few games they make sense. Malifaux isn't really any different). The "teching against X" thing is something to worry about once you understand the game better. To begin with just read the Schemes and Strategies and work out how the models you want would achieve those objectives. That's true of every game I've ever seen. I see people rave about Infinity and 40K sculpts all the time but personally they usually do nothing for me. I'll agree about Lynch's core box though. Lynch himself is great, but the Illuminated are weird and the Hungering Darkness is... not great. Luckily there's a new Lynch box coming at some point and the new Hungering Darkness looks much better in that! His mechanic and theme is fantastic though, you're right about that!
  4. Yeah, that still feels completely wrong to me. If they didn't want Fate Modifiers and Suits to be considered part of stats they shouldn't include them under the Stat heading on the card! Definitely one I'm looking forward to the FAQ for! It was a great Deep Dive though.
  5. Beasts of War/OnTableTop (whatever you wish to call them) also claim that the Daeva are Explorer's Society but nothing from Wyrd has stated what Faction they are so it's all just speculation. Compare this announcement to Lord Coopers last week and that was very explicit that it was Explorer's news. This one is very light on the details. They probably are, as expanding that faction makes the most sense for the next wave of releases, but I'm not going to definitively say anything belongs to the Explorer's Society until Wyrd officially announce it.
  6. The Mantra abilities tell you who gets the bonus. Banasuva's is: I've added italics to the text that tells you which model it applies to. So Banasuva can Concentrate, gain Focused (+1), and then trigger it's Demise (Elemental Breakdown) Ability. If an Ice Golem within 6 of Banasuva takes the Concentrate Action, then that Ice Golem gains Focused (+1) and can then trigger it's Demise (Frozen Heart) Ability. I hope that makes sense. Also, remember that if a model is within the range of multiple Mantras, it can gain the benefit from each Mantra that has different text in the name (so, for example, it can benefit from Mantra (Primordial Asura), Mantra (Wisdom), and Mantra (Healing) from one Concentrate Action as long as it is in range of each one.
  7. I listened to that segment on the way to work this morning and found myself agreeing with everything they said. My last game was Hoffman against Molly (who, in my defence was the first Resser opponent I have ever actually played and I probably did handicap myself by choosing Hoffman but I've also committed to not changing Master until I've won with him!) and while I really enjoy the amount of pushes in Augmented (they can push forward faster than first appears) I found myself completely unable to react in a timely manner when my opponent could fling Crooligans 30" across the table. It also didn't help that the decent Augmented aren't cheap, so I never had enough models to cope with his spread across the board, especially when his Forgotten Marshal could easily summon more. Add that to my terrible control hands (I never drew more than two cards above a 7 in any round) and terrible flips (how I flipped so many bad cards when my hand was also full of bad cards I'll never know!) and widespread Hard to Wound and I also had a real hard time killing anything, which is supposed to be what guild is good at. It was a struggle, but it was the same struggle I had when I played Sonnia too. It was just too difficult to do what needed to be done when the movement options are very basic. I did manage to score full points for Claim Jump and that's the first time I've ever managed full points on a Scheme so it wasn't a complete failure! And the look on the opponents face when the Peacekeeper charged Molly, and then Joss followed it up with an Obey was nice. Shame I couldn't deal any damage worth a damn!
  8. I do love Thralls. This is just one of the reasons!
  9. The full text from page 25 is: So, if a character has either Living, Undead, or Beast, and Construct Characteristics it should Drop a Corpse Marker and a Scrap Marker when it dies. This rule says that it can only Drop one of those and the controller would choose which. The Corpse Candle Demise ability says it would Drop a Pyre Marker. This isn't covered by the rules on page 25 (because it's not a Corpse or Scrap Marker being Dropped in that way) so it would be in addition and the Corpse Candle Drops both Markers. That's how I would read the ability.
  10. Possibly related to this, there will apparently be a Guild box called "Protect and Serve" in May, according to this link: https://www.the-outpost.co.uk/product/guild-protect-and-serve/ No contents yet, but I'm calling it now, this will be the box with the Peacekeeper in it. Probably Peacekeeper and Riotbreakers!
  11. To be honest, you could well still end up with your wishes granted. The main thing that goes against my theorised distribution is that the Core box would only be 20 SS (8 for Melissa, 4 for each Watcher). Compare that to the other Guild master Cores: Basse: 25ss (10 for Jonathan, 5 for each Frontiersman) Lady J: 25ss (10 for Judge, 5 for each Death Marshal) Lucius: 27ss (9 for Agent 46, 6 for each Lawyer) Nellie: 27ss (9 for Phiona, 6 for each field Reporter) Sonnia: 24ss (9 for Samael, 5 for each Witchling Stalker) Perdita: 36ss (9 for Francisco, 8 for Santiago, 7 for Nino, 5 for Abuela, 7 for Papa Loco) Dashel: 26ss (8 for Queeg, 6 for each Rifleman) Hoffmans Core would be very underpointed if this is the case, so swapping a Watcher for a Hunter in both the Core and the "Seek and Destroy" could actually balance the values.
  12. Apologies for the incoming rambling! Hoffman has new art for M3E - he's getting a new box. All of the boxes so far have either been individual models or boxes with full playsets of each models (a playset being the maximum allowed to be fielded). So that makes it likely that the new box will follow the new distribution model in line with the vast majority of M3E masters (so Master + Totem + Henchman + 3x Minion). But... Wardens have already been released (in a Guard box with Executioners), so they won't be the Minions in the box. Most of the Arcanist Augmented models have been released (Joss, Mobile Toolkit, Medical Automatons in the same box). This leaves us with: Hoffman Mechanical Attendant Melissa K.O.R.E. Watchers Hunters Peacekeeper Howard Langston Union Steamfitter Guardian Riotbreaker Howard and the Steamfitters both have the M&SU Keyword as well as Augmented, and are both Arcanist models, so will almost definitely be packaged together. Hoffman and the Attendant will definitely be together. So we're down to Melissa, Guardians, Peacekeeper, Riotbreakers, Hunters, and Watchers. Guardians are Minion (2), Riotbreakers, Hunters, and Watchers are Minion (3). There's no reason to assume that there won't be 3 Minions in the Hoffman starter so that means Guardians will be in a separate box. Starter Box Minions also tend to be the cheaper variety, so that probably rules out Hunters (at 8SS each). Which leaves Riotbreakers and Watchers, along with Melissa and the Peacekeeper. None of the Watcher art on the cards in the App matches the Watcher sculpt with the curling wing from the M2E Hoffman Starter, which likely means new sculpts too. And the Mechanical Attendant also has new art. New art usually means new sculpts, so it would make sense for them all to be packaged together too. My guesses for future Augmented releases are: Hoffman Core Box: Hoffman, Attendant, Melissa, 3x Watcher (all new art or new models, so the whole box will be brand new sculpts) "Organised Workforce": Howard Langston, 3x Union Steamfitters "Riot Control": 2x Guardian, 3x Riotbreakers "Seek and Destroy": Peacekeeper, 3x Hunters (this could be two separate boxes for each model, but a single box does fit thematically as all models would have harpoons for dragging enemies) Which, added to the existing Crime and Punishment (2x Warden, 2x Executioner) and Support Staff (Joss, Mobile Toolkit, 2x Medical Automaton) boxes covers the whole range in a way that's consistent with the existing release model.
  13. I would make it more general: In order to take an Action there must be the potential to change the game state. So, in the case of forced Interact Actions, the opponent wouldn't be able to Interact to remove all Scheme Markers and not remove any because nothing about the state would change. I can't think of anything else at the moment where it would necessarily apply but it would close up a potential loophole for future Actions depending on what Wyrd come up with. If its just Interacts that are errata'ed, then those future Actions may fall foul of the same kind of loophole but not specifically be disallowed.
  14. That's right.
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