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  1. In order to give a proper demo game of something like Malifaux, you need to be completely open about the bonkers stuff you can do, but at the same time be really knowledgeable about the crew the newbie is playing so that you can also point out what they need to do to pull off their bonkers fun stuff. It's the only way to provide both the training wheels and the complexity. It does mean there's no quick 30-40 minute demo though! On the subject of "Are Guild OP?" - I have no idea, but I do like what I see for most of the Masters. I obviously need to actually play them to find out!
  2. I've been using the time to grab as many Guild boxes as I can get my hands on for vastly reduced prices. It's been great. I've managed to go from a Hoffman crew of primarily Constructs and a Perdita box to over two thirds of all available Guild models and it's not cost me a huge amount at all. I've also ended up with Mei Feng and Jakob Lynch boxes too. Long may the bargaisn continue (just so long as I get to actually use them when M3E is out!)
  3. And if we're really lucky, the beard won't be as much of an issue either!
  4. I agree with Ludvig. While killing models is always fun, Malifaux is a game won or lost through the Schemes and Strategies. Just whoever plays the Shadows of Redchapel crew watch out for the Misery trigger on Pandora and her Sorrows. It can be brutal if it catches you unprepared!
  5. Not had chance to test 3rd Edition yet but I am thinking of trying Dashel as a secondary Master with Hoffman and using him to summon Wardens, even though that is going to require 9s or face cards, depending on the Scheme marker targeted. Is it workable, or is it a pipe dream?
  6. I am seriously tempted - I do have a sister who lives in Leeds so I might be able to avoid the "public transport across the Pennines first thing in the morning" issue! I'll see what the ticket status is like when I get paid!
  7. I am very tempted, but I've never been to a Malifaux tournament before or played 3rd Edition (yet!) and have to travel across the Pennines on public transport, so I will have a think about it!
  8. Just in case there is any more confusion, this means that the heal from Foul-Mouthed Motivation resolves completley first, then the model gains Focused +1, then Queeg can turn that into Fast, and the model takes 2 damage
  9. I'm slightly peeved that Dashel didn't just get the former Governor's Proxy as his totem because now I'll have to buy his new box, rather than just use all the models I already had. Life is hard 😏
  10. Not yet, but, I would guess with a couple of months of Open Beta, then a couple of months to organise printing and stuff, Gencon 2019 being the launch is a likely candidate.
  11. I'm guessing it will start to be updated when they have a proper timeline for TOS and M3E releases, which possibly aren't finalised yet.
  12. 40K was made a mockery of its former self when it made the jump from 2nd to 3rd Edition and it never recovered. But now we have Malifaux, so all is well. I can't imagine, after everything Wyrd have said, that they'll change the game anywhere near as much as GW have with theirs over the years.
  13. I'd love a Guild Gremlin. A Gremlin who tries to emulate the Guild and start his own protection racket but gets recruited by the Guild to 'oversee' those parts of the city that are getting a bit too dangerous for Guardsmen. Mainly because I really want Gremlins but, as the owner of a ton of Guild stuff, there's just no crossover to justify buying them to myself (unlike Arcanist constructs)
  14. The only reasons I'm not excited about Cornelius are that I know nothing about him background-wise, and his hiring pool is tiny. Obviously that'll get bigger once he's released, but until then he just doesn't float my boat the same way bald men and explosions do. *Reads what he just wrote... Err...*
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