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  1. My last game of M2E was last year, and I have only ever played Hoffman. I think his Power Token mechanics might take some getting used to! I may just opt for Dashel - not sure what I'll proxy for the Dispatcher though!
  2. As the title says, what do you think the "easiest" Guild Keyword to pick up and play while learning M3E is? I have all Guild Masters and most of the minis (missing Basse, for obvious reasons, Allison Dade, and a few Marshal models) and I'm just wondering what will be easiest to get my head around while I actually learn the game?
  3. Yeah, a list of Keyword models by faction would be really helpful, even if they don't include the profiles or descriptions.
  4. I'd say it's more likely they would be in faction decks than books. That would allow people to buy a faction deck and play, without the book, which seems to be how the launch is being handled: the books being optional. But realistically, I think each book will have only the profiles with that factions affiliation. Duplicating pages for Masters I can understand, but random minions? Seems like a waste of space to me.
  5. Need to buy a ticket on payday (only have to wait till Saturday, but it feels a long way off!). Having not played M3E yet, I think taking home that poop is pretty much a given. I shall cherish it!
  6. It would make sense. Each book having stories about that factions internal interactions. I don't think I've read a story where Hoffman interacts with any other Guild Master, for example (I am way, way behind though, so it might have happened!). That would be nice.
  7. I would also bear in mind that because all the rules and cards will be available for free, there's no need to get all the books in one go, so spreading the cost over a few months is a perfectly reasonable way to manage the cost.
  8. theamazingmrg


    I think its only to indicate the type of Summon upgrade to attach, I'm afraid. I think the thing to boost Honeypot here would be a second model with Succumb to Darkness, even if there is a global "only one Darkened summon a turn" to balance it. Give the crew more opportunity to actually summon something. Of course, I haven't played with them so there's also every possibility that it completely unnecessary!
  9. My guess is that faction won't be available at launch but will get a Wave 2 book instead. Either that or they don't want to spoil the details of that faction just yet... But with 8 books already in Wave 1, it makes sense to hold one back. Wave 1 manages the transition between M2E and M3E. Wave 2 adds the new stuff.
  10. @Deathinabox: The article says the rulebook will be free to download, previous announcements have said the cards will be free to download too, and the app will have all the profiles needed to play. Playing the game won't cost a thing if you're a current player. The fluff will be more spread out, but that's an unfortunate side-effect of there being so many models. I don't really see how Wyrd could handle the change any better, to be honest. I remember picking up my first crew (Hoffman) just before the announcement of M2E, getting excited for the launch, and then finding out I couldn't actually play because he didn't have rules. This is definitely a better way to do things!
  11. I can see it being these books at launch, another faction book when Faction X is released, and then books with background and a couple of profiles per faction, like we have had for 1st and 2nd edition. Its just the number of profiles coming out of beta that makes a single book impractical.
  12. The books will be released over a few months by the sounds of it. It'll be expensive to collect them all, particularly at release, but I can't really see any other way for them to release books at launch with all the profiles in.
  13. You and me (and pretty much everyone else) both! But we can't see the bottom half of the artwork, so she may still have trousers. The previewed model certainly looks more like the probable Judge than the new art for Lady J, simply down to the hair, if nothing else. Plus: that preview is a cool model and it would be a shame not to get it in favour of Short-hair Justice.
  14. Seeing that box art ( and Lady J's new short hair) makes me wonder if the kickass model firing into the Pine Box is actually the new Judge, not Lady J as we all assumed last year. Its basically wishful thinking on my part as I'm sure that model has a blindfold, but still, I can hope!
  15. There hasn't been anything official from Wyrd outside of GAMA yet, only those Powerpoint slides. I wouldn't mind betting there's a bit more information in a Waldo's Weekly in the near future.
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