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  1. Hmm... Guild Painted: Hoffman, Watcher, Guardian, Mechanical Attendant, Hunter, Peacekeeper, Brutal Effigy Sonnia (half-painted!) Unpainted: The rest of Guild except for the models I don't have yet. Still to build: Raptors, Basse's box Still needed: Monster Hunters, Greed, Domador de Cadavres, and Death Marshal Recruiters. Arcanist Painted: Mobile Toolkit Unpainted: Kaeris' box, Burning Bridges box, Arcane Effigy, Arcane Emissary, second FIre Golem, Saboteurs, Steam Arachnid(s), Steam Arachnid Swarm(s), Joss, Howard Langston, Metal Gamin, Metal Golem Neverborn Unpainted: Angel Eyes, Maurice, Bloodwretches Ten Thunders Painted: Mounted and Dismounted McCabe, Sidir Alchibal, Luna, Ruffians, Kang, Rail Workers Unpainted: Youko's box, Misaki's box, Lynch's box, Ten Thunders Brothers, Tanuki, Katanaka Snipers, Shadow Effigy, Shadow Emissary, Mei Feng, Forgeling, Mr Graves, Mr Tannen, Dawn Serpent Still to build: Youko's box, Tanuki, Shadow Fate, Katanaka Snipers I think that's everything (although I do have a box of Nurses on the way, and several M3E boxes on order for when they make it to the FLGS!) EDIT: no it isn't! There's also: Dead Man's Hand Painted: Ryle Unpainted: Ramos, Brass Arachnid
  2. Yeah, under the rules for the league we had to take the Henchman from the declared faction so that ruled out Joss. I'm looking forward to giving him a go though! The 4 model limit made me think the Toolkit wasn't a good idea. Given how badly I performed, it can't have hurt! It will definitely be a staple in the larger games though.
  3. My worry is that a Fast Attendant won't last long enough against Tara to do much at all.
  4. I definitely feel that! Luckily there won't be a next time! The Henchman Hardcore format was just for the intro game as it was felt that it would be better for new players. In hindsight the same basic rules, but with a free Master and 20ss limit might have been better balanced! But hey ho, there's not much you can do when the game is in the past! I deliberately didn't take the Peacekeeper as its a bit evil against new players. As it turned out I needn't have been concerned and should have taken it. It's not getting left at home for the next game, that's for sure! The Mobile Toolkit is definitely going to be included. My first thoughts are two Watchers, the Peacekeeper, Mobile Toolkit, Hoffman, and the Mechanical Attendant. That leaves me 9ss to work with (if my maths is right!). I just need to decide whether I think a Warden or Steward and some SS are better than a Hunter.
  5. Breakthrough is a possibility, but I don't have much faith in being able to score Harness the Leylines, unfortunately
  6. So, I played my first game with an Augmented crew last night. It didn't end well. I should say upfront that I was never expecting to do particularly well due to the format of the game. It was a slightly modified Henchman Hardcore format for the first game of a slow-grow league. We had to declare the faction and Master that we will be sticking with for the league (I chose Guild Hoffman - with hindsight I probably should have declared Arcanist, but hey-ho. At least I'll get to use the Steward and Pale Rider in later games!). This meant I could only take Ryle as my Henchman. Without Hoffman dishing out Power tokens I was never going to be able to use the crew to their full potential. The Strats/Schemes were limited to Plant Explosives and Assassinate. I chose Ryle and one each of Guardian, Warden, and Watcher. I figured Ryle should be able to do some damage, with the Warden and Guardian providing a little bit of toughness and move shenanigans, and the Watcher was intended to be the main scheme runner. I faced off against a Bayou Infamous crew of the First Mate, Johan, and two Iron Skeeters. Johan did nothing for the whole game which was the only satisfying thing about it! My draws and flips were atrocious. I managed to get two successful hits all game.. One did 1 damage and slow, the other did 2 damage (and was from the watcher, of all things!) I managed to trigger Surge on Ryle's heal once and drew a Black Joker for my troubles. This meant I could do nothing about the mobility of the Iron Skeeters or First Mate. My Warden died to two hits from the First Mate (It would have been one but for Armor +2!) It took three damage in the first hit, I managed to heal one with Ryle, and then the remaining three damage followed the next round! The lack of successful hits or Hoffman meant that I didn't see a single Power token all game 😩 I was able to deny the Assassinate points though, but still lost 4-0. An auspicious start to the league! My next game will be a 30ss game with normal hiring rules playing Turf War, with a choice of one scheme from: Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line, or Deliver a Message. I'm likely going to be playing against Tara. I figure Deliver a Message will be the easiest to score of the schemes, but I'm not sure what to take for the crew as I was very disappointed with the performance of the whole crew in game 1 (the lack of Power tokens meant I wasn't able to use a good portion of the cards though, so blaming the models might not be entirely fair!)
  7. Welcome. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask and I'll try and point you in the right direction!
  8. This is the first time I've checked out that site. Very nice!! Great job!
  9. I had just Hoffman for a long time, then randomly bought a Ramos box. Then after having Hoffman for 6 years and not actually playing a game, I finally got to use him, then had to get a few more Constructs to flesh out his crew. Then lost a couple of games to Pandora so decided to grab the Perdita box to see if that would help (haven't used her yet though!). Then M3E was announced, eBay bargains were plentiful and now I'm 5 profiles away from 100% Guild (Monster Hunters, Domadores, Death Marshal Recruiters, Greed, and Raptors), have got a Kaeris and Burning Bridges box, and have 5 Ten Thunders Masters and several other models. I don't have a problem. Honest!
  10. He means that Rollins will likely be an alt for a new Explorer's Society Master, not an alt for McCabe. It could certainly work out that way, but we will see.
  11. It's weird because its the only box without the cards for those models. With this edition Wyrd have gone to the trouble of making sure that they supplied cards so people can use every model they've ever produced that had M2E rules. Except that box. That's a glaring omission and more than a little bit odd.
  12. The problem with that line of thinking is that, if that is going to be the case, then why aren't there currently cards for Rollins, Iggy Pup, or Cherri Bomb? Obviously there can't be any cards for the Ramones as the models they will end up being don't have rules yet, but not giving the others cards is basically saying that some people can't use official cards for their models that represent other models with official cards. It just feels a bit weird. That could definitely be the case. It does put extra pressure on Wyrd to come up with a new Explorer Master but that's not exactly an insurmountable obstacle!
  13. To be fair, in the first Breach in the North Event back in April, I took Guild and performed poorly. But thats because I'm rubbish and shouldn't be taken as representation of the factions overall competitiveness!
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AACUSxdWhyaHQYaD1cGf0nzga?dl=0 The cards are there for everything except The Wild Ones. You will need to print your own (or get them professionally printed) though.
  15. Page 45 of the physical book has the specific rules for how Black Jokers affect flips. Specifically: "A player cannot Cheat Fate if they flipped a Black Joker. " So, a Black Joker on the damage flip is 0 unmodifiable damage that cannot be Cheated.
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