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  1. The biggest problem with this idea is that Minions aren't unique characters. I can't think of a single other Minion that is a named character rather than a generic Minion. We have: Masters - uniquely named powerful individuals that can use Soulstones Henchmen - uniquely named individuals that can use Soulstones Enforcers - uniquely named individuals that can't use Soulstones (even models like the Peacekeeper are uniquely named in a Faction) Totems - models tied to specific Masters (some unique, some not) Minions - generic grunts So making a uniquely named character a Minion doesn't fit with the naming conventions of any other model (unless there's one I've forgotten, of course!)
  2. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that this fits in the same crew as the Brocken Spectre previewed a while back. Now, obviously its more likely that will be in a darker, ghost-themed crew along with the Daeva, but both the Brocken Spectre and this Tidecaller look to be somewhat restrained by technology, so the crew could instead be a mad scientist trying to (literally!) harness nature spirits instead.
  3. Yeah. It was the most logical way to approach the new releases given the current Master balance across Factions. I'm still not convinced that all the new releases will be Explorer's Faction though. There's still plenty of room for existing Faction models that share Explorer Keywords as well.
  4. To be fair, the units name is "Spelleater." It's a pretty thematic ability for that name. I can't see the rest of the Keyword sharing it. My money is on the other Keyword's ability being the blacked out text (Arcane Shield being what it takes from Witch Hunter).
  5. Honestly, I'm not sure its worth the hassle of special ordering. It would all depend on how the special orders are packaged. Looking at Wayland Games' site (the only UK place I know that has the special orders online), there are three types of Special Order, single models (like Agent 46), a group of minions (Order Initiates or Good Ol' Boys), and one box that's combined (Elijah Borgmann and the Firebranded). If Alan and the False Witnesses are packaged together, it might be worth getting the special order (as the Elijah set is only £22). But if they are separate items (and they may well be so that Journalist players can get the False Witnesses without needing to get Alan as well), then the pricing will probably be similar to the other sets: £12 for the single model, and £19 for the group of minions (So £31+ in total). It's only £31.32 to pre-order the Internal Investigation set. It would be easier to just grab the box and either throw away, or sell the Investigators, or even use them for some kind of conversion. Of course, it all depends on how the special order is implemented and how much it would cost.
  6. I was already buying everything. You didn't need to get me more excited!
  7. I love that he can Creep Along out of engagement, fire two shots into someone else to spread the Burning, and then charge them and whack them with his big mallet. I'd have liked if he was HtK too, but I'm happy with what we got.
  8. I do, but I'm in the mood for setting things on fire and I've committed myself to not trying any new Masters until I win at least one game with one. Unfortunately, that means I'm stuck with Sonnia (who I have actually won with) and Hoffman (who I'm just not getting on well with, which saddens me) for the short-term. An entirely self-inflicted situation, of course, but its only a casual game, so its not the end of the world!
  9. Ooh, I hadn't thought of Grimwell. That could definitely work. Doctor's Orders could be a way to get Sonnia into a better position early on too... I think my biggest problem with building a Sonnia crew is wanting all the toys for maximum fire, so that often doesn't leave enough SS for tech pieces (which is clearly where I go wrong with my life!) A Death Marshal could definitely work to try and keep annoying models Buried though, and if it can get Fast from the Undead, even better...
  10. I've got a game tomorrow against Jack Daw and I'm going to be taking Sonnia (which may not be the best choice but I want to set fire to things). I've never played him before so I imagine its going to be painful! What's the best way to deal with his nonsense (Models to focus on killing, tech picks, etc.)? The setup will be: Deployment: Flank Strategy: Public Enemies (which in theory I should stand a decent chance of scoring if I can actually kill things) Schemes: Runic Bindings, Leave Your Mark, Let Them Bleed, Breakthrough, Research Mission. Thanks in advance.
  11. It's self-heal really helps with that.
  12. Hey now, the Frontiersman can now do a small heal instead of get Shielded... But yeah, I know how you feel.
  13. I think the biggest problem with Watchers is they are so fragile, tbh. For something like Breakthrough they're fast enough to succeed at it but they'll still die to a stiff wind if looked at the wrong way, even with Armor +1. Hoffman's Power Tokens offset that a little bit, but they won't have those if they're in other crews. And unfortunately my terrible flips tend to mean nothing dies when its supposed to, which really doesn't help!
  14. My gut would say no because they're just the same type of Marker with different owners.
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