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  1. About some Monks Attacks Actions: The Blast of the Archer ignore Incorporeal too? And if I trigger the Rams it is irriducibile too, right? And the Blast of ShenLong ? Does it ignore Demise and Hard to Kill ? Or it affects only the Target that part?
  2. If you need a tarpit they are amazing if taken as a pair . Just on the first turn they can stack up 9 poison each (depends on how many crows you flip). Then they can simply charge in the middle and engage as much people they can with their 2" engagement . Think about spending more AP "attacking" the other monk than the enemy. I don't think that burning all the poison with the drunken strength is a good idea in a Monk crew anyway . Yup, I noticed that too. Especially with the Students
  3. There is no "after damaging" anymore . If you succeeded in the duel and you declare the trigger even if you fail to damage the trigger still applies
  4. SerZaka


  5. SerZaka


    One for every model with this Ability
  6. And why actually are you asking this here? I don't think we can teach you how to use the Outcast 😅
  7. Now that the official sprue and cards are out, what is the official size of the latter?
  8. Speaking of Decks. How does DriveThruRPG works? Never used it there are those 2 new Fate decks available and there will be others in the future on the same platform. Do you just buy the PDF and then you must print it by yourself or do they print it for you?
  9. It is also Corpse too (it was Scrap only, right?)
  10. I tried them and I found them very good indeed. 2" engagement, the cure and the damage reduction, they are the tanks of the monks crew. They are the way they are because they must be balanced between Tri Chi and Monks . In the first theme they have access to a lot of poison (damage reduction) in the second to a lot of Chi (damage avoidance). The problem of the BrewMaster is that he doesn't have any way to mitigate the lack of Chi. With ShenLong you can easily take 2 of them (like I did) and generate a lot of poison drinking together. I actually never threw a punch (all the Chi spent on defense) but you have the high River and Shen for that
  11. The Tengu is not present in the Hotfix (and I sent a report just after the first update). Maybe they are ment to be like that. It is better for us xD
  12. You can pop out a +1 Brilliance Token with the bonus action of Lynch every turn . In the 90% of the cases you will summon and then use the bonus to give a +1 Token immediately
  13. What do you mean with "her missiles"? Anyway I used summoners and faced them . It is frustrating when you can't do nothing to stop someone to score in this way. For example I faced a Sandeep some time ago. My opponent choosed Harness Hey Line and at the second and fifth turn he simply used the master as last/later activation to summon 2 gamins on the line and I couldn't do nothing to stop them.
  14. The interaction just after being summoned were to strong in my opinion . There was a reason why in the 2nd edition this wasn't permitted. It gives some impossible-to-stop ways to score points or make to easy some other things . Think about the Yokai. You can summon it within 6". Then it place itself 2 time of 3" . Then it can interact as a bonus and place 3" again and then move and interact again. It can place 2 schemes like 20" away from were you summoned it . Things like Ritual-thing scheme or even some last minute idol's placing became to difficult to counter
  15. I don't think it gets stuck . In another discussion about the bonus action of Misaki seemed that the Red could be picked up from the discarded as a crow. So it actually lost the suit of its first use, otherwise you must remember with what suit you used it for or if it was a "blank" from another flip and so on. It is simpler to say that every time it is used the suit is chosen
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