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  1. Last Blossom . They don't Interact a lot between models but it is still a super fun tag to play . So it is possible to do something like that but the monks are just boring to play with about the individual models since the M2E I was disappointed by the Fermented River Monks. They should work at least equally in a Monk theme and in a Tri Chi theme but they are taylor made for the BrewMaster instead. About the Monk theme I think should be all about specialization. You take High to fight , Wandering to Scheme, Low to support and Fermented I don't really know xD. Right now the HRM can't really stay in a melee. In the fluff 3 of them charge a trenched unit of Freikorps dodging the bullets and kill ever one in seconds. I don't want gods like that but they train themselves for fight all their life . The WRM are ok maybe, they do their job. The Low... I had never understood why these monks must be 4ss models . They train all their life like the other and they can't defend themselves or do anything else than a cure? Give them something , put them to 6ss at least. About the Fermented I already said what I think.
  2. The thing is that the Oriental theme is strange. You love it or you hate it. This is in my opinion the reason why there are few TTs out there (compared with the others factions) . The ten thunders brothers are indeed disappeared from the scene. They were too good in the old edition and they lost a bit of flavour on the way. I tried them today anyway. They are a good support for an heavy beater (I use one of them as Fuhatsu's Sidekick) . They heal their bigger brother and the no-bonus action aura can be pretty annoying for the opponent (think about McMourning without the expunge). I can't see the model outside this role but it is still an useful role. As you can see from the main thread ShenLong is still discussed a lot (for the TT standards xD). The themed crew is still a bit (a lot?) Boring to play with . I played with Misaki , Asami, Yan Lo, Mei Feng and ShenLong and the latter is by far the least fun .
  3. I used to take the concentrate action twice with every monk almost at the first turn to have a good pool of Chi for the next rounds. But that was a strategy of mine. Someone like it and others don't
  4. 11 (and maybe a ss) for a wounded and slowed Ashigaru maybe is a little to much. About the new Action in a thematic crew it isn't amazing I think (obviously I didn't tried it yet :P) . The minions (Ashigaru , Komainu and Gokudo) don't have that amazing HtH skill . Probably Toshiro can deal with the opponents better by himself. Maybe with a stronger Minion . A Samurai?
  5. He isn't for sure the Jack-of-all-trades he was in the last edition . He seems a fighter, but probably just because he isn't anything else .
  6. It had to happen . Fermented River Style was to good I will miss it
  7. SerZaka


    I swear I didn't ment it for real , but it really happened 😮
  8. Because you can use stones even to give a - to the damage flip
  9. I think that is the point of the ability
  10. SerZaka


    Or even use the second trigger of the Attack Action (push a model for every mask in the total) as new effect of Revel in Chaos . More chaotic than that xD
  11. SerZaka


    Our Yasunori is special. Do not ask to put him in line with the other riders xD I used the couple of times . It is a little situational but you have still the other one #keepYasspecial 😂
  12. Ok, that is scary xD Anyway the Samurai are like that since the beginning of the closed beta . If they are still there it means that they are balanced , they went through months of testing
  13. Everything that ignores armor can open a Samurai like a can . I used them a lot. They are tanky (if you get lucky with the initiative, I used a lot of high cards for that. For the heal) and this is their main job. The gatling is pretty scary but it is still a stat 5 and against the cover you are usually against stats 6 and with a - on the damage . And the cover is everywhere, 30% of the battlefield (ok, in this 30% we find even the Severe and Hazardous but the great part is Cover). Seamus can simply ignore that with a great positioning ability , he is in a totally different level. I didn't tried Fuhatsu yet but he has the same role of the common Samurai in my opinion , a living turret that takes position and stays there all the game . He is better at distance , but he as a meh HtH combat . And with that WP every attack on that stat is gonna be pretty nesty .
  14. SerZaka

    No Witnesses

    Same here. It is really difficult to not be in LoS of anyone else . I use Wandering River Monks and Torakage pretty often but I couldn't use the trigger once because of the restriction. It's a pity, it is such a good trigger xD
  15. Oh sorry I didn't saw the call-out of the triggers 😧 I had the old version of the rulebook in the device I checked Thank you both for the answers anyway
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