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  1. Actually Huggy is uneffected by Hazardous Terrain in the first place (Incorporeal)
  2. So focus doesn't count too , right?
  3. Probably this was already answered in the beta Forum but it is closed now. The "damage flip" of the disengage (the 2/4/6 one) is a damage flip, right? Hard to wound works? And the + damage from the GreatSwords if you didn't charge?
  4. Here are the girls Edit: the attached image doesn't work... The link: https://mobile.twitter.com/rowanoake Can I actually post this like or it is against some rules of the forum? (Privacy or something)
  5. Yep, but I was talking about the Viktorias . They aren't in the Upcoming yet but there is a picture on Twitter of the miniatures
  6. If you want there are pictures of the new miniatures on the Twitter page of Kyle
  7. Also the damage stacks if you don't get the kill . But I think it comes as two different sources of damage (maybe?)
  8. Probably during the Hazardous Terrain Change . She could do a lot of ping damage while keeping moving with the Vent Steam On . Not anymore. Asami and Lynch have some obvious weaknesses . If you manage to Kill Asami then the whole crew crumble. You can't use the Flicker recklessly anymore, no more summons and the ones in play will die in the same turn usually . It is a pure Glass Cannon crew, you can open like a can everything but you can't take a punch. She is very funny to play with. About Lynch I only played against him but without Huggy and Tannen on the board the crew is really going to struggle , if they die turn 2 for some bad mistakes the game is over. Misaki is simply the funniest crew of the TT to play with . Awesome mechanic and it is pretty well rounded . Very fast and mobile but they don't hit like a truck and with the exception of Ototo every hit on your crew will hurt a lot. Mei Feng is funny to play too. Kang can really load up a lot of focus on the other models but they really need that. I never used Sparks but the upgrade now seems really good , every time your model is hit you can blast down your enemies (like a sort of Vengeance) punishing them for their Severe Damage Flips and he is they only in-keyword models who brings healings. The auto-disengage Walk action through the Scraps is useful as hell . A weak point of the crew in my opinion is that they need Walking Forge Models who are honestly not that good (Gamin, Golem and the Pork ) but without them the crew tag-ability simply doesn't work . I never tried without them but if the crew works better with some Versatiles and without using the Rail Walk then there is something wrong. Yan Lo is strange . I used to like him a lot before the trigger on Chiaki came out. Now it is a brainless master. You simply Sunder the Soul of Izamu turn one on a Gokudo and you rush him for a turn one charge (with the 10k pushes ). The enemy can't ignore him and if he dies you simply replace it and you summoned a new Gokudo for schemes where you need him. And then there is the glitch on the master ability. On turn one you can simply draw 6 cards with YanLo for refreshing your whole hand (he can't really do anything on turn one anyway). I won the last games against him simply ignoring his whole crew and scheming . If you don't have a good way to burst down the Gokudos is like punching a rubber wall , but if you lose to much time looking for them you are going to lose anyway . Bursting down YanLo is the best option but it is far from easy . ShenLong's crew hits like a truck and it is fast/mobile enough to leave the fight when they want for scoring some points. The Chi is the key of everything, without it the crew sucks. This crew is almost immune to focused attacks , spend 2 AP for a single attack in later turns is a waste against them . They will use the Chi and Dodge . The trick is spamming duels and make them waste all their resources . Every duel lost will hurt the monks so much (no defenses ) . The master should be treated like the Viks or Misaki in the 2E. He will kill something every turn , accept it xD but he is no god, if he charges alone he will die very quickly . These are my thoughts. I never tried Youko at McCabe nor Out of Keyword lists and I limit the number of Versatiles a lot (I never used the Tanuki, I don't need it and I still win a lot, far from Auto include). I think that a Last Blossom/Qi and Gong can work ( burning down the hand and then spamming some Executes with Misaki)
  9. Actually this think came out a lot of time ago . Before this topic
  10. Remember that there is a limit of 3 AP . Give Fast to a Master / Leader doesn't give her 4 Actions Like GnomeZilla said it is useful just for prevention against possible Slows Edit : sorry , I didn't notice there was another page . My bad. Already answered by everyone else
  11. I really don't know the possibility to take the action multiple times came out in a old Post That time we agreed that the bonus (flips) and malus (damage) stack but we didn't talk about the soulstones. But I think they stack too like the other things
  12. And then it requires a Ram in the second attack or a moderate in the first . It actually doubles the requirements xD
  13. Really? Use the ability twice . With the second attack you ignore the hard to wound completely (double positive flip on the damage) . If you managed to get a Ram in the first attack and even a simple Weak (4 damage) you can take it down cheating a Severe in the next attack . It has 10 wounds , right?
  14. Extended Reach : enemy models can't take Attack Actions generated by a Charge while within 2" . If I charge outside the bubble and I take the kick as Attack Action generated by a Charge and then I move thanks to that inside the bubble what happens? Can I target the model or nothing?
  15. 3 Low River Monks? Maybe you ment High River. Anyway ShenLong needs to spend the whole first turn farming Chi in my opinion (the whole crew) . Then he can burst down squishy masters like Sandeep in like one activation (10 wounds , def 5 , right?). Stone for Rams like crazy for one turn with the Fermented River. 3 HRM are to many . 2 at most , sometimes even one is enough . I can see why he took 2 Charm Warders but one is still enough , you will not have enough resources (high crows) for both of them anyway. 2 HRM, 2 low river (for the tons of healing, but fragile as hell, be careful) and a couple of Wandering River just for schemes . I find this list well balanced and leave off like 7 ss for a crazy turn of suit spam with Shen or for drawing cards . Against Sandeep I will take a Charm instead of a High River Monk too. With the right card and a Chi you can make a summoned Golem (with the trick on the card) disappear in a second. Anyway the most important thing is the Chi . A Monk crew without Chi will crumble fast.
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