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  1. in the midtime I'm barely capable of assemble preconstructed buildings xD
  2. All the painted miniatures used by Wyrd for showcase are painted by his studio
  3. I asked a similar question about the trigger on Mikhail attack . In that case the answer was pretty forward because I didn't noticed the italics (trigger costs are paid during the Duel Step) . In this case instead i think that the joker flipped is put in the discard pile before resolving the action as the Duel Step ends with the Determine Outcome step . Let's imagine that the action was "the target suffers 1/2/3 and then shuffle n cards from your discard pile into your deck" . You can have just one card at the time into the conflict so when you are resolving the action you must discard the card used for the Duel to flip the one of the damage. In this case when you shuffle the discarded cards the joker is available. I think it works this way
  4. Hi all, Not quite a Rasputina user here but one member of my community used to play only her . I see a lot of complaints about the "fire power" . Am I the only one who sees only the shockwave looking at her card ? I mean , i would use only that ability 3 times a row . The same with Snowstorm, the shockwave is so good (turn one looks brainless and then the pushes are just useful 9 games out of 10). Looking at her with her M2E role in mind is quite ... wrong? She is tailor made to upset your opponent giving out Barriers, Slow and Staggered . Every damage she does is quite a bonus. A 14 TN on the Shockwave is one of the best values out there
  5. It doesn't matter if you are a 4m tall Nephilim, if Toshiro says "Move" you move
  6. They are far from doing bad. In the last 5 years (since the release of the official rules of AoS and then even more with the new ones for 40k) their stock market value Skyrocketed up like crazy . And just in the first half of the 2020 (in the middle of the first part of the pandemic situation) their income growth by 10%. Go for an extremely easier game has been criticized from the back-then community but it was 110% a win for them . Wyrd kinda followed the same route from 2E to 3E and in my opinion it was the perfect choice . Ok , it wasn't a complete rule reboot like Warhammer but still it is easier now. The only problem is than they weren't ready to the increment of requests like Gw that have their own workshops
  7. I really thought I read the rulebook well enough. Sorry about it , i will triple check next time
  8. I have a question . It is more about general rules but I put it here anyway. Anya make friendly scheme markers in LoS Hazardous for the enemies. So they became Terrain Markers , right? The rules say : "if an Hazardous terrain marker is moved , all models who came in contact with it during the move, suffer the effect of the terrain marker". When Anya drops a marker with the bonus or even the other ability (not the first part where it moves where it obviously works , i mean where the new one is dropped) does it count as moved? I would say no of course . Same for the Geode Marker dropped by the other guys. Bonus question : a model can't suffer the Hazardous trait more than once per action . They mean from the same Hazardous terrain? If it moves through 2 schemes...
  9. Of course I didn't notice it was in italics the first part (home printed cards in low res) . Now everything is clearer . Thank you
  10. Hi, I have a question about Mikhail and his "In Memoriam" trigger . So: when is a card removed from the conflict and put in the discard pile? The rulebook says "once an effect that caused a card to be flipped is resolved , the card is discarded" . I always discarded the card flipped/cheated before doing the damage flip (and before the trigger is resolved) . In this way I can cheat an high crow to be sure to hit also the next time . I'm pretty sure it works this way and Rufess just above said "crow trigger worth to cheat to ensure next attack." Just want to be sure thank you
  11. Hi, I have 2 different doubts , both language dependent I think. Unnatural Glow : Push the target up to 3" in any direction. Then , this model may have the target heal 1 or 1/2/3 if it is within 2" of a Terrain Marker As I read it I move a model and then I can decide , if it is within 2" of a Terrain Marker, if it heals 1, 1/2/3 or if it doesn't heal at all. I can see how it can be read like a model can heal 1 after moving anyway (even if it isn't within 2" of the marker) or 1/2/3 if it ends the movement within the range of a marker. I support the first case but I ask just in case . The second question is about Light the Way. "[...] Friendly models within 2" of the Lit Marker each receive a + to any one duel they take each activation" This is a bit tricky to understand. The "each activation" suggest that I can receive a + to only one duel I choose for each activation. Is this right? Thank you
  12. Is the trigger "Stay Awhile and Listen" a direct reference to Deckard Cain from Diablo 2 ? Such a pearl if it is so xD Ps: sorry if this isn't actually related to Malifaux but I need to know
  13. Get ready to wait next January for the FaQ xD
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