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Nathan Caroland

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Is that the Gorgon!?!?!?!?!?? Resser model...  NOW!

Alyssa, such a great fit for the resident artist!!!!


Oh god, that's a gorgon-inspired belle for Seamus. Calling it NOW!!! And god is that some of the best art I've seen! We're going beyond Wizards of  The Coast here!

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Hyped realization
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3 hours ago, Gnomezilla said:

...what did the gremlin taxidermist do to that poor bayou gremlin? Or is that "git yer bro", caught in horrible mid-fission? :huh:

Nah it is a gremlin who ate Somer's beans and drank his moonshine, only a boss can handle beans and shine of that magnitude.


Got to say I enjoy the art.  Here is hoping they make the medusa woman a non-mercenary Neverborn just to spite the ressers

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