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  1. The rule says you may spend 1 chi token to gain +2, so you may spend 1 chi token to gain +2 or you can spend no chi tokens.
  2. Where are you seeing that slow says a model only gets one action?
  3. Regarding the section about climbable terrain in the movement section, it's been known about since before the rulebook went to print on initial release, and the rulebook has been errata'd twice now. If their intent was for any form of movement to work with climbable that section would almost certainly have been changed by now. Especially considering they closed the incorporeal-climbable loophole where I'm pretty sure I was the only person who ever actually pointed out that they didn't technically work together initially.
  4. For every other thing listed in there other than trying to make an insignificant model a target for schemes.
  5. The Breaking the Rules callout box is pretty explicit. Model rules trump course rules, and restrictive rules trump permissive rules. There's really no way to interperet the replace rules as overriding insignificant.
  6. A marker with terrain traits is a terrain marker. Moorwraiths say they count as a marker because they are not markers and would not otherwise be a marker, terrain or otherwise, without that.
  7. Healing only helps against damage killing a model
  8. Summon and unbury are both place effects, which is movement.
  9. Also ending isn't the same as reduction, so things like dispel magic won't cause pack with explosives to proc.
  10. There's a reason outcast is the least played faction in the world series in total and was only able to get together 4 players for the one iron scorpius event, and had a trend of people leaving it for other factions.
  11. So you switched from neverborn because you think they only have 1 viable keyword(which is so demonstrably false it's just willful ignorance at this point) ...to outcasts?
  12. After the charge is declared but before moving. If successful, and if the charge ends still in the aura, the model would need to make another boring conversation duel for the generated attack before choosing a target.
  13. The change was to stop McCabe from just being a singleton model who runs into an enemy crew with whatever 1-2 upgrades would be good for the match up, and proceed to decimate stuff causing 10+ simple duels in the process. His shooting is still very good, but it's shooting, so still has much more the opponent can do against it, and requires mccabe to actually be hitting mod+ damage to have a big impact rather than just hitting and the damage flip being largely irrelevant.
  14. It's exactly as easy to use as run and gun shooting. It's literally just run and gun except you only have one specific action you can take. It seems like you're equating run and gun and gun fighter into the same ability with the comment about shooting while engaged.
  15. Guild, outcast and 10T you go with the "just kill them first". Also Euri can mess with their ability to get in range by blocking off models with more ice pillars.
  16. That's what moderates are for, unless you need it to remain there for points in which case that falls under the branch of "more ... than you need for gambles". Who are you spending severes to resist a shockwave with? To be able to use it on damage requires pre-planning and falls under the branch of "more ... than you need for gambles. Yes, by using fiendish gamble to get back the high moderates. Having a glut of removed severe cards that you were never going to use was bad before the errata. It's even worse now.
  17. It doesn't count as friendly and enemy. What matters for markers is which player is controlling the action, not what crew the controlled model is in.
  18. That's why you kill those models first. If the faction even has access to them.
  19. You shouldn't be removing more severe cards than you need for gambles. Period. The only reason you should have 3 severe cards in your removed pile at the end of turn is if you just keep lucking into not needing to use them for gambles, at which point you're better off just leaving them removed to use that turn and putting back the weaks instead(assuming you've put back the mods first).
  20. Last section of the marker rules
  21. Or to give a different spin, two sz 3 models shooting each other over a sz 2 wall. They can see each other fine, but if one of them is completely in the shadow then any scheme markers in base contact with them would be out of LoS of the other model.
  22. Although do keep in mind that if you've got parasite tokens you're likely just dealing damage to yourself. And you want to get the activation order right so they don't just get healed/are now able to spread healing to the big guys.
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