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  1. LOL, reminds me of the mimic investigator I had when I was the Fatemaster, they met the guy on the first day and did not find out he was a mimic till about 80-85% through the campaign. Last session right near the end when they had almost accomplished everything one of my players turned around and attacked him. Player stated he had been planning to kill him long time ago for manipulating them but had waited till they had gotten what they want. Rest of the party just sort of let him and the Mimic fight while they finished their stuff, player getting the mimic in the end. Hopefully this one does better than mine.
  2. Generally when I go to a tournament I take 2-3 masters worth of stuff. More often 2 but did 3 enough times as well. I started doing it a little before M2E started till the present. And plan to keep doing so likely. I find that taking to many models lead to decision paralysis when it comes to list building for me. I find myself starting second guessing myself or eyeballing a master I think would be a good match but don't have as much experience with. Back in M2E, heck that first Adepticon right after it came out, I only took 14 models total and did well. In M2E I rarely took more than 16 models to tournments. Now in M3E I think I will tend to take a little more, As there is not much overlap due to keywords, but I think I will keep to limiting myself to 3 masters at the most. Ones that I feel cover my bases and I am comfortable with. Not just in remembering all their rules and tricks, but also can get stuff done fairly quickly to keep the game moving.
  3. That is the Alt Guild Sergeant model
  4. Oh they did answer a lot of questions, normally by making things clearer in the next update. But you are also sort of dealing with only so many people shifting through the threads and they made it clear early on they put priority on battle reports as they supplied the most feedback. Got to remember also is that as a forum threads could be knocked into the back burner and forgotten or overlooked. Should it have gotten dealt with, yes in hindsight this one got past the net, but I am not surprised considering the posts involved through everything.
  5. This is going to have to be a FAQ ruling I believe in the end. Like mentioned both sides are entrenched and both sides have valid arguments. It is just a somewhat gray spot in the rules that can be taken certain ways depending on how you view it. @Ogid as for the Beta, I believe it was debated there as well at one point and I do not think a true answer was given or reached. I think part of the problem was it did not come up right away and thus went for a while before one person asked the question. Then both sides popped up saying they have been playing it this way and found that they did not all agree.
  6. It was almost a Syndicate or whatever they are called for the The Other Side. It was part of a campaign where there was three possible groups rising as Soulstone smugglers and influencers on the Other Side. The faction was going to be Marcus supporting his homeland by having his research and unique talents passed back through the breach so that followers in Egypt could make their own beastial monsters to aid Egypt's efforts. Sadly it lost, as I felt both it and the Council Syndicate were better ideas then the Sleepwalkers.
  7. I like that one J4bberw0ck. I had a Doppelganger in that last campaign I was in as well. They were posing as a special guild investigator into the black blood trafficing ring. Kept saying they were on special assignment. It was almost the whole campaign before the players finally found out. A few had suspicions of the investigator but none thought it was a doppelganger, some were just questioning if they were working for the guild or not. One of the players swore he was going to kill them but ended up still working with the doppelganger to go after the Doctor. Though when they got the very end one, right on the crisp of the last fight as the Doctor faced them... that player turned on the Doppelganger and tried to kill it, not really caring about the Doctor at that point. Ended up turning the final battle into a mini three way brawl as some players went after the doctor, some turned on the Doppelganger, and then the NPCs fighting the guards.
  8. I have used a Guild Lawyer out of keyword multiple times. Both with Perdita and with Hoffman. With Hoffman it has been to get that little extra protection or to snag up that high card that I also don't need to worry about power tokens with or being within certain ranges for Hoffman's stuff. With Perdita it really was for the Shielded to keep models around. People tended not to bring anti armor or Shielded when I announce Perdita.
  9. One of my favorite from a campaign I ran in TTB was Barry from like the third session of a campaign. The campaign was centered around a underground operation that the fated came across and got wrapped in. A former researcher from the Guild had been part of a project to try and find a means of combating the neverborn in a different manner. The research eventually focused on trying to find some element, method, or anything that could be used against the Nephilim primarily targeting their black blood. Eventually forces outside the department *perhaps even a certain masked superior* got the project shut down as it was deemed that bullets were cheaper. Then the researchers eventually disappeared or had accidents. Only a clerical error saved the main antagonist as he had been recorded as a clerk rather than researcher. Thus he took his work underground, hiring a pair of immoral monster hunters to acquire samples of living nephilim to research. He eventually starts infecting human subjects to study the transformation and acquire more black blood *as in TTB they gain the ability*. Also knowing about Neverborn shapeshifters the doctor had ways of eliminating anyone that started poking around in his business. One such infected subject was a boy named Barry. Rather than wings his innate magic emerged as his infection worsened and instead he gained the ability to fly without wings. He would later escape the Doctor and set up his home in the Quarntine zone, snatching up other unwanted children to free them. Everyone that was turned by his black blood gained his own unique ability to fly. As you can likely guess he was a twisted inspired take on Peter Pan. The players ended up beating Barry's lost boys easy when they actually worked together and used tactics *from the first two sessions I had not suspected they would suddenly pick these up*. In the end there was only a wounded Barry who had been shot. But no one had him engaged and he was perched on the edge of a building so I had him fly away. The fated failed to shoot him down as he escaped all the while vowing his hatred of them. The great part was the players, for almost the entire rest of the campaign, were looking over their shoulders waiting for Barry to come back. When something would happen they would question among themselves if Barry was somehow involved. Murder mystery? Did Barry do it! Undead Nephilim come after them? Is Barry a Necromancer! Something is moving in the dark abandoned lab, IS it Barry?!. The players themselves ended up hyping up the character more than I could as the Fatemaster.
  10. I have a blue dice for each construct and hoffman myself. I have yet to get anyone over 6 power tokens so it has worked well. Closest I got I think was 5.
  11. I have only played him with Guild so far, mostly because I was messing around with other guild things as well. One thing I have liked out of Keyword with him has been a Lawyer. The ability to give one or two model's Shielded +2 has proven rough for some of my opponents. Sometimes when I don't need the two models with Shielded I try to get the Tome on its bonus action for the extra card draw. I have also had him pick up some high cards and shuffled a low card out in turn. I have found that I have rarely maintained the Hoff Ball in M3E, often everyone starts within 6" but they do not remain so. It seems the majority of the time I end up more as a line with hoffman supplying his effort in the part he will be needed the most. As long as a construct has a power token for Transfer power I am less worried about them spreading out. That said I am loving the Peacekeeper with Hoffman. It draws attention and while low defense the built in Hard to Wound has been gold. He has tanked so much damage, even when armor ignoring options have been on the field. Either Hoffman uses the trigger on his torch to make sure it is not a problem, I have had shielded on him, or Hard to Wound kept the damage low enough he could stay in there and be healed.
  12. What I love is the fact that all of them have at least two points of contact with the base.
  13. Well if you are using the Brain Surgery talent you can put the brain in a jar rather than a flesh construct. The brain in a jar rules mention it can be hooked up to a non-fated undead or construct to let the brain control the body. So technically if you did not want to be undead you could just be a living brain in a jar and get yourself a wonderful metal body. The rules in Under Quarantine does not mention it but you should likely consider the character an Invested at that point, as being put in an undead body make you a stitched. Into the Steam came after Under Quarantine so the term for construct Fated, Invested, was not out yet. Of course having someone build an exquisite robot body could be rather expensive but... well Robot Body!
  14. There are three ways to increase Aspects. The first is when you complete one of your Journey Steps, based on your Fate. There are 5 of those and they will be spread throughout the campaign so they are not necessarily quick gains. The Second is certain Talents can actually increase an Aspect, but those often have harsh side effects. I do not have my books on hand but I remember one for Stitched where you get some extra Aspect but you are always slow or something along that lines. The third way is to temporarily increase them with Magic, there is a spell that increase the mental and one that increases the physical aspects temporarily.
  15. Well I suspect that McCabe was fired from the Guild rather than quit. The previous Governor General likely put up paying him more as he was interested in gathering the items and relics he needed for his whole acension thing. The current one is much more, to pardon the phrase, down to earth on matters and likely cut the questionable relic hunter loose. And if you want to stay good with the Ten Thunders you have to prove you have a use, the more useful you are the better in fact, so joining up with a new source of income, tools, and information would be a good move by him *Assuming he was not just ordered to pamper to the Society for the Ten Thunder*. That said I have doubt we will be getting to many more dual faction masters out of the Society, Maybe one more. Most of the factions have stuck to 2-3 dual faction masters. Guild has 2 *will be 3 with Basse*, Arcanist has 3, Neverborn has 3, Ressers have 2, Bayou has 2, Outcast has 2, and 10T have 2 *soon to be 3 with McCabe*. One of the things that seemed to have gotten out of control in the previous editions that made it hard to balance was having to many models out of faction being mixed all over the place. It means any keyword that is tied to a dual faction master this round have to be extra careful.
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