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  1. EnternalVoid

    Mage tn cap+ Summon Beast

    Oh I actually have a good example of this one from one of our group. The character had a background with the 10T, namely the Yakuza like side of it, and he had a rather extensive tattoo which was also his grimoire *started as a dabbler*. He later went into the mage pursuit and wanted to go with summoning. He decided he wanted to summon based off his tattoos. So we made a list of them, figured out roughly what each would be roughly with some modifications *Such as a temple dog using the hunting dog but gained construct and turning a malifaux raptor into a firebird*. After reviewing we struck an agreement he could have a number based on his rank in pursuits *one per 3 ranks rounded up* and add an additional by taking the New Manifiestation talent.
  2. The rulebook says stand there till the player does the order action, which is the way I go. Otherwise you sometimes get players disagreeing with your choices of actions. That way if they disagree you say that is the rules and how you are following it.
  3. EnternalVoid

    per request, flesh colored insidious madnesses

    Well that is nightmare fuel, well done
  4. EnternalVoid

    Executioners Conversion

    You could replace one's claw fingers with syringes all crazy doctor like perhaps. Narrow tube or greenstuff, possible actual small needles for the poky ends. Oh, you could also replace one's arm with a bonesaw like Sebastian's. The other could be Fishhook maybe. Otherwise somehow replacing their heads with ones with surgical masks like Lusciousmccabe suggested
  5. EnternalVoid

    Sixteen Tons Question

    I will say the flip side, don't be afraid to say no either. Sometimes players will find something that just is bad for the game or just don't work. Of course that is where you can compromise but sometimes you have to say "That is not going to work. But how about this...". An Example of this is crafting, if a player wants to made their own weapons and gear that is fine, but I would not let them spit out a Clockwork seeker in 1 hour of narrative time for only a quarter of the base cost. Sure the rules don't give a time frame on how long it would take so nothing is saying you cannot do it, but that is the Fatemaster's job to decide if something is reasonable. Another example, I had a player that wanted to join the 10T and become a Torakage, so I slipped in the chance for him during a session I had one of his fates come up. Later he wanted get the Torakage special weapons with all sorts of modifications. I took a look at the Torakage weapon's and most of them seemed like they were discounted costs. The long bow for the Torakage is 5 scrip to the 10 scrip everyone else pays and the only difference is it does not have indirect and the Spear is basically the Polearm with Precise for way cheaper. So I told him he could not buy them at those costs with modifications as his superiors are not going to hire a specialized smith to make his weapons *Not important enough and weapons like that are more traceable*, so he would have to go find a smith himself if he wanted them and pay more for it. Another example would be when I was working with a player on a Manifested power. They wanted the Teleport but the manner they wanted it I was certain was going to be abused. So I said no to way he had it and then ended up offering him three solutions on how to have the power but what sort of limitations it would have *such as only during Narrative time or making it a manifested ability rather than a spell but be once per session*. Part of my reasoning for this is you have to think about the other players as well. You let someone abuse something in a bad way and it can affect the fun of the other players sometimes.
  6. EnternalVoid

    July 2018 Errata

    Funny thing for me is the last couple times I brought out Nico he did not use re-animator much as I took him without most of his corpse generation. He primarily gave Fast to models and topped off a few models. I think I summoned two models for two of the games and three for the others *Mostly replacing my forces as they fell though on at least two games a Canine Remains dug up a bone first turn*. Still I will have to give him a few more whirls now to see just how different he feels as his summoning is not as safe *Needs more planning and less target of opportunity*. I will reserve final judgement till then.
  7. EnternalVoid

    Effect Timing

    Another tiny meta gamey step might be to include sometimes people with the Counterspell skill from time to time, as they can for a 1 AP action put up that magic shielding from page 182. If the player is playing to the Df or Wp of the enemy and going no higher for his spells, then the difference with the Counterspell's Magic Shield bonus can throw him off. It will at least force him to aim high in the off chance someone has counterspell 2 or 3 amount the enemy. Someone that normally needs to meet a 13 on a duel going to a 16 can throw a magic user off their game and give other non-magic players a chance to shine.
  8. EnternalVoid

    Obsidian Gate Results

    It was only obvious that Dr. Watson would come out on top, one merely had to examine the evidence to deduce it. Elementary.
  9. EnternalVoid

    The Washhouse / Department of Ungentlemanly Affairs

    Nah there is nothing else that I can remember yet as a story or more details. Ironside would not be linked to them as they are more covert Arcanist and less MS&U *Tony closer to that side*. English Ivan does get mentioned in Mei Feng's Vignette as he was the one that saved her from being caught by the Guild and nursed her back to health... and plans to use her to infiltrate the 10T.
  10. EnternalVoid

    Spellcasting and AP

    There are several ways to gain fast depending on the Pursuit Talent. The Mercenary can get fast from the Talent Borrowed Time at the cost of either 2 Wds or 5 Scrip. The Pioneer can gain an extra general AP *It is not Fast so it can Stack with Fast* from its Step ten Talent, Manifest Destiny. Ghouls from Under Quarantine can gain fast from their Calorie Burn Talent. The Advance Pursuit Abettor of Obliteration can give itself Fast with the Adrift in Time Talent. In Into the Steam the Augmented can get it from the Specialized Technology if they took the Path of Sinew. In Into the Bayou the Boozer can eventually get a Talent called Ethanol Powered that gives the model an additional General AP at the cost of a flask of alcohol. The Necromancer pursuit can help another character get fast if they are Undead with their Rigor Mortis spell. Also the Drudge's tenth step talent can potentially give you up to 3 Additional AP if the character is beat up enough. The Pugilist pursuit can also give a way to get fast though it is only at the start of Dramatic time and only on a RJ so no very likely. So while there are ways to get extra AP, they tend to be late in a Pursuit, often the tenth step, and generally with strings of some sort. After all getting even 1 extra AP is pretty huge for a character.
  11. EnternalVoid

    Effect Timing

    Honestly I think the short answer to all three is; It is up to the Fatemaster's Decision. As the fatemaster you have the ability to determine if you think something does not fit right or is not healthy for the campaign. That said you have to be very careful with your decisions as you have to take the player's enjoyment into consideration. But also at the same time the health of the campaign as a whole. It is best to catch any problem early and lay down the Fatemaster ruling so they have time to adjust their character if needs be. Personally I would likely make some Fatemaster rulings and talk to the player about it and see if they want to adjust their character after delivering them. For number 1, in Malifaux the timing would let him pick which after damaging effect triggers first letting him pull this off. Glancing in the TTB book I did not find something that defines which one goes first. Personally, at least at first thought, I am against letting them Root then Push them immediately to do damage if only because the spell is supposed to be a "single moment". For Root and Push to work technically description wise the person would have to get rooted firmly and then shoved afterwards in my opinion. That to me does not sound like something that happens in an instant. Remember the describing spell effects on page 263, the spell has to make some sense. Personally I would have the Rooted take hold after the push myself. It means it is not as good for damage but it becomes a way to keep people off you as you can push them away and keep them from just charging back in. Now before I go further I would also make sure your character defines his Traditional Magic Theory. Unlike most of the other theories the Traditional Magic group varies widely on their roots, backstories, and thus the reasoning behind their traditions. Why is the character's whole magic tradition rooted in Delaying the magic? Why did his predecessors design everything they created around this sole concept. Where they paranoid trap makers or chess like strategic operators or colossal pranksters. Really that should give some grounds on what sort of trigger conditions the character would use for story purposes and I would hold them at least a little to it. For 2 I would not allow it, that feels like an attempt to game the system in the wrong way. Also I don't think is can works that way. The spell is not actually cast till the action that triggers is taken if you follow the immuto. The wording of the Immuto is "The Caster specifies a situation which the spell will be cast," this suggests the spell is not actually "Cast" till the condition is met even if the caster already set it in motion with their casting duel. It is a weird Immuto that twists the norm on how things happen as you should be setting the TN by selecting Magia and Immutos, flipping the duel, and if you match the TN the spell is normally successful cast but this Immuto seems to suggest the spell does not actually Cast till the condition is met *It just sort of hangs around for that last part till the condition*. Now that said I would let him use other conditions. Him saying a certain word, pointing at the target, stomping his foot. But none of them would be part of actual action of spell casting, it has to be a separate action. Now I would let him use a (0) action to trigger it if it is a small thing such as pointing or using a trigger word. That way he is making a clear action to do it and it does not cost him much *save if he starts getting other (0) actions*. But I would also hold him to that trigger, as in he should only have ONE trigger when he is using his Delay Immuto this way. After all this is a tradition he learned, not some random whispering of madness in his head at any giving moment. So if he wants a short cast on his spell he is going to have to settle on a single method of triggering it that you can work with. That way if he goes with a trigger word, if he cannot speak he cannot do it. If he goes with lifting his arm and pointing at the target then having his hands tied behind his back could be a problem. Or if it is stomping his foot if someone makes him float he cannot trigger it. It gives options and is better story telling. For 3... It is difficult. I would not allow, Declare an Attack, as the target does not actually do that, the Fatemaster does it. I would require it to be more narrative and set from the character's perceptions if I was the Fatemaster. Such as "When he shoots his gun", "When he swings his sword", or "When he Draws his weapon". Generally I would not let it interrupt the person's attack unless he finds a specific portion moment before the attack such as when charging in "When they step on that spot 2 yards in front of me". Of course that has a higher chance of backfire if rather than charging they pull out a gun and start shooting at you *though it would still be there when someone stepped on that spot*. It can still mess with their actions, as while it will not stop the first attack it can prevent a second swing *though they can still use the AP for something else like walking back into range or Focus then swing.
  12. EnternalVoid

    Starting Tinkerer and Darlin Theory

    If you have the Darin Theory you cannot cast without a Focus. You have to purchase your starting Focus sadly, meaning a starting Tinker is likely going to be fairly light on equipment initially. I would suggest a Lv1 Focus for 5 scrip and you can build a better one later when you come into some cash. That would leave you 5 scrip to get a weapon *Maybe two if you go real cheap on them*. Remember that even a Lv1 Focus is pretty good as it will reduce your cast by 1, meaning it is a TN9 for Animate Construct but it will work on any other magic you get access too. The FAQ at least tells us that you can buy a lower ranked Focus then your Artifacting Skill so you don't need to worry about gimping your skill for a lower Focus.
  13. EnternalVoid

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Emeline Bellerose'

    Been meaning to put her together at some point here. Thanks as always
  14. EnternalVoid

    Add ram suit

    There are several ways to add additional suits to a duel. From just the Core book you have a couple. There is the general talent Specialized Skill which lets you add a suit to a skill. The Academic's Mental Conditioning talent lets you add a suit to a Mental Aspect *can be Intelligence and a Ram for Critical Strike with Long Arms in this case*. The Overseer's Supervision Talent can also get you a suit from discarding a card *so toss a low Ram to add to critical strike*. There are several threads were the rest are listed from the other books and advance pursuits but I have to head out so will have to come back.
  15. EnternalVoid

    I've got wardens for my Iron chef this week.

    I love Wardens with McCabe, a game I had just yesterday I had a Reactivating Warden with the Saber cut down a Peacekeeper turn 1; was Flank deployment so we were pretty close. I would say if you are taking 3 Wardens you should consider at least 3 guild hounds. The three plus Luna, McCabe, and the Wardens give you 8 activations *Plus potential reactivation* before filling out the rest of the crew for 36ss *assuming 5 for upgrades on McCabe*. That leaves you enough for one of our Henchmen *Or Emissary* and still enough for a decent pool. *Actually I like Morgan Vening's List, I would just need to get Dashel based and painted potentially for that one, Been meaning to get him done*.