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  1. No problem, glad to be of help
  2. It is decent sized if only because it is a hub. It is not actually the last stop on the railway, it serves as a hub for smaller lines that go to contract towns. So it is basically their lifeline back to "civilization" as everything has to pass through Edge Point before going to the contract towns and all the goods from those towns go through Edge point to get back to Malifaux. There is 3 pages about Edge point in Into the Bayou describing it. The Common District is decent and it has its own Shanty Town too. Not sure on population but it sounds like it has a signifigant population.
  3. Another thing to remember is that is the 'norm'. Say the Stitched Character is in a fight in that town and after the smoke clears they are still standing but have three bullet holes. While looking over his attacks some of the town folk come forward to see if they are okay. If the character does not try to deceive them or slip away they could start to notice the lack of blood from his wounds. How could this work rule wise? if a NPC gets a positive you could rule it adds +2 to their result like a Fatemaster NPC vs NPC. So you could have that Minion (5) with a Scrutiny of 3 and Cunning of 3 would have an 11 so normally would not spot the Stitched. But due to the lack of blood or overly helpful nature of the minion trying to help their injuries, they could get a to their scrutiny test, thus making their result a 13. Or while most of the town are a bit slow on catching on, you could have that that local sheriff, saloon owner, town hero, or Mayor be an Enforcer (7) with a Cunning of 2 and Scrutiny of 3. Now the Stitched have to avoid this person's attention or else they might be found out.
  4. 1. It is what the Fatemaster NPC needs to spot that the person is a Stitched. Mind you that is likely under the impression that the Stitched is trying to hide what they are, at least how I have taken it. Wearing clothing, gloves, hat, and other things to hide the obvious stuff. Wearing Cologne or perfume if they smell. Basically this is if the player is not flaunting their undead status. I personally would modify this according to the scene. Guild Patrols doing full searches at a checkpoint? Ya big bonus. Death Marshal, bonus to scrutiny in these cases. Also if you want to make it a challenge of sorts, you could have a scene where they will be found out unless they use another means to get through. Such as Deceive or Bewitch to get through the guards, or Stealth & Acrobatic to sneak over the wall. 2. That is up to the Fatemaster technically. You could go off there actual attacks against defense and flip damage accordingly but some penny dreadfuls just tell you who will be able to hit who and what sort of flip or damage they will do. It will be up to you and how you want it ran. I would suggest considering a flat course for scenes were you are controlling the narrative, such as when the baddie hits one of the bystanders he does half their wounds per hit. In turn the Bystanders only hit half the time for only 1-2wds depending on what they are armed with. 3. Ya.. honestly that is a tad to much in my opinion for a first destiny step manifested power. It basically is a huge buff as not only do they get heavy armor they cannot lose but they don't suffer the negative for having said armor. There are several ways you can go with this. You could make it a once per session ability that lasts for a set duration or one dramatic time. You could have it only trigger under certain conditions, like After losing half their wounds or requires an action to take an Athletics TN13 duel to start it up. Or they have to take a (0) action and a test to have it last till the beginning of their next turn. Or it only works till they take half their wounds then they're to hurt to use it. Or maybe they lose it the moment they take a Moderate or Severe damage till they are healed. Also it should be tied to the Destiny step like the examples in the book, did he actually do anything to earn such a power in his Destiny?
  5. Personally I would say no as it is not a weapon, it is a Skill Kit that grants access to certain attacks, but it is up to your Fatemaster to decide.
  6. I don't think so, other people have posted the results of their campaigns, though I would add something at the very beginning as a warning for anyone that does not want spoilers
  7. We got ours in at our game shop I think near the end of last week
  8. Wyrd has really broken up a lot of its story across the board. To really get the big picture you almost have to read everything and put together the puzzle yourself. Now if you just want a current state of things Above the Law does give a pretty good look at how the city as a whole is doing, and how the Guild came to be, but does not give much else. Not a ton of the mythology has been revealed yet. Simply put the history Breachside has been buried for ages to the point that even the natives have forgotten great chunks of it. Most of the stuff that people have gotten are a tidbit here, a tidbit there, and from there readers have managed to put together a rough outline of some things. You will not find something that reads like a player guide explaining all the tyrants, who they were, where they are, and what they are attempting. Nor will you get an exact account of what transpired in what manner. The closest we have gotten has been the 2e TTB core book. Other than that it is largely what you draw away from the hero centered stories and clues. That said in those stories it does not help that the few people that can answer a lot in the fluff in that world are highly opinionated and secretive *Titania is a prime example*.
  9. 1) If we are talking about the four suits in the deck, like Crow, Ram, Tome, and Mask, those are important for potential triggers. So if your defining suit is a crow, your highest card in your twist deck is the 13 of crow. 2) Just the toolkits, the weapons just the next section after them. 3) That is what skill to make your own. So if a Fated wanted to make a toolkit they need to have a 4 in the crafting skill to do make it. You can find it on page 224 in the craft these items section. It says to use the Homesteading skill for crafting Skill Toolkits in that section.
  10. I really like the scales of that fountain. Blood is also well done
  11. The company is called Army Painter https://admin.thearmypainter.com/files/products/ProductImages_2015/Brushes/BR7014_ThePsycho_1280x1280_14.png I personally do the actual black part of the eye with a Pigma Micron 005 art pen currently myself. Really small tip and I don't have to worry about paint. It is not perfect but it has worked for me for the moment.
  12. Honestly they have not given a ton on Reva and actually what is going on with her or in her head. Her story bit is not from her point of view so we are not getting insight into her thoughts or motivations. Everything in that story is from her St. Clair's point of view and how he sees things. She clearly has some connection to the Necromantic forces in Malifaux as she has no formal magical training. So it is either instinctual, the Grave Whispering, or some other source of power she has access to. But without access to her actual thoughts or more stories we can only guess what might be behind her or her motivations. That said it is pretty clear she has some sort of unnatural unseen charismatic aura, it seems to draw people to believe in her even if they are not even sure exactly what she is standing for. They just believe in her thus follow her direction without being sure where she is leading them. It seems even undead can fall under this charm even though many no longer have any sort of individual will.
  13. There is also a General Talent called Sturdy that gives you +2 Wounds, you can even take it multiple times though each time after the first only gives +1 wounds. Also the Drudge have a Step 1 Pursuit called Long Suffering that gives the character +2 Wounds as well. I actually have a player running around with like 11wds as the party's tanker individual.
  14. A deeper write up of the Bureaucrat Bureaucrat is a largely Social based pursuit that uses the Bureaucracy Skill a lot. Their starting equipment is a “Favor” owed by a powerful fatemaster character. It says to discuss with the Fatemaster as to the identity of this individual. This Favor can be called on once for something pretty large. Examples it gives is having criminal records of the character and their associates expunged or temporary access to a powerful weapon. But once used it is gone. Its Step 0 Talent lets the player discard a card when making a Bewitch, Intimidate, or Barter challenge to use Bureaucracy instead. If using it for Bartering you need time to contact your people to uphold your end of any deal but basically it means having favors done perhaps in leau of paying the full price. The next Talent you get is Web of Allies. This lets you gain an “Ally” *subject to Fatemaster approval*, that the character can call upon once per session for aid. This means a Bureaucracy Challenge with the TN based on what you are asking your Ally to do for you. Obviously if it is something easy for the Ally the TN is quite low but if it is risky or have considerable backlash it can get up to a TN18. Also each time you get a General Talent you can gain another “Ally” isntead. So this is the talent that can get a Bureacrat its many resources it can call on. The next step gives you a choice of two talents. The first is Long Winded Speech and the second is Do you Know Who I Am?. The Speech is similar to other pursuit talents we have seen in that it makes the character stand out but Notice tests for noticing other characters are at a negative. Also if your speech goes at least 5 minutes and you finish you can make a Leadership test to get a positive to social challenges for those that listened, with a margin you can adjust their opinions by one degree. Do you Know Who I Am? gives you an manifiested power that goes off Intimidation and Tenacity. It gives the target till end of Dramatic time a negative to attacks against the character. It requires a Ram and has a Ram Mask trigger to make them slow and dazed as well. Next is Information Network and Favors Owed. Information Network basically lets you take a Bureaucracy test to gather information in the area about a person, the time it takes based on the size of the settlement you are in. Favored Owed lets you add your Charm to your Web of Allies Bureaucracy test. It also lets you call on your allies more but they require additional margins of success for each time you called on that one. Next two is Administrative Initiative and Plausible Deniability. Administrative Initiative lets you discard a card at the beginning of Dramatic Time and manipulate a number of characters’, based on the value of the card, initiatives. Either lower or raising it by your Bureaucracy rank. Plausible Deniability lets you once per Session discard a card to avoid any sort of repercussions of being accursed of a crime save for some scandalous rumors for a few weeks. Bureaucratic Meddling and The System is Rigged are the next two talents. Meddling lets you at the start of your turn in Dramatic time look at the top card of a character’s twist deck. Then they can either discard it or return it to the top of that deck. The System is Rigged lets you treat all Ram and Mask cards that are flipped, cheated, or revealed as if they had both suits. The last Talent is “Synergy”. Whenever a friendly model in 10 yards Cheat Fate, another character in range may draw a card after resolving the action. Ya this one pretty much means when one player cheats fate another one gets to draw a card, effectively making it nearly impossible to run players out of cards unless they discard them for things.
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