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  1. I have a blue dice for each construct and hoffman myself. I have yet to get anyone over 6 power tokens so it has worked well. Closest I got I think was 5.
  2. I have only played him with Guild so far, mostly because I was messing around with other guild things as well. One thing I have liked out of Keyword with him has been a Lawyer. The ability to give one or two model's Shielded +2 has proven rough for some of my opponents. Sometimes when I don't need the two models with Shielded I try to get the Tome on its bonus action for the extra card draw. I have also had him pick up some high cards and shuffled a low card out in turn. I have found that I have rarely maintained the Hoff Ball in M3E, often everyone starts within 6" but they do not remain so. It seems the majority of the time I end up more as a line with hoffman supplying his effort in the part he will be needed the most. As long as a construct has a power token for Transfer power I am less worried about them spreading out. That said I am loving the Peacekeeper with Hoffman. It draws attention and while low defense the built in Hard to Wound has been gold. He has tanked so much damage, even when armor ignoring options have been on the field. Either Hoffman uses the trigger on his torch to make sure it is not a problem, I have had shielded on him, or Hard to Wound kept the damage low enough he could stay in there and be healed.
  3. What I love is the fact that all of them have at least two points of contact with the base.
  4. Well if you are using the Brain Surgery talent you can put the brain in a jar rather than a flesh construct. The brain in a jar rules mention it can be hooked up to a non-fated undead or construct to let the brain control the body. So technically if you did not want to be undead you could just be a living brain in a jar and get yourself a wonderful metal body. The rules in Under Quarantine does not mention it but you should likely consider the character an Invested at that point, as being put in an undead body make you a stitched. Into the Steam came after Under Quarantine so the term for construct Fated, Invested, was not out yet. Of course having someone build an exquisite robot body could be rather expensive but... well Robot Body!
  5. I am in agreement that Chiaki cannot pass her own reliquary with this trigger. To use another trigger as an example I refer to papa loco's Frantic Flaying "Here, Hold This!":The target and other models within 2 of it must each pass a TN 13 Mv duel or suffer 3 damage. The target suffers a - to this duel. This trigger calls out the model in the center of the pulse in addition to other models in the pulse. If they had wanted Chiaki to be able to include herself they would have just included a similar wording. Such as "Choose a model within range. The chosen model may Attach the Reliquary (X) Upgrade, where X is the name of this model or any other model within range."
  6. There are three ways to increase Aspects. The first is when you complete one of your Journey Steps, based on your Fate. There are 5 of those and they will be spread throughout the campaign so they are not necessarily quick gains. The Second is certain Talents can actually increase an Aspect, but those often have harsh side effects. I do not have my books on hand but I remember one for Stitched where you get some extra Aspect but you are always slow or something along that lines. The third way is to temporarily increase them with Magic, there is a spell that increase the mental and one that increases the physical aspects temporarily.
  7. Well I suspect that McCabe was fired from the Guild rather than quit. The previous Governor General likely put up paying him more as he was interested in gathering the items and relics he needed for his whole acension thing. The current one is much more, to pardon the phrase, down to earth on matters and likely cut the questionable relic hunter loose. And if you want to stay good with the Ten Thunders you have to prove you have a use, the more useful you are the better in fact, so joining up with a new source of income, tools, and information would be a good move by him *Assuming he was not just ordered to pamper to the Society for the Ten Thunder*. That said I have doubt we will be getting to many more dual faction masters out of the Society, Maybe one more. Most of the factions have stuck to 2-3 dual faction masters. Guild has 2 *will be 3 with Basse*, Arcanist has 3, Neverborn has 3, Ressers have 2, Bayou has 2, Outcast has 2, and 10T have 2 *soon to be 3 with McCabe*. One of the things that seemed to have gotten out of control in the previous editions that made it hard to balance was having to many models out of faction being mixed all over the place. It means any keyword that is tied to a dual faction master this round have to be extra careful.
  8. Hmm, regrets... I would say at least one would be not playing Somer enough. I loved using his Bigger Hat action to have both players discard their hands and seeing how people dealt with it. Nearing the end of 2nd Ed I was trying out some Resser stuff then we did a fair amount of Henchmen led stuff so I did not get to really give him the number of games he deserved. I mean I guess I also regret not playing some other masters as much either, heck I could say my regret be that I could not split myself into three people and just play more games. I still remember my 1.5 regret though. I had gotten Hoffman's box to use with Levi in a campaign but I planned to play Hoffman once I got the rest of it all together and ready. I really wanted to try out the off the wall Hoffman Bomb list several times over the Protect Chain list.
  9. Back in the first edition of Through the breach you specifically could not combine elemental immutos but 2nd Ed lacked that rule. Back in 1st edition only one of the magical theories let you combine more than one element *Actually had a character that was the master of the Frozen Flame*. So as written you can indeed combine two elemental immutos if you like... as for whether it would work as you suggest is up to the Fatemaster. I believe the last time this came up there was an argument that if the Fatemaster is smart he will rule the immutos happen at the same time thus do not trigger the extra damage. Thus you will have to cast it again to get the damage if you want it. If the player does not like it, well they should not try to figure out a way to game the system for extra damage. If they try to argue about it being thematic the argument was what was wrong with rooting them then blowing them back being thematic. I would say the same for the gamin question, it is up to the Fatemaster. I would not be keen on letting it have to demise abilities myself.
  10. No problem, glad to be of help
  11. It is decent sized if only because it is a hub. It is not actually the last stop on the railway, it serves as a hub for smaller lines that go to contract towns. So it is basically their lifeline back to "civilization" as everything has to pass through Edge Point before going to the contract towns and all the goods from those towns go through Edge point to get back to Malifaux. There is 3 pages about Edge point in Into the Bayou describing it. The Common District is decent and it has its own Shanty Town too. Not sure on population but it sounds like it has a signifigant population.
  12. Another thing to remember is that is the 'norm'. Say the Stitched Character is in a fight in that town and after the smoke clears they are still standing but have three bullet holes. While looking over his attacks some of the town folk come forward to see if they are okay. If the character does not try to deceive them or slip away they could start to notice the lack of blood from his wounds. How could this work rule wise? if a NPC gets a positive you could rule it adds +2 to their result like a Fatemaster NPC vs NPC. So you could have that Minion (5) with a Scrutiny of 3 and Cunning of 3 would have an 11 so normally would not spot the Stitched. But due to the lack of blood or overly helpful nature of the minion trying to help their injuries, they could get a to their scrutiny test, thus making their result a 13. Or while most of the town are a bit slow on catching on, you could have that that local sheriff, saloon owner, town hero, or Mayor be an Enforcer (7) with a Cunning of 2 and Scrutiny of 3. Now the Stitched have to avoid this person's attention or else they might be found out.
  13. 1. It is what the Fatemaster NPC needs to spot that the person is a Stitched. Mind you that is likely under the impression that the Stitched is trying to hide what they are, at least how I have taken it. Wearing clothing, gloves, hat, and other things to hide the obvious stuff. Wearing Cologne or perfume if they smell. Basically this is if the player is not flaunting their undead status. I personally would modify this according to the scene. Guild Patrols doing full searches at a checkpoint? Ya big bonus. Death Marshal, bonus to scrutiny in these cases. Also if you want to make it a challenge of sorts, you could have a scene where they will be found out unless they use another means to get through. Such as Deceive or Bewitch to get through the guards, or Stealth & Acrobatic to sneak over the wall. 2. That is up to the Fatemaster technically. You could go off there actual attacks against defense and flip damage accordingly but some penny dreadfuls just tell you who will be able to hit who and what sort of flip or damage they will do. It will be up to you and how you want it ran. I would suggest considering a flat course for scenes were you are controlling the narrative, such as when the baddie hits one of the bystanders he does half their wounds per hit. In turn the Bystanders only hit half the time for only 1-2wds depending on what they are armed with. 3. Ya.. honestly that is a tad to much in my opinion for a first destiny step manifested power. It basically is a huge buff as not only do they get heavy armor they cannot lose but they don't suffer the negative for having said armor. There are several ways you can go with this. You could make it a once per session ability that lasts for a set duration or one dramatic time. You could have it only trigger under certain conditions, like After losing half their wounds or requires an action to take an Athletics TN13 duel to start it up. Or they have to take a (0) action and a test to have it last till the beginning of their next turn. Or it only works till they take half their wounds then they're to hurt to use it. Or maybe they lose it the moment they take a Moderate or Severe damage till they are healed. Also it should be tied to the Destiny step like the examples in the book, did he actually do anything to earn such a power in his Destiny?
  14. Personally I would say no as it is not a weapon, it is a Skill Kit that grants access to certain attacks, but it is up to your Fatemaster to decide.
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