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  1. I'm torn. I do like that idea. I also like the idea that X has this keyword because of lazy accounts/bureaucracy. EDIT: "Why are the Wicked dolls hanging out with the Nephilim?" "Honestly, Titania's accountants just thought it would be easier to group them together since they're small like Terror Tots." "Sometimes, I regret the centralization of power."
  2. According to Above the Law (not including anything that is unchanged from ME2 or entries that don't have models): Guild Investigator: Elite Forces/Guardsman Witchling Thrall: Witch Hunter (No Elite Forces) Executioner: Guardsman Wokou Raider: Last-Blossom (No Bandit) Sanitarium Workers: In the lore section, it was mentioned that they are considered Guardsman. No particular reason other than it's easier for Guild accountants to keep them on the same payroll as the Guardsmen that are protecting them and the inmates. So, those are possible changes we'll be getting.
  3. They'll be back soon. They were in the GenCon stuff. But since they're in the stores already, they should be back in the webstore soon (Wyrd usually gives the LGS a little bit before they start selling new stuff on their webstore).
  4. It depends on how much do you want it now or just want it for ME3? He's going to have at least a new Henchman (and probably something else besides Guild Guard). Dashel will likely have a new Totem and Henchman at least. So, their ME3 boxes will likely have stuff you want regardless. That said, Lucius is a fun Master and depending on how long we have, it's not a bad investment even if the box itself has an expiration date. You'll also have extra sculpts of Lucius and Dashel at least since we've seen new Dashel art and there was a new Lucius sculpt someone took video of during Gen Con.A little harder to tell, but it looks like there will be new sculpts of lawyers and the Scribe. We don't know if Guild Guard will have new sculpts. At the very least, you'll have extra Guild Guard for summons. So, it won't be an entire loss if you wind up rebuying the ME3 boxes. But it is also something you can probably wait on if you're good only basic sculpts (which is what the ME3 boxes will be in time as the ME2 boxes get phased out).
  5. Definitely. I was thinking there was one more, but couldn't think of who it is. Somehow, I forgot about the Austringers. They would definitely make sense. Especially since ME2 where they kinda separated from Lucius (one of the most fun Chronicles story with hidden messages within hidden messages). It would make sense they would leap at the chance to get out of Lucius's and his former lackey's divisions. That they fit in with Cornelius's theme just makes it even better.
  6. I think they might go to Lucius. Executioner's are a part of the law, especially since Lucius will likely lose the Thralls to Sonia. This is just theorizing. I'll get Above the Law tomorrow. I also think he might get the Guild Investigators in his break-up with Dashel. Investigators who plant evidence and occasionally investigate things do seem like something that might stay under the under-handed Elite Division Lucius leads. To be fair, his alt was a whole new character. It was a sign really. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, but is there any fluff about Cornelius in Above the Law? My thought: Cornelius - I think he'll get Mounted Guards, Guild Pathfinders, Clockwork Traps, and Guild Hounds. - Now that I'm writing this, maybe he'll get Executioners since they're supposed to be about traveling around fulfilling Guild "justice." Still think Lucius is more likely, but I could see it. - The standards are covered already. Lady Justice is melee. Sonia is magic. Perdita is shooting. Hoffman is the buffer/support. Lucius is control. Nellie is a scheme master. Dashel is the summoner. So, what is Cornelius? With his theme and crew abilities, I think he will focus on movement manipulation. His crew has a larger deployment. His units will probably be fast (Mounted Guard, Guild Hounds) and/or be able limit enemy movement at least without cost (dust clouds, severe terrain, and I think Guild Pathfinders and Clockwork Traps will fit perfectly with that). I hope I'm right. Because that sounds awesome (surprise, surprise, I would come up with an idea I personally find awesome).
  7. Got an E-Mail asking if my mailing info is still right. Should be coming soon.
  8. I'm supposed to get mine tomorrow. I'll share some info when I get a chance.
  9. Guild is really the only faction I don't play, but Dashel and Cornelius have got me buying into the Guild for ME3.
  10. Regarding Rollin Black: The biggest problem is that he is a Guild win. It would be worse to take away the Mounted Guard as well. And I don't see McCabe being able to continue using Mounted Guard since he no longer has access to Guardsmen. Honestly, they should change Rollin to Cornelius. Just rename his Mounted version to something like Stan Black, Rollin's twin brother who counts as a Lone Marshal. Would this screw TT players who bought it? Yes. But currently, Guild players are being screwed (slightly less so). Except for people play both, people are going to get screwed. I think the Faction that won the box should be able to still use it. Regardless, I feel for whoever will no longer be able to use a Nightmare Edition box they bought.
  11. I think the concern is reverse Alpha Strike. You with the bigger Crew use all your Activations getting to the enemy. Then, the enemy can Activate their entire (or at least most of their) crew and act without their opponent interfering. It gives the person with the pass tokens more control over the tempo over the game which basically the opposite of the current situation where the player that has more activations controls the tempo. However, if done right, I think there can be a balance so that both big and small Crews are viable. We'll have to wait and see if ME3 gets it right.
  12. I would just apply. I can't speak for Wyrd, but I'd be surprised if they've looked at it yet. It popped out right before GenCon, then GenCon, and then GenCon orders. I'd just apply and see what happens. It's not like you'll be penalized. Just waste a little time and computer ink (or if you're like me, a buck or two at Kinko's).
  13. Just speculation. My natural instinct is it should be something like this: Only Concealment = Someone hiding in water that makes them difficult to see, but they are exposed when the bullets start flying. Only Cover = A wall which makes them harder to hit, but the shooter knows exactly where they are. Cover and Concealment = A forest where it's hard to tell where the enemy is and has plenty of trees to hide behind it. In short, cover stops bullets. Concealment messes with the shooter's sight (this is why I think/hope it will be area of effect like severe terrain). I don't like the idea all cover giving concealment for two reasons. 1. You could make the same argument that cover removes line of sight against the model. The shooting model can't see them. To me it makes the same amount of sense (and honestly, from a non-game mechanic perspective, I totally see it). 2. The biggest reason I really don't like this idea is because they are two different names. Hard and Soft Cover are mechanically link, and it makes sense within the game since they're both called "cover." Two different names to me suggests two different mechanics which can but don't have to overlap. If they do, I'll be hoping they change the name to link them. It'll be much easier to teach a newbie that "Cover gives and Hard Cover gives to the attacker and +2 DF to the Defender" than "Concealment gives and Cover gives +2 DF to the Defender and remember that Cover also gives Concealment." It seems less intuitive which seems the opposite of what ME3 is trying to be. It's not huge deal to me. But if they are mechanically linked, I would like to see the naming suggest it. It just makes sense to me.
  14. Yeah. It definitely changed my buying habits. This year (from this GenCon to next GenCon) has become the year of the Guild. Super excited about Dashel and Cornelius. They look awesome, and I like the themes. I play everything but the Guild (Lady Justice was the only non-Dual Faction Guild master I have and that's because I bought her super cheap from a friend). I was going to have a year of the Guild a little while ago, but physical and financial problems caused to stop buying anything, and my plan to spread into Guild kinda of died out. But with the ME3 announcement of the promotion of Dashel and a frontier Master, my interest in the Year of the Guild sparked again. I'm not too bothered if I never play something I buy. I have enough to never buy more models again (indeed, I've had some for years that I haven't played with yet). I'm a collector. So, I just like having the models even if I don't have the immediate intention to play them. But for ME3, I actually am buying them to play rather than just collection. Or more like trying to build up my Guild so I have plenty of options (including more Masters since sticking to two who do indeed seem awesome seems a bit limiting).
  15. I have no problem it overlapping sometimes. My forest example could easily be cover+concealment. Apparently, I just misunderstood.
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