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  1. Gremlin66

    Malifaux and Army Builder?

    I have AB and it works great for other games. My wife says I have serial killer penmanship so it makes reading my list better for everyone.
  2. Just curious if there will be any upgrades on Army Builder.
  3. Gremlin66


    Keep hearing about them but haven't seen a release date yet. I may have missed it. does anyone have a pic or info?
  4. Gremlin66

    Welcome a new team member!

    Welcome. Great work Look forward to seeing more.
  5. Gremlin66

    So we're Neverborn

    Gremlins are more up and coming with the breach. Though they are up the ladder on the food change in the Bayou. They are still tasty to others in the Bayou.
  6. Gremlin66

    Lighting Bugs?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll leave the other three on the sprue.
  7. Gremlin66

    Lighting Bugs?

    Anyone use more than 3? After picking up the Wong boxset I've now got 6.
  8. Gremlin66

    Stuffed Piglets

    Not trying to get off topib but. How many stuffed pigs does everyone use in a game?
  9. Where and when? I hope they keep all they have done and more.
  10. Gremlin66


    Thank for the replies. Honestly a leash on s pup in the Bayou??
  11. Gremlin66


    The box cover shows a leash. The model has none. Is there something missing?
  12. Gremlin66

    In need of cards.

    I have the Schemes + Strategies Deck but I need 5 Gaining Grounds cards. Etraction Interference Headhunter Guard The Stash Collect The Bounty Where/How can I get them? Thanks
  13. Gremlin66

    Stuffed Piglets!

    Thanks for the reply.
  14. Gremlin66

    Stuffed Piglets!

    Beside eBay. How can you get them? I looked on the store. Are they under something else?
  15. Gremlin66

    Beginner looking for shopping advice

    Makes sense. Thanks for the reply.