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  1. If I’m to carve pumpkins I’ll at least have fun with it
  2. You choose a different master. I've used Lynch for those, and he's godlike at it. He comes in with a crew of 6 to 7 ss models that are crazy durable, and can bring back Huggles in just the right spot to capture or contest a corner. Your opponent is forced to engage and get close for both schemes, and that's just how Lynch and his crew like it. I've tried Lilith with reconnoiter, but I don't quite get her yet, and don't have the models to support her play style. In theory she and her little batty-monkey-babies should own reconnoiter, but I've had no success.
  3. Pandora and some of her followers can force models to activate first or last or mess with activation. Other models like Candy have triggers based on activation of first or last in a turn. Tara and some of her voids have abilities that trigger on activating first and/or last, and also play with activation order. It's a real mess.
  4. I would fix all the whack-a-doodle rules interactions between Pandora and the Tara/Void models. I've payed two games against Tara with Pandora, and the rules themselves made the game frustrating and unfun.
  5. I put a fair amount of work into updating her profile on Pullmyfinger, but have not updated for the Wave 5 card. Someone has since gone in and gone crazy with bolding things, and modified stuff. It no longer reflects what I originally put there. I've played several games with her now, and she's becoming my favorite master. Voices Pandora (my favorite version) is awesome for punishing opponents who take only a small handful of high SS cost uber powerful models. If your opponent hinges their entire game plan on a few high SS cost henchmen or enforcers you can slow and paralyze most of their crew for the whole game. Her strengths are obvious. Strats and Schemes that involve putting a flag down in a small area and controlling it, and/or murdering the crap out of people are awesome with her. She's great at mucking up sequences of actions, so she can bollix stuff like summon lists that require a sequence of two of three models to do their thing. You paralyze/murder the slop haulers, and thence ruin Ulix's or Somer's day for example. I've had zombies get summoned with half their wounds, attack, blow their horror duel, and disintegrate to misery right away. Once you get used to her odd play style, she's quite simple. I usually end up doing the same things every turn with her: Walk and/or Incite to move around, discard a crow card to add crows to flips, and then paralyze/slow up to three models (I almost always use Voices) I've noticed a handful of disadvantages and problems with her: 1. The rules interactions with Tara and her crew are awful. The best solution is to hit people who use Tara until they stop. Even Tara players don't know all of Tara's rules and interactions. It doesn't help that Pandy is one of Neverborn's best masters for doing to the Tara players what they're used to doing to everyone else. You're almost obliged to play a game where the rules interactions will cause headaches. 2. She's like a cockroach, hard to hit, and scurries away when the lights come on, but if you get a solid whack or two on her, she's toast. No condition removal, and if your opponent manages to knock down her WP or remove her ability to push she's toast. 3. She and most of her crew builds target Wp all day every day, and some crews will have a good laugh at you for that. Pandy herself with her Ca7 has no real problems there, but her crew has much lower attack values, so you need to pile on WP penalties. Widow Weaver ferex, or I guess build a crew of fast terror causing hitters backed with WP reduction. I haven't tried that yet. I see some potential with Tooth and Thorn. 4. A clever opponent just spreads out and focuses on the mission. They will make the mistake of bunching up for Pandy and a pack of Sorrows only once. In a typical crew with good synergy, the models that work best with her have low or no Wk and Cg values. Pandy can move fast, but she'll often be on her own. 5. She's a lot worse at schemes that involve dropping conditions on enemy models, and then keeping them alive with that condition on them, because as I read it, Misery is mandatory. You cannot choose to not inflict the damage, and all your attacks are WP based. So you put a scheme condition on a model, and then paralyze or slow it, and it drops dead. Your utility models like Sorrows and Will O Wisps work against you in scheme pools full of stuff like that, because they don't have a lot of offensive oomph, so your opponent can drop conditions on them, and then ignore them.
  6. Is there a listing of the conventions you'll be showing at? I looked, and never saw one anywhere on your site. If it's there, it's well hidden.
  7. I put greenstuff over the weird face mask thing, and am going to be putting an eye of Sauron looking thing there instead. I'd guess I've got another few day's work to put into shading and highlighting. Work done so far is airbrushing with black primer, then grey zenithal, and then painting in some details and smoothing it all out with a coat of Badger Minitaire Ghost Tint Oil Discharge (dark purple ink) I just wanted to show off how insanely huge this model is. He's also going to be my chaos spawn model for 40K if anything goes horribly awry for one of my chaos champions.
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I didn't think of hunting down a rear mounted wire basket with the same dimensions of the softcases and plastic bins I keep my stuff in. There are several rear mounted baskets that would be big enough, and I can hold things down inside them with bungies. Damage would only be about $35 US, and won't force me to mount a trailer every time I go out.
  9. I think from a design/fluff/background/story perspective the Gremlins are probably going to keep being themed the way they are, with very little in the way of cross faction masters. Part of the 'gag' with the chaotic and crazy gremlins is that they look at the masters of other factions and say "He's coooollll! I'm gonna be just like him, but Gremlinier!" Some of the masters like Somer and Ulix are pure Gremlin Thence: Mah Tucket and Trixiebelle are a joke on the scantily clad sword chick masters like Lady J and the Viktorias The LaCroix family is the 'Guild' cross faction Wong is the 10T/Arcanist cross faction. He's an obvious gag on Yan Lo Zipp is the Guild/Arcanist cross faction. An obvious gag on weird science and constructs gone wrong. HOWEVER: That doesn't mean I don't want to see more of the same. I was just trying to restrict the conversation. If they must I can think of a few dual faction ideas that would give an equal amount of loyalty and obligation (or equally little loyalty and obligation) to two different factions: Gremlin/Outcast: There are so many crosses between these two already it's not a stretch to have a human who works as a middle-man between the gremlins and the mercenary community. Human mercenaries would work for cheap rotgut whiskey, and gremlin mercenaries will work for cheap rotgut whiskey! It writes itself from that point. A really sleazy human paymaster type that made a bad bargain with Zoraida, and has to trade favors with the gremlins, and collect her debts among the humans. Has abilities that give friendly models extra actions, but also puts poison on them. I have an easier time seeing cross faction masters with Gremlins as more like Zoraida than Brewmaster. Humans (mostly) who are the small handful that the gremlins accept as one of their own. People like McTavish. Like if it was a Resser/Gremlin it'd be a necromancer who enjoyed hanging out with Wong, and that other Ressers' attitude would be like: "Dude! What you're doing, hanging out with those things? Well, I guess you're one of us, but just do your research in the swamp instead of the city, OK?"
  10. That's a really cool idea. Me likes! Alternatively, instead of altering Nekima create a new Master with a similar theme and background. A subfaction of Nephilim/Outasts similar to the Bloodwretches and Angel Eyes, or build on those models to create a master who somehow (SOMEHOW) makes the Scion of Black Blood more appealing to play. They are mostly like filthy outcast mercenaries anyway. I totally didn't see the Outcast crosses that were missing.
  11. I think variation in play style was the goal, so whatever they were going to do, for most of the masters these were going to be play style altering limiteds.
  12. As I recall we have a lot players on this forum from countries where commuting by bike is common. And perhaps there's the odd duck like me here in North America that would prefer to live as car-free as possible. One of the things that has me going back to my automobile for transport more than I'd like is how awkward it is to try and transport my miniatures and myself to the LGS. Or maybe someone's figured out something that works for motorcycles that can be applied to my problem. I have a baking pan and magnetized minis for my Malifaux stuff, and I have other miniatures in foam army transport trays. Both solutions work fine for transport in a car, but not so much for a bicycle. I've tried using an army transport with a shoulder strap, but it's too awkward. I've tried to use bungie cords to lash the case to the rack, but I haven't figured out anything workable. It keeps banging around and falling off, or getting tangled in the spokes. Cargo trailers are pricey, and usually in a 'flatbed' shape for rich people to put thousands of dollars of camping gear in as they ride across the country on their $10,000 touring bikes. I balk at the idea of buying a $300 trailer that costs as much as my commuter bicycle, and cheaper trailers are too small for miniatures cases for other games. I've got a cargo rack and I have panniers, but they're the wrong shape to hold any miniatures cases. Has anyone worked out a solution to this problem?
  13. The game changer for Lucius was the 2017 rewrite of his and his totem's rules. I don't play too often, but if Titania is the Queen of the fey, then he's the king of the fey. He can do crazy stuff with Queeg (Guardsman) Thorn, Tooth, and Changelings. And that's just easy and powerful combos that barely use up 25 SS of any crew. I won't say he's the easiest and most powerful master in NB, but he's nowhere near the bottom of the pile any more. I have played more of Lynch than anything, and his new Limited is fun, possibly even terrifying. He just dumps a mask, and drops brilliance all around him. We're going to see a lot of people load up Lynch with Cheating Bastard, Woke Up with a Hand, and Wanna See a Trick. I always had the 'problem' of killing models as they're getting brilliance, which stopped me from making any real use of Huggy's Heed my Voice.
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