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  1. Any closer to a start date on this?
  2. In awe of your work already. Here's to Wyrd doing runs of artwork as cards, posters, mugs etc.
  3. Muchos gracias. Loads more to look forward to!
  4. What colour is the dayglo No Shelter Here set please?
  5. Thanks for all the positive comments guys n gals. The initial project was going to be more ambitious (don't they always) With a crowd of zombies and even a biting booth where you can be converted into the party Maybe if I had started earlier. The main thing is I had fun and it got me painting again. Even if I get knocked out at this stage I will stick with the themes
  6. Great take on the theme and nicely executed
  7. "We're going to build a huge wall at the breach! And make Earth pay for it!"
  8. Thanks! My rule with any model is focus on the face as people are drawn to it first. So I took my time making sure his teeth got a lot of attention. For the skin tones I chose blue and purple to keep a neverborn feel but also you can use a purple or blue wash on both colours and not have to worry about it bleeding into areas you don't want. In this instance I did blue and purple patches, highlighted them then washed over with purple ink. And yeah the gap! It's almost like it's meant to be part of the model but I wasn't sure so I used greenstuff rolled out into thin strings and then smoothed into the gap with a wet finger.
  9. Meant to comment on this ages ago. Followed the construction on FB and the final result is astounding. I'd be first in line for a marble tutorial.
  10. Followed this from start to finish on FB. Epic work
  11. Really nice blending on the pink and very nice execution on the blood splatter.
  12. Brilliant scene. The parasol is lovely.
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