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  1. Understand your frustration Hot, but you have to remember that Wyrd (thank God) is not GW. GW's business model normally is to have stores dedicated to them with only their product. They are a multimillion pound corporation with a board, IP lawyers that will C&D at the drop of a hat, and major investing from stockholders. Wyrd on the other hand is a world class company, yet run by a family. When I mean family I mean 8+ people including a few additional warehouse workers out of Kennesaw, GA. When they knew something was being delayed and it was out of their control they released all the
  2. Hello everyone, We will be doing a One Shot Through the Breach Game at Mastermind Models and Miniatures on Saturday! Time of the Game will be 6pm to 10pm. Nothing needed to play just come on out and have a great time. Location and directions are in the Link if you have never been to M3 before. Hope to see you there! Best, Your Buddy F3armonger https://www.m3paints.com/
  3. Good Evening weridos and potential weriodos. M3Studios will be running demos and free play on Wed 4/11/2018. Can't wait to see you there. You need nothing to attend just the desire to play some great games. 6pm - 10pm Directions to the Event Can't wait to see you there. Your loving and always honest, F3armonger (aka George)
  4. And if you are at GenCon and are looking for someone to hang out with after hours check out the unofficial official Wyrd Pub Crawl @WyrdPubCrawl
  5. I can see if I have any additional Free Time on Saturday if you guys need it.
  6. Who is going to Gen Con 2017? Also remember the "unofficial, official" Pub Crawl can be found at @WyrdPubCrawl. Cheers!
  7. General question that I thought I knew the answer but wanted to verify before "official" answer with my player base. Is it possible to remove corpse/scrap/other non-scheme markers during the course of the game as a general action? I know that the Friekorps Specialist can burn them, but could a model say an Ice Gamin for instance remove any of the above? Or can it just pick them up and move them? Can it move them? Thanks in advance. Rule book citation is appreciated, but not required.
  8. Hello Huntsville and Surrounding Wyrdos, F3ar here. Doing more demos at Mastermind Models and Miniatures on Wed Evenings 6pm till we quit (normally around 1159pm). The next event will be on 4/12/2017. We have everything you need to play. Just bring yourself. We might even have general play if you want to see some crews on the table. See you all then. Best of Luck, F3armonger aka George
  9. Hello All, F3armonger here for all you kiddies. I am running a once a month TtB One shot at Mastermind Models and Miniatures on Saturday Evenings. This month will be April 15, 2017. Time is 6pm to Midnight. You must be there by 630 to play!. We will have everything you need to play, characters, books, and decks. Just bring yourself snacks and drinks! Website to Venue Mastermind Models and Miniatures See you guys there! V/R, F3armonger aka George
  10. Hello everyone! I will be doing demos Saturday 1.28.2017 at Mastermind Models and Miniatures in the Lowe Mill. We start at 6pm and go till everyone has had a demo or no one feels like playing anymore. We have everything you need tables, terrain, and models. All you need is to bring yourself and a friend! Don't know how to get to M3? Mastermind Models and Miniatures Website Stay Wyrd, See you all there. F3armonger (aka George)
  11. Do whatever your characters would probably like? I would suggest something from coming thru the breach of some kind. But, again it is up to you.
  12. Hello all! F3armonger and TTPH2009 here (aka George and Tera) we will once again be heading to GenCon this year doing some demos and just general support. We will continue on the normal tradition of the being the official unofficial Wyrd Pub Crawl during your time at Gen Con. If you ever want to see where we are at or where we are drinking / grabbing some munchies (as Tograth) would say just find us at @WyrdPubCrawl on twitter. Cheers and see you there!
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