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  1. Some of the best art we've ever had. Can we get the name of the artist?
  2. Seems like a great solution and looks fantastic! Thanks!
  3. Barbaros for the extra lures and whacking your own guys forward with auto "Shove Aside". The Stat 7 challenge is pretty amazing too.
  4. @Maniacal_cackle Congratulations! I liked the sneaky Crooligan murder surprise :}
  5. I really stand by the fact that it isn't so black and white. You'll get dud turns with bad intuition cards. The Whisper will give you, on some turns, 1 health back. GST will give you, on every Turn, 2 health back. Again, not saying it should always be one way or the other, but having GST on Jack alone can have the preventative effect of 20 stones as people just won't bother attacking Jack knowing that, if they even hit by winning both terrifying and the flip, 2 successful attacks are guaranteed to be erased every turn.
  6. I'm not entirely sure about this whole Guild thing. Dashel, Hoffman, Lucius, and Nellie (In that order) are really good. Haven't most (or all) of these been played in the Vassal World Cup too? Not every faction can claim such representation.
  7. As much as I know Plaag is a great player, I don't think that taking one upgrade over the other is such a black/white matter. If I'm taking two hanged, they're both getting GST, so Jack is getting the whisper regardless. Jack's not always going to kill a model a turn, and if you're dealing with ping damage, GST is probably going to net you more value. It's not simply "Take GST until you Git Gud"
  8. Of course! My remarks were more about, unfortunately, many tricks in the tactica not being feasible. Again, I started a similar thread a looong time ago and it's very useful for new players to see all the nice interactions. I was merely commenting on the fact that, on the table and in the current state of the game, these tricks don't come into play. Additionally, I think my hope is that future errata promote this kind of fun stuff that's not very used, while maybe removing some of the negative player experience that one has against Jack. In essence, if you lose with Jack, chances are your
  9. True, but having 1 center based scheme isn't enough, at least for me, to warrant bringing Jack Daw, especially when 2 strategies are just plain bad, 2 factions are his absolute bane, and there are multiple keywords he just can't handle. Again, my point wasn't that Jack isn't good, on the contrary. To refine the points: Jack needs a very specific pool and needs to avoid certain matchups (Which is fine) There are lots of tricks the keyword can pull off but you will not realistically use, in part due to some models just not being worth hiring This is also my very personal a
  10. So that's exactly it. GG1 really likes elite crews with models that can stay alive. That usually means that you'll bring Daw, Montresor, 1-2 Hanged, maybe 1-2 guilty. Jaakuna can show up too. The rest is going to be versatile, likely heals too. So you'll never get the "combos" with the drowned pulling people towards Jaakuna while her aura gives out staggered due to the crooked man. You're not going to have the Dead Outlaw putting up his aura and pushing models with scheme marker drops, perhaps while the crooked man gets a crow on Malifaux Mining Law. You're never really going to pull off "A
  11. Jack is one of my favorite masters but, after ~40 games in beta alone, and many more since then, there are a few unfortunate downsides, at least in my opinion: Jack is absolutely terrifying against people who are still new-ish to the game. Jack is easy to tech against (And don't even consider declaring him vs Bayou or Ten Thunders). This creates a situation where you don't want to use him against new players, but you'll get teched against vs experienced players, especially if they're part of your meta and they expect Daw to begin with. Black Blood, Burning, Vengeance, Penetr
  12. If a Hanged can get to any of your guys, Levi should be able to get to a Hanged. Attacking with double positives should make that easy. If your have the chance of getting one in melee with Levi you can do 6 damage with the first attack, so that a second/third would guarantee a Kill.
  13. Why wasn't Leveticus taking out 1 hanged every turn? His whole thing is to do almost guaranteed 8 irreducible damage to a model every turn. Levi is a Hanged's worst nightmare with WP 7, Irreducible damage, and a longer range than they can Jump. If he gets to hit them in melee it's even worse! What models was he taking out instead?
  14. Agreed on so many points. Redchapel is definitely not as terrible as people say. It's just the people that say it are very vocal. Lures are crazy good in GG1. A single lure from a belle can deny Claim Jump, Breakthrough, Corrupted Leylines, or Hidden Martyrs. In one of my recent-ish games I had the Rider carry a Belle forward, who lured Benny (The Lodestone Carrier) past a chokepoint, and had the Emissary put a wall behind him. After that, Lenny was just kept in Sybelle's company behind a corner, who then passed her off to a Belle, never a single point of damage dealt to him, but that d
  15. When I play Jack vs Outcast I hate seeing Hans. Ruthless, range, and potential staggered are all things that can lead to very dead Hanged. A staggered Hanged/Crooked Man/Drowned is Mv 2... Ugh. Try to keep Hans against terrain and bear a model so that a Hanged couldn't place in base contact with it. Don't use Levi to hit Jack, but feel free to melt down anything else. Those 1 damage pings from Unmade and Entropy are a nightmare since it goes around Jack's defensive tech and doesn't care for the Hanged's incorporeal. Be mindful of the big jumps Jack and the Hanged can take
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