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  1. Just signed a contract with the devil. Again :}
  2. I don't think anyone would argue he needs to be better, just that he isn't shaking the foundations of Malifaux for 9 stones (Or 10 OOK). Put him against most other beaters and he'll have to inevitably leap away if he hasn't already activated. Most of the time he's doing the same job as the Midnight Stalker at +2 stones OOK. Of course he gets a higher damage track and numbskull, but he's also not fast every round and doesn't have demise and you're paying more. He's definitely never going to want to get remotely close to things like Dreamer, Colette, Hinamatsu, or the Peacekeeper. He'll just fold. He also doesn't want to see Mah Ticket with the barrage of tiny focused shots. Against Zoraida leave him in the box. He's got a page worth of text on the front of his card, but when you look at the function he actually serves on the table, he's not doing anything extraordinary for his point cost.
  3. He's also terrible against armor and cannot overcome serene countenance. I love playing Archie but I really struggle to see his role as an atomic bomb. He's a mobile model that packs a punch but isn't great under any form of sustained fire and has a couple of heavy counters. Excels within keyword due to synergy, can run a flank for 10 stones in other crews. Sounds pretty balanced to me.
  4. Archie had never excelled as a beater for me. Judging from podcasts from the top competitive players, Archie is usually running schemes and tying up pieces. I have yet to see in my Meta, or hear from the pros, about a game in which Archie is wrecking the board. If anything the advice is usually "Don't put him against a beater". I also had him get murdered by stat 4 daydreams. He's good, but not something I'll have in every crew, and only 1-2 keywords unless I'm against a condition heavy crew.
  5. This has been the exact case for me. In some keywords I wouldn't take him even if I could hire him for 9.
  6. Thank you for breathing new life into the game through the errata, upcoming factions, and Earthside Echoes!
  7. Thanks @dzlier! This is incredible!
  8. Absolutely in love with the court of two aesthetics :}
  9. Stunning art! Euripides’ crew is going to look sweet on the table :}
  10. 1st ed Metal is my favorite!
  11. I for one really like the new Judge sculpt. Lady J on the other hand gives me a bit of the impression that she's at a birthday party getting frustrated as she's trying to hit a Pinata :} I wonder if we're going to see the version shown... i think 2 gencons ago? Together with ToS models?
  12. Splish-Splashing black blood on the way down :}
  13. My stuff is delivering tomorrow. Hopefully yours isn't too far behind!
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