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  1. Saduhem


    I just now got out of a Jack vs Nekima game in which I brought Hans. I took him for the auto-staggered through reference the field guide, but I instead kept feeding him high rams (in addition to the ram from reference the field guide) for min 4 damage shots. It was also wedge deployment though and I had a godly hand. Anyway, he zoned Nekima for three turns until he blew her off to board. Ignoring concealment was the biggest factor (we played with a LOT of concealing terrain). I repeat, it was wedge Deployment and I had an absurd hand (and cheated Red Joker damage + reference the field turn 1), so I really can't tell if it was a fluke.
  2. It's the one model I just ignore when I play against Titania :}
  3. I'd take Supply Wagons over corrupted Idols, especially if it were improved just a tiny bit over its predecessor.
  4. I'm about to play the third Jack game of the week, and Tormented just really need a look at in general. They have about 3-4 models that have a job (And are amazing), and the rest have no clue what they want to be. That, and they all want to play the staggered/upgrade mini-game while your opponent scores points. The Dead Outlaw is part of the issue. Model with a bunch of decent stuff on his card that nobody wants, with a half-way synergy with staggered, and an ability that can heal 2 damage if you feel like taking a stone and +1 stat away from Parker.
  5. In my experience corrputed Idols has been frustrating and sometimes just unfair. The second point of Dig Their Graves has also devolved in a turn 5 mass suicide where your models try to beat least 4 apart from each other, drop a scheme market in base contact with themselves, and proceed to kill each other so that their corpses can score. There's a lot of tech in the game to remove either type of marker, while some models just don't drop them.
  6. Played a game against her last night and it was a lot of fun (Even though I lost 2-7). Candy was a monster. With the aversions putting her where she needs to be out of activation and Misery from other models moving models towards her, she was more impactful than I've ever seen her. Lyssa was great too. I was playing Daw, and Lyssa was able to reliably use Uncontrollable Rage on both Pandora and Candy, removing staggered, giving them a push, and not getting attacked back due to the lack of a close attack. That said, I think I'd like to see Misery go to 5-6 inches so that the movement can affect models a wee bit out of the other auras and drag them inside. I'll post the Batrep after my other game today.
  7. Haven't played against them in a Titania crew yet :}
  8. I play Ressers and Outcasts, and Rougarou have been incredible against me, especially when playing the former. You're usually hitting Df4 targets, possibly lower due to injured, and the usual defenses I bring (Incorporeal or Hard to wound) don't do much against Blade Rush + Puncture/Flay. I don't think they're broken or anything, but they hit like trucks. I really like them. Butterfly jump is also very good against ressers that rely a lot on close attacks!
  9. Rougarou X100. With Inhuman reflexes they're monsters. Save your highest card for a Rougarou (Preferably a ram or mask), get the guaranteed damage charging through with blade rush, and hit for a high probability severe. Push out of danger when attacked through butterfly jump, reposition with Deadly pursuit. With all the mitigation, repeated terrifying, and recurring -flips, having a big nuke like that is just so good this edition. If you're having problems against terrifying, incorporeal, armor, vengeance, black blood, this is your guy. Aeslin and Titania can also set up nice targets for him, lowering Df on your target. Every time I play against them I know they're going to bring some serious hurt.
  10. Scheme marker needs to be friendly!
  11. Charged and killed a Bandersnatch all the way back to my deployment zone who thought it was very safe to score breakthrough :}
  12. Saduhem


    Hayreddin, newly born tots, Lelu as far as I can remember. I'll ask @Neverbear to chime in on this.
  13. Saduhem


    My regular opponent gets a lot of value out of the card draw, eapecially when it makes a model bleed on my poor Hanged who really doesn't like those tiny, irresistible pings. Blood for Blood is so good that it pretty much makes Nekima's other bonus action rarely worth using. Lilitu's got a more versatile version of it with card draw on top.
  14. Yeah, embrace the flames is really good on the shieldbearers. It really makes them shine. I wouldn't count on it to heal Reva, but you could send a lampad zipping back to her if you really, really needed. Usually you just heal her 4 by using feed on grief on corpse candles if it's that bad of a situation.
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