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  1. 1st ed Metal is my favorite!
  2. I for one really like the new Judge sculpt. Lady J on the other hand gives me a bit of the impression that she's at a birthday party getting frustrated as she's trying to hit a Pinata :} I wonder if we're going to see the version shown... i think 2 gencons ago? Together with ToS models?
  3. Splish-Splashing black blood on the way down :}
  4. My stuff is delivering tomorrow. Hopefully yours isn't too far behind!
  5. Drachen trooper also targets Mv and loves all the staggered Tormented can give out.
  6. Different strokes :} I take 1 on the Hanged and 1 on Jack because they get focused hard in my games.
  7. Yeah Hanged are usually my MVPs because of their mobility. That said, I usually bring as many stones as I can because they eat to move around (That's all their mobility) and to drop markers. They also cost me 10 because I need Regeneration from GST. Don't bring them against Nehpilim, they hate black blood.
  8. The product will get there when it does. So what is it exactly that you want?
  9. These comments really make it sound like Wyrd doesn't want to sell its own product while @Nathan Caroland sits on a pile of faction decks laughing at all the people that can't buy them. Whatever the issue was, what does it change? Things will get there when they get there. Pretending to be the CEO and asking for people to get fired is not going to expedite the process. This isn't even a discussion anymore, it's just finding something to blame to feel better about the delay.
  10. I hoped these arguments where everyone is Wyrd’s CEO were done with. Wyrd wants to sell you stuff more than you want to buy it. The reasons for delays in distribution, whichever they are, are irrelevant. They want to get the product out and they’ll do it however they can. They’re on the same team as you are.
  11. As a tip for your opponent: Ruthless and ping damage (1 damage hits from things like blade rush, burning/poison, black blood, blasts) can be infuriating for Jack! Your opponent should be also pressuring Jack so that you're both discarding cards, otherwise only one of you gets to have a control hand :}
  12. Thanks for the heads up :}
  13. That's how I see it. Six markers, with at least 3 of them being corpse markers.
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