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  1. Saduhem

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    As I paint them, I can't stop thinking of Beginning M2e ressers art and I just want more of it. Definitely prefer it to the Malifaux trend over the past year or so.
  2. Saduhem

    Gibbering Spam

    Yeah, that blew my mind too. I think Aaron created a masterpiece on so many levels.
  3. Saduhem

    Shipment cancelled by sender

    Ahahaha, and you gave me a crazy laugh in the middle of a work meeting :} I guess we're square now!
  4. Saduhem

    Shipment cancelled by sender

    Wyrd just got me sorted through kickstarter. Thanks guys!
  5. Saduhem

    Shipment cancelled by sender

    Yeah, I was expecting a new tracking number by "the last day", but so far all I've got is the voided one.
  6. Saduhem

    Shipment cancelled by sender

    Shipment still canceled. I submitted a mispacked/damaged goods form last week, although I'm not sure that is the proper channel. Am I still the only one that has had this happen? I have a feeling this is kicking me faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar back in the line.
  7. Has anyone else received a shipment notification for TOS saying "Shipment cancelled by sender"?
  8. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    To those who received stuff, are the cards UV treated? I think it was one of the perks of backing the product.
  9. Saduhem

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    I have to agree with the new art direction being a bit "vanilla". I'm glad someone described it as such because I couldn't point my finger on what was bothering me. There are some exceptions though. The Lampads are fairly recent and they're really cool, but the freikorps engineers are, to me, just goofy and not very freikorps-y. Something about the prospectors is off too. Marketing maybe? Wider audience?
  10. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I have never participated in a Kickstarter that didn't go sideways one way or another. It's hard to predict the future, and companies are subject to the fickle winds of fate just like anyone else. You are definitely going to get your models before retail, as many don't realease till at least December. If it's for the price, we all knew going in that, if that's what you're after, purchasing from an online store that can afford massive chunks off the MSRP is the way to go. If it's a quality issue, then definitely wait until the product hits the shelves before investing money. During a kickstarter you get to mostly see art and renders, and those have changed too. It sounds like you have qualms with what a Kickstarter implies.
  11. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    While I personally accept that as a risk and I'm fine with it, I totally understand that a lot of people feel burned by this.
  12. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Most of the things you're "sure" of, I'm not really "sure" about.
  13. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    What I really want is for them to make decisions that prioritize spreading the game to as many new players as they can. The whole point of being a backer is to make a vision come true. Decisions should benefit the marketing and spreading of the game to the community as a whole. We want everyone, backer or not, to be part of a project we helped come to life. The decisions they make are going to focus on selling, and profiting, as much as possible. That's what we need for the game to be successful and popular. Greed is Good :}
  14. Saduhem


    I'm excitedly looking forward to the blood and tears from painting every single model of two entire factions as fast and as beautifully as I can. I'm going to have nightmares and I'm going to love them.
  15. Saduhem

    Release schedule

    Was I just blind or did they JUST include TOS stuff in the upcoming releases? I dumped a LOT in the Kickstarter (And glad I could support the project), but I really really really want to get more Eels and eggs! Looks like I'd have to wait for next year for that :}