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  1. Saduhem

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    I have to agree with the new art direction being a bit "vanilla". I'm glad someone described it as such because I couldn't point my finger on what was bothering me. There are some exceptions though. The Lampads are fairly recent and they're really cool, but the freikorps engineers are, to me, just goofy and not very freikorps-y. Something about the prospectors is off too. Marketing maybe? Wider audience?
  2. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I have never participated in a Kickstarter that didn't go sideways one way or another. It's hard to predict the future, and companies are subject to the fickle winds of fate just like anyone else. You are definitely going to get your models before retail, as many don't realease till at least December. If it's for the price, we all knew going in that, if that's what you're after, purchasing from an online store that can afford massive chunks off the MSRP is the way to go. If it's a quality issue, then definitely wait until the product hits the shelves before investing money. During a kickstarter you get to mostly see art and renders, and those have changed too. It sounds like you have qualms with what a Kickstarter implies.
  3. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    While I personally accept that as a risk and I'm fine with it, I totally understand that a lot of people feel burned by this.
  4. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Most of the things you're "sure" of, I'm not really "sure" about.
  5. Saduhem

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    What I really want is for them to make decisions that prioritize spreading the game to as many new players as they can. The whole point of being a backer is to make a vision come true. Decisions should benefit the marketing and spreading of the game to the community as a whole. We want everyone, backer or not, to be part of a project we helped come to life. The decisions they make are going to focus on selling, and profiting, as much as possible. That's what we need for the game to be successful and popular. Greed is Good :}
  6. Saduhem


    I'm excitedly looking forward to the blood and tears from painting every single model of two entire factions as fast and as beautifully as I can. I'm going to have nightmares and I'm going to love them.
  7. Saduhem

    Release schedule

    Was I just blind or did they JUST include TOS stuff in the upcoming releases? I dumped a LOT in the Kickstarter (And glad I could support the project), but I really really really want to get more Eels and eggs! Looks like I'd have to wait for next year for that :}
  8. Saduhem


    I still haven't gotten anything Nvm!
  9. Saduhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I personally love the new art and size for the cards. While that is just a matter of personal preference, I believe that Wyrd could reach a wider audience with all the eye candy. Might even draw in card game players, who knows :}
  10. Saduhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Given how synergistic Malifaux is, a model rotation might not be feasible and, if implemented, could probably make players upset. With the cross faction keyword hiring coming, putting some models in rotation might feel like stripping cogs from a machine and bringing it to an awkward halt. I think Dead Man's Hand is simply what Mason said, a group of Masters that are absent in the lore together with their totems. I don't think it's the beginning of a rotation system. It could also be a Limbo where such Masters exist until they decide whether or not new story developments (And sales opportunities) bring them around again, but even this is just speculation. Or it could very well be that this is indeed the beginning of a rotation system and I'm just reading things the wrong way!
  11. Saduhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    It's a case by case issue, and I think that's what is creating so much tumult on the Dead Man Hand front. A person that wants to play Collodi at a tournament may be able to do so at the TO's discretion (And I believe this will mostly be the case), but that same person can be worried about future "Collodi models". This person has the right to feel like his purchases were invalidated because models he bought and painted are no longer recognized as being tournament official until the TO "lets you" use DMH models. Another person in the same situation is not going to care about the DMH label and enjoy the game as if nothing had happened. Just as people don't mind playing casual MTG. Although it must be kept in mind that, unlike Malifaux, MTG cards are meant to be out of the current cycle once enough new ones come in. No one was told "your models are going to be dead at some point" when they bought into this game. In fact, everything from first edition carried over and was legal to use. I think a lot of it has to do with: 1- Promoting cross faction hiring and purchasing (which is the only way I can see new money get invested in the game to keep it alive) 2- Having a set amount of masters available for "release" for each faction 3- Making the Lore and the Universe mesh with the new M3e Marketing strategy. As much as I am personally hurt by the relegation of some of my models to DMH, I also would not be able to propose a better way of handling these things. Do people get to feel like they wasted time buying, assembling, painting, learning, and playing some Masters? Yes, they do, and no one can decide they don't get to feel this way. Are other people going to be ok with it? Of course! Most frustration doesn't come from bad news, but from uncertainty. Once some questions are answered, the whole issue will probably slowly fade away, although there will be some justified mourning in the process. Will the same resources be invested in the development and testing of the DMH masters? Will more models be released that are meant to be played mainly with them? Will DMH masters not receive full support and instead be re-released in the future? I'm not even sure that Mason has completely decided on all this. Lots of testing will probably help guide and refine decisions. This is very likely what the game needed. Every single change I have seen so far really refines Malifaux. I see some money making decisions in here too, but if the game doesn't sell, we don't get to play. Right now the DMH is the one controversial issue but, seeing how clean everything else is from a development perspective, it might get ironed out just fine. DMH hurts for me, and it is going to hurt for a lot of people simply because we spent money and resources for models that now have a vague aura of uncertainty surrounding them. It's going to hurt for a few more people across the community. Will this benefit the game? Probably yes. Do people have the right to feel hurt? Absolutely yes.
  12. Saduhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm fairly sure they will have multiple keywords otherwise you're going to see the same Masters with the same crews all the time. I hope the DMH Masters get treated nicely with such keywords and have balanced synergies. I have to say, there seems to be a lot of thought put into this. Can't wait to playtest it (If I get in the Beta). How did you get the TOS backer Avatar? As a fellow backer, I would love one too!
  13. Saduhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Although I do believe there is a strong financial aspect to these decisions, I also respect that the lore was kept in consideration as part of an organic whole. The other thing they could have done was to make all the least used models disproportionately good and have everyone rush to buy them, similar to what another prominent miniature war-game company has done recently. I think that they are using a model similar to what The Other Side is using. Instead of artificially creating tiers of must buy and obsolete models, they promote lateral hiring across factions based on keywords. This translates, as it is meant to happen with TOS, to people not necessarily having to wait on new models in their faction to be released but instead look at options present in other factions. In TOS this happens through the use of envoys and dual faction commanders. In Malifaux the lateral hiring (and buying) will be promoted by the keyword used by your favorite master. In the end, while absolutely not mandatory, there will be reasons to own all factions if you really want, or a select few models scattered across if you want to focus on a master or two. Without promoting cross-faction purchases, I don't see how Malifaux can sustain itself after releasing so many models so far. I cannot conceive of any other possible way to reinvigorate sales but this. Someone in Wyrd's offices really worked hard on this new purchase model. Making it also work within the lore and universe without making it feel cheap must have been an excruciating labor. This does not really make it less painful to see some of our favorite models out of the picture (partially or totally), but our involvement as a community in the Beta could provide ways to cushion the hit. The fact that Mason has not disclosed too much as to how much support the DMH masters and totems are going to receive besides having their own sub-category suggests that perhaps not everything is set in stone (at least not every aspect of the matter). The guy has a reference to the last good Silent Hill game as his forum avatar, he must have SOME sense :} Edit: TL;DR Still hurts, I would still like official proxy rules, but I can see why things are they way they are and I can't personally propose a better alternative.
  14. Saduhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm seeing a lot of comments here criticizing the people who are mourning their gone Masters. Depending on how much time you spent painting specific models, how much you played them, and honestly, personal tastes, this can matter a lot or nothing at all. Part of the function of the forums is to express these feelings among people that are part of the hobby, you can't just go to your office and complain about how much you're going to Miss Ramos from now on. I, personally, believe there are business decisions behind these choices more than strict adherence to fluff. Someone wanting to play Lynch is going to probably now buy more ten Thunders models, Outcasts are going to purchase Gremlins for zipp, and if you used Coryphee and Mannequins with Collodi you might want to buy Colette and, since you're venturing in Arcanist territory, go ahead and pick up Marcus. For people that have played a long time, the new incentive to purchase models across factions might bring freshness to the collection and, at the same time, provide revenue to the company without which the game would not exist. The downside is that shuffling around factions and promoting cross buys will hurt people when their favorite models are the casualties of this revolution. One might not care to shelf a Ramos with a base coat and a quick wash, but the person who spent dozens of hours with an airbrush, weathering metals, wet blending, painting faces, sculpting thematic bases from polymer clay, playing a lot with the crew, and developing an emotional attachment to the crews/concepts/sculpts is going to feel hurt. A lot. If people feel cheated out of their favorite stuff, no one can ask them to feel differently nor should they be criticized for it, Dead Man's Hand or not.
  15. Saduhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I am afraid you're correct. Although, given the thematic hiring (of which I'm enamored with), how are DMH Masters going to do without? Edit: I guess some models are going to have multiple thematic keywords, some of which will fall under the jurisdiction of the DMH models. So, dolls could be puppets/nightmares maybe.