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  1. MetaphoricDragn

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    I look forward into digging in more later. I always appreciate the Building on a Budget articles, and loved the glimpses into m3e changes. A bit sad Forgotten marshal didn't end up with Tara instead of Molly, but glad he found a home. Super excited about crossroad 7 buffs. Really wondering where Hoarcat Prides are going to end up.
  2. MetaphoricDragn

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    That cover x.x Please have mercy on us arachnophobes ;-;
  3. MetaphoricDragn

    3rd ed Masters (everyone has an opinion edition)

    This would have been a dream for me. Tyrant fluff is my favorite, and it is what drew me to outcasts to pick up Obliteration ,Plague, and Shez'uul. And Rasputina is my first malifaux love, who I've never felt belonged fully in arcanists particularly since m2e.
  4. MetaphoricDragn

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I think I've been able to see most of the cards from the demo except for the front of the December Acolyte, if anyone has that I'd be interested. One observation is that there is only 0" and 1" melee, looks like melee ranges as a whole are going down. I do rather hope 0" isn't a hard bases touching, or there wil a lot of "nuh-uh I'm not touching you" pedantic arguments. Rasputina does take some hits though. She can no longer be bailed out by Snowstorm, There is no longer Bite of Winter from the Ice Gamin so her damage output is dropped. Her AP efficiency has probably taken a hit too, since she is off pillars instead of models now, early on she will be spending ap to drop pillars instead of blasting. It does seem she has built in escape methods now which is good, though without snow storm she is spending AP to escape over blasting again. I miss the m2e ice pillar walls already
  5. MetaphoricDragn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    A valid question hat i hope someone asks at Gencon. Judge is dead, but that's a title so it could be a new character in that role this edition. Mortimer survived, there was speculation if he'd become a master. If he gets slotted into the DMH pack then my suspicion of Nico returning eventually in a new form will continue to grow. I don't fully recall Barbaros's fluff in regards to the other nephilim, he might not in fluff get along too well with Nekima, but he'd probably try to help Zoraida heal Lilith, I'd imagine he'd stick around. Vasilisa is a good question, a lot of us have been wondering what happens to the puppet subline with Coloddi gone
  6. MetaphoricDragn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    It was mentioned somewhere, but one of the new keywords is Versatile, models that aren't in a specific theme, but can be hired without penalty. Things like the effigies.
  7. MetaphoricDragn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I paint because i want a nice thing to play on the table. It is an investment for that playtime. If I wan'ted it to sit on a shelf, I'd just go buy a toy or statue instead.
  8. MetaphoricDragn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    While I've generally posted concerns in this thread previously, I am super excited to see how the keyword hiring works. Most of my favorite masters have super tight themes and thats what drew me in, Like Tina's Cult and Tara's Void. My dip into neverborn led to a lot of include Neverborn all stars despite the master, which is likely why i faded away from neverborn some at the moment. (though Lilith was my favorite), Really wondering how some of the Paralyze focused master's are going to go with that removed.
  9. MetaphoricDragn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Don't bring in Marcus then? delay new guy to the next book or 2 when everyone gets a new master? Add more masters to the others, Rasputina would look good in outcast yellow :p . Seriously though the number of masters thing is kinda a bad argument because its entirely under Wyrd's control. We had balanced master counts in m2e, its their decision to mess with them.
  10. MetaphoricDragn

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Wyrd, I love you guys, I hope you know that by now, but I have serious misgivings about this whole ordeal about sunsetting masters. Dead Mans Hand is not a viable option. There is no guarantee you'll be able to play them in tournaments, so anyone who is has any desire towards competitive play risks a lot hoping to back those masters without guarantee. It creates a stigma around them that will force people away. Then, even if the owner/player of the dead master's is fine with risking that, they might not find an opponent that wants to as well. I don't care how optimistic some people seem to be about the chance of this, it is untenable so long as there is no guarantee. It further more does not make sense that you guys have already stated they will be balanced, if that is the case, why bother with the restriction? Saying its because of the story makes little sense either. Ramos and Lilith have been captured for a year now, and people still have kept playing them without complaint. I'm fine with bad things happening in the story, but it doesn't need to reflect in game in this way. It also creates bad precedence for buying Wyrd in the future. Maybe not next year, but in 4-5 years from now, ever increasing as time pasts is going to be the question "is it worth picking up this master?" "Is Wyrd going to deprecate this investment as well?" I can't see any way this won't hurt sales. The only logical argument I've seen for this decision is that Wyrd plans a drastically different return for these masters in the future so they want to keep non-official rules out there for them to keep going until the big reveal/redesign. If this is the case, I feel Wyrd really needs to make an announcement they are coming, and people's money and time have not been completely wasted on these masters. --------------------------------- Additional thoughts: I'll take a wait and see approach on the card size, but I agree with the other misgiving of people in this threat. I do not remember the 1.5e card sizes fondly. Right now sleeves and card storage is plentiful I worry about what hoops will need to be jumped through to store the cards. I'm also worried about the use of tokens over various conditions. It may be annoying to remember what all the conditions do, but they were easy to track by writing on the card. Tokens imply another physical presence cluttering the board which i worry about. Those have been turn offs for me in Warmahordes and Guild Ball. Also where are these tokens going to come from? Is Wyrd including them with the models? Will they be sold extra at additional cost? Will we need to make our own or find 3rd party?
  11. MetaphoricDragn

    Whiskey List?

    Now I'm not normally a gremlin fan, but I admit to be highly amused by the Whiskey Golem and Gamin. If you were to build a list around those, what would you be running?
  12. MetaphoricDragn

    Kaeris M3E (way too early edition)

    Does she though? she seems increasingly " BURN IT ALL DOWN!" as things progress
  13. MetaphoricDragn

    M2E Rasputina

    So general consensus seems to be that Tina is fairly middle of the road Master wise. Seems to me that most would probably gravitate to Sandeep, Marcus, Ramos, or Ironsides first in most scenarios. Therefore I am curious, what do you think Rasputina needs/is missing to really pop?
  14. I would adore this as well. I've been manually typing in the https:// for awhile now for each page navigation
  15. MetaphoricDragn

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I'll be honest, I find The Wild Ones box set to be far less in tune with Malifaux style than this nightMARE pony set. I mean if you look at the renders and not the art it doesn't even scream MLP. Also fun part about being an Alt model is if you don't like it there are other options for ya. I'll admit, tis not my cup o' tea, but I can see others like it a lot and good on 'em. I have no ire towards Wyrd for this, have fun with things. I was hoping for brewmaster alt personally though. Would have liked to see an old west saloon bartender.