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  1. Out of curiosity, does anyone else have as small of a summoning pool as Tara's 2 options?
  2. Honestly, as a Tara player, I find myself intrigued to potentially hire Dead Outlaw out of keyword as an additional fast source, something I need to try out once I get some additional playtime.
  3. MetaphoricDragn


    Do agree hoarcats could use some review, For all the talk about blessed being nuts, I don't think I've seen people diving to take her out of keyword? Shatter is already super close to Freeze Over despite the swift action...
  4. Part of me still thinks December needs a smidge of a Damage output boost, but that might still be adjusting to the new edition metrics. Not convinced on Hoarcats yet, I think they and maaybe the ice gamin could use a bit more testing.
  5. It goes down smooth: Target gains Burning +1 It would be interesting to see something capitalize a bit on that sub theme, but I think that could potentially be saved for future keyword expansion models.
  6. I had forgotten the Ice Golem is no longer a construct in this edition. There goes the idea of installing a diesel engine on it =/
  7. I've been eyeing bringing in a Dead Outlaw as another Fast source with Covetous Cravings
  8. Aesthetically I just like the Whiskey Gamin and Golem so I've been eyeing Brewmaster in m3e as a possible expansion. If you don't mind me asking, what does your construct list look like?
  9. There definitely are cases of this in other factions too. I dont think you can drop Tara into guild either, unless Lady J's crew has changed significantly since I last read through
  10. 1.17: Jakob Lynch's Dazed and Confused trigger is partially cut off and not on card
  11. Oiran have been renamed Kunoichi i believe
  12. In the 1.17 Update Servant of Dark Powers has a lot of missing ability text. Both Servant of Dark Powers and Wanted Criminal have extra "," in limitations
  13. Wanted Criminal Upgrade: Extra leading "," under Restrictions Tara Blake: not a typo per say, but Soulstone Sword has a lot of overlapping text with the Beyond Time ability, this could maybe be cleaned up to save card space? Blessed of December is not Living, I'm not sure if that's intentional?
  14. I would not expect any art assets beyond illustrations for core rules scenarios. If we're lucky though Waldo might raid the art department and share some new things in upcoming Wednesdays
  15. I mean, the keyword shift has definitely made faction less important in m3e
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