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  1. Hello guys! I'm looking some miniatures for my LOTR. I know that my be long shot, but I'll try. If you have or know where to find fo reasonable price - fell free to PM me. - Witch-king on the fell beast (old one) - pack of Gandalf and Bilbo - Nazgul The Tainted - Box Guardians of the Shire - Box Fog on the barrow-downs - box the fall of the witch king - the moth of Sauron - vanquishers of the Necromancer - battering ram of uruk-hai Source books: battle for pelennor fields fall of the necromancer Shadow and flame siege of gondor gondor in flames khazad dum the scouring of the shire a shadow in the east the ruin of arnor
  2. Well hello there! The time when I'll finally sell my collection is near! Only 1\4 of all miniatures left, thenk's for all buyer! You're all great folks, and I hope those miniatures will bring you a lot of fun! Now to update - I refreshed the current list and drop prices. Also I find out that I forgot to about hecomi and alt titania! That was fixed. Also I made a new albom with picures of current stuff. Fell free to pm me with your questions!
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