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  1. I'm one of the crazy people that uses a Lampad :} It usually drags my pyres far up the field turn 1. After that, between the pyres, the bearers with shielded and burning, and the lampad with burning, I barely even use corpse candles. I already have vectors and burning galore, so I can live with 1 less candle if I can instead have focus +2 across the crew and clutter the middle of the board with pyres.
  2. I think I mentioned the interactions with HtK in the explanation :} Unless something changed from the way Corpse candles work that I have not followed: Activate corpse candle X 2 Shieldbearer 1 charges corpse candle while staying within 3 of rest of the crew (You can smack Reva first for a push if you wish), generate 2 Pyres and a corpse marker. Use Blasphemous ritual on said marker for Mass focus. Repeat with Shieldbearer 2. Enjoy 4 Pyres and focus +2. If your push targets took damage, Final Veil should have topped them off by now. Does demise no longer allow corpse markers or something?
  3. With GST Having : Armor +1 Shielded +1/+3 most turns Regeneration 2 The Final Veil Terrifying 11 Triggless heal on attacks Is pretty tanky for 8 stones if you ask me. I'm not sure if I know of another 8 stone packet that has that many layers of defense while offering so much utility. They make a 1 of Masks a friendly 6 inch push, which usually results in me never having to take a walk action with Reva. It's also not a damage flip. I took Barbaros with Parker last night and he ended up taking 4 health away from my master for a moderate flip when I really needed a push. Never have to worry about that with a Shieldbearer. These guys offer me consistent attack vectors for Reva, mass focus, and both friendly and enemy pushes while forcing my opponent to only target them if they know they can get through hard to kill in a single activation. Having so many sources of healing brings them back from hard to kill over and over again. Take the hit is just icing on top.
  4. I always take 2 Shieldbearers with GST and they just don't die!
  5. Saduhem

    Fae T-Rex

    I think Titania assassination runs are exactly where you'd want this guy. Push Titania/Knight/Aeslin turn 1. Turn 2+ Charge in and give auto Into to Thorns to everyone who's targeting the poor victim.
  6. Jack Daw doesn't like: Shockwaves Burning Poison Ruthless Any ping damage (Like Misery, Life Leech, Vengeance, Black Blood, Blade Rush, Stampede, multiple tiny attacks) Staggered (That puts Hanged at Mv 2) Stunned (The crew's mobility and damage depends on suits) Spread out Schemes and Strategies Discarding cards Execute, Onslaught, Rip and tear
  7. I always get use out of a Lampad, mostly for dragging Pyre Markers up the field (Invaluable on turn 1) and creating burning fuel for Reva's flips. I wouldn't mind if the only thing that changed were the Demise requirements. Discard card or remove Pyre (preferred) but not both. Maybe -1 stone? Not entirely sure Revenant need "Fixing" overall though.
  8. Great Idea for the basing! I also considered using clever surfaces on a base to adjust the overall position to a more erect one. That said, I'd still like to take advantage of the full height of the model. I will definitely do something like this in addition to whatever unbending procedure I end up adopting, thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Happy to hear that not everyone has this problem! Even when pinned to the base the head is approximately at the same height of the knees (It would be further down but the left arm is preventing a complete faceplant), so it kinda looks like the Alpha Crawler is looking for something under his bed :}
  10. Water shocking my alpha crawlers has proven ineffective over time as they eventually just bent until their face hit the ground again. Being the guy that tries to showcase models to get more players in Malifaux/TOS, I'm wondering what the best solution has been so far. Let's make it clear that this isn't a complaint about quality. I take this as an unforeseen side effect of a material that I actually love and, after surviving 2 Goryos and 4 night terrors, I buy every product knowing that some heavy duty Hobbying may be involved. I'm thinking of shocking once more, then drilling a rod through the legs while the structure is still in its intended shape. Ideally, once I find the "perfect" solution, I can offer to do it for anyone in our local store that buys an Alpha Crawler. Any suggestions?
  11. Saduhem

    TOS app

    Sweet! Our store ordered the first TOS box ever so we have new blood joining those of us that Kickstarted the project. Great timing! Was there an ETA for its release?
  12. Will anything dedicated to The Other Side be part of one of these streams?
  13. Please forgive my ignorance regarding the situation. Years ago I had to move from MN to MS with virtually no notice. Circumstances had it so that I could bring almost nothing along. I saved about 20 miniatures but lost the rest of my Malifaux, all my Warmahordes (Don't miss it), boardgames, compressor, and pretty much anything hobby related. It was a multi-thousand loss. Turns out that sudden move resulted in a massive gain in my professional life, so I got it all back and more (Minus the painting time I guess), but I absolutely understand the pain. Wish you the same luck I had in obtaining more than you lost!
  14. You know you want that sexy new Jacob Lynch box. As you can see from the box art, you don't want to miss Jude Law running the Honeypot casino.... do you?
  15. Hey guys :} Not sure where to post this and there is definitely a chance that I'm too blind to find already available information but.... After dying off in M2e, the meta here in Memphis TN is exploding. I'm demoing 3 times a week and players are going straight to the counter to order. We have 3 tables playing Malifaux on a daily basis, more than that on weekends. Malifaux is taking over Warhammer and Vanguard. We technically don't have a Henchman. Since this is already taking as much time as an additional job, I merrily went to look for the Henchman application and it looks like the whole program is.. paused? A few broken links here and there and no real way to apply that I can find. Could anyone kindly direct me to relevant information on the current state of the Henchman program?
  16. We don't talk about the new Nightmare box. That would be a reason to branch into Ten Thunders too. And such reason doesn't exist. There is no nightmare box. I mean... I already have Yan Lo and Youko.... and I always liked Lynch.... so Mei Feng isn't too much of a step further.... There is no nightmare box..... There is no nightmare box.....
  17. This list made me go check the early release boxes.... and the new Warpig has an Ozzy Osbourne gremlin on it. Time to switch factions...
  18. Maybe not entirely a mistake if it let the project happen in the first place, but I'm inclined to agree a bit due to a couple of things. The first one is that the hype cooled off between the Kickstarter and people receiving the models (Which really isn't Wyrd's fault, that's just how KS works). The other factor is that those of us who have TOS here all got it through KS and we found ourselves swimming in plastic :} I love that the models are pre-assembled, but getting everything painted is a daunting task, heck, I'm still painting! It's different than going to the store and getting a box or two, going back home and feverishly bringing the models to life. So right now we're split between people that have nothing and people that have too much! Of course these are opinions based entirely on my subjective experience and my conversations with others down here that are into TOS, but I do think that the Kickstarter serving as a launch could have complicated the marketing aspect of the product. As a game, if I had to pick between ToS and M3e and decide which one is "better", I really couldn't. I truly believe this is one of the absolute best systems on the market with absolutely gorgeous art and sculpts. I hope there is some kind of ToS revival project in the works!
  19. I would be cautious with further nerfs/buffs at this point since the community is still so small. It's hard to know what's meta related and what isn't. I agree that anything that would make the game more visible would be great!
  20. I use an airbrush for all the things that an airbrush can do! As you say, Gibbering Hordes have plenty of large areas and, thankfully, no clothes. I still have to use a traditional brush for details, gem-like effects, stripes (or speckles for these guys), eyes, make-up (I put some on all female models) or for surfaces that would require too much masking (Thus defeating the time-saving purpose of the airbrush). For My cult of the burning man models, I try to get the skin tone done mostly through airbrushing, and sometimes leather, but then I have to pick between doing lots of masking or lots of traditional brush painting. If TOS has a "Fault" is that its models are way too beautiful and detailed compared to other wargames. I can paint half a skaven army in the time it takes me to paint a single unit of ECB Black Ops. There are half a dozen TOS backers in my Malifaux meta but, when I ask why we don't get stuff on the table, the answer is invariably "It's too much to paint". That Said, Kumon and Court of two seem pretty airbrush friendly, so I'm pretty happy about that!
  21. Just wanted to share the Karkinoi I just finished painting. Hopefully, if I neglect all sleep (Or give up my job) I'll have all my TOS models ready to go soon. My Malifaux meta is now officially resurrected, with fresh new blood joining in too. Hoping that getting some well painted TOS on the table might spark some Earthside addiction :} If anything else, I'd like to bring some renewed attention to how incredible the models for TOS are...
  22. Just signed a contract with the devil. Again :}
  23. I don't think anyone would argue he needs to be better, just that he isn't shaking the foundations of Malifaux for 9 stones (Or 10 OOK). Put him against most other beaters and he'll have to inevitably leap away if he hasn't already activated. Most of the time he's doing the same job as the Midnight Stalker at +2 stones OOK. Of course he gets a higher damage track and numbskull, but he's also not fast every round and doesn't have demise and you're paying more. He's definitely never going to want to get remotely close to things like Dreamer, Colette, Hinamatsu, or the Peacekeeper. He'll just fold. He also doesn't want to see Mah Ticket with the barrage of tiny focused shots. Against Zoraida leave him in the box. He's got a page worth of text on the front of his card, but when you look at the function he actually serves on the table, he's not doing anything extraordinary for his point cost.
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