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    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    This sounds so familiar :}
  2. Saduhem

    M3E Battle Report - Lucius vs Seamus - 50ss

    This is actually something I'd like to see more of across all factions! With all the mitigation from incorporeal/armor/shielded, the lower damage profiles, fewer cards, and failed duels from distracted/injured/friendly fire/concealment/boring conversation/distraction aura/terrifying/manipulative/serene countenance, and multiple TNs generated by shockwaves, I welcome any measure that reduces flipping cards!
  3. Saduhem


    The M3e price of having Undead as a keyword. Most of the time it's alright. With more wounds and Hard to Wound, the model gets hit more often but it takes more hits to kill it. It's problematic when injured/distracted come into play. At that point it's just too easy to apply the conditions, and having a lot of wounds doesn't help one bit. Love the Defense increase on the Autumn Knights though. Targeting them now always comes with the looming risk of a parry.
  4. Saduhem

    Molly: rogue necro versus Archie?

    He's definitely not as great after the change, but he's still a heavy hitter in my opinion. By the way, I never once considered grit when I said he hits harder. I just pretend it isn't there. Still, he did hurt more than Archie in my games, he just dies really fast too. He's probably meant to be a glass cannon anyway.
  5. Saduhem


    That's just beautiful. Or, call me crazy, have your version of Crafty and Cunning be a trigger for "Wait for it". It would give the action a little bit of oomph, and make it useful to Seamus again. The current trigger on it is an obsolete aid for when the ability required models to take 1 damage as a cost for lying in wait.
  6. Saduhem

    Fading Memories

    Alright... what if Fading Memories said something along the lines of: "After this models discards a card, it may add the suit of the discarded card to the next duel it performs this turn" You still discard cards to benefit from it, and you might not be able to discard the suit you want. It synergizes with most forgotten models Archie can't leap and benefit from it, but he can take two scoops to discard something, then punch! (He can never get a free suit or leap in the same activation, and you might have to heal less to get the suit you want!) Molly can use reparations more often, putting focus on her marker denial aspect. Rabble Risers have to attack at least once before they can benefit from it on any further attacks (Love the rename over Zombie Misfit by the way). Crooligans can actually make "drop it" happen, extra synergy with Molly's actions! Rogue Necromancy can't benefit from if it activates in engagement, as he can't ambush. You no longer depend on crippling your own hand or refilling the opponent's! You won't be comparing hand sizes with your opponent all game! Collateral effects: Very likely requires changes to Strange Behavior and Disturbing Story Night Terror, Forgotten Marshal, Philip and the Nanny, and Necrotic Machine do not have innate ways of discarding. Adding companion/accomplice to one or more models would take care of that. Giving the necrotic machine accomplice would make it a very versatile support piece! You activate it right before a model on which you REALLY want a suit for a duel! If you get Ceaseless advance, even better! Hire the effigy for extra accomplice! Parsimonious ability description and minimal changes needed!
  7. Saduhem

    Two scoops!

    I didn't see it mentioned elsewhere, but Archie's healing action was renamed in a way that made me want to send a cake to whoever created/assigned it! It felt so... Wyrd again!
  8. Saduhem

    Molly: rogue necro versus Archie?

    Rogue Necro can dish a lot more damage than Archie if you have the suits. Not only does pouncing strike generate more attacks, but puncture has proven to be the premiere trigger this edition in my experience. Incorporeal, armor +1, terrifying, manipulative, shielded, vengeance, and reduced card draw are all dealt with by hitting hard, not often. He did lose a lot of value going from three headed to grit and can't leap away like Archie does, but Archie will never have more than 2 attacks per turn and can't gain focus, so you're really looking at a lot of min damage. Archie is more reliable, Necro hits harder. He does die too fast in my experience, and if you get use out of grit, he's probably not getting another activation after that one.
  9. Saduhem

    Molly's disturbing story

    Yeah. You want to be just below your opponent's hand size, but your crew has abilities that are bypassed by discarding cards. On top of that, you're providing cards to your opponent so they have a lot of freedom on when and what to discard. There have been so many iterations of fading memories that depended on hand size. None has worked so far. Shouldn't another approach be taken before it's too late in the Beta to do so?
  10. Saduhem


    Not opposed to that
  11. Saduhem

    More teddy please!!

    I don't think Teddy was too good, but there was a period of time in which Dreamer's crew healed an outrageous amount and Teddy just felt unstoppable. The minion part of the upgrade did push him over the edge, but that's a 12 stone investment that's going to eat injured and distracted just like anything else.
  12. Saduhem

    Underbrush Markers

    Yeah, 7-8 at a minimum. I sculpted 12 for my friend and we still run out sometimes.
  13. Saduhem

    Ancestral names!

    Just wanted to share the excitement and thank the design team for bringing the original names back to the Ancestors!!!!
  14. Saduhem

    Dreamer Question

    This is correct!
  15. Saduhem


    Any of these changes would make her much more interesting. I particularly like first one.
  16. Saduhem

    Molly's disturbing story

    I have about a dozen reports with it being a non-factor. If anything, it promotes inefficient use of your own cards and and half the game of saying "How many? Uhm, alright, let me flurry. Oh, alright. Wait, did you cheat? How many in your hand now?" for about 3 hours. Not sure how many games you played with Molly, but I can't take it anymore. Also, using Necrotic machine and/or disturbing story doesn't work. You make the opponent draw a bunch of cards, then your activation ends. The opponent happily uses those cards to pass terrifying, flurry, and cheat in the next activation. Now you're back to square 1 by the time your next model goes. You're spending your resources... to give more resources to your opponent. I don't know if I can bring myself to keep testing Forgotten, especially with the premise that there are only going to be "minor adjustments" to what we already have. I really hope @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie puts time into the crew as he did during the closed Beta so that the rest of the community can get the perspective of a high level competitive player. Pretty please?
  17. Saduhem

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Damage is definitely low. The +flips don't help much as you're essentially depleting your own hand or replenishing your opponent's in the hopes of top decking better cards with +flips. It also does not synergize with Molly's card draw. It does although synergize with crooligans but the trade-off is too one sided. Right now the disadvantages are too easy to run into, while the advantages are denied whenever the opponent wants to. Maybe changing it to equal or fewer cards in hand would help a bit?
  18. Saduhem

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Now that sounds interesting!
  19. Saduhem

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    That, and it promotes a very wonky playstyle where you cheat when you don't have to and discard for the sake of it. Then your opponent uses cards normally, catches up, and makes the whole thing pointless. At that point gorgon's influence doesn't grant you cards because you're usually on par with the opponent, so you drop markers with other models and use them to draw cards with Molly. If you want, you can also force your opponent to draw, but that's alwaya hurt much more than it has ever helped me. I played more than 20 beta games with Molly specifically because it was always.... clunky? I'm hoping the open Beta helps a bit with it.
  20. Saduhem

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    I don't really care how Fading Memories changes, if it does at all but, after trying every possible variant of hand size requirement, having that as the criterion has never worked. Not sure why we keep sticking with it.
  21. Saduhem

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    As a board-wide ability, it barely affects anything after you play against it the first time. Even without LoS requirement. Considering the whole crew likes to give the opponent cards and play without a hand, getting value out of Molly definitely isn't that easy. The argument really lly should shy away from "Global is too strong", because it really isn't.The concern should be having something that doesn't really do anything against experienced players but makes it unpleasant for new ones. Forgotten are really in dire need of attention, and I hope they get a lot of testing, especially regarding Fading Memories.
  22. Saduhem


    Redchapel also suffers from one of the byproducts of having so many re-occurring conditions in the game. Right now, if you declare Seamus into Tormented, you're hard countered before the game begins. If Seamus uses lying in wait, he's at stat 3 against half the crew's attacks due to staggered. Same for every other Redchapel model, of course. If you play against Pandora, you're giving opponent models a +flip every time you pass. (Try declaring ecperimental into woe, by the way). While this is mainly an artifact of the transition to universal conditions (which I'm liking less and less the more I test), these are not likely to change. But I would argue that it at least warrants looking at Lying in Wait again.
  23. Saduhem

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    This is the one thing I really, really was hoping would change within the Forgotten Crew. That is, moving away from hand size requirements. People hated it when it depended on having more, 2 fewer, 2 more, and 1 less. It always ended with this minigame where you ask your opponent "Wait, how many in your hand now?" a few times per activation. It also lead to rushing your own hand down and top-decking most duels, or making the opponent draw from their deck and discard pile (Something I wish the opponent did to me). Maybe I'm just biased against this type of play-style. I'm curious about what the larger community thinks about it after testing.
  24. Saduhem


    Yeah, he doesn't get much healing from his own crew. I also think that a certain point Mason did the math and there were more models with ruthless than models with terrifying (or something along those lines). He can score a lot of points due to his mobility. He definitely doesn't feel like the most feared person in Malifaux though. Any chance we get more emphasis on being scary and less on out-activating the opponent?
  25. Saduhem

    Word of advice to new players

    Generally speaking, as long as you concentrate and attack during your activation you don't have to worry about that!