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  2. Are these expected at the end of the month, so April releases more accurately available in early May, and likewise May releases in early June? Or are April releases expected to be available any day now, and May releases available early May?
  3. Yeah, I agree it's not, but I'm not really sure which board it should go in and there were other model queries in this one. Oh well, here it is.
  4. Hey folks, another restock timeframe question, this time for the University of Transmortis box. A buddy of mine is getting back into the game with Nicodem and has been on the hunt for a box for a while now, with our local store and several online retailers (including Wyrd store) being sold out. I imagine they're even more in demand after the recent errata.
  5. I'm always a fan of Desolate Soul with Horseman Leveticus to help get more bodies on the field to either do some scheme running or be a nuisance. Beyond that, the Terracotta Warrior gets some added protection for your more forward-moving Riders and an anchor for a backfield Waif. A Trapper or Hans can give you long range threat and firing lane control, choosing whichever one based on the terrain. Of course, you could always pick up a pair of Desperate Mercenaries as well for some scheme running, area holding, or activation control.
  6. You're not wrong. It's the problem of many older Malifaux models and their efficiency-per-soulstone being made for book schemes rather than the Gaining Grounds schemes. Newer models (in general) have more multi-function abilities such as dropping schemes while attacking, movement abilities baked into other actions, etc. There are also higher minimum damages, more baked in access to attack flips, and various other things. Makes it tough to quantify the older models because it's not like they got explicitly worse, it's just that more efficient options came available.
  7. Trapper vs Hans... well, it's a matter of looking at your intended goal as well as how terrain is looking. Hans has his free (0) upgrade, can take other upgrades if you so choose, longer range, can apply debuffs, and can ignore armor/incorporeal, ignores bothersome Wp duels such as Horror and Manipulative (take that Doppelganger), ignores terrain markers (suck it Lilith, and shooting through strategy markers is fun), and has +1 Sh. He is incredibly card intensive, though, requiring discards to guarantee triggers or to even apply some of his triggers. The amount of card shedding for only mediocre results is bothersome. Trapper has From the Shadows, Wk5, 4" push trigger after each shot built into his gun, (0) push out of engagement, attack built into his gun to bypass cover, and Crit Strike in order to one-shot the many, many 6-wound annoying support models that are out there. Between From the Shadows and built-in mobility, the Trapper is far more versatile in most given terrain setups and can double as a scheme runner when needed. So Hans does more in theory, but Trapper is more mobile and less card hungry.
  8. I love Hannah and take her all the time in Outcasts. I don't think there is too much in Neverborn that really turns her up to 11, but she does have some neat things she can copy. For instance, she can copy a Grootslang's Lair-to-Lair action to jump between lair markers. She can also receive Queen's Champion to put out a silly amount of markers by damaging models with her blasts. Teamed up with a Widow Weaver's web markers, her horror duel trigger on damage can really add up. That all said, she's 11ss to hire not including any upgrades. That is a highly contested point value in Neverborn. To make it even more competitive at that stone range, the Hooded Rider just got reduced to 10ss and brings along movement utility, durability, marker removal, and a ton of killing power during Turn 3 and later.
  9. So... just want to point out that Bad Juju now costs as much as a Silurid. That's just silly to me. They have totally different roles, but Terrifying 13, decent damage track, Landslide, and the potential of recursion seems really strong. But hey, apparently not strong enough at 8ss otherwise we'd see it more often.
  10. I don't think +2 wounds would even save her. It'd help a bit, sure, but she doesn't do enough for the crew to bring along. Her debuffs are her "thing", but none of them are really strong enough to overcome just applying the best condition: Dead. If her Obey had the Mask built in, that'd certainly help. Of course, then she'd be Obey on a stick, so I don't know that Wyrd wants to go that route.
  11. - I agree, Beckoners getting a price drop gives us reason to take them over Lilitu in general situations. It's also nice for using Illuminated with Collodi since a 6ss Minion Lure that further enables a common Personal Puppet target is rather nice. - Lelu at 6ss along with his 0ss upgrade for card cycling is decent and helps our card-hungry masters like Dreamer. Bonus for Dreamer in that he heals and can summon Lilitu. Not really a direct replacement for things, but having a moderate beater with some card recursion isn't a bad thing. Can also play nicely with other Pounce models like the Rougarou. - Tuco at 6ss is plenty solid. From the Shadows, decent gun with blasts, and can carry an upgrade. Blasting away Ramos's early spiders while ignoring their armor is rather nice. Between his own price drop and the Trapper being 8ss for us, I think he can do some good work and doesn't have much competition for the role. - Baby Kade means you can add Depression to bring back up to prior cost but can guarantee triggers. Not sure that's enough to make people take him more, but is definitely interesting and adds some reliability to the little tike. - Hooded at 10ss is fantastic! Especially with Serena Bowman coming out soon to make him a Nightmare and give From the Shadows? He's definitely going to see play more often. Movement for our crew during early turns and a flanking murderer Turn 3 onward? Good stuff. - Vasilisa and Spawn Mother I don't have strong feelings about. Price reduction is nice, and for Spawn Mother it helps mitigate the Will o' the Wisp tax to make her useful at anything, but they're both still in a funky spot as far as role is concerned. - Bad Juju at 7ss is pretty darn solid, but Zoraida has a lot of options and her AP control just got a lot better so we'll see what happens. - Bunraku at 5ss is certainly better than directly competing against Stitched in cost, but I still think their Snatch range is too short and without the follow-up attack trigger built in they're still low damage, low reliability models. Granted they're only 5ss now, so that's not as big of a deal. I'll give them a shot, might be surprised.
  12. A manual update was released to the Android 'Bad Things Happen' Malifaux app. It's pretty buggy and possibly incomplete, but it looks like we (and other factions) received a few soulstone price adjustments. Beckoners: -1ss, now 6ss Lelu: -1ss, now 6ss Baby Kade: -1ss, now 6ss Tuco: -1ss, now 6ss Bunraku: -1ss, now 5 SS Hooded Rider: -2 SS, now 10ss (!) Vasilisa: -1ss, now 8ss Spawn Mother: -1ss, now 8SS Bad Juju: -1ss, now 7 SS Several common mercenaries got price adjustments as well. Base price listed without merc tax: Johan: +1ss, now 7ss Freikorps Trapper: +1ss, now 7ss McTavish: +1ss, now 11ss Burt Jebsen: +1ss, now 8ss Nurse (for Mama Z): +1ss, now 6ss No other price changes that I've seen, and no mechanical changes that I've seen. This looks like an early app push so it is buggy and, again, possibly incomplete. Further changes may be announced with the official errata release.
  13. eBay has three recent entries: $51 $58 $100 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=dead+justice+malifaux&_sacat=0&LH_Sold=1 And has another up for sale now priced at $100 or best offer.
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