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  1. Also means you're missing out of utilizing trail of slime, so who's the real winner in this scenario?
  2. Also Entomb in Ice only prevents the killed model from dropping any markers, but evidence markers are dropped by the opponent.
  3. What do you mean better, @Math Mathonwys names are perfection.
  4. There's a reason it says flipped in an opposed duel, but does not say flipped in a variable flip. Also, this is what a variable flip is. And then there's also the fact that the rulebook explicitly says that if the red joker is flipped or cheated on a damage flip then it deals severe +1, as @solkan quoted.
  5. Plaag didn't go for the emissary. It's saying something that even time I look at his Nexus lists I think "Man, this is just not a good Nexus list" and then it does well anyways.
  6. I took that as more it not being on a set schedule means they can take the time when needed to iron stuff out.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is the r3 game for march
  8. Oh well look at mister "My Decks don't hate me and actively conspire against me to ruin any key once per activation/turn effects". Just rub it in why don't cha
  9. It's not just that Seamus can deal 8 damage, it's that he can do it ignoring HtW, and from too many threat vectors to actively stop depending on the map, without requiring any soulstone use or triggers, meaning he can do it much more consistently. On the flip side Fuhatsu can only do 8 damage if he has a high enough ram, and spends a stone(which is one of the most inefficient uses for a stone) and flips/cheats severe damage, and from a much more predictable vector as well as requiring multiple activations of prep to be done.
  10. So what are peoples hopes for the eventual neverborn starter box? More half-bloods? Versatile models?
  11. The problem with just shooting into the bubble to take it out is that not enough pools actually allow you to score points doing that, especially with how easily Cadmus can deny let them bleed. The best answer to nests is to give them staggered, toss them away, or bury them with something like glimpse the void. Don't try and kill them, just make it so they can't really do anything. Unfortunately that's only something some crews can do.
  12. Only if they're within 3" of shenlong or an aspiring student, which is very easy for the opponent to manage. They should always be coming in at 7 with we are legion Sometimes. Relying on getting moderate or more damage on a at least a single neg flip is not a good plan. What do you mean? Having a stat advantage? ?
  13. So you're spending stones for crit strike and having the rams for it(granted not hard against df 4)? And yeah you'll deal good damage to a model, but that's still 3 actions to kill a berserker husk. Or what if all you have to attack is a spell eater behind cover? Now you can't even get min 4. Suit dependent on a non-soulstone user. Even when not agaimst cadmus it's an unreliable plan. This is already the sign of a bad plan, regardless of what you're playing against. So yes, Fuhatsu is good into most stuff(too good if we're being honest), but most of his bonuses
  14. Euri comes in 7-3 against that old biddy Jedza. Highlights(not all necessarily in order) Turn 1 is a lot of positioning, he moves the grave goo up OOA so it's overlaping the river over the bridge. Euri throws down some pillars, Archivist takes a shot at Euri, and the grave goo charges in and burries a Geryon. Turn 2 Jedza moves in towards the center "heals" Euri for 1 damage trying to move him into the poisonous river. Euri responds by punching her face in a bunch after throwing down some pillars. Grave Goo charges my Lyssa, hitting only once with focus for only 1 damage and poison +2
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