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  1. They don't climb for free. They place. Place is a movement effect that explicitly ignores height. Climbable can be ignored, it just has a provision to it that makes it so that models that ignore terrain can choose to not ignore the climbable trait.
  2. If that last sentence in climbable wasn't there models that ignore terrain would never be able to move up and down terrain in the first place, so no, they don't get to place on top of terrain without spending any movement.
  3. Also remember that it's a snake, and most of it's size is rolled up on itself.
  4. Just remind them that cutting the other players deck is entirely in theme with the game and having an influence on your fate.
  5. 1. Every separate instance of damage gives a sin token. 2. An attack using gunfighter is only a ranged action or only a melee action, not both. It's only using one range or the other.
  6. If I had to guess it's because Ratty was the one who originally made the module.
  7. Yeah it'd be a fame rex, master of celebrities.
  8. That's why he said Marcus as a secondary for her, as in hiring a second master.
  9. Shooters with a stealth upgrade only get protected from other shooters.
  10. Yeah. Not an interpretation that I think anyone should enforce at a table, but I'll definitely mention it here to keep the issue known about and hopefully addressed in some way.
  11. Reckoning just needed a model to be killed. It didn't care who, what, or how. Turf war is the closer apporximation, since the only difference is that turf war said if an enemy model kills, and hidden martyrs says if an enemy controlled model kills.
  12. It needs to be killed by a model. Without getting into the enemy-controlled thing, insignificant models don't exist as far as the schemes and strats are concerned. If an insignificant model kills a martyr, that martyr just dropped dead out of nowhere as far as the scheme is concerned.
  13. Eh, someone else mentioning Sun Quiang! I've taken him in pretty much every game with Youko I've played, he's definitely worth it IMO. As has been said, all of his non-crows triggers are great. The healing is super nice, and now that My Loyal Servant can be used on the model that healing energy targeted. Bedside Manner is also super useful, and becomes even more reliable in a crew like Youko's where you can get cards to use reliably.
  14. Quite a few tricksy models have Scamper, but yeah, none of them have terrifying or something like it to prompt this question.
  15. Really if we go by page 36, concealment is the only one determined at step 3. "Is targeted" vs "is the target". @LeperColony Guessing you got mixed up with 2e manipulative with mentioning Trixiebelle?
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