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  1. Yes, the books contain images of the cards in them. If you wanted to solely play with the book out that would be possible.
  2. This is exactly how it worked in 2nd edition.
  3. Those types of models are literally the reason they're doing the special order boxes. So people don't have to buy a crew box for the 1 new model in them.
  4. Wyrd will be selling individual models as a special order for this reason.
  5. But how is he supposed to rip it off if he's not wearing it...?
  6. A trigger is not an ability. They have different rules and different timings. Do not use the timing of a trigger to try and guess when an ability will happen.
  7. If you're spending tactics tokens on cards in Abyssinia outside of the first and maybe second turn something is wrong. Also it's only 1 Tactics Token if you have the Lord of Steel.
  8. Line of Sight isn't just the edges. It is every point between the two models.
  9. As far as the time argument goes, I've always found turn 5 to be the shortest. Generally both players know exactly what they're going to do and how they're going to do it, combined with one or both crews should be down to half size(summoners being the exception)
  10. Sloth isn't all that durable, even if he's stealing heals. 8 wds with 5s for Df and Wp aren't going to get him far if he gets hit with Adversary. The biggest issue in Resser and Outcasts(aside from Tara) would be Gravity Well since Dreamer can only summon near enemy models.
  11. You name any variables of a trigger when you declare it.
  12. Considering there's only 1 nightmare model that straight up can't trigger a Wp duel, and only 2 that don't have an attack that targets Wp, this seems like more than just simply not pushing Wp duels.
  13. How did none of your opponents fail a Wp duel until turn 4?
  14. You can only have 5 summoned models at a time. When a model dies all upgrades on it leave the game and thus don't count towards the plentiful limit of any upgrade.
  15. While point 1 defintiely seems like an unintended gap in the rules, point 2 seems dubious at best. If an action says to push a model X" but it would get stopped by a model or terrain before the X" would you also try and say that the push couldn't be resolved just because it couldn't go the full distance?
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