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  1. Sovereign is the only AoE heal in keyword IIRC. Anya can at least keep chugging between focused cleansing and siphon life triggers.
  2. The target needs to be near the Rex, not your model. Also, why would you be giving crows to the one model in the crew that already has built in crows? You use tendrils when you need to move something/get a third attack if you're holding a high ram, and you use wild hunt to set up for Titania+whoever else is there. It's a good meme. Rex with Inhuman Reflexes and access to all the abilities from Marcus' upgrades is super solid. True, but it is terrifying 12 in a keyword not known for terrifying, with access to injured in keyword, has 12 health, a way to self heal, HtW, as
  3. To add to this, just because a player is narrowly good at the game and can get top table a lot with their preferred crew(s), doesn't mean they're actually good at game design or balance, or even have a good idea of what's good in stuff they don't play.
  4. You mean you don't just go on and complain baselessly about something you've never even played?
  5. It's impossible to apply a set standard to all of these various kinds of effects. If all of them worked the way you're saying it does, false claim would force you to remove a scheme marker during every end phase after the first turn you use it, for each time you've used it. Ill Omens now works after the model is killed. Bigger Hat Than You forces you to discard your cards or pass tokens even after you kill Som'er, same with Inkfingers. Tangled Threads still forces models to gain staggered during the start phase. All the various "if this is the crew's leader..." abilities on mast
  6. Not really the same. A marker has traits. Models getting to ignore the concealment isn't a trait of the marker, it's an effect of the Lamplighter.
  7. Really depends on the crew on if you can avoid taking wp 6 models.
  8. And the cryptologists own ability specifically designed to disable start of activation effects.
  9. I don't mean Antique Timepiece doesn't work on those abilities, I mean Ancient Technology, which says "When a model with a4 Activates, ... the would resolve when it Activates to be ignored", meaning the only two effects in the game that Ancient Technology actually works on is Fungus Among Us and Another Man's Trash. So if you want to say that Antique Timepiece can't be used on those 2 abilities, then you also need to say that Ancient Technology is almost literally just blank space. ...they're not. It's the single biggest issue with their rules writing. Other things also use "W
  10. You need explain why an effect that says "When this model activates" does not resolve at the start of it's activation. Also this is arguing that Ancient Technology is a completely worthless ability unless you're specifically against Meredith and Beebe, as the only two models that say "When this model activates"
  11. You really don't need someone to drop scheme markers, plenty of web markers can be dropped without further diluting your crew synergy.
  12. When this model activates is a start of activation effect.
  13. They get exoskeletal connectioned up turn 1 and they're generally in position from then on, being on the centerline(unless it's corner) The purpose of their melee attack is to get transmutation You can very easily hire 1 spelleater and not lose any significant melee presence, as the crew literally creates melee presence. They don't need to be, you have nests, eyes and ears, berserker husks, the nightsilk creeper and your opponents own models to attack through with Nexus. And what support do they need for down to the last drop? To just have a friendly model within 2" of
  14. If Impatience beats out mood swings then that would be a reason, but I agree that I don't think it does.
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