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  1. That's not even how it worked last edition. Any time a model takes an action they are declaring it.
  2. Warpig into Neverborn. Slap IR on the thing, throw on some Marcus buffs, watch it go to town. Please nobody take Serena from us, she's all we've got!
  3. Because you can gain multiple types of adversary that would otherwise stack.
  4. Dreamer, Titania, Zoraida and Pandora are all great. Pandora just has some bad match ups. Lucius is really good in scheme pools yeah, but definitely requires a time investment to learn. Euripides runs into problems against opponents who know all his tricks and/or a bunch of anti-marker tech like some factions have. Marcus and Nekima both reside in the area of good damage and mobility but don't have the general survivability to back it up, leading them to be just under-par from a generalized competitive stand-point but still have some good match ups.
  5. That title still goes to guild. And it's not great advice for neverborn because half of the masters are still great, and half the masters range from hyper specialized to just not competitive enough.
  6. Pandora and Woe were literally the least affected keyword in the faction.
  7. They are only referred to as blast markers in an example of how they are used. They are not defined as markers in the actual rules text of blasts.
  8. Blast markers aren't even actually markers as far as the rules are concerned. They're representations of a effect.
  9. Don't apply FAQ ruling to other situations unless it's either exactly the same or the ruling gives a general response(like with the question on Nekima defining Another)
  10. And with the Corpse Candle being killed it's a clear but separate effect caused by Walking Dead, because if Walking Dead didn't have that clause, the Corpse Candle wouldn't be killed.
  11. Insignificant models are ignored for schemes and strats. If you are getting bounty tokens off of a model then it isn't being ignored.
  12. Counterspell is a a restriction put on being able to declare a trigger, so if no card is discarded at the time you declare triggers you aren't able to declare triggers as far as the action is concerned.
  13. There's no clear ruling either way, and the arguments going both ways are equally valid. I'd say just work it out with your opponent beforehand.
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