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  1. There are two chosen models for the scheme. Both chosen models were killed.
  2. For a model to be summoned, it would have to be, well, summoned by a summon effect.
  3. Yup. Granted Kirai should always have The Whisper, so it's sort of moot.
  4. It's not that she has to be on the board for her ability to work, it's that the ability says she needs to have been summoned by the action for the restriction to be ignored.
  5. Kirai can't summon Ikiryo if she's already summoned a model with blood and wind. Ikiryo's ability doesn't affect the action until after she gets summoned, which is hard to do when the action can't even be declared.
  6. Just one of those times were mechanics don't match fluff due to balance reasons.
  7. No it doesn't, all it suggests is that it's resolution gets delayed if an action is being resolved. In previous editions those kinds of text were never restrictions that it can only happen under that event, it just tells you to handle it different under those events than the default timing would suggest. Usually to prevent interruptions.
  8. @Kyle just used his time traveler powers to see that the Dune trailer was releasing today.
  9. Tannen is incredibly annoying for opponents, especially if you give him Silent Protector and have Sun Quiang. Lynch generally likes to go into games that naturally bubble, so Public Enemies and Recover Evidence are good starts. If Claim Jump and or Leave Your Mark are also in the pool you pretty much have a perfect pool for Lynch, since even if they just concede the center you can still use Beckoners to pull enemy models in and pick them off to get your strategy points. Things to look out for are shockwaves and blasts
  10. The trigger specifically gets around that restriction. It is in fact the only legal model for the triggered action to be declared on. "Ulix can and only can target the replaced model with "Take the Herd 'em" action" Got Herd 'Em and Grow Up Strong mixed up in my head somehow. If the model that was targeted with Grow Up Strong was already targeted by Herd 'Em, the replaced model can not be targeted by Herd 'Em again.
  11. 1-2 moves out would only be the battlefield if it was wedge deployment.
  12. Why would you be staying in your deployment zone? It's a bonus to pulse out focus and they can get carried around/charge to still keep up with an advance. Nekima has problems, there's no denying that. That however doesn't mean shes' as bad as is being made out. Also, not sure why you're bringing up Von Schtook in response to @darksoul281 when he wasn't even the first person to bring up Von Schtook, and only mentioned him to disagree with @Kharnage's opinion about Von Schtook being the best master.
  13. There's no way to interperet a model moving along the edge of another model is moving away, because that directly contradicts the rule that a model can stay in base contact with a model while moving around it's base. However, as I stated and as @Maniacal_cackle expanded on, there is a potentially valid interpretation that a model already in base contact can't run around a base as it could never end the move closer than when it started.
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