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  1. santaclaws01

    Defensive Trigger Help

    Hold 'Em is after the resolving the action. Organ Donor happens after damaging, which would happen as part of the action. Organ Donor is first.
  2. santaclaws01

    Barbaros looking forward

    Barbaros was more like a right-hand man than just a lieutenant.
  3. santaclaws01

    Pushes towards and away

    Page 46.
  4. santaclaws01

    First feelings M3E

    Misery isn't going to deal damage for failing a wp duel in 3e
  5. Depends on if you can hire the 2nd masters without the penalty, and if hiring a second master allows you to take their theme models without the penalty. If you're choices are a 15ss and 11ss master it could matter which of their thematic models would be better for the scenario.
  6. It was removed due the the errata. There were quite a few things that were removed from the FAQ at the same time because of errata.
  7. It doesn't say performing a disengaging strike, so it doesn't just mean the attack, and it doesn't say when defending against a disengaging strike, so it doesn't mean just the defender. It says during.
  8. Isn't precision a trigger anyways? You can't declare multiple triggers.
  9. santaclaws01

    Undying 10T models.

    It's not ambiguous. Both models need to have the condition. I don't think she'll need that much help against killy models. Get them engaged with her, give them Kharmic Debt, and then they have to kill themselves to kill her. And at 9 wds she is able to bully a good amount of models into just standing there looking at her because even if they can kill her without killing themself they'll only be left with a few wds which leaves them open to get killed by some other model of yours, which is more likely to happen thanks to Despicable. This is all assuming Minako herself didn't/couldn't hit the model on the same turn she applied Kharmic Debt.
  10. santaclaws01

    Undying 10T models.

    It's actually 2/4/5, not 2/3/4, and it can be used as a disengaging strike. Minako's condition is 6" and a (0), so not really "close" range I'd say. If you're feeling ballsy in a Lynch crew or any crew with Ama, you could put the condition on an important model, then obey some heavy hitter to attack Minako and get some free damage on them, then just heal Minako back up because it's 10T. At best(not counting RJ) the Wanyudo can do 9 damage between it's attack's damage and burning with it's (2) action, which isn't bad, 7-6 damage depending on which trigger you get and if they pass the Wk duels. The Wk duel will only need a 6-7 on average.
  11. santaclaws01

    Undying 10T models.

    The only stacking ones that float around would be focus and defensive, and you can't really build those up economically on a katashiro. Shenlong and maybe Sensei Yu could be building up burning or poison, but to build it on the Katashiro would just be adding an extra step in there for no reason.
  12. santaclaws01

    Manos looks awesome.

    It's also worth nothing also that he can't stay dead unless you can kill him with a condition, a model friendly to him, or sacrifice him. He gains Chi when he gets damaged by an enemy, and his Resurrection ability needs him to have Chi when he gets killed. Same timing point, so his controller gets to choose the order.
  13. santaclaws01

    Undying 10T models.

    Yeah, with being unable to give flicker I don't see a use on friendly models outside of Mei Feng and Brewmaster for poison and Burning stuff.
  14. santaclaws01

    Undying 10T models.

    I'm really not sure of the use of the Katashiro's condition action. The closest I can see is giving a negative condition to an enemy model.
  15. santaclaws01

    Lost My Starter Set Rulebook

    There's no PDF of the encounter booklet. You could try contacting customer service. The worst they can do is tell you they won't give you a replacement.