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  1. The Ice Pillar I teleported to was about 3" or so away from Raspy, and I had just moved it there earlier in the turn with Thoon's start of activation ability(another effecient way to remove Pillars that Raspy can reduce with).
  2. If Euripides is spending an action to push away an Ice Pillar within 2" of Raspy rather than just punching Raspy, the Raspy player is winning in action economy there. The only effecient way to actually get rid of Pillar's that Raspy can use for damage reduction is Gigants or Euripides teleporting to them or the Geryon using Reform From Ice, or potentially a Geryon shoulder rushing one depending on positioning.
  3. 1" of concealing terrain is ignored. No model in concealing terrain is going to have Concealment from a model in B2B. That has no bearing on an aura that just gives models Concealment.
  4. Unless you can move it with something else first. But the threat of that also means your opponent can't sit on a marker to stop you from interacting with it with your own models.
  5. Because Zoraida can also obey an enemy to move the idol.
  6. @Morgan Vening Mech Rider got changed. It's just activate any other non-leader model now. As for the general question, reactivating isn't the same as summoning. When you summon you get an increase for the rest of the game. When you reactivate a model you get an increase for that turn. At that point whats the difference between reactivating a model and Zoraida ensorcering(sp?) a friendly model?
  7. It also should be noted that I lived the dream on turn 3 with Euripides because I intuitioned a 1, 13T, and the RJ with him, so he just teleported up to Rsspy and porceeded to pound her face in with a RJ damage flip then a RJ attack and one final hit with an 11T using the old ways. If only there was something I could've been blasting onto...
  8. Yup. And remember, the attack applies for any terrain, not just hazardous.
  9. He tried to but wasn't able to flip the 6. For why he hired Amina, I assume it was a combination of the aura and the fact that it was a fairly interact heavy pool.
  10. Thoughts on crews: Eurpidies: He feels like he's in a good place. I'm still sad he doesn't have Frozen Vigor but understand that he has no space on the front of his card. Thoon: Frozen Trophy is still super useful and Intuition can help with confirming it. Geryon: 2" engagement range, Hard to Kill, Reform from Ice, Extended Reach and Butterfly jump gives a nice suite of abilities to keep them alive, even if I did lose one early due to being too aggressive with it. Cyclops: It feels like this model is paying for having Grit(Aggresive) and a 3/4/5 damage track with it's support actions. Not having Ice Pillars have the built in tome is super frustrating even with The Old Ways, Frozen Runes needing a 7 with a 6" range doesn't feel good. Basically the only times these guys can reliably get out Ice Pillars is the first turn, but then if they're doing that they get left behind and then won't even use their Heavy Club, but then also aren't reliably able to put out any more ice pillars so they just do nothing. Bultungin: A good scheme runner that can give the crew some Concealing Terrain at the start. What's not to like? Primordial Magic: Arcane Resovoir and making things icorporeal is nice. I wish it had a longer range because it's so fragile and you want it to be alive for Arcane Resovoir. Incorporeal isn't going to save it from having 3 wds and df/wp 4. Rasputina: First time playing against her and overall she seems really solid. Her shockwave is quite simply bonkers good IMO and really demonstrates the disparity in actions that still exists. Amina Naidu. A 6" aura of no charge attacks is brutal. Her abilitity to gain soulstones for me interacting would have been super useful against crews that needed to interact more, but because of terrain and when I actually scored my schemes this didn't get any use this game. Mechanical Rider: It looks like it's in a good spot for a rider. Ice Dancer: It seems like it'd be a good scheme runner, but between getting Ice Trophied, then charged over and a min 3 attack it never got a chance to use Butterfly Jump to stay alive. December Acolyte: A good harrassment model with a nasty trigger and Tools For the Job to pick up high cards and/or confirm it's nasty trigger are make it nice package for 7. Silent One: A good support model for the crew. Blessed of December: Didn't get real impression of its combat effectiveness since it had to run schemes due to my Geryon tying up the other models in that corner, and when it could attack it could only ever attack the Geryon once per turn. Wendigo: A good totem for Raspy, although it not being Insignificant seems like a detriment to her.
  11. What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using?3.7 StrategyReckoning Scheme ListPower Ritual, Breakthrough, Detonate Charges, Hold Up Their Forces, Deliver a Message. Time & Rounds Played3 hrs, 5 Final Score4-4 Forum Name Santaclaws01 Leader Euripides Crew List Euripides w/ Ancient Pact, Thoon, Geryon w/ Inhuman Reflexes x2, Cyclops, Bultungin, Primordial Magic. 7ss Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Breakthrough, 1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Power Ritual, 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Not have been so aggressive with one of my Geryon. MVP model (and Why?) Euripides. His ability to teleport to Ice Pillars gave him a lot of options, and Intuition combined with Old Ways let me get a RJ damage flip and RJ attack on Raspy. Forum Name KingCrow Leader Rasputina Crew List Rasputina, Amina, Blessed of December, Mechanical Rider, December Acolyte, Ice Dancer, Silent One, Wendigo. 3ss. Strategy VP Scored Power Ritual, 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Power Ritual, 1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Deliver a Message, 2 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Saved Raspy by activating her early and spamming ice pillars. MVP model (and Why?) Amina. 6" no charge aura against Neverborn is very restrictive. Her push and fast gives a lot of mobility, and the shielded +2 keeps 6 health models from going down to 2 min 3 hits.
  12. The damage flip is an effect of the action.
  13. That's what I mean by once. A single straight 3/4/5 damage flip isn't too good. And it's not like stitched are particularly durable this edition.
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