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Community Answers

  1. You can't use old ways on a damage flip. To continue with using old ways interactions, if you waited to discard the card for taking the action until after fully resolving the action, then you'd have the card used for taking the action being discarded at the same time as the card used for the damage flip, and could just put the card for the action on top and use the old ways on it.
  2. The duel is the effect that put the card in the conflict in this case.
  3. It's really great when you tie up one flying Up We Go model with another flying Up we Go model.
  4. I think I'd describe only spending 14ss or less on OOK stuff as "mostly in keyword".
  5. I'm not sure what you think the issue with chaining damage is.
  6. ...why? Model A chooses Model B to suffer damage. No rule is bring broken here.
  7. If they were using Cryptologists I assume that was @Longtin running Cadmus then?
  8. Given that we can see the pools...
  9. Grammatically it's fine, just non-standard. The standard way to word it would be "...moves through an enemy model..."
  10. 1: The target chooses which to do, assuming they have cards in hand to choose that option. 2:Any action that target is able to decalre. 3:Friendly and Enemy do not change when being controlled. You can read more in under "Friendly, Enemy, and Control" on page 26
  11. Not really. For everything Kyle and Brien are, rules people they are not
  12. Not really a reference supporting anything. Just the opinion of some other players.
  13. Don't forget all the cards that Maxine can get out of your deck and hand at the same time.
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