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  1. Can't gain a non-stackable condition if you have the condition already.
  2. Still on the "game is telling me to resolve this effect now, so I'll resolve it later" train?
  3. The effect of any action, ability, condition, trigger, token, core game rule, and whatever else I might've forgotten that isn't one of those things.
  4. He never said that they would both have the same answer in this case. All he said was that usually only 1 direction is available for towards and away, but in this case any direction works for away.
  5. The part you're not getting is that the timing for how things works needs to be in the timing rules. That is what the timing rules exist for. You are saying that there is a timing point that is distinct from when you resolve start of activation abilities. The only way for this to be possible within the timing rules is for there to also be a timing point for the instant you start your activation. So sure, I guess I'm mischaractering your argument by framing in a way that it works within the timing rules.
  6. Considering that c1 is both where you start your activation as well as resolve start of activation effects, it's not an incorrect analysis. I'm framing how you believe it to work in a way that it can actually be shown in the timing chart. The only other option is creating a non-existent timing point that would essentially be C0 which is non consistent at all with how the timing for anything is laid out.
  7. His argument is that "Start of activation" does not refer to the start activation phase, but to the instant the model starts it's activation. Basically creating a subphase for generating start of activation effects, and then one for resolving start of activation effects.
  8. What point are you trying to make here? It sounds like you're agreeing with me but that's clearly not the case based on your other thoughts on how it all works. There's also nothing in the rules about only checking one. But again, if game state is constantly being check the game literally breaks down. There's no way to use a majority of abilities if you aren't constantly checking for effects that need to be resolved. But for some reason it's only during the start activation phase that people have an issue with constantly checking for effects. Hard disagree. As I've said, not constantly checking causes the game to break down at a base level. Checking constantly causes a single unintended interaction that wasn't caught and the idea that only during the start activation phase would you be repeating effects ad infinitum, as we know that new conditions need to be resolved that are applied during the end phase.
  9. Since it doesn't say +1, or X, you only reduce it by 1 regardless of how much it is stacked. Then after you reduce damage using the condition it's value is reduced by 1 to be able to used again until the value reaches 0. As for how shielded works with incorporeal and poison etc, don't use fluff to try and explain rules.
  10. The other examples involve redoing an effect ad infinitum, but nobody bats an eye at a new instance of burning appearing in the end phase and resolving that, and no ones is saying to resolve end phase effects ad infinitum even though you have to constantly check for new effects in there too.
  11. One unintended interaction doesn't mean the whole thing is broken. And considering that costs cards to do, I would hardly call it breaking the game.
  12. A dozen on who? Across the whole crew? That's not that much consdering a standard monk crew is going to have more than 6 models, but not all that chi is going to be useful. The models that Chi actually matters on outside of a LRM burst heal is pretty low. All of that besides, you're not saying Chi should only be used befored flipping, or only down to +1, or only reduced generation, you're saying it should get all of those nerfs. And I can 100% tell you that Chi will get neutered if that happens because you're literally saying it should be reverted to a beta state where is was proven weak, except weaker because I'm pretty sure it was never before flipping.
  13. Except you want to reduce their ability to gain chi as well, so it would be no where near all duels just like it isn't a +2 to all duels right now, and forcing it to be used before you even flip along with those 2 changes would completely neuter the ability.
  14. You absolutely can do all of those things, and you do it the same way you would do it if they didn't have power transfer. You wait until the model has activated.
  15. Which is different how from you actually killing it and then your opponent just puts a new one in your face? So you want to completely neuter Chi to the point of uselessness.
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