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  1. You're probably thinking of the section in moving that states "When resolving a Walk Action, a model may move Vertically along Climbable Terrain", which it's still unclear if that's an intentional restriction placed on every other simple movement effect that's not a walk action or just an oversight, and would likely be my vote for the #1 most ignored rule in the game.
  2. Ignore isn't a game term, so we have to use context to get it's meaning. In this case, we go with the meaning that doesn't completely break incorporeal which is basically "unaffected by all terrain for movement purposes and can move through impassable" As for whether it can move through floors, that's more up in the air, since normally all movement is only horizontal and you need something like the climbable trait or sloped terrain to change your vertical position(discounting placement effects)
  3. A fair game isn't just various models sgsinst each other 1v1 in a void, so why would you compare models that have absolutely no way to be in the same crew as if they're in a void.
  4. Comparing models within the same faction or same hiring pool is fine. Comparing models in different factions with exactly 0 ability to hire both of them isn't.
  5. That's not why Shove Aside doesn't work, it's because the trigger timing rules say that if the trigger has a target and that target is dead then the trigger fails. Since it doesn't make a distinction for a trigger which has multiple effects, we're left with the entire trigger failing.
  6. An aura is not a marker. There is a rule that applies to moving hazardous markers. No such rule exists for hazardous auras.
  7. This would require changing the rules so that being edge to edge with terrain counts as being in terrain, which pretty much breaks impassable terrain.
  8. He's not though. For one it's an across the board nerf to entering into severe terrain, which just reduces tactical options. Reducing movement by half isn't inaccurate, it just means people have to spend slightly more effort in figuring out where you can move to.
  9. Follow the same rules for any other object that generates the pulse. The model isn't being treated as a shockwave marker, it's what is generating the shockwave.
  10. As was said earlier, only if the model has a bigger Sz than every other model within the range.
  11. Except the Pigapult is still dropping a marker, as it doesn't tell you not to drop one. Because there needs to be an object generating the pulse for the pulse to even work. That leaves either the model or a marker. Since no marker is being dropped, it has to be generated by the model. Since the model is generating the pulse, it can't be affected by the pulse.
  12. You don't have a final duel total until after you cheat(hence the word final). You declare triggers after you cheat, but it's generally accepted practice to let your opponent know if you have the suit for a trigger when you're winning the duel(since a veteran opponent will just ask anyways, it saves time and avoids gotcha moments on newer players) Yes, the model is partially within the shadow of the terrain so it has cover. The model is no longer within the shadow of the terrain, so no cover. Only blocking terrain can provide cover. If they are perfectly lined up, there is no LoS through the middle model to the outside ones.
  13. They literally aren't. Uncontrollable magic tells you to not drop a shockwave marker and to instead center the shockwave effect on the model(making the model what is generating the shockwave). Full Load tells you to center the shockwave marker on the model. Shockwaves are generated by shockwave markers, not the model taking the shockwave action. Misremembered the specifics of how that ability works. I never said it does. You're the one who even brought it up in the first place. I was just telling you why your reasoning for that is wrong. A pulse has to be generated by something otherwise they don't work, because models need to have LoS to the generating object for the pulse to affect them. If wong is using uncontrollable magic then he is not dropping a shockwave marker. If no shockwave marker is being dropped that means something else has to be generating the shockwave, and the only possible object that could be doing it is the model that the shockwave is centered on.
  14. Uncontrollable magic is telling you to not drop a shock wave marker, and instead have the shock wave effect be generated by the model. Full Load is telling you to center the shockwave marker on the model. Exactly the bit you quoted. "When this model would drop a shockwave marker, it may instead center that shockwave on a friendly Wizz-Bang model" You are doing someone else instead of dropping a shockwave marker. If there is no shockwave marker, this doesn't matter. It's the exact same as using Mindless Zombies as corpse markers and the mindless zombies having a rule for what happens when the corpse marker would get removed. Or for Shang with shadow markers. Or the Dispatcher for scheme markers. Or any other ability I'm forgetting that allows a model to be treated as a marker and then has some clause for what happens to the model if the marker gets removed by the effect. Only if the model it's under is under has an equal or greater Sz value than all the other models that are within range.
  15. Also the emissary has some shenanigans with Lucius and getting Roots From Below copied by the Dopple and Agent 46 for extra uses(albeit without any terrain being made).
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