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Wyrd Chronicles 30


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Wyrd Chronicles volume 30 is now available on DriveThruRPG! Click here to check it out.

July Chronicles Cover.jpg

This volume contains:

  • Broken Promises – Get a glimpse of what happens under the hood of designing a Malifaux book.

  • Storied Soundtracks: In the Flesh – Tattoo ink flies off flesh as quickly as the words fly off the page in this jaw-crunching contest winner!

  • Scatter Terrain – Learn how to make awesome scatter terrain pieces with a Wild West theme.

  • The Northern Junction – A diligent rail worker’s life is thrown across the tracks when his family is taken from him. 

  • Bad Medicine – The Fated find themselves taking a trip to Fortune Falls, where a wife desperately seeks a cure for her husband’s debilitating and curious ailment. 

  • Nemesis – Someone’s been performing necromancy right under the Guild’s nose. Decide the victor of this Duel of Fate at GenCon!

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Alt Sybelle will be nice. Seamus creeps me out more than anything else, so it'll be nice to have Sybelle trucking around with Molly without having to get the box. Surprised to see alt Taelor, but it's a good sculpt.

Really intrigued by Yan Lo's presence in the Nico vs LJ story more than their coming to blows again. Wonder what he's getting out of this, and hopeful we'll learn more in the epilogue story.

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16 minutes ago, mojopin said:

Overexcited with seams upgrade, somewhat dissapointed with alt sybelle. Putting together alt Mcmourning, alt rafkin and alt sybelle they look like they are all the time the same model.

That traces back to their art all being made for Through the Breach--there's not the variety of poses for TtB as there is for Malifaux.

That being said, since I know alt-Sybelle's TtB character for being a belle in the Malifaux sense, a charmer (even before she died), I think it fits. Though I will join actual Seamus players in surprise she isn't another type of belle or alt of Seamus himself.

VERY surprised by alt-Taelor as the Miss. Lost at least three bets on that one. :unsure:

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This was a bumper issue!  Loved it!

For me, fiction is what I crave, so having three stories was gold!  each having a different format was kinda cool too. The competition winner, was well done & would Tan Teo would make a cool 10T enforcer if you ever decide to go that route.  The Northern Junction was a cool intro to Neil Henry, a playtest model.  And the best was last, Nemesis carrying on the main timeline & an awesome surprise at the end.  Not sure if I'll be able to participate (shipping's expensive & still undecided on if I want the Nightmare box or not, or if I want to chance it for Black Friday to do a big order then).

It was also cool to see a few sneak art previews, I'm guessing there's Neil, Medical Automaton & Jury.

I'd really love to see the Alt Ototo come to life at some point.  And this would make such a great Alt Hannah, so much better than the current model.


The Terrain piece & Design piece were great too!

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5 minutes ago, Aaron said:

Appreciate the feedback! We don't often hear feedback on Chronicles, but the feedback means a lot to us.

No worries!

Also, I really want Miss Deed!

Also, Also!  Go Go Lady J in The Dual of Fate!  (I normally hate Guild, but am a big Lady J fan, she's actually one of the few seemingly genuine good guys in Malifaux, her & Perdita!)

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53 minutes ago, Sobek said:

Any chance that someone can post a summary of information? For those of us who don't have access to DriveThru. :)

GenCon exclusive is a Miss, alt-Taelor in a Wild West pin-up style, no details on how much you have to order at the GenCon online sale to get her.

August FLGS promo is alt-Sybelle, the art for Emmeline Bellerose for Through the Breach, a lady in Edwardian style with high hair and hat perched atop it, and umbrella. Save the receipts from $60 USD worth of models bought from a store with a real retail location (online only shops don't count) and send a picture of the receipts in with the form on Wyrd's website before 7 September.

Art spoilers for the medical automaton, Neil Henry, the Jury, and a cute construct that is looking at a rock but I could have sworn the prospector was a living model....

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No kidding. I thought for sure we were going to get a Miss Assembled and some comic misunderstandings from the pure construct crew which built the new chassis. <_<



On the other hand, since the nightmare box is a very non-traditional nightmare, it's probably a good idea that the Miss is a very traditional pin-up. Sort of the reverse of last year's macho nightmare and unique Miss. :)

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Crazy Cat Lady Hamelin is not helping to convince me to only buy one faction :P Alt-Taelor is pretty cool, and I've been thinking of picking her up for a while so that works out well for me.  I haven't had time to read all the stories yet, but the story about the ink was a very cool read, I can see why it was the winner!

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16 minutes ago, wizuriel said:

Question/Spoilers to the nemesis story 


When did Nicodem wipe out half the cities ressers?

His Vignette in Ripples of Fate.

Lady Justice isn't quoting exact numbers there, mind you, but Nicodem did take down a whole lot of lesser Resurrectionists in order to subsume their undead into his own horde.

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