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  1. Always love hearing what you have to say, @Rathnard
  2. It's cool, I don't look so great in headwear, anyway. I shall take the championship belt for "Can point out all the rules you're playing wrong, but still can't figure out how to make a good decision."
  3. I haven't been playing a lot of minis games recently because of time involved, both to know the games, have the force, and then actually play. I'm looking forward to breaking that streak with TOS. And, since I'm near the Wyrd HQ, I look forward to showing Wyrd employees just how much better they are than me at the game! ...wait, that was supposed to be a brag. It came out wrong.
  4. TOS is going to be in people's hands soon, and I'm pumped. I know the Coordinated Strike podcast is going strong, and there's some fun discussions happening around about possibilities for the game. It's just awesome to see the excitement and know that it's about to be realized. I've been waiting for this! Who's planning demos and events already?
  5. He's a master of my heart, though.
  6. You're not welcome here. I know what Factions you play. 😛
  7. Mason hates puns, so don't use them to convince him of things
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